Junkyard Jim

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Junkyard Jim
Junkyard Jim
Year: 2016
Tonight, Jim is going to finally give himself fully to his lovers, four junkyard dogs.
Jack Morningwood
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On a gloomy night on the streets of Chicago, for a sexy, handsome, and particularly horny twenty-year-old named Jim, it’s the first night of the rest of his naughty life.  Jim is a sweet, educated, family-oriented guy from East Chicago, whose short, brunette, thin, and wiry. Heading south across his smooth stomach leads to his shaved, and at the moment, swollen twenty-year-old cock.  However, what most people, including his close friends and family don’t know is Jims dark side.  Jim is different, he’s a sex addict, and a kinky slut.  However, tonight is about one kink in particular, and Jim won’t be happy until he has his fill.

As he travels the short distance to his father’s junkyard to meet with his partner in crime, he thinks about what’s about to happen.  He runs it through his mind repeatedly and during the walk, his white cotton tighty-whities are getting damp from his slimy precum leaking from his semierect cock.  He runs a checklist in his mind, towel, two pairs of his dad’s old socks, a small metal bowl, and camera and tripod.  My ball gag, he suddenly thinks.

“Shit,” he says.  He’s left it beside his bag on the floor, in his rush to sneak out unnoticed, he must have forgotten it.  “Oh well, I like to scream anyway,” he said and grins as he closes in on his destination.

As he hops over the old steel fence into the junkyard, he remembers all the times his father had said he’s going to put barbed wire on the fence, and chuckled because his old man is too cheap to follow through, thus allowing his easy access.  Once inside, he cautiously looks around, searching for any trace of people who may be working late, or in the yard for any reason, yet see no one much to his relief.  After he feels safe, he makes his way to the back of the yard, to a broken down delivery truck with a large empty compartment in the rear.  Naturally, he attracts the attention of the roaming junkyard dogs.  To a burglar, this is the part where you pray to God you can make the fence before they make you their next meal.  However, with Jim, all the pups are thrilled to see their friend has come for a visit.  Jim, too, is happy to see the dogs, yet is searching for one in particular.  As his eyes roam the dog’s looking for his partner, he can’t help graze his eyes across their big, furry sheathes, and swollen balls.  His mind runs wild for a moment, and he thinks: You’ll all be mine soon enough, but tonight’s about Boomer.  Suddenly, coming from the rear of the pack, is the leader, the alpha male of the group, the big Mastiff named Boomer.

Boomer is a pure-breed, all muscle, intimidating at first, and once you see his cock, the intimidation levels rise tenfold.  Boomer has a cock, Jim had discovered, near as long as his forearm and just as thick.  The way Jim discovered this was playing with Boomer one day a few years ago while his old man had left him in charge of the junkyard.  That situation ends with Jim and Boomer in the back of a dilapidated cargo truck, Jim is naked, on his hands and knees, jerking and sucking like a hungry baby on Boomers huge cock.  Eventually the horny man got a belly full of cum, and an introduction into a new world of sexual discovery.

Jim greets Boomer in his usual manner, patting his head, saying, “Good boy, good dog.  How are you, Boomer?”  The dog licks his face with his big, wet tongue while wagging his stumpy tail.  “Are you ready for a big surprise?”

Boomer, not understanding what he’s talking about, is happy to follow his friend to the old truck, his tail wagging harder as they got close.

“That’s right boy, you know where we’re going.  I’ve got something special planned for you tonight.”

He leads the dog into the back of the truck and closes the rear shutter, yet makes sure to leave the opening strap inside so he can get out after.  Jim stands for a moment, taking in the gravity of the moment. After years of fantasies, and of secretly sucking off Boomer for a belly full of cum whenever he got the chance, he’s now ready to go all the way.  He turns on his cell phone flashlight, and the compartment reveals a dirty, yet private space perfect for his plans.  Jim sits his phone on the floor against the wall and begins setting up.  Retrieving an old blanket folded over in a corner, he spreads it on the floor and lays a towel, rolls up, at one end of the blanket.  He then grabs his silver bowl and places it beside the towel.

“We’ll need that soon enough,” he said, and chuckles.

The horny man sets up the tripod and camera in the corner and checks the angle.  Between the cameras flashlight, and his cell phone, the lighting is adequate.  The stage is now set, and the show about to begin.  He stares at Boomer who’s standing on the blanket, tail wagging, the red tip of his fat cock poking out of its furry sheath anticipating the pleasure he’s about to receive.  Jim gave him a sultry, sexy look and strips.  He keeps eye contact with Boomer, slowly strip teasing for him, he isn’t sure if the dog enjoys it, yet it makes Jims heart pound and his cock drip with excitement.  He slips off his sweater, then shirt, and finally his pants, leaving him standing in his white cotton tighty-whities.  It’s now or never, Jim thinks.  He slips down to his hands and knees and crawls slowly to Boomer.  Every inch closer only increased his horniness and urges.  He comes face to face with Boomer, who gives him a friendly lick and turns to the side, exposing his now half-exposed cock.  They know the routine, and Jim is happy to comply for the pleasure.  He leans in, smelling the dog sex, his stench overpowering and enticing.

He smiles, and whispers, “There’s my big boy.”


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