The Babysitters Secret

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The Babysitters Secret
The Babysitters Secret
Year: 2017
Kyra has a secret, a deep depraved secret that involves her clients pet dogs. When all is quiet, Kyra knows some sexy games to play with her canine companions.
Moe Lester
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Pretty eighteen-year-old Kyra Patel waves good-bye to Mr. and Mrs. Davis and closes the door.  Kyra’s of Indian descent, not Native American, but the sub-continent India, and is a first-generation American, born (as her younger siblings are too) since her parents emigrated to the USA.  Her hair is black, yet her skin is a creamy caramel brown, and though small in stature at a slim five foot three, her breasts are smallish, and she has to wear a B-cup.  Kyra goes to the children’s bedroom and checks on the kids to find they’re fast asleep.  She smiles to herself.

‘The Davis’s won’t be home for hours,’ she thought excitedly.  ‘Now I can have some sexy fun.’

She goes into the living room and perches her cute little butt on the sofa, leans back, and feels her breasts for a few moments.  Her nipples spike in the tightness of her light dress as she pinches them.  The teen smiles and slips her hand between her curvy brown thighs and pulls her dress way up onto her belly and exposes a naked little pussy.  Her brown eyes grow heavy as she strokes and fingers her juicy little cunt.  She stretches her pretty brown legs wide, so she can really get at her hot pussy.  Then she shouts to the dog called ‘Teddy’ sitting by the door, watching Kyra intently.

“Teddy,” she said breathlessly. “Come here, boy.  Come lick Kyra’s yummy pussy.”

The golden Labrador jumps up and runs to her.  The dog pushes its head between her thighs and swipes its thick pink tongue at her open crotch.  Kyra takes her hands away and lets the dog lick her vagina.

Mmm,” Kyra purrs happily, as the doggie-tongue starts to arouse her.  “I’ve been thinking about this all week.”


Only a week ago, last Saturday to be precise, had Kyra discovered the dog liked to lick pussy.  She had been on this very sofa watching TV while finger fucking her horny little cunt when Teddy smelled her.  To Kyra’s surprise, the dog jumps up between her knees and sniffs her pussy.  She thought the dog just wanted to sniff her because she’s a female.  However, when the dog starts licking her slit, the teen goes wild with lust.  Teddy’s active pink tongue really gets her off this night, so she was thinking about this all week.   Eager to babysit for the Davis’s again so Teddy can lick her pussy some more.  Now, here the dog is, lapping away furiously at her hairy teen pussy, and she loves it.


More, more,” Kyra moans, humping her pussy at the dog’s wild tongue.

She’s dazed by this turn of events in her sex life.  Compared to her fingers, Teddy’s tongue is super.  Kyra never knew she could climax so hard.  She’d had orgasms before, ever since she started playing with herself when puberty hit, but the doggie-tongue does things to her that fingers can’t, and it makes her climax hard.  Orgasming hard has become the most important thing in her teen life.  Wanting this again, Kyra slumps onto the sofa and holds her dress upon her taut teen belly, and pushes her crotch forward so the dog’s tongue can really go at her.

Teddy’s more than happy to please the teen girl.  Hers is the first human pussy ever licked by the dog, and it’s a new experience for Teddy too.  The girl’s pussy is nice and wet, puffy brown lips outside, pink inside when she pulls them apart for the Labrador to lick, and super horny.  To Teddy, her pussy smells similar to dog bitch in-heat, and this excites the dog so much. Its hind feet stomp on the floor as the dog gets excited about Kyra’s taste.  Its head twists this way and that, as the long canine tongue lashes her pussy.

Kyra moans after a few licks and humps her pussy for more.  Her eyes flutter, and her chocolate-brown nipples get hard beneath her dress as Teddy licks savagely at her open, wet cunt.  Panting hotly because the doggie-tongue is arousing her tremendously, Kyra pulls her dress down in front and bares her lovely breasts.  Her chocolate-brown nipple’s spike as she toys with them, and she moans when she gets good feelings in her breasts and pussy simultaneously.

