Going Postal

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Going Postal
Going Postal
Year: 2016
When post woman Alice has a nasty run in with a big dog, she plots revenge against the beast.
Moe Lester
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Today, she’s delivering a package addressed to Eames House that’s heavy to lift.  Alice dreads carrying it from the depot to the Grumman LLV, let alone on the walk to the house.  She saves Eames House parcel for last, so she can drop it off right before she’s through and not feel tired the rest of the day.  This puts her about three hours late in showing up at the gate.  Alice is surprised, however, to find it closed when she gets there.  She swears at herself for trying to be efficient in a government operation, something she learned years ago is counterproductive.  Then she notices the gate is closed, and locked.  Worried about getting written-up and having a black mark of ‘failed delivery’ attached to her file forever, she sighs and decides she’ll see if she can get the package there via the worker’s entry.

She drives to the other gate to see if perchance it’s been left open.  She’s in luck, and as she drives through she notices a ‘Beware of Dog’ sign she’s never seen on her many trips to Eames House.  Indeed, she has never seen a dog on the grounds at all, and she decided, to ignore the sign.  Once she reaches the workman’s parking lot, she parks the Grumman LLV, picks up the heavy package, and goes to another heavy gate.  Pushing her weight against it, she barely shoulders it open, and passes through into the grounds.  So, at three fifteen pm Alice enters the estate’s grounds, and is supposed to have the Grumman LLV back to the depot for check-in by four thirty at the latest.  She has time, so taking a deep breath of summer air, she starts down the curved path.  Alice is in good shape, she doesn’t mind walking, jogging, or lifting things heavier than the Eames House parcel, yet she does prefer to get her work done quickly, and this is going to be a drag.  She heaves the parcel onto her right shoulder and swings her left arm out for balance as she moves to the center point of the driveway’s curve where it intersected a path to the house.  There Alice switches shoulders and continues.  The sprinklers are on in part of her trek, and she has to detour off the path near a tall hedge and around the cool spray, which further added time to her trip and made her irritated.  When Alice reaches the mail drop, it’s well past three thirty.  Alice carefully sets the package next to the slot and straightens, working the strain of her muscles.  Then she starts back to the LLV.

By the time Alice makes it back to her detour, the watering system has shifted, and now her path is through a sprinkler shower again.

Fuck,” she says loudly.  “Fucking rich people.  Why are they watering their lawns during the hottest part of the day?  Idiots.”

Alice leaves the path still getting soaked from the sprinkler, and forges a new trail through the grounds toward the main gate.  The path is taking her farther out of her way, though, and Alice is getting angrier with each minute.  Several times she finds herself hitting a dead-end in the maze-like barricades, forcing her to either turn back some distance, or push her body through a dense thicket of shrubbery and crowded trees.  Since her summer uniform consisted is a short sleeve shirt and thigh-length shorts, she’s forced to go back or risk getting scratched.

Finally, when Alice comes upon a spot she’s sure she’s already visited, she glances at her watch and in shock sees its five to four pm. She’s been wandering these stupid grounds for almost a half hour.

“You stupid, rich assholes, and your huge, thirsty grounds,” she said in a strained, hoarse voice.  “At least I shut the LLV’s engine off.”

Knowing to go back the way she’s come would leave her soaking wet, and thinking the way through is just beyond the barricade now confronting her, Alice decides to push through it.  Bending, she picks her path cautiously, bending branches of the shrubbery to the side and holding them while she inches past.  Alice watches for spiders as she hates them, sure a few will get in her long black hair.  As Alice works, wincing, she curses herself for not wearing her hair in a ponytail today.  She’s halfway through when her watch beeps four pm, and she sighs, shaking her head.  This delivery has already taken her forty-five minutes.  Suddenly, the sprinkling system shifts again, and she feels droplets of cool water bathing her legs, socks, and shoes.

“Oh, hell,” Alice said harshly, and pushes her way through the thicket, heedless of how it scrapes her skin.

Alice just wanted to get out of there.  She gets caught on something that snags her shorts and stops her in her tracks, she’s getting soaked now by a nearby sprinkler.  She tries backing up and lunging forward again, yet it seems to make things worse.

Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Alice grunts, and lunges forward again, scraping her hips against the thing holding her, and straightening, she tears her upper body through the clinging hedge.

Alice breaks through, yet she’s not where she suspected.  The hedge Alice has crawled through forms a wall around a small, hidden courtyard.  One small section of the hedge on the opposite side is broken by a decorative stone archway and wooden gate.  Suddenly, her shorts slide down her wet thighs and fall to her knees.  Alice crouches and grabs them, surprised at the cool draft now passing over her buttocks.  Gripping her shorts, she finds whatever has snagged her in the thicket has torn the rear seam and zipper of her shorts when she lunged to escape.  Even worse, Alice can feel the scraped skin of her ass is exposed, and the backside of her panties has been torn from the waistband.  The cleft of her buttocks stares back at her.

