Snake In The Grass

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Snake In The Grass
Snake In The Grass
Year: 2016
When a bored small town gay teen (18), on the cusp of going to college, meets the love of his life—a German shepherd—he begins to doubt if leaving for college is the best thing to do.
Jack Morningwood
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The length of the hypotenuse is calculated using the square root function, a voice said in the back of Joe’s mind.  Eighteen-year-old Joe Bradbury sits in math’s class, half-listening to the teacher.  Finding himself unable to concentrate on the droning teacher, he turns his attention to more interesting things; like drawing people, cars, or whatever else comes to mind in his notebook.  The boredom of sitting still for the last hour fills his mind with dullness.  The only redeeming thought is it’ll be over in five minutes, then he can go home.  Why is everything in my life so boring, he wonders?  I wish I had a little spice in my life.  Joe has plenty of friends, yet in his small town of three-thousand people, there isn’t much to do. Hanging out is only interesting for so long.

Joe was shaken out of his thoughts by the ringing of the bell.  Freedom.  He packs his belongings and stuffs them into his backpack.  He doesn’t have any homework, yet he always takes his books home anyway, just to make his parents happy.  Going out into the hall, he lingers a moment longer to make conversation with some of his friends and to ogle a couple of guys. Joe had taken a keen interest in guys ever since he hit puberty, maybe even before then.  His slim, muscular physique makes him a hit with the opposite sex, however, he feels nothing for chicks.  He likes them as friends, yet has no sexual attraction to them.  All he thinks about is guys, however, he hasn’t come out yet so no one knows he’s a homosexual except his parents.

Joe has had sex several times with a special guy he knows, Paul.  However, Paul moved away last year, and since then Joe simply doesn’t have the courage to find out if any other guys at his school are gay.  He knows of a cruising spot on the edge of town, and when he saw the desperate old married guys there (some of them the fathers of his friend’s) he couldn’t stomach the thought of going there for anonymous sex.  Not that it’s so anonymous in such a small town.  He often wondered why these men take such a risk, as everyone knows about the place, and the cops sometimes raided it.  He has always been one of the most intelligent and mature students at his school, most gay teens are according to research.  This is part of why young gay guys have so much trouble coming out too, and suffer depression.  So many hot guys to ogle at in the school change rooms, making him horny as hell.  Some gays will tell you they don’t look at straight guys body’s in change rooms, Joe knows this is a lie.  He can’t help but look at the beefcake and cocks when his friends and classmates prance around naked in front of him.

So with nothing else to do around school, he heads home, a two-mile walk through the streets of Smallton.  His typical route follows roads most of the time, yet today he decides to take a shortcut through a field with high grass. Halfway through the field Joe spots a dog in his path, a large German Shepherd.  The dog doesn’t make any aggressive moves toward him or growl, so he doesn’t feel any danger.  Taking a closer look, he notices it doesn’t have any collar on, though its fur appears clean and the animal’s well-fed.

“Hello, boy,” he said in a soft, calm voice.  “Where did you come from?  Are you lost?”

Joe has always had deep compassion for animals, and his heart goes out to the big dog.  Surely it has a home around here, he thinks.  He slowly makes his way over to the dog, careful not to spook him.  The entire way he tries to soothe him by talking to him softly, and holding his hands out invitingly.  His efforts are rewarded, and he gets all the way to him. The German shepherd doesn’t run away or growl in warning.

“Are you someone’s pet, boy?” Joe asks as he patted him on the back.

While he stands there patting him, and talking to him softly for some time, Joe thinks about what he should do with him.  He can’t take him home, since his parents have no tolerance for pets of any kind.  He can’t take him to an animal shelter, since his town doesn’t have one.

His thoughts are abruptly interrupted when the huge German shepherd leaps at him, licking his face and knocking him onto his back.  Since it’s May, it’s quite warm, and Joe had worn shorts and no underpants to school.  He reflexively spreads his leg to help him try to break his fall, and the dog takes this opportunity to access his groin. Startled, it takes Joe several seconds to realize what the dog is doing.