The dog’s tongue is frantic, slipping inside her tight teen cunt and tasting her very depths, then swiping over her clit, through her slit, and rimming her anus for good measure.  The rough, pink tongue seems to be everywhere at once in her loins.  Kyra’s hips gyrate to the invading tongue, lifting her ass off the sofa and giving all to Teddy.  The dog even rakes its teeth across her clit, sending bursts of erotic pleasure through her body. Its tongue plunges into her tight cunt repeatedly, even licking her cervix, making her shiver and groan in wanton desire and lustful abandonment.

Ooooo…Ooh…Yeah…Ahhhhhhhhrrrr,” Kyra moans, quivering all over and making her breasts jiggle too.

She thrusts her hands to her crotch and uses her fingers to pry apart the lips of her horny pussy.   Then holds her labia open for Teddy, as the dog dines on the supple pink flesh beneath, taking her teen juices into its mouth and tasting her.  Then driving its tongue deep into her cunt, which makes its teeth rake her clit again.  Her eyes clenched, as sharp sex thrills shoot through her whole body.  Panting, licking her lips feverishly, she humps and twists her pussy for the licking, lapping tongue.  Waves of sexual pleasure course through her as she thrusts her pussy against the dog’s mouth.

I’m gonna cum,” Kyra moans.

Grunting as if a little piggy, she thrusts her wet pussy crazily against the tongue, and helps Teddy get her off.  She humps, screws and twists wildly, her pussy pushing for the dog, and its tongue laps her viciously.  Its thick tongue wedges between her trembling fingers where she’s holding her pussy lips apart, where it thrusts into her juicy cunt making loud, sloppy noises as it does.

I’m cumming,” Kyra squeals.

Teddy stomps the floor, and licks its tongue faster into the girl’s squirmy, jerking cunt.  Kyra screeches again as a sharp rush of sexy feelings tears into her taut, heaving belly, and then her pussy explodes.

Ooooooh…Faaaaaaaaark…Yaaaaaaah,” Kyra shouts.

Her whole body jerks and twists on the sofa as the dog licks furiously into her pussy.  Her pussy rotates and jumps as the tongue whips her erect little clit, her most sensitive spot.  When the Labrador’s tongue lashes this, she climaxes. Vast waves of sensuous pleasure engulf her teen mind and overwhelming her senses as the tongue gets her off.  Kyra loses all control of her body as she orgasms wetly, profusely, and wildly.  Spasm after spasm of delight courses through her half-naked teen body, as she laughs and moans all through the powerful orgasm.  Kyra loves to make her pussy climax, ever since she learned how to do it with her fingers.  So to have a dog’s tongue do it for her now is a mind-blowing pleasure.  She never dreamed orgasms could be so good.  Now she knows, and she’s hooked on ‘doggilingus.’

More, Teddy…more,” Kyra moans, humping her pussy faster against the relentless tongue.

The good part for her is the fact Teddy never grows tired of licking her sweet teen pussy.  Even when she climaxes the dog keeps on licking, and she keeps on orgasming.

Ooh, Teddy,” Kyra moans, screwing her cunt round.  “Do me more, do me, oh, don’t stop.

Her pussy burns with lust, and she thrusts it against the dog’s whipping, lashing tongue.  Teddy seems to be thirsty for her juices; the dog licks crazily and slurps up her juice as it would its water.  This thrills Kyra, and she doesn’t know it yet, but her hot, wet pussy made Teddy feel horny too.  The Dog makes small animal sounds in its throat as its head twists around her loins.  The dog licks its tongue fast all over her sweet pussy, and its red cock comes out of its furry sheath as its canine desires are aroused.

