Do Your Duty: Save Mankind!

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Do Your Duty: Save Mankind!
Do Your Duty: Save Mankind!
Year: 2016
On the edge of extinction, breeding is mandatory. But Lily is exempt due to religious reasons, and visiting her sister on the frontier pushes her faith to the limit when she has some bestial encounters.
Moe Lester
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Lily, his wife’s younger sister, is sleeping soundly when Owen finally gets home from a long day on the river, and he thinks it best not to wake her.  He thinks for a moment he might have to, since Buddy (his Mastiff) has never seen her before and might get spooked by a strange person in the house, but the dog is as tired as his master.  As Owen can get out of his wet clothes, Buddy is already curled up peacefully on his sheepskin asleep.  I’ll introduce them in the morning, Owen thinks looking lovingly at his canine companion.  Buddy wouldn’t hurt her anyway, even if they run into each other during the night.  So he sidles quietly off to bed, dying to get rid of a hard-on he’s carried around all afternoon.

“Do your duty, bitch,” he whispers, so as not to wake-up Lily.  “I wanna fuck.”

Ellie, his wife, has learned not to argue with him when he’s in one of his moods, and half-asleep she obediently spreads her thighs for Owen’s satisfaction.

“Hurry, it’s cold and don’t wake Lily,” she mutters groggily to her husband.

“Don’t worry about her,” Owen said, poking his hard cock between his wife’s thighs without foreplay.  “I’m sure nuns know about sex.  Just put it in, I’ll take care of the rest.”

Ellie obligingly works the swollen head of his cock between the fleshy lips of her pussy, rubbing it on her clitoris to get her slit damp enough to keep from hurting her.  Owen feels the bulbous head slip into her tight passage, and rams it home with a quick, brutal slap of his loins against her upturned pelvis.

Ow, God damn, take it easy,” she says, forgetting in her sharp pain Lily is only a few feet away.  Owen didn’t ease off for a second, and keeps pounding his thick cock into her tender cunt until the warm juices made it less painful, and the soft, pink walls loosened a little.


Lily is wide awake, she has been since Owen brought the dog into the house and undressed for bed.  With no reason, she just keeps quiet, and now she lies quietly, almost afraid to breathe, lest they hear her and somehow know she’s been listening to their most private lovemaking.  She fought the urge to eavesdrop, she even put a pillow over her head, yet it was no use.  The sounds coming from the open bedroom door are drawing her as a moth to light, and she can’t stop herself.  Somehow, it’s suddenly wickedly exciting to hear two people fucking, and Ellie isn’t trying to stifle her moans.  In a steady, sure rhythm, Ellie moans continuously, and Lily can hear the bed squeak as Owen pounds her cunt with his big dick.  She can stand it no longer, and as wrong as it is, she has to look.  Crouching beside the foot of her bed, Lily can see easily into their bedroom.  The room is partially illuminated by the dim glow of the nightlight in the hall, so their figures are outlined clearly.  Moving slowly, careful not to make the bed squeak, Lily lowers herself to the floor beside her bed, and crawls to the end.

She nearly gave herself away when she gets her first glimpse of them, Owen hunches over Ellie’s tiny body like some sort of savage monster, his haunches rising and falling as Ellie moans softly her soulful gasps punctuated with an occasional sharp, muffled cry as Owen pounds into her.  Lily nearly gasps herself from the wicked excitement of watching them like this, but she succeeds in covering her mouth before it’s too late.  She can even see Owen’s cock when he rocks back, as it slithers wetly from Ellie’s widely spread slit. His turgid cock is pulling little ridges of pink, ragged flesh with it, as it withdrew from her wet, clasping cunt.  Lily feels the wickedness fan dormant coals of desire in her belly, never in her life has she watched anyone else make love (despite what Owen said earlier).  It isn’t something she would’ve guessed could be so exciting, how wrong she’s been.  Already she can feel a dampness spreading between her clenched thighs, and she struggles to fight the growing temptation to reach between her legs and quell the rising flames of desire as best she can.  However, she knows it’s wrong, and she promises herself, she won’t do it.

Her eyes are wide with amazement, watching as Owen’s buttocks rise repeatedly, his long, thick cock burrowing into Ellie’s wide-open cunt with deep, powerful thrusts.  Ellie’s moans grow louder as Owen’s strong rhythm increases.  Lily fought her desires to touch herself, however, eventually it became too much and she runs her hand over the mound of her pelvis and between her legs.  Hesitating only a moment before she did an awful thing, something she’s steadfastly denied herself for so long. Yet she has to, she has to before this agonizing flame in her belly consumes her.  Gingerly, she touches the damp fleshy crevice between her legs with the fingers of her right hand, then explores for the sensitive, pleasure-giving bud of her clitoris. A shiver of ecstasy races over her body as her fingers made warm, wet contact, and she hesitates again.  Oh, Lord, I can’t, she scolds herself.  I just can’t do this awful thing. Please help me with these wicked thoughts.

