Pluto’s Wild Night

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Pluto's Wild Night
Pluto’s Wild Night
Year: 2016
A separated Latino discovers her ex-husband is a zoophile after he’s caught in the act. If he only knew she’s into dog’s too. Poor Pluto, her dog, has to spend a night servicing them both.
Moe Lester
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One night, about a month after getting Pluto, she wakes feeling horny after a hot dream of her ex-husband.  Sexual frustration has become a problem for her too, another side effect of her separation.  Bella is an attractive Latina woman with caramel-colored skin, brown hair with blonde highlights, C-cup breasts, and a curvy yet thin body.  Most men would call her hot, and wonder why anyone would cheat when they had a woman like her at home.  Especially her husbands so-called friends, who started calling her within days of their breakup to ask her out.  However, while flattered by their interest, she didn’t feel emotionally ready for other men yet.  I had better take a shower to calm myself, she thought.  The feeling of arousal won’t leave her, and the water running over her engorged clit exacerbates her need, rather than stopping it.  So, deciding to go back to bed and take care of herself, she leaves the bathroom with water still dripping from her naked body.  Pluto stands in the bedroom, tail wagging, when she emerges from the bathroom.

“Oh, I forgot about you,” she said, patting his head as he licks at her hand.

I’ll have to shut him out of my room while I take care of things, she thought.  However, Pluto suddenly sticks his nose in her crotch, startling her, and making her jump.

Bella pushes his snout aside, saying, “Come on, Pluto, that’s not for you.  Mamma needs some alone time.”

The dog keeps trying to sniff her crotch, he’s smelled the scent there before, yet he has never been this close it.  The only other place the dog has smelled the odor at this intensity is in her dirty panties in the laundry wash basket, only this time the aroma doesn’t have piss mixed with it.  The smell is pure and heavenly to him, exciting him, making him pant and circle her as only a dog can.  His tail is up, wagging purposely, as he swipes at her with his tongue.  The need to taste her smell, driving him wild with animal lust.  Meanwhile, Bella is finding the effort to kick him out of her room harder than she thought.  She finally forces him from her bedroom, however, notices his dog cock is out of its furry sheath, and hangs out red and shiny.  Pluto’s cock is large, compared to her ex-husband’s.  She closes her bedroom door from the inside, glad for some privacy at last, still she doesn’t notice the door isn’t properly closed.

Bella turns on some music, then stands in front of her full-length mirror and admires her body.  Not bad for thirty, she thought running her hands along her smooth sides.  Many men have admired her over the years, and she knows she won’t be single for long once she decides to date again.  The thought made her feel better.  That’ll teach Rod for cheating on me, she said, squeezing a stiff, brownish nipple in her fingers.  She sighs deeply.  If only I could have a man, without the hassle of their male ego’s ruining everything.  Her nipples standout clearly now, and she pinches them gently.  Recalling how Rod used to lick and bite her softly on her erect nipples as she plays with her tits makes her pussy wet with excitement.  She studies the planes of her body in the full-length mirror, drawing her fingertips across the velvety softness of her radiant caramel skin.  Bella trains her eyes on the peaks and valleys of her body, watching the rise and fall of her tits with her breathing, slow and steady under the spell of the soft music flowing from the speakers on the dresser.

“I’m quite the fox,” she said to her reflection.  “Rod will regret his mistake, especially once he stops looking at his new bitch with his cock.  She’s a dog.  I’m a fox.”

She runs her fingers down her belly and rubs her fingers through her trimmed pubic hair, pushing into her fleshy pussy lips and back over her erect clit.  A jolt of sexual energy shoots through her, and her legs suddenly feel all wibbly wobbly as her belly tightens.  Moving so gracefully, she sits on the edge of the bed, leans back with one hand on the top sheet, and the other begins rubbing her clit with circular movements.

“Aaaaaaah mmm, yeah, that’s great,” she moans.

She’s picturing a tongue gently lapping her pussy, barely touching her clit, the light, feathery touch, and she’s barely tickling it with a finger that she’s wet in her pussy juices trying to mimic what a tongue would do.  Her clit is getting harder, and bigger as she touches it, so she applies more pressure as she rubs.  Pretending there’s a tongue flicking over and around, up and down, and side to side of her love bud.  Bella rubs her clit with some firm pressure, really enjoying the sensations.  Her other hand plays with her nipples, treating them a bit rough.  Her hips are rocking as she humps against an imaginary cock, the one in the fantasy in her head fucking her hard, and she slides a finger into her wanting, dripping hole.  She fucks her finger into her cunt and realizes a single digit is not enough, she needs two, no three fingers in her pussy.

