Mother Knows Best!

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Mother Knows Best!
Mother Knows Best!
Year: 2016
Sorority sister Louise Collins finds Mother (the sorority house supervisor) has a special punishment for breaking curfew. It involves her dogs.
Moe Lester
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The sorority house at the college where Louise lived in the sorority house of Chi Omega, at Florida State University (FSU), the same place that infamous serial killer Ted Bundy killed four girls in the late seventies.  Ever since that terrible night happened, the sorority house has kept guard dogs on the premises.  The girls that live there hate the dogs as they are a bit vicious, yet they accept the protection they offer.  Two large Dobermans guard the steps and front foyers, making it impossible for a horny college girl to sneak her boyfriend inside for the night.  The other obstacle to get past is the houses den mother, a pretty woman in her early forties they called ‘Mother‘.  Naturally the woman, whose name is really Kay isn’t the girl’s real mother, it’s just a tradition the Chi Omega sorority followed for many years.  Chi Omega is a women-only sorority.  So when Brad stops outside the old southern style sorority house, they see the lights are dim and Louise sighs.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to keep you out so late,” Brad said, squeezing her leg.

“Yes, you did,” she said, smiling at him.

He shrugs, he can’t argue as he did want to get his freak on with her, and he didn’t care about the curfew when he was feeling horny.

“Will you get in trouble?”

“Maybe, it depends where Mother is, I guess.”

This kiss and say good night, and before long she’s entering the house.  The foyer is large, a living room really, with couches, a fireplace, a big flat screen TV, a notice board with paper stuck to it, and the stairs going to the bedrooms.  At the far left is a door that leads to Mothers quarters and the door is open.  Louise doesn’t really notice and heads for the stairs to find Gus, one of the Dobermans standing on the first landing watching her.  She stops, and steels herself to pass the dog.  However, the dog suddenly growls at her, making her hesitate.

“It’s me, Gus,” she tries to reason with the obtuse animal.  “I’m your friend.”

The dog advances on her, making her step back, and before she knows it, Louise finds herself backed into Mothers quarters.

“Well, well, who has Gus brought me tonight?” Mother asks from behind making Louise turn sharply with a gasp.

“Mother, oh thank God, order Gus to back off, please,” Louise said blushing.

The older woman is standing there naked in the dim light.  The sexy redhead stares at Louise with smoldering green eyes, a sixth sense telling this pretty college girl is ripe for some special fun.  She had been watching Louise for a while now, and suspected a furnace of untapped passion lay beneath the surface.

“So, this is the third time you’ve been late,” Mother said softly, yet with authority.  “The Washington boy is sure taking a lot of your time lately.”

“Mother, I—” Louise stops, realizing the older woman is nude.  “Don’t you think you should get dressed?”

Mother laughs softly.  “Haven’t you seen a naked woman before?”

“Well, yeah—”

“So stop acting like a child,” Mother snaps at her making the teen stiffen.

Mother takes her hand, she feels positive about Louise, and she’s determined to have her young body, simultaneously, convincing her to let her Doberman’s join in the fun.

“We’ll talk in my office,” Mother says, as she closes the door to the foyer.

No need for interruptions now, Mother thinks as she leads Louise by the hand through another door.

Louise looks around, and says, “This is your bedroom, not your office.”

Mother smiles.  She turns to Gus, and says, “I have a present for you, a nice horny college girl who needs to learn punctuality.”

Louise shivers, her eyes darting from Mothers naked body to the big Doberman, Gus.  Her heart skips a beat.

“He’ll bite me,” Louise says, fear creeping into her voice.

“Only if you’re lucky,” Mother said, her eyes flashing.

Gus pads over to his mistress, his stubby tail wagging.  He sniffs at her legs, then slaps his wet, rubbery tongue over her flesh.

“He’s always hungry,” she said, and spread her legs while rolling her hips.  “C’mon.  Show Louise how hungry you are, Gus.”

“Oh God,” Louise says and gasps.  She watches the Doberman attack Mothers body and it makes the young woman shiver with flesh dotted goose bumps appearing.  “Ohhh.”