Alice is already furious, and now things just keep getting worse.  Groaning in fury, she pulls her shorts and panties up about her waist and looks around.  In the center of the courtyard is a huge, shingle-roof dog house standing almost six feet tall at its peak, it’s slightly taller than Alice.  The door to the doghouse is an arch with black-metallic letters nailed over it, spelling: Vader.  Taking all this in within a second or two, she pauses just long enough to get her legs, socks, and shoes soaked again by the sprinklers spraying the underside of the hedges.  It doesn’t appear there’s a dog around, and the area next to the doghouse is the only place still untouched by the watery spray, so she cautiously moves forward, holding her shorts around her hips with her hands.  She’s trapped now, unless she wants to get doubly soaked and scratched, or wait out the sprinklers, and try the wooden gate opposite.  The gate has a latch, yet no lock she can see, and the heavy spray of the sprinklers is enough a barrier to keep her from attempting it for the moment.

Instead, Alice moves closer to the doghouse and smells the air, there’s no doggy odor coming from the structure, so she assumes her first guess about a dog on the grounds was correct, there is none.  Alice leans her butt against the doghouse to hold her shorts in place and takes her socks and shoes off, placing her foot on the cobblestones surrounding the dog house.  Alice tips her shoes to drain the water from them, and is about to wring the dampness from her socks when she hears a noise.  From within the doghouse comes a short, high-pitched whine.  Alice freezes, listening and holding her wet sock out in front of her like a shield.  She hears a heavy panting noise, and in the next instant she sees the black and brown head of a huge dog peers out of the doghouse and stare at her.

Whoa,” Alice says, falling backward into the puddle of water she just drained from her shoes.

Alice lands on her butt on the ground, and the dog, startled by her presence as she is by his, drops into a menacing crouch and growls deeply.  His black eyes are fixed on her as if gun barrels.  Alice can’t move, her mind is frozen, too, until she remembers her can of Mace.  However, against a big dog like this, she isn’t sure how the beast would react, especially with her trapped on its turf.  Then, with a heavy sigh, she realizes she’s left her Mace can in the Grumman LLV.

Shit,” Alice whispers

The dog woofs quick and menacing, letting the sound fade into a growl, and his eyes never leave hers.  A black menace radiates from those eyes, and she trembles with fear.  What is he going to do, she wonders?

In answer, the huge animal moves around her, keeping his head low and his eyes turning back to fix her in place.  Alice holds still, watching him position himself between her and where she entered through the shrubbery.  His feet pad lightly through the small puddle of water now ringed the center of the clearing, Alice is sitting in the innermost extension of the pond, and her shorts and underwear are both soaked through.

Slowly, Alice rolls over until she’s on her hands and knees, with her knees in the water.  Alice finds her head is now on his level, though his eyes are above hers until her movement startles him and he drops into a crouch.  Alice freezes, and they stare at each other.  He continues a menacing growl, and Alice fears her movement has gone too far.  From what she knows about dogs, Alice figures unless she wants to get mauled, her best action is to wait things out.  Maybe Vader will simply tire of her and allow her to leave.  However, Alice is now the prisoner of a dog, and it doesn’t do much for her self-esteem.  She has no idea how far this thing will go, and she fears the sharp teeth the dog is showing her in a display of dominance.

Two things Alice knows: first, she has to show the dog no signs of fear, and second, she needs to make the dog not fear her.  If Alice can somehow ease the tension in the courtyard, she believes she’ll be able to simply walk out unscathed.  How do I put-down my fear and get this dog to like me, she wonders?  Images come to her mind of trying to soothe the fear and aggression of many dogs during her years as a mail carrier.  None of them had been as large as this one, and she always had her can of Mace to back her up.  Still, putting up a show of open familiarity and confidence has given her some ground in dealing with the four-legged menaces too.  All mail carriers receive some training on dealing with hostile dogs when they join the force.  Breathing deeply and slowly, she rises to her knees in the water, keeping her eyes on the ground before her.  While her right hand clutches her torn shorts close about her, she slowly brings her hand up, fingers loosely closed, palm up.

“Hey, fella, good dog.  Good boy,” Alice said quietly keeping her voice even.

Vader drops into a desperate crouch, and he appears on the edge of leaping at her throat.  Alice holds still and takes her eyes from him again, her mind whirling.  Perhaps he’s trained as an attack dog, she wonders?  She’ll have no chance of getting on his friendly side as she’s a stranger.  Yet Alice knows of no way to show him she isn’t a stranger, or convince him otherwise.  She holds still and stares at the ground right in front of her.  After a few minutes, the cobblestones really start to hurt her knees, yet she doesn’t want to risk upsetting him further.  So she holds her position and her breath, waiting for the worst.  Eventually, she chances a glance at him, and finds he’s lowered himself into a taut, ready crouch before her.  When their eyes meet, he lifts his head and growls, so she looks back to the ground.  It seems an age passes before she can no longer take the pain in her back, knees, and shoulders, and slowly tries to stand.  She only makes it on all fours before the huge animal gave his deep, sharp bark and jumps back to his feet.  Alice freezes again, relieved only half her weight is now on her knees, yet distressed by the fact her shorts have fallen back down over her lower thighs.

