Dogs at Work

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Dogs at Work
Dogs at Work
Year: 2016
When Jake, a zoophile, gets a temp job in an office, he finds the ‘Dogs at Work’ program offers temptations too great to resist.
Jack Morningwood
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Jake slowly opens his eyes and focuses on the clock to see its past eight am already.

Shit, I guess I forgot to set the alarm again,” he said, stretching his body.

It’s Monday morning, and Jake had wanted to get up early in case his temp agency has something for him today, however, he feels too warm and cozy to jump out of bed just yet.  Even without looking, he senses Neil isn’t in bed with him.  His boyfriend is probably out getting bagels and the paper, he speculates.  Jake knows Neil’s trying to keep him focused and motivated to find something better than temp work without nagging, however, this isn’t as easy as one might suspect. What Jake is focused on at the moment, though, is his raging, morning boner that’s so fucking hard it hurt.  Jake’s lying on his side and scoots a little to the edge of the bed.  He lifts the covers enough so his throbbing hard-on extended its full eight, uncut inches out into the bedroom.

“Come on, Bandit. Lickies,” Jake calls.

Immediately their black Lab, Bandit, the other love-of-his-life, jumps from his matt near the foot of the bed and comes around to his waiting cock.  Bandit sniffs the swollen and leaky head while he wags his tail so hard his rear-end snaps from side-to-side.  The excited dog gives it a tentative lick.


Now is as good a time as any to tell you a little about Bandit, Neil, and Jake.  Jake’s a zoophile, and he’s not ashamed to admit it.  He’s twenty-one and has been having sex with dogs for a few years.  His lover, Neil, is also twenty-one, and has a similar history to his with family pets.  Their mutual love of dogs got them together.  Six months ago, Jake was feeling lonely and had no lover, human or canine.  So, he placed an ad in the personals, ending it by saying he loves ‘playing’ with dogs.  Naturally, he got a few responses from normal pet owners, and a few from guys cautiously curious about man/dog sex.  The response from Neil piqued his interest (the picture in his profile, especially), and after discovering their mutual interest, they had a steamy online relationship for several weeks before they met in person. They dated for a while and eventually decided to move in together and get a dog to train.

Dogs are happiest when they’ve learned obedience. They feel most fulfilled when they know they’re pleasing their master, whom they see as the alpha dog or pack leader.  Also, dogs are highly sexual animals.  They can be trained to engage in sex that’s enjoyable for them and their masters.  After Neil and Jake found a place to live that allowed pets, they got Bandit when he was a year old from a breeder looking to sell some their excess breeding stock.  Some dogs are difficult to train, however, Bandit took to it immediately.  As a young dog, he quickly learned to lick their cocks, balls and assholes, and he learned to accept them fondling and sucking his doggie-cock.  With two loving trainers, it doesn’t take long before Bandit is a full participant in their love-making sessions.


Jake lies still as Bandit’s long tongue licks his morning boner hungrily, pushing his foreskin back to expose his leaking and tender cockhead.  If you’ve never been lucky enough to experience it for yourself, a dog’s tongue feels like a cross between sandpaper and velvet; a sensual combination of rough and smooth.

You pervert,” Neil said as he walked into the bedroom.  “I leave you alone for five minutes and what do I find?  You, forcing my precious dog to lick your big slimy cock.”

Jake laughs, and Neil throws the rolled newspaper at him making him flinch and cover his face with his arm, however, the paper hits him square in the chest.  Bandit immediately stops licking the stiff cock, turns and jumps on his other daddy, stretching his paws up to Neil’s shoulders.  They lick each other’s tongues and mouths as Neil forcefully strokes Bandit’s back.  Jake watches as his two lovers go through their morning greeting.  Its obvious Bandit is in the mood for fun, because they saw the tip of his red cock extending from its furry sheath.

Jake shouts, “Hey, what about me?”

He grabs his stiff cock at the base and gives it a shake for Neil’s benefit.