Bella grinds the heel of her hand against her clit as she penetrates herself, reaching into her g-spot and rubbing against it.  Withdrawing her fingers from her pussy and greedily stuffing them in her mouth to taste her heat.  She can feel her wetness dripping from her slit, wetting her ass, and dripping onto the sheet.  Now she focuses on the sensations in her pussy.  Concentrating on her clit; her pussy makes wet sounds as she rubs herself.  Waves of energy course through her body as she gets closer to the big finish.  She continues to rub her clit and she feels her pussy copiously leaking wetness.  Bella knows she’s getting close, her breathing is loud and fast, she’s almost there.  Suddenly she feels something warm and moist on her pussy, a tongue.

“What?” Bella shouts and gasps, opening her clenched eyes furtively.  “Pluto!”

In her eagerness to find sexual release, she didn’t bedroom door securely when she ushered the Greyhound out of her room earlier.  Call it human error, or maybe a subconscious desire unspoken, however, here is her big dog licking her pussy furiously.  If Bella hadn’t been so aroused, she would’ve screamed, and probably smacked the animal for being so bad.  However, she is aroused after nearly bringing herself to orgasm with her fingers, and the smell of her sex had been too much for the animal to resist.  Torn between revulsion and pleasure, Bella freezes. But he’s a dog, her mind screams.  This is so disgusting, so unnatural.  Oh, but it feels so good, so good.  Mmm, I’ve never felt a tongue do this, it’s like everywhere at once—inside and out.

“Oh God, what are you doing to me, Pluto?”  The feeling suddenly so intense she has to grab the bed to steady herself.  “Oh, fuck, that feels awesome.”

Bella has never been licked by a dog before, and she loves what Pluto is doing to her.  She closes her eyes as she inhales a quivery breath, and opens her legs further as she shudders with sexual excitement.  Her nipples itch, demanding some attention too.  She squeezes and kneads her tits, pulling at her hard nipples, as dog slobber covers her crotch.  The licking animal now between her legs is the most talented giver of cunnilingus she’s had.  The dog’s mouth feels wonderful on her slit, and she jerks wildly when his tongue swipes her clit.

“Ooh,” she moans, as her hands leave her tits and go between her legs.

She can feel the hot, wet tongue licking her ceaselessly, so she spreads her pussy open with her fingers, making it easier for Pluto to slide his tongue deep into her body.  Pluto doesn’t hesitate for a second, and when her cunt is open, the dog fills the gaping pink hole with his tongue.  Sticky juice is dripping out of her and her pubic hair is soaked and plastered to her pink skin by dog slobber.  She moans loudly as the dog’s tongue worms its way inside her, and the sensation of it lapping her cervix is heavenly.  Bella is overwhelmed with lust and she isn’t the only one.  Pluto’s whining softly as he laps furiously at her overflowing pussy.  His thick red cock has emerged from his sheath and is dripping a stream of precum onto the carpet, however, Bella is oblivious of it.  Her body is trembling with lust, her legs feel weak, and she’s about to cum.  Moaning loudly whenever Pluto’s tongue shoots up her pussy and starts licking her pussy walls again.  Her legs are wide open and her butt is thrusting into Pluto’s mouth as the familiar rush intensifies in her pussy, and radiates through her flesh.

Bella’s pussy gets hotter, and her juices get thicker and creamier as the Greyhound’s long tongue whips the insides of her pussy, driving her wild with desire.  The smell and the flavor of her, is a drug to the beast, and Pluto twists his head from one side to the other, trying to get deeper into her, and find the source of the delicious nectar.  Despite the fact her ass is writhing and jerking about, Pluto expertly keeps his mouth jammed onto her drooling slit, and brought Bella almost to the point of orgasm.  She’s so close, and she humps her pussy back at the dog’s mouth until she screams as a powerful orgasm blasts through her body.  No one will hear her, so she lets loose.

FUCK!  I’m cumming.”

Her beautiful face contorts with lust, her eyes close, and her mouth hangs open.  She shudders and shakes violently as her hands tighten on the sheets, and her knuckles turn white.  Pluto ignores her condition, and licks even harder as her sweet Latina cum pours into his waiting mouth.  She has no idea how long the magic tongue held her in the climax, yet she’s moaning softly, and her eyes flutter.  If she had looked, she’d have seen Pluto sitting on the floor with a hard, red cock around nine inches long, pointing straight at her.  She would’ve also noted that, however patient Pluto is with her, his eyes never left the gaping cunt between her legs.

Bella is much too exhausted to even turn her head, and her breathing is still heavy when Pluto’s patience ends, and he yelps as he springs, lifting his front paws until they’re either side of Bella on the bed.  Something pokes her cunt, once, then again. Slowly Bella becomes aware of herself, the room, and Pluto. The muscular dog stands between her open thighs, and as she looks down between their bodies, she sees his big doggie cock poking her pussy.

“No, Pluto.  Bad dog, bad dog,” she yells as she uses her strength to push him off her, and as he struggles to find purchase he’s easy to get off balance.

