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Year: 2016
Officer Kay Jones of the K9 squad will do anything to get ahead, even if it means blackmailing the Mayor’s daughter after she’s caught fucking a dog in the park.
Moe Lester
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Kay lies alone in her bed with the awareness, the growing concern and concomitant anxiety her life is empty.  However hard she tries to structure it, to give it a unifying sense of order or purpose, she senses without someone next to her to share her dreams, her goals and aspirations, life isn’t really worth much.  How many mornings have I woke in such a funk, she wonders?  With nothing, just a career, but no one alongside me apart from Rocky.  This question and others pass across her mind. She looks up and stares at the ceiling as if she’s searching for an answer, a solution to the emptiness in her heart.  Love is the problem, and at twenty-eight it seems her biggest concern.  The daily hassles of making ends meet, aren’t nearly as disconcerting as the fact she’s not in love.  Indeed, she’s acutely aware of the last time she feels anything akin to romantic involvement had been more than five years ago, right after she had graduated from the police academy.

Men have come and gone, in and out of her life since she became a cop.  Had she been a woman who’s unappealing physically and mentally, she would’ve understood her situation.  However, there’s no way for her to convince herself men don’t turn somersaults over her.  This too has been a problem, keeping them off her, getting them out the door before things really took on a leering shade of carnal red.  As what had happened last night, for example.  She’s glad it’s Sunday morning, and she doesn’t have to return to work until late tonight.

Last night, Sergeant John Ling grabbed her and said, “You don’t have to get up early tomorrow, Kay, so what’s the big hassle?”

An obvious rhetorical question, as time wasn’t the issue.  John, anxious to have her on a silver platter as if a roast suckling pig, was trying to force his way between her legs.  He’s the pig, she thinks, shuddering at the thought.  After all, John is an attractive guy.  However, he’s married, too pushy, drinks too much, and maybe an abusive man.    She knows the type, as most male cops are like this in her department.  They seem to think she should just be the department whore.  I’m never going for drinks again with these guys, she decides as she stares at the ceiling of her bedroom.

Kay remembers him shouting last night, “What are you, some cock teasing ballbuster?”

Alone in her home, she had again rebuffed his sexual advances, feigning first a headache, then a lack of interest in making love to him.

“Just get out and leave me alone,” she snapped back, sorry she had ever been conned–for this is the way Kay sees it–into letting him come into the home for a nightcap.  “A nightcap isn’t a euphemism for ‘let’s fuck’, sarge.”

“I don’t think you’d know how to, anyway, bitch,” the man had replied, as cocky and sure of himself as she had always felt him to be.  “Thanks for fucking nothing,” he said, and with that, he let himself out slamming the door behind him.

She hated herself for breaking down after he stormed out, for collapsing on the couch, her body racked with sobs. What Kay couldn’t deal with was the feeling what John said somehow was true.   She hasn’t enjoyed sex with a man in months, and she knows it’s abnormal to stifle her desires, to squelch her sexual appetites, all in the name of love.  She isn’t a virgin, or even an old maid, so at twenty-eight she’s more woman than ever.  Full-hipped, narrow-waist, blessed with a plentiful and bustline, and features which seems to remind men of the heads adorning cameo pins.  Kay knows her allure, and her sexual magnetism, in particular.

“Why do I need a man when I have Rocky,” she said to the ceiling, offering a counter argument to the pressure she feels to have a man.

She rolls onto her side and strokes the back of Rocky who wags his tail excited by her touch.

“They don’t understand, Rocky.  They don’t understand us,” she said to the police dog.

In response, gets up and cocks his head to the side, and his dark liquid brown-black eyes seemingly reflect her every questioning thought and turn of mood.

“You’re a good boy, Rocky.  You understand and love me,” she said.

She runs her fingers over-the-top of the German shepherd’s head.  He yaps happily and scoots over the covers to lay his head on top of her chest.  Her hands snake down along Rocky’s flanks and she runs her fingers through the fur along his sides, then down over his back.  His fur is course yet soft, and a mixture of black and tan.

“I don’t need a man, I have you.”

In response, the dog lies on top of her blanket-covered body, arched his short, muscular neck and proceeds to lavish her face with kisses.  His spoon-shaped tongue slaps over her cheeks and lips and she smiles contentedly to herself.  At least animals understand me, she thinks, knowing she has chosen the perfect profession for a zoophile.  However, when she comes home at night, all she has is Rocky, her faithful companion, and in her mind that’s all she needs.  Now Rocky continues to lick her face with his rough-edged tongue.  Kay hugs him close against her, feeling his strong body.  Rocky is there for her and she knows it’s better than any man she’s ever been with.  The dog is obviously content to lie on top of her.  She gives her affections to Rocky, and when his tongue slides from her lips to move back and forth along her chin and the edge of her neck, the pleasure it affords her cannot be easily dismissed.  She lets go of him, and raises her hands above her head, yawning, tossing her bouncy black tresses.  The mirror across from her reflects her every move and she can see her face staring back at her.