Mother rocks on her feet, her tits heaving as the dog dines on her cunt and ass.  “Mmm, it feels great,” she said, and sighs, her hips rolling as Gus slaps his tongue through her pussy.  She wiggles her hips, as the tongue slithers through her ass.  “They’re greedy, Louise, and they never get tired.”

Louise subconsciously starts rubbing her pussy, and moans softly at the sight.  She asks with a rasp,”You gonna cum?”

“Not yet,” Mother said.  She skims her hands up her body, pawing her tits as Gus feasts on her cunt and ass.  “I can’t stand up, it’s always like this.”

Louise’s breath whooshes out loudly as she watches Mother melt to the floor.  “Oh, Mother,” she whispers.

Her eyes bulge as Mother rolls to her side and lifts a leg in the air.

“Gotta give him room,” she moans as the dogs noisy slurps fill the room.  “Ooo, his tongue is so long.”

With her mouth watering, Louise crouches and watches as the hungry dog gobbles on Mother’s smooth pussy and ass.  “Bite her,” she whispers huskily.  “Make her cum.”

Mother’s breathes hiss through her teeth.  “Don’tcha wanna try it?” Mother pants, her leg high in the air as the rubbery tongue invades her pussy and asshole.  “Don’t be afraid.”

Louise quivers, remembering how good it felt when Brad ‘ate her out’ in the car earlier.  Her pussy is itching for tongue, and as she stands still procrastinating about what to do, Mother reaches beneath her dress and pulls her panties down.  Wetness sparkles on her labia, betraying her desire.  Mother sniffs her panties, and smiles.

“Someone’s been out fucking tonight,” Mother said with narrow eyes and a beady smile.

“Mother, I—”

“Oh, stop.  Just get down here and get some action,” the older woman snaps.

Louise nods her head anxiously and sprawls onto her back beside Mother.  “Yes, let him eat me,” she said.

“Heel,” Mother orders as she drops her leg.

The Doberman yelps and pulls his mouth away from his mistress’s body.  He sits straight, his pointed ears flicking as they wait for the next command.

Mother rubs her hands over Louise’s plump tits and flat stomach.  “You’re really gonna love this,” she whispers.  “All my girls do.”


“C’mere, Gus,” Mother says.

The dog whimpers, and pads quickly to his mistress, his stubby tail wagging.  He sniffs at the puffy mound of pussy flesh on offer to him, licking his lips.  Then, he slaps out his tongue, swiping it across her clit and making Louise instantly moan.

“Ooh,” Denise moans with a gasp at the end.  She feels frightened and hot, the combination making her head spin.  “Omigod, his tongue is so warm.”

“I’ll get Rowbo for your pussy.”  Mother snaps her fingers and the other Doberman appears from the bathroom, and comes over, his tongue licks playfully at Mothers face.  “Not me, Rowbo.  Louise here wants your tongue.”

Mother rubs her hand through Louises cunt, drawing the dog’s attention to the girl’s wet, seeping pussy.  Whimpering, his nostrils flare as he brings his snout to the stick slit of Louise’s cunt.  He yelps, and drops to his belly, his tongue slithering through her puffy folds.

“Chew her,” Mother said as she settles back to watch.  “Show her how much you love taking care of slutty college girls.”

“Oh, Mother,” Louise moans as she thrashes on her back.  “This is fantastic.”  She twists her head and leers at the older woman.  “Ooh, I’m gonna cum.”

“Enjoy yourself, sweetie.  Then I’ll show you what else you can do.”

Louise is in bliss, she lifts her head and moans as she watches Rowbo lick and nip at her cunt.  He whimpers, her passion arousing him and causing the tip of his pointy cock to peek out from its thick-skinned sheath.  The dog pokes his nose into her seeping pussy slit and sneezes and fuck cream flows into his nostrils.  He yelps, his head jerking making his nose bang against her clit.  Rowbo squirms on his stomach, his pointed snout jabbing Louise’s cunt.  His snakelike tongue slapping the wet sticky meat of her pussy, then slithering into her entrance.  He worms his tongue in, tasting her tangy juices.  Rowbo snarls in bestial arousal, and starts nipping at her cunt.  Mother helps her take the rest of her clothes off as Rowbo keeps working her cunt.  Then Gus comes over and starts licking and biting on her tits.

