Webcam Wendy

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Webcam Wendy
Webcam Wendy
Year: 2016
A recently widowed MILF needs to earn some extra money and decides to become a webcam performer. All goes well until her dog, Butch, decides to get in on the act. A star is born.
Sheela B.
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It really feels a lifetime ago when she stumbled across the webcam website while looking for work online.  John, her husband of almost fifteen years passed away from cancer the summer before last, and she really got herself behind on all the bills while mourning him.  No one blamed her, and even had offers of help from friends and family. In hindsight, she supposes she could’ve taken the help, she can even ask for it now.  That just isn’t her, she’s always been an independent woman and is sure she can get by without help.  For starters, she returned to her job as a librarian in the city, however, it soon became clear one income isn’t going to be enough to support her family, a son (Luke) and their old dog called ‘Butch’.  They started a college fund for Luke a couple years back, however it’s still not enough to pay the tuition for the whole course.  With her son already in his freshman year at college, she will need to start saving for next year’s tuition.

So, one day, while searching craigslist and other sites for jobs or ways she can make some extra money, a pop up ad appears claiming women can earn ‘easy money’ by becoming a webcam model.  At first she laughs, thinking: No guy wants to see a middle-aged woman on webcamThey want nineteen-year-old college girls with tight bodies and big tits.  At the bottom of the ad she notices it reads, ‘All body types and ages welcome’.  In a moment of naughtiness, she clicks the advertisement and is taken to a well-known webcam site where she can see all the women, men and in between plying their trade.

“Imagine getting paid for masturbating, it’s ridiculous,” she says.  “Then again, most men I’ve known would love a job like this.”

She sighs, knowing if John were still alive, he’d have laughed at her joke.  She misses him so much, an emptiness looms inside her now, and she often wonders if she’ll ever be the same again.  Watching a webcam of a woman around her age, she’s surprised there’s nearly five-thousand people watching, and the tips are mounting.

“Wow, she’s making a lot of money,” she says surprised, watching the woman fuck herself with a vibrator.  “I’m way more attractive compared to her.”

Wendy clicks a link an information page and sees they make daily payments and before longs she’s created an account with the username: webcamwendy.  After uploading the appropriate proof of age and identification, she leaves the site to wait until they have approved her.


The next day, there’s an email from the website informing her they’ve vetted her information and she’s now ready to receive payments for performing on their site.  Her stomach roils at the thought of masturbating for money in front of strangers, yet she feels her pussy grow wet and tingly at the idea.  So gathering her small collection of adult toys (every woman need them) and setting up her laptop and camera in her bedroom, she turns it all on to do a test and finds it satisfactory.  So, for the first time, she enters the website and clicks the ‘Broadcast” link, sets her goals for tips, and begins.

Wendy is scared, her hands and chin tremble, yet she’s excited too, all the watchers can see is her T-shirt at first, with her nipples poking out.  It didn’t take long for her computer screen to fill up with messages from mostly men wanting to see more.  She doesn’t want to show her face because she’d lose her job at the city library if she’s recognized by someone she knows.

Figjam69: Show your tits, bitch.

Lustfullyyours: I want to fuck you.

Analluvver: Play with your tits.

BigDickJock: Show me your feet.

CollegeCock: Play with your pussy.

DonJuansSon: I wanna lick that sweet thing

bigboyval: you have some beautiful eyes

The dirty chat went on and on, along with the request for her to do all sorts of things.  The situation so dirty and degrading, it makes her pussy juices flow.  Wendy has to admit she feels a mixture of humiliation and titillation as the hundreds of viewers demand she show them more, and her lust takes hold of her.  She didn’t know why, she likes it and she slowly removes her T-shirt and sits in front of the cam so they can get a good look of her big breasts. The messages are going by so fast she can barely read them.  They like her tits, judging by the messages she can read.

randipasty9100: You are very good. God, those tits are amazing.

austin1x: love to rub lotion all over your boobs and watch it run down

bigdave339336: Hey, Wendy, you’re very sexy, just saying.

LongDong543: I wanna fuck those tits so bad.

ahdave53: My dick just keeps getting harder.

Wendy squeezes her tits and pinches her nipples, her right hand goes back inside her panties.

“Mmm,” she moans.

She’s no longer looking at the screen, enjoying herself instead.  She has to remove her panties to get her fingers into her wet pussy, pushing in, and out, her legs are spread wide.

“Oh god.”