The covers slide around her waist as she props the pillows behind her back and reaches to the night table to get a cigarette.  Kay never wears pajamas or a nightgown to bed, preferring to sleep in the nude, just the sheets and bedding touch her naked flesh.  Today is no exception.  The covers crumple around her waist and just as she strikes a match for her cigarette, she gives a start and looks down, amazed by what Rocky had taken upon himself to perform.  He’s still lying on top of the blankets.  However, he has turned his attentions away from her face, his tongue sliding hotly between her naked and round breasts.  She lights the cigarette then, inhales deeply and presses her head back against the pillows.  She can see what’s happening reflected in the mirror and the sight is oddly intriguing as much as it is just plain amusing.  Rocky seems determined to lick every inch of her body, as if he’s grooming her for the show ring the way she so diligently grooms him.  Kay isn’t going to stop to the dog’s oral attentions until she cums hard.  The slurp of his tongue can be heard and she trembles as he slides his cold, wet nose until it rubs against one of her sleeping nipples.  Idly, she reaches with one hand and runs the tips of her fingers over one nipple, and the other.

“Such a good dog,” she said, amusing herself as she caught one flaccid nipple between her thumb and forefinger, shoving it forward right in the dog’s face.

Rocky lashes out with his tongue slurping over the nugget of tit-flesh she pushes in his face.  Kay sighs languidly and pushes the covers back, letting the cool air which circulated through the opened bedroom windows caress her tawny thighs, the smooth and slightly rounded hillock of her belly.  She watches Rocky as he continues to lick her, and when she finally let go of her nipple, she’s not even surprised to see how its previously flaccid state had undergone a change.  Now, both of her nipples seem perky, taut, standing stiffly from her rounded breasts.  The Rocky keeps licking them, they seem to grow even more turgid, hard fleshy points as bright pink berries.  Another shiver courses through her body and she gently eases the dog down.  She spread her thighs apart to make room for him between her legs.

“You’re a good boy, Rocky, a gentleman,” she whispers with a pleased and affectionate smile, never doubting the dog’s loyalty or devotion to her.

She’s acutely aware of her need, and it comes as no surprise to her when her hands move.  Almost involuntarily, they slide until her fingers are pressing against the top of Rocky’s head.

“Come on, Rocky.  You know how to do it,” she said in a clearly authoritarian whisper.

The sound of her voice the same tone as when she had first trained Rocky to pleasure her.  Rocky doesn’t bark or attempt to pull away, despite the uncomfortable and insistent pressure of Kay’s two hands.  Instead, he crouches and buries his face, just as she lifts her legs so her knees are raised and her feet are flat against the top of the mattress.  When she let go of his head, she whimpers softly, savoring the way Rocky’s tongue is now moving in almost concentric circles, lashing around her tawny pubic mound.  Her eyes are glued between her legs and she stares at herself, knowing every detail of her body, yet pleased with her appearance.  The narrow triangular crop of short, wiry dark pubic hair is licked again, and again.  Rocky is drooling over her pussy and she knows from experience the smell of her cunt, even after she had just washed herself or taken a shower, turns the dog on to a most remarkable degree.

There’s no need to tempt him; to coat her pussy with peanut butter or jam.  All she has to do is lean back against the pillows and enjoy his oral caress, the attentive and diligent way his tongue is snaking her meaty pubic mound.  She keeps staring, even as the first telltale flickers of delight grow more noticeable, welling inside her.  The walls of her cunt are soon fluttering spasmodically, gently undulating, and fibrillating against each other.  A thin oily trickle of vaginal ooze rolls down the length of her canal, oozing as if dripping syrup, right between the thin narrow lips of her pussy.  When Rocky tries to push his tongue between them, she doesn’t hesitate to encourage him further.

“That’s it, good boy.  Keep going, Rocky, don’t stop,” she urges, her fingers sliding hotly up and down her body, her palms rotating over her stiff-standing and inflamed nipples.