Mother watches, her pussy is bubbling over as the college girl writhes and twists on her back.  “Bite her,” Mother moans. “Bite.”

“Yessss,” Louise moans.  “Chew my pussy.  Bite my tits.  Make me cum.”

Louise is out of her skull, their gnawing teeth and lashing tongues are fantastic.

“Cum, honey,” Mother said huskily, her green eyes devouring the teens naked body.  “Cum all over Rowbo’s mouth.”

“I’m getting close,” Louise moans.  She humps, banging her cunt into Rowbo’s nose.  “So fuckin’ close.”

Louise grabs her tits and squeezes them together, the nipples are swollen and ready to pop.  Gus growls, and attacks the teen’s pink swollen nipples. He chews on the hard-tips, and slashes his tongue over them so dog spit soaks her flesh.  Gus yelps, his prick throbbing, totally exposed from its hairy sheath.  Louise is swirling in bliss, she grabs Gus’s head and pulls his mouth to hers.  His tongue swipes across her lips and she sucks it into her mouth.  She gurgles as he tongue darts into her throat.  Gus twists his head, yanking his tongue  from her sucking mouth.  He barks, his black eyes glowing as Louise whimpers for more.  Louise’s hips roll, Rowbo’s tongue and teeth are keeping her in a swirling state of passion.

I gotta cum,” she cries.  “Make him bite my cunt.  PLEASE.”

“He will when he’s ready,” Mother said.  “Look at Gus’s cock.”

Louise, her ass hammering on the floor, stares between Gus’s legs as he marks her tits with blotchy patches of passion.

Omigod,” she moans, her eyes wide with awe.  “He’s so hard and big.”  The sight of Gus’s long red dripping cock makes her dizzy.  “Oooo.”

“Bigger than Washington?” Mother asks.

“Much bigger.”

Growling and squirming on his stomach, Rowbo snaps at Louise’s cunt.  His cock is thick, the sensitive shaft rubbing into the rug as his rump jerks.  He snags her clit between his teeth and shakes his head, bringing Louise to the peak.

“He’s biting my clit,” Louise screams, as he jams her cunt into his snout.  “Rowbo’s biting my cunt.”

“Cum, honey,” Mother rasped.  “Cum for Mother.”

“I’m there,” Louise squeals as she bucks her hips.  “Ooh, I’m there.”

Her eyes cast to Gus’s long red glistening cock, she hovers at the peak while the dog’s gobble, bite, and lick her writhing body.  The next instant, Louise’s pussy contracts, and an orgasm whips though her as she screams.  Growling, his pointed snout jammed against her exploding cunt, Rowbo chews viciously on her pulsing clit.  Cum gushes from her cunt, flooding his nose and mouth.  He snarls, his head shaking her clit still snagged between his gnawing teeth.

“Oh, Mother,” she moans loudly.  “I’m cumming.”

She thrashes on her back, Gus is chomping on her tits, and Rowbo is chewing on her climaxing pussy.  The sensations are out of this world.

“Ooh, he’s biting it off.  Ooooo.”

Rowbo snorts loudly, his nose clogged with pussy cum.  He twists his head, his cock throbbing against the rug as he snipped and beat her clit.  More cum flowed from her spasming cunt, soaking his jowls and flooding his mouth.  He snarls are lost in the meat of her cunt as he tries to rip the blood-engorged sex button from her twisting body.  Mother swoons, her eyes riveted to Louise as the girl twists and bucks on the floor of her bedroom.

“Keep cumming, honey,” Mother moans, “cum your fucking brains out.”

“I am, Mother,” Louise moans.  “I’ve never cum this hard before.”

She focuses on Gus’s cock, whimpering and thrashing as spittle drools from her panting mouth.  Her hips roll as she mashes her raw clit into Rowbo’s mouth.

“Ahhh, I think I’m gonna faint.”

Neither dog stops.  The teens screeching voice has them frantic and anxious.  They chew on her body, their cocks throbbing and seeping sticky doggie precum.  Gus destroys her tits with his snapping teeth while Rowbo ravaged her cunt with his.  As she stares at Dukes thick, red-cock, everything starts to spin.  Her body goes into contortions as she pounds the floor with her fists.