“What about you?  You go back to sleep while we do some male bonding before breakfast,” Neil said as he reaches to coax more of Bandit’s cock out to play.

Bandit continues licking Neil’s face and throat as he dances around with anticipation on his hind legs.  Jake grabs the rolled newspaper, jumps to his feet, and attacks Neil with playful blows to the head the man attempts to fend off.  This confuses Bandit, who jumps down and begins barking at them.

“I guess we’d better show him we’re not really fighting,” Jake said, as he drops the paper and put his arms around Neil’s neck.

He stops laughing and brings his mouth to Neil’s while he grabs his still-hard cock and begins stroking it.  As they kiss, Jake undoes Neil’s belt and pulls his zipper down.  Then Jake pulls his pants and boxers down to his ankles.  Bandit intently watches their every move, wagging his tail energetically.  Jake takes Neil’s hard cock in his hand and joins it to his, pushing both in Bandit’s direction.

“Come on, boy, lickies,” Jake said, as he looks into Bandit’s face.

The horny dog understands, and he doesn’t need any coaxing as his hot tongue begins working their two cocks simultaneously.  Neil closes his eyes and lets out a long sigh.

“I think we have time for a quickie before I have to go to work,” Neil whispers in his ear and gives it a wet lick sending a pleasant shiver through him.

“Come on, Puppy,” Jake said as he pulls Neil by his fat cock to their bed.

He had a little difficulty walking with his pants around his ankles.  By the time they got to the bed, Bandit is already there, standing on top with tongue hanging out, panting, and about an inch of cock extending from its furry hiding place.  He just loves playing with his daddies in the morning.  As Neil sits on the edge of the bed, taking off his shoes, Bandit begins licking his neck.

“You’re sure frisky this morning, Bandit,” Neil said, as he scrunches his neck.

He turns to see his boyfriend on his back with his head between Bandit’s rear legs, sucking his emerging red cock.

“Well, now I see why,” Neil said, and laughs.

Neil stood at the edge of the bed, bending with his legs spread wide.  He pushes his hard cock between his legs as far as he can.  Bandit always loves this.  He forces his nose into Neil’s ass crack, licking and sniffing as if a Bloodhound on a mission, until Neil begins shaking his bone, which attracts Bandit’s attention, and he turns his tongue to his daddy’s cock.  By this time, Bandit’s seven-inch cock is engorged, and extends to its maximum size.  Most guys would be proud to have a cock as big and pretty.  Jake wraps his arms around Bandit’s hindquarters, lifts his head and slowly takes his whole length down his throat.  A dog’s cock doesn’t get as hard as a guy’s.  Maybe the best way to describe it is ‘firm and spongy’.  Also, when it becomes erect, it begins producing a watery, coppery tasting precum.  For the men, it doesn’t taste good or bad, just different.  Yet it’s thin and watery, and one does eventually acquire a taste for the unusual secretion.

Jake pulls his mouth away from Bandit and looks at Neil.  The muscular redhead man is bending with his hands on his ass cheeks, spreading them as wide as he can.  He lets out a low moan as Bandit tries to force his huge tongue into Neil’s anus.  The sight of this makes Jake all the hotter to get back to swallowing the swollen, and dripping, dog cock in front of him.  Jake strokes his steel-hard cock as he slurps and swallows Bandit’s erection into his mouth.

“I need him inside me,” Neil said, as he moves and positions himself on the bed on his back.

He put two pillows under his ass to raise it to the right height. Jake reaches under the bed and pulls out three large towels because dog fucking is a juicy event. Jake lifts Neil’s ass some and spreads two of the towels, covering the pillows and part of the bed. Bandit is humping the air as he positions himself between Neil’s legs.

Jake gets behind Neil’s head.  He lifts his legs and grabs him by the ankles to steer his ass to meet Bandit’s thrusting cock.  Doing this sometimes reminds him of what it must be like guiding the Mir Space Station when a module is docked.  He pushes down Neil’s ankles slightly which raises his butt, then Bandit penetrates.

