The Gay Dog

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The Gay Dog
The Gay Dog
Year: 2017
Ryan, an eighteen-year-old semi-homeless guy is forced to look after his friend’s pit bull terrier while their away camping, and one thing leads to another.
Jack Morningwood
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As Ryan closes the door, he sees Daddy’s cock harden in his sheath.  So he opens the sliding glass door from his room and let the pit bull terrier run into the back yard to sniff, piss, and shit. The teen wants him to be clean, back there.  After a while, Daddy comes back inside, and Ryan closes the door.  Coaxing the dog onto the bed, they watch TV together while Ryan pets his head, back, and his side.  He also plays with Daddy’s balls a bit.  The dog lifts his leg up anytime Ryan’s hand gets close to his cock, making the teen chuckle, and of course he pokes his fingers around at Daddy’s asshole.  Pretty soon, he can’t take it anymore, so he slips his clothes off, and rub his cock in front of Daddy.  The dog wastes no time getting his nose and tongue all over the teen’s balls and cock shaft.  Daddy worships the head of Ryan’s dick like he’s begging for the semen to shoot, so he can eat the tasty protein snack.

Ryan reaches beneath Daddy and grabs his sheath and strokes.  The dog goes into a fit, and humps Ryan’s fist madly.  The teen lets the dog’s cock come out a bit, and squirt  precum, yet he doesn’t want Daddy getting off too soon. By now, their bond is fairly close, and the dog’s letting Ryan push and pull him however he wants.  He gets beneath him and lick his balls, and gently pushes a finger into his asshole, feeling the tight sphincter pulsate on his finger.  His ass is so warm and tight, Ryan thought.  The teen cock is leaking so much precum itself now, and needs to fuck.  So he pulls Daddy to the edge of the bed and notices his asshole is at the perfect angle for his cock.  Thankful, because it’s going to be so much easier than squatting in a tent trying to fuck him.  He gets on his knees and lifts Daddy’s tail, then leans forward and gently licks the dog’s outer-anus with his tongue.  Daddy is clean and wet, and Ryan loses control and digs his face into the ass, pushing his tongue in as deep as he can get it, while holding his hips and making love to his asshole. He swears he can still taste his cum in him from a few days ago.

The teen gets to his feet, and lubes his cock well.  He places the head of his cock against Daddy’s tight asshole, and gently pushes it forward.  His meaty cock head slips from one side to the other, Daddy is so tight.  The teen eventually gets the position he needs, and suddenly feels the head slipping inside Daddy, feeling ever so slowly his asshole spread tightly around his cock.  Daddy let out a small whimper, and Ryan backs off and pats his head.

“Good boy,” he whispers.  “Good dog, such a good dog.”

He feels his whole head inside Daddy’s ass now, and maybe an inch past that.  The teen stops there, and just lets the dog adjust to it.  The feeling of the dog’s ass pulsating on his cock and slowly relaxing is amazing. He just stands looking at Daddy lying on his stomach with his legs hanging over the corner of his bed, staring back at him.  Ryan leans forward and kisses the dog, and Daddy licks him back.  The teen opens his mouth and let the dog lick the inside of his mouth.  As he leans forward, more cock slides inside Daddy’s asshole, and with every inch penetrating, the dog becomes more passionate.  Eventually, Ryan’s cock is buried balls deep, and he straightens to look at his handiwork.  All he can see are his balls and his bush pressing against the outside of the dog’s body.

He holds the dog there, in the moment, just taking it all in, until he can’t hold it back any longer. Ryan has to fuck him, and breed him.  He holds Daddy firmly and slowly slides out of his ass to add more lube, then lines his cock up again with the dog’s anus. The teen smiles and pats his head, then gets a good grip on the animal’s hips, and makes sure his cock is at the right angle for penetration.  Taking a deep breath, Ryan slams his cock into Daddy’s ass as hard as he can, making the dog yelp.  Again, he reaches forward and clamps the dog’s mouth shut.  He giggles a bit, then just keeps fucking Daddy’s asshole as hard as he can.  Eventually, he let go of Daddy’s mouth when he notices the dog has adjusted, and doing fine.  Ryan goes back to holding his hips, and just watches as the dog’s body bounces off his cock.  The teen’s slamming his cock into him as deep as it’ll go.  He can’t hold back any longer, and he grabs Daddy’s collar and pulls the dog toward his body.

With one hand on his ass, and the other on his collar, Ryan fucks Daddy’s brains out.  He feels himself on the edge of cumming, and pushes in as deep as he can to let his balls drain into him.  For two days he saved that load just for Daddy.  His cum almost hurt coming out, he squirts so hard.  Ryan holds Daddy motionless, just feeling his cock pulsating in the dog.  He let out a few moans of pleasure while trying to keep it quiet

“Good boy,” he whispers.  “Good dog, such a good dog.”

He leaves his cock in Daddy, balls deep, just wanting to bask in the moment forever. The teen is in bliss until he hears a snort behind him.

An all too familiar male voice says “Good job yourself, asswipe.”

Ryan’s heart drops in his chest, and he slides his cock out of Daddy’s ass and reaches for his shorts as fast as he can.  His uncle is standing at the door with a beer in his hand, looking right at him. The dog jumps off the bed and is on the ground licking at Ryan’s ass.

The teen’s at a loss for words, and just stutters, “I-I c-can e-explain, he—um—”

“Oh, shut the fuck up, idiot,” Greg said with a sneer.  “You were fucking that dog’s ass, you dirty prick.”


“Woo—Woo—Woo,” Greg imitated Ryan mockingly.  “If maybe you two love birds were a bit quieter I might not have woken up.”


“I had no clue you’re into dogs,” Greg said with a grin.  “If I wasn’t straight, I may actually be turned-on by this, but I’m not.”

“Ah, OK.”

“So, yeah, Dude, if your gonna fuck him, at least pull the bed away from the wall so it’s not smacking against it,” Greg said.  “My fucking bedroom is on the other side, fuckwit.”

“Err, sorry,” Ryan said, pushing Daddy away from him.


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