MOTHER,” she screams.  “Ooh, I’m cumming again.”

Twisting on her back, Louise battered her cunt into Rowbo’s hard snout.  Cum gushes from her cunt and drools down the crack of her ass, staining the carpet and soaking the dog’s jowls.  She arches her back, her tits smash into Gus’s snipping teeth.  The pleasure overwhelms her, and her eyes widen, then roll into her skull.  She fell back, twitching, her body limp.

“Take—them—away,” she said between heavy breaths.  “Take—them—away—PLEASE.”

Mother smiles, enjoying her agony.  “HEEL“, she shouts.  “HEEL.”

Immediately the two Doberman’s bark, and move away from Louise’s still twitching body.  They sit on their backsides, their cocks sticking out, dribbling precum still.  Their stubby tails wag, and their tongues hang from their mouths as they whimper and wiggle on their rumps anxiously against the carpet.

Louise sighs deeply.  “I almost fainted,” she said, as she struggled to sit up.  “I didn’t think I was ever gonna stop cumming.”

“Look at them,” Mother said, pointing at the dogs.  “They wanna be taken care of now.”

With her tits still heaving as she catches her breath, Louise stares at the two aroused Dobermans.  Pussy cum covers Rowbo’s mouth, dripping from his jowls as he whimpers.  Her eyes drop to their cocks, the sight of two hard dog cocks makes her dizzy.

“Oooo, what should we do?” Louise asks.

Mother smiles, enjoying her innocence.  “I’ll show you.”  She crawls over to the dog’s and strokes their sleek coats.  “C’mere, Louise.”

Louise crawls to the older woman, her eyes glued to the thick red cocks.  A lump clogs her throat.  “What are you gonna do?”

“You’ll see,” Mother said.  The older woman licks Louise’s cum off Rowbo’s face, then she eased him onto his side.  “Easy, boy,” she said softly as she stoked his side.  “Easy.”

Louise is mesmerized by Rowbo’s cock, her mouth waters as she stares.  “It’s so big,: she whispers.

“Big and beautiful,” Mother said, as she rubbed his stomach.

She caresses his balls, then traces a nail up the length of his shaft.   Rowbo whimpers and jerks, his cock aching as he lifts his head and slaps his tongue over Mother’s arm.

“Relax, boy,” Mother says.  She looks at Louise, and says, “Touch it.”

Louise brings a trembling hand to Rowbo’s cock,  She moans as her fingers brush along his shaft.  “It feels good.”  Her fingers curl around his shaft and the throbbing his cock sends shock waves thought her arm.  “Oooo.”

Mother eases back, resting Rowbo’s head on her lap.  She strokes his head, saying, “Relax, boy, Louise is going to take care of you.”

“What should I do?”

“Jerk him off,” Mother said.  “He loves it.”

“Oh, God.”  Slowly, Louise glides her hand up and down the length of the dogs cock.  “He’s throbbing.”

She gulps, bringing her other hand to his cum cradles balls.  Rowbo whimpers, his tongue hanging from his mouth still as he pants, and spit is dribbling onto Mother’s thigh.  His runt tail twitches and he jerks, driving his raging hard-on through the teenager’s gripping fist.

“Wait till you see him cum,” Mother said, her eyes sparkling.  “You’ll love it.”

Louise massages his balls, her other hand stroking his thick meaty cock.  She feels dizzy, the itch in her pussy returns.

“It’s so hard.” he squeezes, making Rowbo’s body jerk.  “Ooh, he does like it.”

“He loves it,” Mother corrected.  “Get him off.”

Each time she jerks her hand up and down Rowbo’s cock, her tits jiggle.  She stares at the big dog cock, watching as precum dribbled from the pointed tip.

“Is he cumming now?” Louise asks.

Mother smiles at her naivety.  “It’s just precum, sweetie.  You’ll know when he cums for real.”  The older woman scratches the dogs snout lovingly.  “Show her how you cum, boy,” she said in a baby voice.

Rowbo jerks, his rump fucking his raging hard-on through Louise’s gripping fist.  His balls churn, as the cum rumbles to be released.