Its hard-on throbs wetly beneath its belly as the dog’s tongue drives into Kyra’s hot cunt.  The teen first becomes aware of Teddy’s condition when the dog shifts its position between her feet.  Still lapping her pussy, the dog straddles her leg, and as the dog licks her loins hotly, and humps it.  Kyra feels its stiff cock against her soft flesh.

“Teddy? What are you doing?”

Kyra lifts her head and peers at its tireless tongue against her pussy, then tries to see what the dog’s doing to her leg.  Its cock feels funny, pounding away at her leg.

WOW,” she said eyes-wide. “I got you horny, didn’t IThis I gotta see.”

She takes her pussy away from the Labrador by swinging her legs over its head and drops to the floor with the dog.  The dog immediately licks her pretty face, then her jutting naked breasts.  Kyra giggles as its canine tongue lapped her chocolate-brown nipples and made them tingle.  She let the dog do this for a while.

“Lemme see it,” Kyra whispers hotly, her eyes riveted to the Labrador’s lower body.

She pushes the dog over onto its back and stares hotly at its exposed cock, all red and swollen.

“So this is what your dick looks like,” the teen said with a smirk.

Kyra touches the strange cock with her fingers, and Teddy makes a whine/grunting deep in its throat.  Kyra giggles.

“You like this?” she said with wonder.

Playful, curious, and horny, she slips her hand over its stiff cock and jerks it slowly to get a feel for it.  The teen moans softly and milks the Labrador’s cock a few times experimentally.  It feels good in her hot teen hand.  To her surprise, she gets sexy feelings in her body just from playing with the big dog cock; it’s exciting because it’s so taboo.  Her brown eyes flash naughtily, and she licks her lips nervously because this is the first cock she’s touched.

“I can’t get over how stiff it is,” Kyra said, leaning closer.

Teddy lies still for her, his hind legs fall wide open, and watches her as the dog pants heavily to expel its inner heat.  Kyra stares at its balls, and her fingers follow her gaze too.  She toys with its furry balls for a moment, listening to the dog whine and make dog noises.  Kyra giggles and gives the dog’s balls a gentle squeeze. Teddy groans louder, exciting her more.

Her left hand goes to her horny pussy, while her right-hand jerks its cock.  She finger-thrusts her juicy cunt and pumps the dog’s cock.  Kyra feels really horny now, doing this strange thing playing with a dog’s cock, and her pussy feels creamy and dreamy.  When Teddy starts trembling and humping its haunches, it dawns on Kyra precisely what she’s doing.

“Cripes, can I make you shoot your cum?”

Giggling excited, the naughty babysitter starts jerking the dog’s cock faster.  Kyra has seen men shoot semen on the internet, so she knows what happens.  However, she’s never seen a cock ejaculate in real life, and wow, she wants it so badly.

“I’m gonna make you cum, OK?

Kyra wriggles closer to the supine animal and still fingering her hot vagina, she jerks its cock faster and harder, hell-bent on seeing it shoot.   Teddy grunts and groans, jerks, and shakes.  However, does nothing to discourage the teen from getting it off.  The Labrador’s tongue lolls out of its mouth, panting for breath as Kyra stares at the rigid cock and jerks it passionately.  Its stiff cock enlarges and lengthens, sticking way out of its sheath into her fist, as she jerks it faster.

Her eyes remain glued to its cock as her hand pumps, jerks, and slapped.  Kyra notices how different its dog cock is to a human male.  The phallus is so red, and hard, with tiny purple veins throbbing in her hand.  The head of its cock is strange too, as it goes to sudden point, from where the dog dribbles pre-cum constantly.  However, the most unusual thing she saw is how at the base the shaft’s swelling into a fleshy ball about the size of an orange, and the teen remembers it’s called a ‘knot.’  How the dog traps its bitch and plugs her cunt so its sperm can impregnate her.  Teddy starts growling.

“You’re really horny,” Kyra moans, breathing heavy.

