Hope Park

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Hope Park
Hope Park
Year: 2017
Miley has just finished her shift and heads to Hope Park to change at the toilets, so she can meet her boyfriend at the fete. But some asshole steals her clothes and she has to get home naked.
Moe Lester
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Miley knows she can’t stay in the toilet, because the likelihood of another creep coming in and doing nasty things to her is a very real possibility.  Finding a naked eighteen-year-old girl in this seedy place, would be a dream come true for the perverts who may use this toilet for anonymous sex.  She has to leave the men’s toilet ASAP, even if she is naked as the day is long.  Trying to think where she can go, the closest possible sanctuary for her, she remembers her friend Kylie Harris lives about fifteen minutes walk from this side of Hope Park.  I can skirt the trees for a bit, she thought.  I might find something to cover myself with, for when I reach the streets again.  She sneers at the toilet paper dispenser, as it’s sheets, not a roll.  If only I had a roll of toilet paper here, I could use it fashion a paper bikini, she thought.  God, if someone sees me out there, she couldn’t finish the thought, she just shivers.

So standing, she opens the door to her cubicle and walks to the entrance of the toilets, poking her head out and scanning the horizon, while keeping her body hidden as best she can.  After watching a few cars go by on the road a good five hundred feet away, she’s again thankful the fete is on.  Most people are there today, so the park on this side is deserted.  Her heart is pounding in her chest, and her hands are shaking.  Searching the edges of the park, she sees the nearest copse of trees and decides to run for it.  She takes a deep breath.  Here goes, she thought, just before she sprinted from the toilet.

Running through Hope Park naked, in broad daylight, the teen girl with the lithe body moves gracefully beneath the warm sun, and blue sky.  Her legs feel leaden, and she’s constantly scanning her surrounds for signs of anyone who might see her.  The trees are approaching, and her titties bounce while her feet thump on the concrete path.  A car drives past, and in a panic, she dives into a flower bed, and crouches among the bright-red hibiscus peering out to see if the car stopped.  She still has a couple of hundred feet to make the trees.  Then she spots a man and a woman walking into the park, holding hands, and they sit on a bench overlooking the flower bed she’s hiding in.  Damn, she thinks.  I’m trapped.  The couple is talking, and gazing at each other lovingly.  Miley groans to herself, wishing she was back in the toilets.  The hibiscus plants are tall enough and thick enough to cover her, for now.  All she can do is wait, on all fours, naked, in the hibiscus.

Miley is engrossed in watching the couple, she doesn’t hear something enter the flower bed behind her, and when a something cold touches her ass cheek she nearly screamed.  Her lithe teen body jerks forward as she turns to see what’s behind her.  A boxer dog stands there, as proud as you like, its muscular frame, panting mouth, and bright brown eyes taking in the vision of a naked teen human female displayed to him in all her glory.  He likes her firm buttocks, and her tight slit with the peach-fuzz pubic hair.  The dog can smell the scent of her pussy keenly, and it’s stirring something inside him.  He shoves his cold, wet nose press against her slit, making her grunt.  The dog whines a little, and burrows deeper into her puffy teen pussy, taking her scent deep into his brain, and reveling in it.

“Bad dog,” she whispers.  “Go away.”  Miley tries to push the dog away, however, it’s strong, and eventually nips at her hand out of frustration.  The dog starts licking her inviting pussy with his hot, wide, rough tongue.  “Oh, nooooo, d-don’t,” she whispers, glancing at the couple still sitting and chatting, unaware of her predicament.

With nothing she can do, she clenches her eyes tight, and grabs the dirt beneath her hands, to endure the dog’s attention until she can make a run for the trees again.  Now this animal is molesting her pretty teen pussy, she can’t afford to be discovered even more.  Naked, in the bushes, with a dog licking her juicy cunt.  Try explaining this, she thought bitterly.  The sensations of the hot, rough tongue as it lathed her groin soon start activating her sexual buttons, especially the small one located at the top of her puffy teen slit.  Subconsciously, her body starts thrusting and squirming against the dog as his tongue slithers all over her spasming cunt.  Miley feels disgusted with herself a dog can turn her on in this manner, yet she feels something gentle and sensuous with the dog’s tonguing.  She bucks and shudders with pleasure as the big boxer licks her teen puffy pussy faster, and faster, swishing over her stiff clit, and sending jolts of pleasure through her.  The tongue tasted everything she has to her offer, her clit, her pubic mound, her labia, the entrance to her tight virgin cunt, and also her musky asshole.