She sighs, preparing to wait there in the humiliating position for another seeming hour, yet after only a moment the dog takes a hesitant step toward her.  She keeps herself from looking at him, because his approach doesn’t seem hostile, and the last thing she wants is to aggravate him.  Maybe if he comes and smells me a little more closely, he’ll decide I’m not an enemy, she thought hopefully.  She guesses that’s what happened, approximately, because in the next moment she sees his huge, warm body moving closer to hers.  He’s standing right next to her, sniffing her head and shoulders, and moving lower.  When he sniffs her ribs, she has to keep herself still, not to upset him.

Then he went lower, and she really has to fight her instinct to stand and run.  His cold nose brushes against her exposed buttocks, moving to her thighs, and back up again.  She can tell something caught his attention there, although she doesn’t know what it is.  Her hind end is all wet from sitting half-naked in the puddle of water, and may have been what he went after initially.

He starts sniffing and licking the water from her buttocks and thighs, and quickly his tongue is getting places she doesn’t want.  The instant she tries to adjust her hips to present less of herself to him, he goes rigid and growls again.  She has no choice to continue to hold herself as still as possible, and after a moment passes in which he determines she isn’t going anywhere, he resumes his sniffing and licking.  She’s never understood a dog’s sense of smell, why certain scents attract them and others don’t.  At first, she isn’t sure what it is he smells between her legs that’s so enticing, yet he keeps going, and the feeling of his tongue on her pubic mound sickens her.  She keeps thinking about all the germs on the animal’s tongue, and how much she’ll need to shower to feel clean again when this is over.  Then, when his slimy tongue slicked over her vaginal lips a few times, other feelings start surfacing.  At this point, she’s had all she’ll stand, he’s a dog, and while she believes him innocent and ignorant, she isn’t about to let him violate her any more.  The feelings of arousal being forced upon her by the dog’s tongue are getting unbearable, and just as she decides to rise off her hands and restrict his access, he stops his licking, and gives a heavy, panting snort.  The blast of air caught her right in the pussy, and she squeals.

“Ooh,” she whimpers, and flinches.

With no warning reprisal, the dog just moves closer to her behind.  The next thing she knows, she feels his man-sized paws alight on her middle back and press hard.  His muscular rear legs push against her thighs, and she feels something warm and wet prodding her buttocks, something other than his tongue.  Though instinct tells her to jump and run, she can hear his panting right above and behind her head.  So she waits just a moment longer to decide whether his breathing sounds as relaxed as it seems.  Those seconds are costly, his huge paws slip to either side of her ribs, pinching her tightly about the middle, and bringing his jaws right next to her face.

She shouts, “What the fuck are you doing?”

Trying to roll away, he snaps and growls at her as she drops beneath him, and on the second bite he snares a large patch of her hair in his mouth.  She’s able to shift her hind end out from beneath him, though her knees are shackled together by her fallen shorts, still he holds her hair in his powerful jaws, and she can’t get free.

Alice keeps her head low to ease the pain, and the next thing she knows is he has climbed off her, tugging her by the hair across the courtyard.

“Let me go, damn dog,” she shouts, trying to fight against him.

However, he either doesn’t understand or just ignores her.  She keeps fighting him, yet she has no leverage, and her body is no match for his muscular legs, back, neck, and jaws.  When the pain in her neck and knees becomes too much to bear, she sobs and quits resisting him, allowing him to tug and pull her to the entrance to his doggy den.  He enters it backward, angling his body to draw her inside after him.

The floor of the doghouse is raised about three inches above the cobblestones of the clearing.  The floor is covered by a slick, yielding mat, kind of like the ones you find in a wrestling gym.  She doesn’t have time to consider how spoiled the big brute is before he orients her lengthways in the dark house, and repositions his body over hers.  At least the floor is soft on her knees and hands, and she breathes a little more easily.  Then he rises on his hind legs and presses her shoulders beneath his upper body again, never releasing her hair from his mouth.  What is he trying to do, she wonders?  Alice holds still, not wanting to upset him again.  Then it dawns on her, he’s going to fuck her, and she realizes the warm, slimy thing prodding her buttocks is his cock.

Shit,” she said, trying to shuffle-crawl from beneath him.

Alice doesn’t want his gross cock on her body, let alone near her cunt.  Her attempt to avoid him is a stupid move, though, because it only pushes her head and shoulders farther into the corner of his dog house where they’re trapped with little room to move.

“Get off me, stupid mutt,” she shouts at him.



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