Eventually, she reaches between her legs and even as Rocky’s tongue continues to probe the damp recesses of her vulva, her fingers grab of the twin flaps of puffy and tingling labia bordering her gash.  She splays them back with a single fluid motion of her hands.  She sucks in her breath as she exerts pressure, peeling her cunt lips wide to expose the raw glistening pink meat of her clitoris and vulva.  The pulpy button of cunt-flesh is already jutting like the tip of a baby’s little finger.  Her training now pays, for the instant she peels back her labia, the dog takes a deep sniff and works his tongue right over the erect nugget of her clitoris.  A spastic shiver of raw delight makes her legs shudder and she gasps loudly as she feels the flicker of delight growing in strength, welling up inside her pussy.  This slow and deliciously torturous ascent to the point of climax is always the same, the pinnacle of raw erotic release.

“Come on, good boy, more,” she whispers, demanding the Rocky service her.

She thrusts her crotch forward and her hips undulate with rhythmic insistence, her body writhing gently on the bed.  More cunt juices spill from the shuddering walls of her pussy, only to be gobbled, slurped and sucked by the dog’s fast-moving tongue.  The more Rocky licks her pussy, his tongue pistoning in and out from between the trembling puffy lips of her cunt, the more aroused Kay becomes.  She can feel her climax growing in strength and she bucks and heaves, jerking her crotch against the terrier’s lowered face.  Her strenuous shivering motions seem to spur the dog on, and Rocky’s hard raspy tongue almost nips at her cunt as she feels the way the animal is sucking down the thick rivulets of oily musky sap which sluice along the walls of her pussy.  Her cunt is swampy and overheated now, yet she doesn’t want to cum, not this instant.  So instead of shortening her pleasure, she seeks to prolong it by lifting her legs back until her knees are pressing against her tits and the smooth white cheeks of her ass juts in the Rocky’s direction.

The gamy, sour odor of her anus has, so she discovered when Rocky was just a puppy, always aroused the dog’s oral attentions.  This Sunday morning is no exception, for no sooner has she thrust her ass in his direction when Rocky dug deeper, shoving his snout, and his swift-moving little tongue between the warm supple cheeks of her delectable butt.  A low-pitch sigh of ecstasy escapes Kay’s lips the instant she feels Rocky’s tongue licking and dabbing at the pink puckered folds of her anus.  The hairless rosy aperture clenches as if a toothless mouth as she works her sphincter muscles to egg the dog on to greater feats of oral excess.  He never fails me, she thinks, as the dog’s tongue palpitates the rim of her anus.  She reaches and pulls her buns as far apart as she can, stretching the narrow slick opening of her ass-crack.  Rocky’s tongue works its way right inside the inner edge of her rectum, and when this is accomplished, Kay let go of her ass and rams her stiffened index finger between the twin puffy lips of her pussy.

“Shit, do it.  More, eat me, lick me,” she moans, shuddering more violently as her passions erupt with demonic force and intensity.

There’s no stopping her, or Rocky for that matter, after that.  Her index finger surges into her pussy, farther than the length of the terrier’s tongue can allow.  The wet, slippery walls of her cunt surge together to embrace her digit, and a second finger soon follows the searing path of the first.  They move stiffly and tightly together.  She scissors them open and shuts around the stalk of her steamy cunt and the friction, thus produced makes her body thrash more vigorously on the bed.  Any second and she knows it’ll happen, her orgasm descending upon her.  Rocky is still licking her asshole, rimming her, and never growing tired of the task she has rather effortlessly taught him when he was a pup.

Her two fingers work as if a cock, plunging more determinedly into her pussy, scraping against her clit in their maddening rush into her shuddering cunt.  She closes her eyes, and it’s just as always, the identical fantasy taking wing in her mind, filling her thoughts with its pleasurable and highly arousing images.  Her fingers keep moving, swifter than ever as she consciously dreams of Rocky taking a woman against her will.  Mentally living the excitement of seeing a strange woman cum hard on Rocky’s canine cock.

Yes, do it, lick me, love me, she thinks, her fingers still moving into her cunt as her passions get ready to erupt as molten lava.  Her body a volcano about to explode with fiery vengeance.  The dream seems so clear, so lifelike when she opens her eyes, she can still see the woman’s body shake and quiver as Rocky fucked her senseless.  She closes her eyes tightly as if to reinforce the potency of her erotic dream, her lusty fantasy.  Yes, it’s better this way, Kay thinks, still moaning as she feels her climax about to overwhelm her.  All these visual stimuli inflame her passions.  She feels Rocky’s tongue as it pistons into her cunt.  The edges of his front teeth might nip and chew the length of her stubby hot clit.  Suddenly, she throws her legs over Rocky’s head and screams, knowing the moment is finally at hand.  She lets her passions take control and as she maneuvers a third finger into place.  Gasping and shaking on the bed, her limbs shivering involuntarily and her orgasm erupts with all the fire and delight no man had ever gotten her to feel.

More, lick me, love me, love me,” she moans, as she cums.


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