“Ooh—YES,” Neil moans under his breath as he closes his eyes, his face noticeably flushed.

Bandit covers his face with big, wet doggie-licks and starts his rhythm of hard, deep jabs in Neil’s ass.  Jake quickly moves around behind Bandit having grabbed the KY on the nightstand and squirted a big glob onto his fingers.  Jake positions himself behind Bandit, lifts his tail and begins gently massaging his tight ass and penetrating him with his index finger.

“Good, boy.  Good, boy,” Jake says in a soft voice.

The hardest part of Bandit’s early training was getting him to accept anal penetration.  The lovable dog bit him twice, and Neil once while they played with his butt.  Challenging as it was, however, he now accepts having a man’s thick cock pumping his doggie ass.  Jakes personal observation is, it makes the dog cum harder.  Since Bandit’s humping is instinctive, once he starts screwing his lover, Jake just stays stationary having pushed his rock-hard cock halfway into the dog’s ass.  The wiry brunette man just lets Bandit do the work.  Jake always loves the way Bandit’s thick, black tail running up his tummy and chest while the dog fucks himself on Jakes cock.

He knows if this is a quickie, Neil cannot afford to get tied with Bandit.  Jake thinks the shortest time tied is ten minutes and the longest, forty.  To prevent this, Jake holds Bandit at the base of his growing knot, not allowing it to enter Neil’s anus.  They’re so hot, Jake can tell they’ll be shooting within a minute or two, and he’s right.

The juicy sound of Bandit’s violating his lover’s ass lets him know he’s pumping him with dog cum.  By now, Neil had his legs wrapped around his handsome lover and is arching his back.  Jake is firmly holding Bandit with both hands at the base of his tail and ramming his eight inches all the way inside the dog’s anus.  Just as Jake is about to cum, he pulls out and moves to Neil’s head, pushing his cock into his lover’s mouth while he blasts his load.  Simultaneously, Neil shoots several long ropes of cum onto Bandit’s furry chest, and forces half Jakes jizz out of his mouth, which always drives Bandit wild.  Bandit frantically licks the cum, Neil’s mouth and his cock all at once.  All this while he’s savagely pumping his dog-cum deep into Neil’s ass with short, hard jabs.

After the thrusts lessen, Neil pushes Bandit hard with his feet until Jake hears the familiar sucking, slurping sound, and pop, as Bandit’s dog cock pulls free of his ass.  Neil had taken the knot after all, and the sudden evacuation of Bandit’s cock is followed by a flush of cum squirting onto the towel beneath him.  Bandit is lying at the side of the bed now, licking his still-swollen, red cock.  Neil gives Jakes cock a final suck before he pushes it out of his mouth.

“I just love the taste of dog on your cock when you fuck my face,” Neil said, between pants.

Jake smiles and holds his head in his hands as he leans and gives him an open-mouth kiss, licking his sperm-flavored tongue.  Neil is breathless and his face is still flushed.

“It’s nine, and you’re late,” Jake said, after looking at the clock.

“Shit,” Neil said, as he jumps up.  “I’ve got to jump in the shower, then I’m out of here.”

Jake threw on his robe, makes coffee and toasted the bagels while Neil showers.  He eventually enters the kitchen tying his necktie, looking every bit the hot young stud.

“Thanks, J,” Neil said as Jake hands him his coffee.  “Did I tell you I met a dog lover online last night?  His name’s Rob.”


“Oh yeah, get this, he runs a boarding kennel out on Lincoln road.”

“Is that where all the auto wrecking yards are?”


“Classy neighborhood,” Jake sail rolling his eyes.  “A kennel, eh? Hmm, sounds interesting.”

“He’s anxious for us to pay him a visit.  He sounds like a nice enough guy.  He suggested next Saturday night.  That sound OK to you?”

Neil took a sip of coffee, and grabs his briefcase ready to leave.

“Let’s do it.  Just imagine, a whole kennel of dogs.”

As Neil rushes out the door, Jakes phone rings.  It’s the temp service he works for.



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