“Bad, boy.  You can’t lick me there.  That’s wrong. Stop,” Joe shouts and tries to push the dog away.

The German shepherd either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care, he just keeps on licking his crotch through his shorts.  Instinctively, Joe closes his legs, however, the huge dog growls in response, making the teen shake, his face turning ashen while his breath bursts in and out rapidly.  Joe is looking around, especially behind him to the road, to see if anyone is around to help him.  Realizing the German shepherd can probably kill him with a single bite to the neck, Joe opens his legs, his body shaking uncontrollably.  The dog immediately resumes his licking, and it doesn’t take long before his shorts are soaked with dog saliva.  Joe is frozen, rooted to the spot, he has no sexual interest in dogs.  Despite his lack of interest, a desire stirs deep within him as the dogs wet, rubbery tongue rubs his cock beneath his shorts. He can’t deny it feels great, and before long he feels himself getting a boner.

“How long is this going to last?” Joe asks the dog, not really expecting an answer.

Moments later, the German shepherd dexterously grabs hold of his wet shorts with his teeth and tears them open.

“Hey—my shorts—oh great, they’re my favorite pair.  You dumb dog.”

Amazingly, Joe is unharmed by the dog, however, now with his privates exposed and vulnerable the tin man finally realizes what the dog wants.  This is not going to end any time soon, he thinks. Fido here wants to be satisfied.  His heart is racing and he holds back the urge to scream, instead, he slowly backs away from the deranged dog.  A loud growl and a gentle yet painful nip on the leg let Joe know the dog he means business.  He stops moving, the dog keeps licking his boner and balls with a gusto the teen has never experienced.  The German shepherd greedily licks Joe’s groin, even snaking his tongue into his ass.  The rough wetness of his tongue rhythmically scrapes against his cock.  If he wasn’t aroused before, he is now, and every fiber of his getting knows this is wrong.  Yet his primal instincts still can’t resist the sexual stimulation, this animal is providing.  Joe pants and moans under his continued assault on his cock and invasion of his ass with the dog’s tongue. It doesn’t take long before precum flows from the tip of the teens erect cock and the German Shepherd eagerly licks it away.  He relentlessly laps the teens boner, making Joe writhe and twist in sexual heat.

Despite all the pleasure he feels, he knows he can’t let him go any further, at least at an intellectual, civilized level.  In his mind, he formulates a plan for escape.  He’ll twist around, get to his feet, then make a run for it.  Even if he doesn’t make it back to his house, almost anything is better than getting raped by a dog.  Maybe, he thinks, I can find a tree branch or big stone to use as a weapon to scare him off with.  Joe makes his move.  He twists around and gets to his hands and knees.  Just before he is able to get fully to his feet, he feels the German shepherds powerful forelimbs wrap around his slim waist.  The dog’s weight is an anchor, and he sinks back to his hands and knees with the beast on his back.  The German Shepherds rough paws scratch his sensitive sides, and the coarse stomach fur brushes against his back.  The teen struggles valiantly beneath the dog, yet there’s no way he can get the heavy animal off him.

Great escape, Joe, way to go,” he thinks, scalding himself.  What am I gonna do now?

That’s when he feels the tip of the dogs cock touch his bare thigh.  He hadn’t realized the dog would try to actually penetrate him.  He doesn’t think such a thing is even possible between a dog and a man, yet here he is.  Joe looks between his hands and knees and sees the canine cock for the first time. The German shepherd cock is big, at least eight inches long by Joe’s estimation, bright-purplish/red, dark veins on the surface, and glistening wetly in the light.  The head of it isn’t as a man’s penis, the canine cock is tapered to a tip, and from it he can see precum dribbling as if a leaky tap.  The animal is whining loudly as her hunches, trying to find an entrance into the teen’s body.

Oh fuck, I can’t let this happen to me.”