“He’s going nuts,” Louise said wide-eyed.  She jerks her fist rapidly up and down the length of his throbbing cock.  “Oh, look, Mother.”

“I’m looking.”

Louise is eager to see the Doberman shoot his load,  “Cum, Rowbo,” she mouths, her eyes fixed on his seeping cock.  “Cum.”

Rowbo yelps, his tongue hanging out, but moving with every loud pant.  He jabs his blood-engorged cock through Louise’s shifting fist.  His tail is twitching, and his legs are trembling.  The dogs furry balls slap against her hand, aching as the cum churns, ready to explode.

“I think he’s gonna cum,” Louise squeals as she keeps jerking his cock.  “Oo, cum for me.  CUM.”

With his chest heaving and his mouth panting, Rowbo’s balls finally erupt. Hot, slimy cum shoots through his fat cock and squirts against Louise’s body as he yelps and twists on his side.

“Omigod, look at the cum,” Louise shouts, wide eyes with awe.

She jerks her hand faster, her eyes glued to his cock as it sprays stringy lumps of doggie cum.  Mothers mouth waters for the cum she sees squirting from the canine cock, splashing against Louise’s soft flesh.

“Keep jerking him off,” Mother said.  “Don’t stop.”

“I won’t,” Louise said.  “He’s cumming all over me.”  She swoons, the hot splattering cm on her body making her pussy spasm.  “Omigod, there’s so much cum.”

Rowbo whines, his pointed ears flat against his skull as his thick neck stretches.  Saliva froths at his mouth, and his black eyes appear to bulge.  His balls contract, the squirting cum shoots from his cock in a pulsating stream.  He barks, his rump jerking as Louise pounds her fist along his cock.  Louise’s head is spinning, hot dog cum is splashed all over her stomach, tits and thighs.

“Damn, he’s given me a cum shower,” she says, looking at her goo-covered body.  She mauled his furry balls and pulled on spewing cock as the cum drips from her nipples.  “Yeah, keep cumming, Rowbo.”

The dog thrashes on his side, hunching his cock through her clenched fist as if it was a pussy.  He whined loudly, his head coming off Mother’s lap as he twists his orgasming body.  Louise swoons, her head reeling as she watches the spraying cum squirt from his cock.  Her tits bounce as she squirms on the floor, and her hand becomes a blur as she manages to spray her face with Rowbo’s cum.  The dog had released so much of his nectar, until eventually the outpouring slowed to a dribble, then a drip, and it stopped.  Louise didn’t know it was time to stop, and Rowbo nipped at her hand to make her let him go.  The teen went to grab the shrinking cock again when Mother slapped her hand away.

“Stop,” Mother said sternly.  “He’s finished.”

Louise blinked rapidly for a moment, as Mother’s words finally penetrated her lust-addled brain.  She pulls her hand away, looking at the sticky cum on it.

“I don’t believe it,” Louise says, staring at the cum on her body.  “Brad doesn’t ejaculate anywhere near this much.”

Rowbo scrambles to his feet.  Whimpering, he curls into a ball and licks the tip of his cock as it slowly disappears into the protective sheath.

“You’re covered in the stuff,” Mother moans, as she looks hungrily at the student.  She pushes Louise back onto the rug.  “Here, let me clean you.”

“Oh, God,” Louise moans, as Mother brings her mouth to the teens cum-soaked tits.

Mother licks the globs of cum from Louise’s plump tits, savoring the tangy, metallic taste of dog semen.  She works her eager mouth over Louise’s stomach, cleaning wads of doggie-cum as it trickles down the teen’s side.

“Mmm, it’s delicious,” Mother purrs, licking the last of his cum from Louise’s thighs.  “So delicious.”

“Can I try it?” Louise asks, thinking: Why not, I tried Brad’s cum tonight.

“You still have it on your hand, sweetie.” Mother said.

She brings her hand to her head and stares at the slimy layer.  Fist she sniffs it, then she gently pokes her tongue into the substance, to finally lick her tongue over her hand with the ferocity of a toddler licking a lollipop.

“Mmm, it tastes good.  Coppery almost.”

Mother nods with a warm smile and soft eyes.  “We still have Gus to go.  Are you ready for something different?”

“I sure am,” Louise says.  “Bring it on.”


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