Wendy’s tits feel so hot, and her pussy is melting.  Faster, and faster, while her fingers fly across her clit and into her throbbing cunt.  She’s on fire.  Looking at the screen, she sees the watchers are tipping like crazy as she finger-bangs her cunt for them to see.

duplez0: Such a beautiful lady

sex0117: Finger that nasty cunt, fuck yeah.

buddy_luv: right on.

rfindi: WOW

imdyingtofuckyou: can we fuck?

mrstoneman16: hottest woman I’ve seen on here.

Argh, Argh, argh.  Yes, yes, YES.  Ooh, GOD, fuck,” Wendy moans as her body twists on her furious fingers fucking her tight pussy.

The tips have already passed her goal, by a long way.  When suddenly, Wendy is aware of something cold, then hot, between her legs and she jerks away with wide eyes and mouth agape. She’d forgotten about Butch, her dog.  While she’s been in a state of arousal, the dog entered her bedroom and pushed his snout between her legs to lick her lust inflamed pussy.  For a moment, she forgot she’s being watched by hundreds of horny perverts, all jerking off madly as they imagined their cocks bringing herself to climax.  Butches lapping of her pussy feels so good, she just closes her eyes as he cleans all her wetness away.  The worst thing about being a widow is the loss of physical touch, and no one has made any moves on her for over a year, out of respect for her grief.  So Butches tongue, now caressing her cunt as lovingly as her husband ever did, sends her into an orgasm so intense she squirts all over the dog’s face. Her body shakes and twitches, and she moans so wantonly, loudly, it’s surprising the neighbors didn’t hear it.

randipasty9100: Fuck, yeah, I just blew a load for you.

buddy_luv: Let it fuck you.

imdyingtofuckyou: She’s a fucking dog slut?

Figjam69: What a whore.

CollegeCock: Dog Bitch.

austin1x: How fucking gross, I can’t look away.

Messages such as this are whizzing by and as word got around the website what’s happening the viewer numbers grew from several hundred, to over a thousand, and fast climbing to two thousand watchers.  All Wendy is feeling is the exquisite working of Butches wet, course tongue as it rakes over her clitoris and fills her vagina searching for more of the taste of her womanhood.  Butch suddenly jumps on her leg and starts humping and she sees his red cock poking from his sheath, her inner turmoil grows.  Bestiality is wrong, yet who knew when she looks at Butches arousal she’d seriously be thinking about allowing him to fuck her.  Wendy glances at her computer and realizes her show is still going, and there’s now more than three-thousand people watching her.  The tips were coming thick and fast in response to the lurid scene playing before their eyes.  Now it isn’t just about her need for cock, it’s also this public display of her body and lust.  She’s never felt so turned on in her life.

She reaches starts masturbating the dog, getting Butch to extend his cock and to her surprise, it’s huge, much bigger than her dead husbands by a long way.  The cock looks weird, though, not like men for sure, its shape is different, and it doesn’t have a helmet head like a man.  Butches dick is red with purple veins, and looks raw, with no skin on it.  Butch is shooting precum by the gallons as she jerks him off.  When he’s fully erect, she marvels as his cock looks a good nine inches long, and as thick as her wrist.  Much bigger than her husband, who only had a five-and-a-half-inch dick when erect.

CollegeCock: Fuck it.

rfindi: This is so cool.

Analluvver: You’re making me so horny, baby.

Figjam69: Come on, fuck that dog cock, slut.

LongDong543: Dog whore, suck it.

The dirty messages urge her on, and the tips have now have reached five thousand.  Should I let Butch fuck me, she wonders?  All these people think so, no they’re demanding I do.  So she grabs her cam and puts it on a chair and points it down, and gets on her hands and knees.  Wendy looks at the screen, and sees she has a profile view of the back half of her.  Her face is still out of the camera.  Butch is sniffing about her excitedly and licking her at times, then he jumps on her, wrapping his front legs around her waist tightly.  She can feel him humping, trying to find her wet hole, however, he’s finding it hard to locate, so she reaches beneath and grabs Butches hard, slimy cock, and guides it inside her deep cunt.

The feeling of Butch thrusting his cock inside her makes her gasp, and her body quivers as she has a small climax within seconds of his thick cock stretching her cunt.  Butch is big, and he doesn’t fuck her with human tenderness, but rams his cock deep inside her, then pulling out, and ramming it back again, repeatedly.  His pre-cum is dribbling out her cunt and running down her thighs as the tan Labrador rides her wet pussy for all it is worth.  She can’t really see the computer screen anymore due to her position, but messages and tips are coming steadily as the perverts watch her getting fucked by a dog.  No doubt masturbating furiously as they watch the huge red cock slice her cunt with repeated strokes.  Wendy has cum several times already, however, as his knot pushes inside her already stretched-out cunt, she cums with such ferocity she nearly collapsed beneath him a convulsing mess.  Yet she holds on, determined to take this ride to the finish.

