The Zoo!

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The Zoo!
The Zoo!
Year: 2017
Leah is excited to finally going to see the panda’s at her cities zoo, only problem is a big storm has been forecast that might ruin her good time.
Moe Lester
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A man in his fifties wearing a military uniform asks another, “Have we got the prevailing wind data yet, corporal?”

“Yes, colonel,” the younger man barks.  “It’s heading North-East, there’s a large low pressure driving it, a storm system, with possible tornadoes.”

The colonel frowns and pulls up some data from another computer nearby.  “Tornadoes?  Shit, son, this is the biggest cluster fuck any of us will see in our lifetimes.”

The corporal shrugs; he knows the colonel isn’t mad at him personally, just expressing his general dismay at what is tantamount to a disaster.  A massive quantity of an experimental biological weapon released.  A friend of the corporal, whom he’d been talking to on the phone before the Colonel arrived, had been adamant.

“I bet it’s the Chinese, some cyber sabotage,” she had said.

He laughed.  “How could the Chinese get malware into that system, it’s totally isolated.”

“Has to be an inside job,” she said.  “Flash drive, like we did with Stuxnet to the Iranian’s.”

“What’s in that tank anyway?”

“Fucked if I know, it’s above my clearance level.”

“Not even any whispers?”

“No, but the way they’re acting down here has me scared,” she said.

“That’s not good,” he said.

No, they’re panicking here, Joe.  I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“So we’re screwed?  Is that what you’re saying?”

He hears her sigh.  “No, we’ll probably be OK.  But the gas has to go somewhere.”

This was when the colonel entered the operations room, and the corporal said good-bye and ended the call.

The colonel is now looking at a map, mumbling to himself, although the bright corporal is doing his best to listen, while appearing not to.

Eventually, he hears the colonel say, “Shit, it’s gonna infect the whole fucking city.”  Then picking up the phone, he presses a number and says, “Put me through to General Walsh at the Pentagon, immediately.”


“Honey, are you sure you wanna go?” Doug asks his wife, Leah, a frown etching his face.  “The weather report looks dreadful.”

“Oh?” Leah asks, looking over his shoulder at his iPad.  “What does it say?”

The one thing about living in a sub-tropical climate is nearly every day, there’s a storm of some sort.  So people learned to put up with the inconvenience, and live around these annoying atmospheric aberrations.

“Yeah, they’re even saying they might have tornadoes,” he said, nodding, and pointing to the screen.

Leah laughs; it’s a light, airy, almost musical sound.  “I’ve lived here all my life and never heard of a tornado here in the city, maybe in the country, but not here.”

“That’s what they’re saying, maybe you better stay home?”

She guffaws.  “Doug, I’ve been dying to see the Panda exhibit for the last month, you know that,” she said, turning to pour a cup of coffee.

“I know, but…”

But nothing, with my work schedule, I’m not gonna get another chance, and they’ll be gone in a week.”

“Yeah, but tornadoes, Leah, they’re talking tornadoes,” her husband said, waving at the screen as if to emphasize his point.

Leah turns, with an insolent grin and bright eyes.  “You can always come and protect me,” she said, stroking his chin.

“I’d love to, but…”

Her laugh cuts him off.  “Oh, it’s OK for you to use the ‘work excuse,’ but not me?” Leah asks, with an eyebrow raised, “How typically ‘male’ of you.”

“Fine, go, God forbid I should worry about my wife,” he said, throwing the iPad onto the table with a loud clang.

“It’s not like the animals will eat me or anything,” she said.

“I think the animals should be worried you might eat them,” Doug said, his shoulders sagging.

She smiled brightly.  “Oh, honey, you say the nicest things.”

“Is Denise still going with you,” Doug asks to change the subject.

“Um, no, seems she’s feeling ‘under the weather,’” she said with bright eyes.

“So you’re going alone?”

She nods.  “Yep, just me and all those panda’s,” Leah said with a grin.

“God help them, you’ll smother them with your cuddles and kisses.”

“I don’t think I’ll get that close to them, dear,” she said sarcastically, “so I’ll just stick with smothering you.”

She leans and kisses him on the head, making him grunt.  Leah loves teasing her husband this way, as it builds an animosity within him.  He takes out on her in the marital bedroom.  Doug enjoys working out his frustrations with his rather high-maintenance wife with wild, aggressive sex.  Leah rough sex, so the arrangement suits her fine.  The woman’s wearing a simple blue sundress with spaghetti shoulder straps.  The dress has a plunging front and back and shows off her D-cup cleavage nicely.