He struggles with all his might, yet it only exhausts him as if fighting in a boxing match.  The dog jumps around with him, holding him tightly with his forelegs.  Once Joe stops struggling, the victorious dog again tries to find his ass with his random thrusting.  Joe’s ass crack is wet and open from the licking the dog gave it earlier. His ass is ready, even if Joe isn’t.  The dog is used to the height of a bitch-dog, not a human, so he keeps thrusting and missing.  With each jab, though, the dog gets a little higher, until eventually he hits what he’s searching for, Joe’s anus.  Joe let out a cry of despair, resigning himself to what’s about to happen.  The big canine cock stabs into Joe’s anus, and buries itself to his balls in a split-second.  Joe shouts in pain as his anus is stretched quickly around the throbbing canine cock, burning pain makes the teen’s body shake, and tears well in his eyes.  After entering Joe, the German Shepherd makes a quick series of thrusts, which sends more jolts of pain through Joe’s twisting body.  The dogs cock now fully inside the teen, Joe can feel great pressure in his belly as the cock mercilessly pushes his insides around.  Initially, the stretching of his anal sphincter hurt badly, however, before long it subsides, and he has to admit it feels similar to his experience with Paul.  This dog’s cock feels hot inside his belly. Strangely enough, this heat is very erotic, and only heightens his sudden pleasure.  This dog much larger than Paul, though, and the feeling of fullness is something new to Joe.

Finally comfortable and situated, the dog fucks the teen at a rapid pace. Every time he pushes fully into Joe, the teen would gasp loudly, feeling the throbbing phallus almost to his chest.  When the engorged cock is fully impaled into Joe’s body, he’d feel the German Shepherds balls touching his, and it made his cock twitch with excitement.  His teen body moves with every powerful hump, and his nipples harden.  The pleasure rapidly builds within him, and before long, the teen is humping back to meet every cock thrust.  Feeling something wet hit his neck, Joe looks up at the German shepherd.  His tongue is hanging out of his mouth and is dripping saliva over Joe’s hair and neck.  The sound of the dogs panting is similar to an old steam train, and the whines and yelps of pleasure the animal makes stimulates Joe even further.

Joe opens his mouth and let some of the dogs saliva drop into it.  Surprisingly, it tastes good to him, and the thought of performing such a taboo act pushes the teen into oblivion.  He suddenly orgasms—hard—screaming in bliss for what seemed forever as his hard dick shoot rope after rope of sticky, thick semen.  The sounds of his screams are muffled by the old-growth trees surrounding the field.  No one will be hearing them.  The orgasm seemingly makes every muscle in his body fire spasmodically, and still the dog continues to fuck his ass. After the orgasm subsides, and Joe’s cock softens again, the teen feels a pressure developing just outside his ass.  Omigod, his knot, Joe thinks with a grimace.  The fear of getting torn by the dog’s knot seizes Joe. His anus is already stretched beyond the size it normally should, he doesn’t think it’s possible for the knot to even get inside him.  To be sure, he takes hold of the base of the German shepherd’s cock to prevent the knot from entering his ass.  The canine cock feels hard, hot, and slimy. The knot continues to grow until it’s almost as big as an orange.  Then the German shepherds frantic pace slows to a stop.  Thinking it’s over, Joe let go of the dogs cock.  Suddenly, the German shepherd pushes forward with tremendous force, almost knocking Joe’s face into the ground.  The huge knot pushes itself half way into his ass.  Before the teen can stop him, the dog thrusts again and the knot is pushed the rest of the way inside Joe’s ass where it lodges itself.  Joe’s ass hurt badly, as it’s stretched to unbelievable proportions to allow the knot entry.

The huge dog fucks him a couple of more times, then stops and tenses with a loud whine.  The German shepherd yelps some, and Joe feels the dogs cock spewing cum deep into his belly.  The dog semen is even hotter than his cock, and it boils deliciously in Joe’s colon.  He continues to spurt cum into Joe for a long time.  Joe feels the dog’s semen running down his legs.  Eventually, the huge dog let out a contented sigh, and licks his neck affectionately.  Then he tries to pull out of the teen’s ass, yet his knot holds him, and they end ass-to-ass in the long grass, connected by throbbing, cumming dog cock.  How did I let this happen to me, he wonders?  I’ve gotta get outta here before someone catches me.  He tries to pull away quickly, hoping the canine cock will yank out.  The knot holds fast, however, and pain shoots through his abused ass.  He almost panics, yet realizes if he struggles it’ll only hurt.  So he calms his heavy breathing, and clenches his fist to stop his hands shaking.  Reluctantly, he resigns himself to waiting it out.  It has to go down eventually, right, he wonders?