Kyra likes what she’s doing to the dog; it gives her a sense of power as well as a pleasure to make its big cock so hard.  The girl feels free to do whatever she feels like to the cock.  Teddy makes some grunting sounds and starts humping faster.  The dog obviously approves of what she’s doing.  Kyra giggles and jerks harder.  The dog cock grows thick and wet in her fist, then Teddy starts jerking like a wild thing.

Ooooo,” Kyra moans, eyes wide with wonder.

The dog’s cock explodes in her jerking fist, it swells and jerks violently, and spits savagely. Big squirts of watery semen come spurting out of the dog’s piss hole, and Kyra jerks faster, watching fascinated as the dog shoots its load for her.  Vast streams of whitish/gray semen splash onto the Labrador’s chest, and the more Kyra jerks, the more the dog shoots.  The teen’s starry-eyed as she watches the beast’s boner shoot and gush, and spit so violently.  Kyra giggles in an aroused way, and jerks even faster and harder to make the dog cum more.

Teddy squirms, twists, humps, and jerks.  Kyra’s horny fist drives the dog out of its animal mind.  No canine bitch ever got the dog off like this before.  The dog whines with pleasure, and Kyra knows it likes what she’s doing to it.  Therefore, she does it some more.  Laughing sexily, the teen pumps Teddy’s cock faster and makes it shoot lots of semen.  Kyra wants to witness this for herself.  As the dog’s cock spurts hot sperm, her pussy gets horny, and she thrusts her finger faster in and out of her tight, clutching pussy.

“Did you like that, Teddy?” Kyra asks, knowing the dog did.

When the golden Labrador’s cock stops shooting, she caresses it lovingly and thrusts her pussy on her finger pleasantly.  Kyra feels really good now; she’s made a cock shoot.  The dog’s boner is a bonus for her, as she had thought pussy licking is all there was to this taboo pleasure. However, now the girl can play with Teddy’s cock too.  The permutations blow her eighteen-year-old mind.

“We’re gonna have lots of fun from now on,” Kura said then laughs.

Her horny mind thinks of the possibilities here.  ‘Teddy can lick my pussy,’ she thought.  ‘I can play with its cock and make him cumHe can make me cum with his incredible tongueWow, what fun.’

“Teddy,” she rasps hotly.  “Jerking your cock made me really horny.  Come lick my pussy some more.”

Kyra jumps to her feet and settles her ass on the edge of a sofa cushion again.  Leaning back, she draws her dress way up onto her taut teen belly and sprawls her pretty legs wide.  Her pussy is sweet, hot, and very wet.  Teddy leaps up eager to please her, as the dog really likes Kyra now.  The dog pushes its head between her curvy teen thighs and attacks her hairy little pussy with its snout, teeth, and tongue.  Teddy chews at her pussy until she thought she’d die with pleasure, and when the canine’s rough tongue assaults her clit, Kyra almost passes out with ecstasy.

Oh, Teddy,” she moans, humping her horny pussy at the dog.  “Do it…Eat meeeee…Um, more, more, MORE, TEDDY…MORE…Oh, God, I’m gonna cum.”

The eager dog attacks her cunt with its mouth, her clit comes out stiff and wet, and its crazy tongue whips it until Kyra thinks she’ll faint.  Her cute teen ass jerks and jounces each time Teddy’s tongue or teeth hit her little clit, and waves of sexual pleasure rush through her teen body.  Kyra bares her breasts again and mauls the hell out of them as the dog shoots its tongue up her tight cunt.

Her eyes roll, and the girl gasps for breath as the doggie-tongue drives her crazy.  Kyra squeezes her breasts and pinches her chocolate-brown nipples lustfully as she thrusts her pussy against Teddy’s fantastic tongue.  Pleasure, as she’s never known courses through her teen body until she’s a humping, orgasming mass of hot female flesh on the sofa.  Kyra throws her pretty legs wide and humps her juicy cunt against the dog’s licking, lapping tongue and scraping teeth.

I’m gonna cum,” Kyra shrieks, horny out of her mind.  “More…More…Oh…Um…Do it…Do it…Oh, Teddy…Make me cum.