But her desire proves stronger than her willpower, and slowly, lightly at first, her fingers caress the throbbing nipple of her clitoris, sending wave after wave of delicious pleasure coursing through her body.  Oh, it feels so good, she moans in her mind.  So good.  So great is her enjoyment, she fails to notice as a shadowy, massive shape creeping toward her from the corner, opposite her bed.  Her eyes are half-closed, as she opens them only for another forbidden glimpse of Owen’s thick shaft pistoning her sister’s hungrily clasping slit.  Suddenly she snaps as if a whip, leaping forward almost half a foot, still on her knees beside the bed.  My God, what is this cold nuzzling between my legs, she wonders, her body trembling?  What is it?

She looks over her shoulder, almost afraid of what she might find, to see Owen’s dog, Buddy.  His cold, wet nose is sniffing between the cheeks of her buttocks, as if searching for something in the nakedness of her exposed thighs.  What can I do, she prays?  Oh, dear Lord, what can I do?  She tries to shoo the beast away, afraid to touch him for fear the mammoth animal might takeoff her arm.  However, the huge dog is determined, and Lily has no choice but to remain motionless.  She quivers with fear as the brutish animal nuzzles her crotch, as if she’s no more than a bitch in-heat.  Her teeth grind, she does her best to remain still, yet every touch of the dog’s nose, sends fresh shivers of fright racing along her spine.  She can’t make a noise, how can she explain this to Owen and Ellie?  She’d never be able to look them in the face again if they knew she’s been watching them like a common voyeur, spying on them in their house.  Not the behavior one would expect of young woman looking to become a nun.

She shivers anew as the dog’s long, pink tongue suddenly lashes out from his lips, licking the sensitive folds of her cunt.  Her whole body tenses, and again she tries to brush the huge animal away, still, he wouldn’t budge.  She even summons enough courage to try shoving him, however, he growls softly yet menacingly when she pushes on his muscular haunches.  She’s hopelessly trapped, there’s nothing to do but remain still and wait for the frightening beast grow bored and leave her alone.  Again, his tongue licks over her puckered anal crevice, coursing down over the fleshy ridges of her quivering pussy, along the deep crevice of her buttocks, and up again past the taut, brown-ringed hole of her rectum.  She trembles in abject terror as the animal licks her crotch from one end to the other, and he shows no sign of quitting.  As if the lashing tongue of a lizard, Buddy’s rough tongue licks repeatedly at the damp, warm juiciness of her womanhood, and she finds herself quivering from his savage contact.  Not from fear, but from something she suddenly can’t control.  A strange sort of primitive excitement emanating from deep within her secret woman’s place.  What’s happening to me, she wonders?  What’s going on inside my body?

Buddy’s bristly tongue races over her clitoris faster, and faster, as the big dog laps the tangy, tasty wetness from her narrow slit, gulping it eagerly.  Lily’s belly is knotted to its breaking point, and she strains to hold back a tortured, relief-giving scream.  I can’t stand any more, she yells in her head.  Lord, please save me.  Buddy’s hungrily lapping tongue snakes deep between the soft, pliable lips of her damp pussy, licking out every drop of her precious juice.  The rough tip brushes over her pulsing clitoris repeatedly, each time sending a convulsive shiver racing along her clenched furrow and along her naked spine.  His long, probing tongue worms into the warm, damp entrance to the mouth of her cunt, lapping out the warm wetness deep inside her cunt.  Her body trembles out of control, she doesn’t know how much more she can take before he licks her to orgasm, and suddenly she knows, none.

Oh, no.  Oh, no.  Oooooh,” she moans as she cums.

She claps her hands over her mouth to muffle her deep, throaty moan and falls forward, her weak, wobbly knees unable to support her weight a second longer.  She lay there, heaving convulsively in the dying throes of her sudden climax, afraid to look up for fear Owen and Ellie will hear her gasping moan, and be towering over her staring down at her with judgmental rage.

She opens her eyes slowly to find Owen and Ellie are still on the bed, Owen’s hips bucking savagely as he nears his climax.  Still fascinated, she watches a second longer, and sees Owen’s buttocks quiver visibly, then an oozing cascade of white stickiness spurts from his swollen, throbbing cock as he pulls it from his wife’s clasping, hungrily nibbling cunt. He drenches her belly and pelvis with a hot, white spray of semen as he groaned loudly.  The huge dog decides to leave Lily alone, and calmly trots back to his sheepskin bed in the corner, as if nothing has happened.  Lily pulls herself back onto the bed with all her strength, still gasping for breath, unable to comprehend what evil has befallen her.  She yanks the blankets over her trembling nakedness and cries herself to sleep.  All the time begging her God for forgiveness.


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