Time ticks along slowly, and the dog’s cock shrivels inside Joe, yet his knot stays large and won’t pull from the teen’s ass.  The German Shepherd keeps dribbling cum into Joe’s belly slowly, and they lie on the ground in stalemate.  Joe waits impatiently, looking at the clock on his phone.  Twenty-five minutes, he thinks with a gasp.  Twenty-five minutes with a dog cock stuck up my assHow much fucking longer?  It isn’t too much longer before he finally feels the knot shrink, and feeling emboldened, he grabs the dogs cock and pulls.  With a wet plop the German shepherd cock finally slides out of his ass.  The plop is followed by a gush of dog cum and several loud, powerful farts.  Realizing he’s free, the teen shuffles away from the big dog as fast as he can.  Without hesitation, he scrambles to his feet and runs away into the high grass of the field toward some trees.  Once alone, Joe stops and hunches over breathing heavily. A loud sob escapes his mouth, and he collapses onto the grass.

What can possibly be more humiliating or awful than this, he wonders despairingly?  I can’t tell a single person about this.  If anyone ever knows I’ll be the laughing stock of the whole town.  Joe cries into his hands that are covering his face.

After a while, he gathers his emotions, and decides to go home and wash before his parents find out.  He quickly gathers his belongings heads home holding his backpack in front of his torn shorts to hide his exposed flaccid cock.  He has to walk bow-legged, as any other way hurt his abused ass.  When he arrives home, he sees his mom’s car in the driveway.

Shit.  This day just keeps getting worse,” he says in a harsh whisper.

Knowing  he must look dreadful, he sneaks to his bedroom window as quietly as he can, and climbs into his room from outside.  Silently, he changes his clothes, then makes his way to the bathroom.  Before he makes it there, his mom sees him and intercepts.

Oh, there you are,” she said with raised eyebrows and high whiny voice.  “You’re late.”  She frowns, looking him over.  “What happened to you?  You’re all dirty.”

Uh…We were playing touch football down at ‘Poag’s Field’,” Joe said wide eyed.

His excuse is plausible as he did play touch football with his friends at Poag’s Field, and he often came home dirty from it.

Hmm.  Well, have a shower, you look filthy,” his mom said.

Joe exhaled in relief.  Yes, mom.”

“Those weren’t the clothes you were wearing today,” his mom shouts.  “Where are they so I can put them in the wash?”

He blushes.  “In my room,” he said, looking down.  “I ripped my shorts, sorry.  They’re no good now.”

“Don’t be silly,” she said and pushes past him to go to his room to retrieve his soiled clothes.

He hears her yelp, no doubt examining his wet, torn shorts, so he quickly goes to the bathroom and locks the door behind him.  Joe takes a long, hot shower.  The water feels great, washing the dirt and grime from his tired body.  After the shower, he eats dinner and spends the night with his mom watching TV and chatting as casually as he’s able.  Later, Joe lies in bed thinking about what happened to him.  He touches himself gently on his anus and realizes the dog hadn’t hurt him permanently. Joe ruminates how the dog never acted threatening to him, as long as the teen did what the beast wanted.  He pushes his finger further into his ass to find the German shepherds cum sitting just inside.  I bet there’s still a ton of his sperm swimming around in me, he thinks..

“What is wrong with me?” Joe suddenly rolls over and pulls the covers over his shoulder and huffs.  “Having sex with dogs is wrong.”

And yet, it felt good, the little voice in his head argues. That, you cannot deny.  So if it feels good, what’s so bad about it?

“It’s a fucking dog,” he argues back.

After thinking about it for an hour, he decides to go through the field again tomorrow on the way home from school. If the dog is there, he’ll give himself to the horny canine freely.  The pleasure is too good a thing to pass, he thinks.  With those thoughts in mind, he finally falls into deep sleep.


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