As if the dog understands her need, Teddy licks its tongue into her teen cunt and gets her off.  Great waves of spasming pleasure overwhelmed her senses, and she moans wantonly as she orgasms the hardest she has to date.  Kyra thrusts her pussy wildly, and it squirts creamy and foamy juices that Teddy is quick to lick and swallow greedily.

Ooooooo…God,” she moans, massaging her aching teen breasts and twisting her horny little pussy.  “That’s so goooooood.”


When Kyra saw Max, a tan Great Dane, she knows she’ll gladly babysit for the Clarks.  Kyra smiles sweetly for Mrs. Clark, while Mr. Clark’s eyes secretly scan her hot teen body, sexy now in a tight little t-shirt and a brief miniskirt.  The Clark’s had heard from Mrs. Davis that Kyra is a reliable babysitter.  The girl never let boys into the house, or drinks from the liquor cupboard.

“So, you’re OK to watch Suzie and Mia until we get home?” Mrs. Clark asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Sure,” Kyra said with a big smile. “I’d be glad to.”

“We’ll pay you the same as the Davis’s,” Mr. Clark said, trying to keep his eyes off her jutting teen breasts.

“Sounds fine to me,” Kyra said happily.  Her eyes dart to the dog lying on the floor in front of the TV. “What’s your dog’s name?”

“Max,” Mrs. Clark said.  “He won’t give you any trouble.  He’s a big boy, but he’s a pussycat at heart.”

‘Yeah, but does he eat pussy,’ Kyra thought.  ‘That’s all I want.’  Kyra can see the dog’s twice as big as Teddy.  ‘Is his cock twice as big too,’ she wonders?  ‘Yummy!’

That’s all she really wants to know about the Great Dane, she decides to find out when Clark’s are gone.  Kyra locks the front door, checks on the kids and finds them asleep already, then returns to the living room, and finds the dog watching her every move.

The girl stands over the Great Dane with her caramel-brown legs apart and breasts pointing hard in the tightness of her t-shirt.  Kyra smiles at the Great Dane.

“I hope you’re friendly,” she purrs.

Max’s ears perk at the sound of her gentle, kind voice.  The dog’s big brown eyes glisten at her, its tongue lolls out of its mouth, and its stumpy tail wags madly.  The dog’s tongue is big, thick, and pink, and Kyra likes it.  Just the sight of it makes her pussy gush and her breathing heavy.  As the dog watches, she slowly lifts her miniskirt in front and strokes her pussy with one hand.

“Do you eat pussy, Max?” Kyra asks the dog who is staring at her gorgeous teen pussy.

The animal just stares dumbly at her, looking from the girl’s pretty face to her moving hand, curiously.  Kyra holds her skirt up on her flat belly and uses her fingers to arouse her pussy more.  The teen spreads her feet further apart and hunches her hips forward.  Her fingers dance over her black pussy hair and brown labia.  A fingertip teases her clit, and she moans as sexy feelings fill her belly.  Kyra rubs her pussy until her fingers get wet with sticky, slimy juice.

“Let’s see if you like pussy juice,” she said then laughs.

Kyra leans and puts her wet fingers to the dog’s snout.  Max sniffs, and then tentatively licks at her fingers as if she’d offered the Great Dane a special treat.  The babysitter laughs sensuously and lets the Great Dane lick her fingers clean of her musky extract.

“Want more?” she asks.

Kyra rubs her pussy again and dips her fingertips between her labia into her cunt. They come out drenched, and she let Max lick the slimy girl slime off.  This time the beast licks harder as if it really wants the fishy, tangy liquid.  Kyra likes this, and confident the dog’s hooked, she steps back to the recliner chair behind her.  The teen sits on the edge of the chair and opens her pretty legs wide.  Then she draws her little skirt up and exposes all of her horny teen pussy to the dog, who stares at it, licking its chops.