Her body sweat dripping onto the floor, her kneecaps burning on the carpet, and her ass and cunt caught in a continuous cycle of clenching and releasing.  To her amazement, Butch’s knot still swells inside her, and at first it intensifies her orgasmic fugue.  However, it starts to hurt as his knot just keeps getting bigger until eventually Butch can’t move it anymore.  The giant cock and knot is stuck inside her, and before she can decide what to do about it, she feels Butches hot cum showering the insides of her cunt, entering her womb in a futile attempt to conceive.  The gushing of Butches cum sent her into another climactic orgasm making her scream again with animal joy.

Slowly, she comes to herself, as the intensity of such fucking slowly ebbs away and she’s becoming more aware Butch’s cock isn’t going anywhere.  She remembers dogs knot their bitches, so they can more effectively pump her full of its cum and make her pregnant with his puppies.  Wendy tries to see if she can pull Butch’s cock out, however, it’s stuck and won’t move.

“Oh, fuck, this is all I need,” she said.


After around thirty minutes, Butch’s cock had shrunk enough for her to pull it out, and when it did, a huge gush of dog sperm gushes out of her pussy, down her legs and onto the floor.  She gets to her feet and stands there looking at herself on the screen.  The camera is looking at her full frontal, yet her face is still out of shot.  Everyone can see the dog jism leaking from her swollen, red, and inflamed pussy, and they’re going wild.  Wendy decides it’s time to stop, and types into the chat room.

Webcamwendy: Thanks for the tips, hope you enjoyed the show.  Cya next time.

After stopping the cam, and exiting the room, she goes to her account page.  She looks at her account and saw she’s earned more than a hundred dollars for letting Butch fuck her on cam. There’s messages galore in her inbox thanking her for what she did, abusing her and calling her a slut, wanting to meet her, or offering her that person’s dog for further play.  However, there’s a message from the site admin marked ‘urgent’ and she opens it to read.

Dear Performer,

It has come to our attention that you violated the site rules during a performance by exhibiting an illegal sex act.  As a result, we are terminating your account.  As made clear in our ‘Terms of Service’ anyone committing an illegal sex act on this site will forfeit all earnings, and could be turned over to law enforcement.  We have decided to forgo this, if you contact us immediately on 889 564104.  If we don’t hear from you, we’ll send a copy of your performance and your identity to the police.





Wendy is pacing the room, her heart is racing and her chest feels painful.  Dog cum still leaks from her used cunt as Butch is lying in the corner licking his shrinking cock.  They’ve got her, she knows it, and scalds herself for getting carried away in the moment.  There’s nothing she can do, so she grabs her phone and dials the number.  A male voice answers.


“Um, it’s webcamwendy, I’m calling as you asked,” she said, her hands shaking.

“Ooh, cool, what a show you put on,” the man said.  “So fucking hot.”

“Then why did you terminate my account?”

“Luv, the cops would shut us down if we let performers do that kind of shit on a regular basis.”

“So what do you want of me?”

The man laughs.  “I want to offer you a job.”

“Doing what?”

“Doing dogs on webcam for another website I own.”

“You said it’s illegal, though?”

“This is on the dark web, hush-hush, and only available to a select clientele.  Are you interested?”

Ever the pragmatist, Wendy asks, “How much does it pay?  Despite giving those guys the show of their life I only made a hundred dollars.”

“Good question,” the man said and chuckles.  “Each tip is worth a dollar, and the house keeps twenty-five percent.”

“That’s better than wankcam,” Wendy said, her heart racing with sudden excitement.

“Shit, yeah, it means for today’s performance you would’ve made close to nine-hundred bucks.”

“What’s the catch?”

“You’re clever, I like that,” the man said.  “Well, there’s less tippers, so in reality you’d only make around four to five hundred a show.”

“What else?”

“The show has to be really explicit, as hardcore as it gets.”

“Can I think about it?”

The man laughs.  “No, I’ll send you a link and a password to look at the site,” he said coldly.  “I expect a performance in the next twenty-four hours with your dog, or I send todays show to the cops.”

“So you’re blackmailing me?”

“I’m persuading you.  Remember, I know where you live.”

“Fuck you,” she shouts down the phone and ends the call.


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