Pluto jumps to the floor and circles as if chasing his tail, whining with frustration.  Bella stands and tries to run from the room, however, as she has just had an orgasm, her legs feel weak and sluggish. One step and she falls hard onto the floor, face-first, directly in front of the mirror she earlier used to admire her hot body. Stunned from her fall, Bella feels tears well in her eyes as her body trembles, and her heart pounds in her ears.  Pluto is standing behind her as she manages to pull herself to her knees, her ass is pointing straight at Pluto, inviting him to mount her, though she didn’t know it.  Pluto mounts her, and wraps his front legs beneath her torso with his weight on her back, and Bella can hardly move.  She tries to pull away, but Pluto’s low, menacing growl freezes her in place.

Oh, no,” she moans softly, however, it’s too late.  Bella waits with her eyes clenched shut.  “This can’t be happening to me,” she whimpers.  “Please, God, don’t let this happen to me.”  Something stabs hard at her cunt, once, twice, and she shouts, “Ouch.”  Pluto is thrusting for her pussy and missing.

He’ll find it eventually, she thought.  She reaches beneath her and gently grasps Pluto’s slimy dog cock.  He growls again.

“Good dog, Pluto,” Bella said softly.  “Nice dog.  Let’s play nice.”

He stops growling, and she places the tip of his big canine cock at her pussy entrance, guiding him in, an inch or two, and let go.  Wham!  Pluto thrusts in all the way, and Bella gasps at the instant sensation of warmth and fullness.  Pluto’s cock feels warmer than a man’s cock, the sensation is odd, yet pleasant.  Pluto thrust rapidly into Bella’s moist cunt, his paws scratch at her sides as his body moves on top of her.  Bella opens her eyes and stares at her reflection wide eyed and mouth agape.  Seeing herself in the mirror with Pluto on top of her fucking her madly made the whole experience vivid and obscene.  I like this, she thought to herself.  I can’t believe it.  I’m being fucked by a dog and I like it.  Pluto’s rapid pounding brings her back to a high state of sexual arousal.  She meets Pluto’s thrusts with her own, picking up the rhythm.  Pluto’s cock feels so large, it seems to press everywhere inside her simultaneously.  As she looks between her legs, the dog’s rutting cock is little more than a blur, and she can see his hairy balls swing wildly as he fucks her.  Every inch is pounding into Bella’s pussy, and the horny woman eagerly takes everything Pluto can give her.

Her pussy lips are stretched tightly around his shaft, and she can feel her labia being pulled and stretched as he slides outward, then being pushed inward as he thrusts inside.  She’s full of juice from the dog’s precum, and from her natural lubrication.  Bella can hear the slime slosh about inside her and produce an obscene squishing noise as she’s fucked.  Hot Latina cum flows from of her body and coats Pluto’s balls before dripping onto the floor and as she’s cumming constantly.  Sliding from one orgasm straight into the next.  Bella has never heard of a dog knot, yet through her orgasm, she starts to feel a hard bulge ramming at the entrance to her pussy.  The bulge is only a distraction, however, because Pluto’s cock is still thrusting into her furiously.  The woman’s eyes are closed and her mouth hangs open with a thin strand of drool dripping from the corner.  Her battered clit continues to fire thousands of pleasure jolts through her body making her moan loudly.  Meanwhile, the hard, muscular swelling of Pluto knot is getting thicker, and knocking at the entrance to her slit.

She can’t help but feel it now, and she glances between her legs to establish what’s happening.  Pluto’s thrusts are so fast and hard, however, that her head is jerking in time with the thrusts so she can’t focus on what’s happening.  She feels the pressure of her pussy, stretching open more, and suddenly, Pluto’s knot is inside her.  It rams into her, making her feel as if her tender pussy is going to be ripped apart.

“Oh faaaaaaaark,” she shouts as his knot stretches her pussy beyond anything she’s known.

Pluto pushes his knot inside her, making her squeal and cum suddenly, her body shaking violently as the tennis ball sized knot presses into her g-spot.  The Greyhound, feeling her cunt clamp hard on his cock stops and starts to unload his cum deep into her body.  The feeling of his hot cum filling her womb sends her into another orgasm of equal intensity, and again her body trembles under the force of the pleasure she’s feeling.  Pluto climbs off so he’s ass-to-ass with her and drags her across the floor until he decides to lie near her bed.  Bella is still cumming as she feels his cock pump her full of cum, filling her womb, expanding her gut.  The big cock throbs inside her, and she rubs her clit to bring herself off even more.  Although Pluto’s cock is still spraying inside her, the pressure eases again.  Bella now feels as if she has a watermelon stuck in her pussy, with a squishy wetness too low to be her stomach.  She has no choice but to lay and wait until his knot has deflated.  Bella feels excited, though.  Lying back on the carpet, feeling Pluto’s mighty cock pulsating and spurting inside her, Bella has never felt so happy in her life.  Eventually, she falls asleep, content and satiated.


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