“Here, Max,” she calls sweetly. “Want more pussy slime?  Here it is. Come on, boy.”

Coaxed by her voice, Max gets to his feet and approaches her open legs sniffing the air; his eyes follow its nose right to her sweet teen pussy.  Kyra smiles happily and leans back in the chair; she stretches her knees further apart.

“Here you are,” she purrs, patting her pussy. “All the pussy you can eat, and it’s free.”

Max sniffs her juicy little vagina for a moment and then swipes its big thick tongue at it.  Kyra jerks when the dog’s rough tongue hit her quivery little clit.  The nubbin of flesh is already stiff and sticking out, the girl’s so horny.

Good boy,” Kyra moans, breathing hotly, “That’s it…LICK ME …Mmm, that-a-boy…Lick it…Lick my sweet pussy.”

Turning on to the teen girl’s hot pussy, Max starts lashing her crotch with his big tongue while Kyra purrs, moans, and whimpers, as it slaps and slurps against her groin.

Omigod, your tongue is so big,” Kyra moans, carried away by the thrill of it.  “Mmm, you can lick my pussy any time, Max.”

Horny out of her teen mind, the babysitter draws her pert knees up, holds them apart with her hands, and watches hotly as the dog licks its tongue up and down her sweet pussy.

Oooo, that’s soooooo good,” she whispers.

Kyra digs her heels into the chair and clasps her knees tightly as she humps her pussy in a sexy rhythm.  The dog’s tongue is turning her on so much.  It’s been a week since Teddy licked her at the Davis’s, and Max’s tongue is bigger, stronger, and better than the Labrador.

Ugh…Ugh…Ugh,” she grunts as if a little animal herself, humping her pussy for the dog’s licking, lashing tongue.

Max presses his snout into her crotch and slaps the hell out of her pussy with his thick tongue.  Her juices flow nicely now the dog’s licking her steadily, and Kyra moans with increasing passion.  The sensual pleasure fills her teen mind, and she almost swoons, as she leans back in the chair, keeping her knees far apart, and lifting her t-shirt up in front.  Kyra tugs it up to her chin, baring her sexy teen breasts.  Her naughty hands grasp her breasts and pinch her chocolate-brown nipples until they harden with pleasure.  The girl moans softly, thrust her pussy at the dog’s tongue, and mauls her lovely breasts.  Her brown eyes grow heavy after a while, and she pants for breath as Max’s big tongue whips her pussy into a horny froth.

Ooooo, I’m gonna cum,” she murmurs.

Kyra can tell by the way that Max is licking her so hungrily she’ll soon orgasm wildly, and she’s right.  The dog’s tongue lathes her quivery clit again, and all of a sudden, all hell breaks loose deep in her heaving teen belly.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahrrrrrr,” she wails.

Her body goes taut for a few seconds as she shudders and shivers in the deep chair.  Kyra squeezes the life out of her tight teen breasts and screws her wet pussy viciously against Max’s relentless tongue.

Omigod, I’m cumming,” she moans.

Kyra raises her cute little ass up off the chair and thrust her pussy into the dog’s snout.  It bangs there and sends a sharp thrill through her convulsing teen body.  Max licks faster, and she orgasms hard.  Kyra clenches her breasts and thrusts her horny pussy fast against the licking, lapping tongue as she orgasms.  Max licks his tongue harder into the throbbing pussy in front of him.  The more the beast licks, the more juice it gets, and the dog truly wants more.  Going for her juice as if it’s the best treat the dog’s ever had, Max slaps her cunt fiercely with his tongue and drinks all the cream she can produce, and the girl provides plenty.  Kyra throws her head back, squeezes her breasts, and thrusts her horny pussy faster and faster as she climaxes.  Waves of erotic pleasure rush through her teen body and her pussy creams endlessly.  Great rushes of hot juice coursed through her cuntal channel, and Max licks it all out of her.  The more the beast licks, the more she orgasms, until the girl’s a writhing, humping mass of hot female flesh.