The hemline is modestly short, coming to about mid-thigh, and the material is light. The woman will have to use a little care if the wind picks up, as this skirt can catch the wind, which is why Leah chose it.  Especially since she decided to go ‘commando’ to the zoo.  The sundress has support in the bodice, so a bra isn’t necessary, yet the thought of not wearing panties appealed to the sexy side of her.

Leah has always had an exhibitionist streak in her, so dressing this way wasn’t new to her.  Even though the weather may not be great, the best thing is it’s still warm.  Therefore, she grabs her purse, and husband and wife leave.  Doug is dropping her off at the train station to go to the zoo is, and then he’s driving to another suburb that’s closer to home.


When they arrive at the train station, Leah kisses Doug goodbye, and the man continues on his morning drive to work.  The Zoo is ideally located; it’s across from a train station just five stops from the central city station, on her line.  Yulimbra Zoo is the oldest animal park in the country, established in the early twentieth century.  This zoo is one of the most beautiful, at least Leah thought so, and full of many animals from all over the world.  There are not many people around when she pays her entrance fee at the front.  ‘Probably scared off by the weather forecast,’ Leah thought as she stands in a courtyard deciding which way to go.  ‘That means I’ll get a good view of the Pandas.’

There are signs everywhere advertising the Panda exhibit in the ‘Bodil Joensen Center.’  Therefore, she scans her tourist map of the zoo and heads down a path she hopes led to the display of cute and cuddly panda bears from China.

Thick glass surrounds the enclosure with a small gap between them, one at waist height, and a rail to keep visitors far enough away so they cannot touch the glass.  There’s soft music playing in the cave-like viewing area and monitors playing informational segments about pandas.  Leah busily takes photos of the ten panda’s she can see inside the enclosure, mostly chewing cane.  The bears are so cute, their fur looks soft and almost downy, and their faces have a childlike aura to them.  Leah sends a text message to Doug: ‘Omigod, they’re beautiful.  I wish you could be here.’  Then she takes a selfie and sends it to him.

Doug texts back: ‘LOL.  That Panda has a boner.  I think you’re turning him on.’

With a frown, Leah looks up at the enclosure, and sure enough, one panda is sporting a sizeable erection, all pinky-red and slick.  Leah then looks at the photo she took and spots it.

“Oh great,” she said to the panda.  “If this picture goes viral, I might just have a new panda fur coat.”

Leah texts Doug:  ‘I didn’t even see that.  Delete that photo, no one is to see that.’

Doug texts back:  ‘Spoilsport.  It’s hilarious.’

Leah: ‘Why is it hilarious?’

Doug: ‘Cos, the pandas more excited about seeing you than you are about seeing it.’

Leah’s about to text back to him to argue it’s unlikely the cause of the panda’s boner is due to her when she notices movement at the glass.  The horny panda has moved to the glass and is pressing its body against it.  The panda’s tongue is lolling out of its mouth, and a distinct look is in its eyes, something Leah interprets quickly as heat.  The boner is rubbing on the glass lewdly, as the panda thrusts its hips as if trying to mate her.  At this point, Leah can no longer deny to herself, she is the target of the bear’s intentions.  The woman giggles, and glances around, thankfully no one else is present.  Then a naughty idea pops into her mind.

“Is this what you want, Mr. Bear?” Leah asks the panda who’s still rubbing its boner against the glass, and she lifts her dress to expose her pussy.

The panda licks its lips and grunts.  Then, as the panda thrust its cock, it slips into the gap in the glass and is poking into the viewing area.  Long, pointy, and pink, the panda pushes into the hole.  Leah cannot quite understand why, the sight of its thin, spiky penis fascinates her.  ‘What do I do,’ she wonders?  ‘Should I call someoneHis dick looks stuck in there, the panda needs to cum so it’ll shrink.’

Leah glances around again. Still, no one is near.  The woman sighs and stares at the raging panda boner, and the whining animal.  Her courage nearly fails her.  However, Leah finally resolves the matter; she’ll have to jerk him off so the panda can get its dick free of the gap.  ‘At least,’ she thought, ‘the panda has someone here who cares about him.’