She can feel her cunt start spasming wildly, and knows she’s cumming.  Not believing she actually reaches a climax with a dog.  Another long thrust of the dog’s tongue is the final push she needs, and an orgasm explodes deep inside her teen cunt with a force surprising her to the core.  Miley slaps her hand over her mouth  to stifle her moans.

Mmmmm—Ooooo—Yeahhhhhh,” she moans, tossing her head from side to side as a series of violent contractions tear through her tender teen pussy.

The teen hunches her hips hard against the boxer snout, and she cums again, and again, as he grinds her cunt against the boxer’s muzzle.  Her legs are trembling, and a light sheen of sweat on her skin makes the teen beauty glow.  Her head sinks into the dirt beneath her as her poor body is racked with an orgasmic fury she’s never experienced before.  The teen is breathing hard, and her mind is blunted to all around her.  Suddenly, the boxer scrambles onto her, curling his massive forelegs around her waist.  Miley is too dazed to know what the dog is doing, and seems oblivious to the humping dog cock now trying to find his bitches cunt and breed her.  Then the searching red cock finds its mark, and slips into her tight teen cunt, stopping at her cherry, then retreating, and slamming inside her pussy again ripping her hymen to shreds as it plunges toward her cervix.  Her eyes bulge widely, and she bites into her hand over mouth as searing pain rips through her from her inside her cunt.  She stares at the couples sitting on the bench, wanting to scream, yet she can’t, she has to hold it in.  The dog whines deeply as it plunders her tight teen cunt, rubbing against the raw wound of her shattered hymen, and she can feel how hot the boxers cock is against her tender flesh.  Streams of precum dribbles from the tip of the mighty red cock, slimy and warm, easing the pain inside her and making the friction start to feel good.

Ooooo—Mmmmm,” she moans into her hand.

She lifts her upper body, and glances between her bobbing tits, and she can see his long red cock each time it pulls free of her pussy.  The organ gleams with her cunt juice, as his heavy balls swing with each thrust.  Miley so wants to cry out, call for help, yet the humiliation of her situation keeps her hand over her mouth.  The sensations of the thick cock stretching her tight cunt are so new to her.  Yet it’s also the dog’s hot, hairy body against her soft girly skin, and his paws wrapped so tightly around her heaving belly, adding so much more to the experience.  The friction-based sensations created by his knotty, pointed cock violating her tight teen pussy is making her belly tingle and tighten, and her legs feel wibbly-wobbly.

Suddenly, Miley hears the woman of the couple say, “What’s going on in those bushes?”

“What do you mean?” the man asks.

“They’re moving weirdly.”

“I dunno,” he said, and stands.  He takes a few steps toward the hibiscus bushes, stretching his neck to peer into them.  “Omigod, he shouts and laughs.  “It’s a couple of dogs mating.”

“Eww, gross,” the woman says, screwing her nose.

“Come and have a look,” the man urges his lover.

“No, you come back,” the woman said.  “We’ll move over the side of those toilets where the roses are.  I don’t wanna sit here knowing THAT is going on.”

The man sighs.  “OK, if that’s what my baby wants,” he said, and they leave the seat at last.

The only problem for Miley is, even though she could now make a run for the trees, the fact a boxer is fucking her teen brains out is somewhat perplexing her.

Oooooo—Ahhhhhhhhhhrrr—GOD!” Miley moans, as spasm after spasm breaks loose in her body again.

Grunting, screaming, sobbing, she thrashes from side to side as she feels the boxer’s big cock swell inside her already over-stretched cunt.  The dog’s knot is slamming into her pussy now with the force of a punch, making a loud slapping noise as flesh hits flesh.  Thlip— Thlip— Thlip— Thlip— Thlip— Thlip— Thlip—Thlip!  The sound is so loud Miley fears someone might hear it.  However, the dog seems determined to knot her, and keeps slamming his cock into her, to find her teen cunt just cannot take it.  Eventually, the sensation is all too much for the boxer, and he starts firing semen into her ex-virgin pussy.

“WWWWHHHAAATTT—ARRRGH—UNGH—NOOOO!” Miley mindlessly moans as she feels the big cock twitch, throb, and shoot inside her belly.

She didn’t orgasm from it, yet the fact a dog just took her virginity causes her to collapse beneath the boxer.  The dog pulls free, still spraying his semen, he stands over her long enough to cover her with his slimy seed.  Miley has passed out, and eventually wakes to find the dog is gone.


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