Horse Tales

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Horse Tales
Horse Tales
Year: 2016
A collection of 5 hot, erotic stories about women who love their horses way too much.
Moe, Sheela, & Misty Chikan
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“The Superbowl is OURS! GO BRONCO’s” Gemma shouted in her local bar holding high another Margarita.

The crowd around her cheered and toasted, wearing the orange and blue jerseys with numbers of their favorite players, many had caps on with the Bronco’s fierce stallion emblazoned it, and some wore T-shirts with the same emblem.  The crowd and Gemma have been celebrating for hours now in the small bar in downtown Denver and were by this point hammered.  Gemma suddenly had a hundred new friends as she partied with people she hardly knew, and they brought her drinks hoping they could get into the pretty blondes pants too.  So by two am she could hardly walk, and as her binge drinking became too much for her small body to handle, she suddenly felt sick.

Gemma decided she needed some fresh air and left the bar to go outside for a moment, but the extreme nausea wouldn’t abate and her head started spinning too.  Looking around, she spotted an alley and staggered wildly down it, coming to some stables.  A local horse and carriage operator kept his horses stabled here, although she didn’t know that at the time.  Gemma needed a place to vomit, and fast.  The door is open and a light on inside, however, no one is inside except a couple of white horses.  She staggers to the horses, clutching her stomach, when suddenly she trips and falls headfirst into a stall, wedging herself between the wooden fence on one side of the stall.

The motion makes her vomit as alcohol poisoning takes its toll on the nineteen-year-old girl.  Eventually she passes out, draped through the fence like a blonde rag doll.

Inside the stall is an old white stallion named Duke who stood passively chewing hay as Gemma fell through his stall.  Tonight is his night off, and as the smell of vomit filled the air as he grunted, huffed, and shifted uncomfortably.  As Gemma lay still, he decides to investigate and sticks his nose toward her upturned ass and takes a sniff.  He smells her sex, something he knows since a previous owner used to hire him out for sex with women.

The smell of her young pussy made him feel young again.  He remembered the feeling of a tight human cunt wrapped around his big knob.  He pushed his nose into her taking a big deep whiff.  Her cunt intoxicated him.  Using his nose, he nudged her short skirt up to expose her ass.  Gemma didn’t have panties on.  He nudged her legs apart so she’s perfectly presented to him and the sight of her exposed cunt makes him nicker excitedly.  His huge cock already hanging low by this point, is stiffening.

Gemma’s puffy pale labia, cute clit, and tuft of blonde pubic hair above, drive him wild with lust.  He jumps, as if a bronco himself, and lands with his front hooves resting on the fence, supporting his weight.  Her tight cunt still seems unreachable to his hard cock.  He snorts in frustration, and decides to inch his way forward with his back legs.  It’s hard to see looking back as this girl is so small compared to Duke.  When he feels the end of his flared knob touch her.  He gently probes, rubbing his flanged knob over her cunt, wetting it with his leaking precum.

His powerful muscles tighten, and veins stick out under his white coat.  Duke pushes, feeling her cunt resist at first, yet the force of his intentions wins and slowly he splices her cunt open and slips inside her tight wetness.  Gemma groans and moves, but not enough to dislodge his massive knob.  He waits a moment, filling her inside with his sticky, slimy precum to lubricate her.  Gemma begins to grind on his cock.

She mumbles, “Yeah, baby, your cocks so big.”

The horse starts to thrust his hips, sliding his cock as far as it can go, feeling how tight she is around him.  Duke loves it.  He starts to hump harder and faster.  Each ramming stroke of his huge cock making her cunt longer and longer, so more cock is swallowed with every thrust.  The sound of squishing and slapping fill the room.  Gemma moans loudly, her head is moving around uncontrollably.  Dukes cock slides deeper and deeper into her body, he can feel the fence palings pushing against her stomach.

Gemma’s so drunk she doesn’t feel pain at this maddening stretching of her pussy, she only feels the pleasure of the friction and the fullness.  Duke is snorting and nickering above her as his massive organ slides deeply inside her.  Her grunts and groans turn him on, makes his cock even harder.  He fucks her faster now, as he feels an orgasm building in his body.  Something he hasn’t felt in years.  His balls tingle as the swing in the air below him.

Gemma begins to shake and quiver all over, as a full-body orgasm takes hold.  She grunts and moans unintelligible moans as her face flushes red.  Duke feeling her cunt spasm all over his cock rams her even harder, driving her orgasm into overdrive.  Her body twitches below him helpless and overpowered by his big stallion cock.  He feels the pride only a mating stallion can feel when he has his mare at his mercy.

He pounds onward, feeling his age leave his body and remembering the pastures and mares of his youth.  Gemma’s cunt continues to spasm as one orgasm drives into another, as the waves on the beach, crashing over her and engulfing her in extreme pleasure.  Finally, he reaches the culmination of his lust, and with a whinny, he unloads gallons of his hot, thick cum deep inside her body.

Her little body isn’t designed to handle this much cum, and soon after he starts cumming, white semen gushes from around his cock engulfed by her pussy.  Cum squeezes out under pressure and sprays her legs and the floor behind her.  Duke sighs and snorts satiated, and takes a few steps back.

His giant cock softens quickly, and eventually it pops out of Gemma’s abused cunt, making more cum dribble out behind.  He jumps off the fence and moves to the back of the stall.  After a while, he falls asleep.


“Oh, fuck, another drunk,” Jamal says to himself as he arrives back at the stables.

He stands with hands on hips, staring at Gemma with a deep frown.  Suddenly, she raises her head and sees him.

“Go Bronco’s,” Gemma shouts, and her head drops again as she passes out, drunk.

This is just one story in this eBook. 


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