She climbs over the barrier and kneels next to the cock poking through the gap in the glass.  Leah spits on her hands, she’d never forgive herself if she hurt the panda.  Hesitating for only a moment, she grasps its pulsating reddish-pink cock. Leah’s immediately surprised and gasps softly; the woman thought the feel of the animal’s flesh would cause her to cringe.  However, the longer she holds the panda’s pink cock, the more relaxed she becomes.  The blonde-haired attorney likes the warmth of its cock; it feels good in her hands.  The panda’s gamey animal smell fills her nostrils, and Leah has no trouble getting started, gently stroking its cock as the panda thrust it through the gap in the glass.

Her heavily lubricated hands slip easily up and down the bear’s throbbing shaft.  Leah doesn’t know how long she knelt there, jerking a panda’s cock, as she becomes absorbed in the act.  The sliding, gamey cock fucks her hands, and Leah can hear the panda’s grunting and heavy breathing.  The sexual act even makes her pussy heat and become juicy.  Then the panda orgasms, a flood of semen gushed onto the floor as if some foamy fountain. The panda bear gives a grunt of satisfaction, and its grinding slows.

The panda’s dick is shrinking almost immediately as the panda empties its balls into the viewing area.  Leah let go of the panda when it started shooting semen and moved back.  As the panda eventually slides its spent cock back behind the glass, Leah stands and climbs the barrier again.

Leah’s breathing is heavy, as she sits on the chairs toward the back of the enclosure.  The smell of panda sperm still burns her senses, her cunt churning with arousal now, her nipples erect and poking from beneath her dress.  ‘God,’ she thought ashamedly, ‘get a hold of yourself, womanYou just did it help the panda out, not to get yourself offI’m not like that.’  Leah remembers a client she defended several years ago, arrested for ‘unlawful use of an animal,’ which was the law’s way of saying bestiality.

“Why did you do it?” Leah asked the woman.

“It feels good, and it doesn’t hurt the dog, he loves it,” the woman said.  “Considering all the things people do to animals, making love to one is the least cruel, in my opinion.”

‘Still, I didn’t make love to the panda,’ she rationalizes, ‘I just helped the panda out of a situationGod, all I wanted to see is some cute panda’s, not this.’  Leah shivers, though it isn’t cold, and decides to leave.


Leaving the Bodil Joensen Center, Leah looks at the dark skies above.  The clouds seem menacing, mysterious, and ready to unload a deluge on them.  Leah spots a sign pointing to the big cat area, her next favorite animal.  So she moves briskly toward the next exhibit, trying to put the panda out of her mind.

In the big cat area, Leah finds herself thinking about mating with these exotic animals.  Her curiosity has been stimulated by the intimate moment shared with a panda.  Still, Leah has barely seen anyone around.  A couple with two children left the viewing platform just she arrives, yet there are a few people present.  ‘I bet a lion’s cock is much better than a panda,’ she thought, staring at the lounging animals.  Leah laughs loud enough for some nearby to glance at her.  ‘Great, now I have cock on the brain,’ Leah thought, feeling herself blush.  Leah spends time taking photos of the various big cat species—lions, tigers, panthers, cheetahs, and so on—before leaving to go see the American Bison’s when the much-prophesied storm suddenly arrives.


The thunder, lightning, heavy rain, and strong wind makes Leah moan and shiver.  The sky is almost black, and the temperature dropped considerably.  The sound of the wind, trees creaking, and leaves shaking becomes constant background noise.  Objects fly through the air pushed by powerful gusts, hitting buildings with a clatter.  There’s panic as people scramble for cover.  Lightning strikes close by, momentarily dominating the other noises with its eerie crack.  The lightning strike causes more people to run for protection, and parents have children in their arms as they rush by.  The younger children are screaming and crying, the older ones pale and pensive.  Leah sees a young girl knocked over by a panicking older woman, and rushes to pick her up.  The blonde checks the small girl for injuries and consoles the crying seven-year-old until the father, soaked and panic-stricken over losing sight of her, arrives.

“Oh, thank God,” he said, scooping her into his arms.  “Are you OK, sweetie?”

“She’s fine…” Leah shouts, “Just frightened.”

The man smiles at her briefly.  “Thanks for your help.  We better get outta here.”

The man turns, his child now safely in his arms, and runs.  Leah stands for a moment, watching the father run, and turned just as a large group of people came crashing into her around a corner.  They hit her hard, and Leah stumbles, losing her balance.  She falls through some bushes beside the sidewalk, hit her head on a rock, and loses consciousness.


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