Oh, Max,” she moans climaxes hard for the Great Dane.  “You lick pussy better than TeddyOooo, eat meEAT MEEAT MEEEE.

Kyra loves getting her pussy licked, so she abandons herself to the overwhelming pleasure the dog’s tongue provides.  It’s an overwhelming orgasm for her, and she enjoys every second of it.  To get the very best orgasm she can, the babysitter thrusts her trembling hands between her thighs and uses her fingers to pry apart her pussy lips.  Kyra pulls them apart wantonly and pushes her exposed slit at the dog’s snout.  Max’s tongue delves into her open, pink vagina, and a series of electric shocks coursed through her belly and Kyra orgasms multiple times.  Her clit grows thicker and more sensitive, and each time Max’s thick tongue hits it, the girl has to let out a shriek of joy.

Ooooooh,” Kyra moans, humping her cunt faster for the Great Dane.  “Ah…Oh yeah…YES…Ooooo…WOW!

With each outburst, she jerks her wet pussy forward, and the dog’s tongue stings her clit.  The sharp thrills make her climax even harder, and she cannot get enough of the intense pleasure.  As far as Kyra’s concerned, this is the best feeling a girl can get.

Ooooooh…why didn’t I think of this sooner?” she whispers, panting hotly, her pretty head lolling from side to side as the teen orgasms wetly.

Max slurps her pussy steadily, drinking all her juice as if the dog’s lapping water out of its dish.  The sensations the beast creates in her made Kyra moan and thrust her pussy wantonly for the Great Dane.  The more she humps, the more the creature licks.  Kyra is in orgasmic heaven.  The naughty babysitter grips her breasts again and teases her stiff chocolate-brown nipples as Max goes on licking its tongue into her pussy.  She squirms and twists in the chair, horny out of her teen mind and hungry for more.  Enjoying her newfound pleasure thoroughly, Kyra slumps in the chair and surrenders her body to the licking, lapping dog.  Her eyes close lazily, and her mouth falls open as she pants for breath.  The girl’s breasts harden and jut beautifully in her trembling hands, and her hips and ass quiver and twist wantonly as her cream and juices flow from her spasming cunt.

Oh, Max,” she pants.  “What a good dog you are.  Now I wanna do something nice for you.”

Rather dizzily, she struggles into a sitting position and peers over her jutting breasts at what Max is still doing to her pussy.  Kyra shudders with rapture as more thrills pass through her.

Yeah,” she moans. “You’re enough to drive a girl crazy.”

Kyra giggles and gets to her feet, a little unsteadily, and moves her pussy away from the licking dog.  The teen drops to her knees, kisses Max’s head, tells the Great Dane it is a good dog and strokes its sides with her hands.  Max licks at her breasts because they’re right there in front of him.  Kyra moans a little and lets the Great Dane lick her naked teen breasts.  Her nipples harden beneath the lashing of its tongue.  Kyra holds her t-shirt up and watches as its big pink tongue envelope her brown breasts.

What a good dog you are,” she moans hotly.  “You’ve got me so horny.  Come here; let me see your cock.”

Max, at first, doesn’t understand what the horny girl wants of him.  When she tries to push the Great Dane over, the beast resists.  Kyra pushes harder until finally, the dog gets the picture and slumps to the floor on its side.  Kyra rolls the Great Dane over even more and gazes hotly at its furry cock-sheath, its cock half out, thick and red.

WOW,” she said hotly. “You’re bigger than Teddy, for sure.”

Her hand flies to the dog’s balls and cock, and Max then knows what she wants, and he’s all for it.  The dog’s cock extends quickly out of its furry sheath, much to Kyra’s delight.  Her brown eyes widen at the sight, she likes the dog’s cock a lot.

Mmm, that’s so hot,” she purrs.

Kyra caresses Max’s hot balls for a moment and then milks his thick, burgeoning cock.  Just a few strokes of her gentle hand made it big and strong.  The dog’s hard-on throbs in her fist, and she smiles pleasantly as she jerks on it.

It’s so big,” she moans hotly.

Mesmerized, delighted, and happy, she starts jerking the dog off.  Kyra sits on the floor and snuggles closer to the dog so she can watch its cock shoot.  The dog’s cock enlarges considerably and fills her fist nicely.  Kyra moaned as it grows hotter and stiffer in her jerking hand.  It excites her to see a dog cock get nice and big for her, so she jerks it even faster.

“I’ll make you cum like you made me cum,” she said.

With that, she grips its cock tightly and whacks the hell out of it.  Giggling from time to time, the teen watches the dog’s cock throb and jerk in her fist as she milks it, and pumps it for the Great Dane.  Max groans and grunts and Kyra knows he’s going to shoot his hot semen soon, and she’s eager to see this happen.  Kyra laughs sensuously and jerks harder on the dog’s rigid cock, making it thicken in her fist.  The dog’s piss-hole opens, its balls tighten against the base of its cock, as its knot grows as big as a grapefruit.  Max makes a strange noise that makes Kyra giggle again, as it’s a sign of how horny he is.  The dog looks as if it wants to thrust its hips, and soon its haunches start humping.  Kyra’s brown eyes glaze over with lust as she pumps the Great Dane’s cock.  Kyra lowers her head and watches starry-eyed as the dog’s cock erupts in a series of violent jolts.

Suddenly, huge jets of watery semen comes spurting out of Max’s cock, the shaft is thicker than the teen’s arm, and then there’s the knot too.  Kyra jerks the Great Dane’s cock faster, laughing erotically as the beast shoots its load for her.  Big spurts of dog semen shoot out of its piss-hole onto the animal’s chest.  Kyra stares hotly and feels a funny feeling deep in her pussy.

Oh wow,” she whispers, watching the dog’s dick jolt and jump in her fist, “You cum a lot, Max.”

The big puddles of semen fascinate her.  When the dog’s finished shooting its load, she caresses the beautiful cock, and with her other hand, she touches the pool of sperm.  Her fingertips dip into the semen, and she feels it carefully noticing it’s warm to her touch, yet slimy and sticky.

How sexy,” she purrs, feeling the dog jizz again. “This is what you make your puppies with.”

Kyra examines the semen for several moments, smearing her fingertips through it.  Then an urge to taste it grips the girl.  Her lips part and her pink tongue slipped across her lips.  Kyra swallows nervously and then lifts her fingers to her mouth.  With a shiver of excitement, she licks at her fingers with her saucy little tongue and taste-tests canine semen.

Mmm,” she purrs, “not bad.  Not bad at all.”

Her eyes glow as she licks her fingers clean, then dips them into the Great Dane’s sperm again, and licks it away.  There’s a real tanginess to it, with a slimy texture, and a coppery/metallic after taste that lingers on the tongue.  Her eyes fall to her hand, still on the stiff cock.  A naughty thought assails her teen mind, shocking her.

Omigod,” the teen says hoarsely, surprised with herself.  “I think I wanna suck your cock.”

Kyra draws away from the dog’s body, a little afraid of her thoughts and secret desires.  They’re alarming the babysitter, so Kyra sits back and stares at the dog’s throbbing red cock as Max licks up his spilled semen.  Her tongue runs across her dry lips, and she swallows nervously again.

Wow,” Kyra said, shuddering a little, “I can’t do it.  You had better lick my pussy again before I change my mind.  Before I do something stupid…”

Kyra throws herself back on the floor and stretches her pretty legs wide apart.  The naughty babysitter calls Max and coaxes the Great Dane to eat her pussy again.  Kyra pries her pussy lips apart with her fingers and invites the dog to lick her as deep as it can stuff that big tongue inside her tight cunt.  Max’s tongue plumbs her depths and batters her cervix, and Kyra goes wild.


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