Love Thy Neighbor’s Dog

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Love Thy Neighbor's Dog
Love Thy Neighbor’s Dog
Year: 2016
The Thompson’s just don’t understand why their great Dane, Bruno, is acting so strangely lately. Maybe it’s becasue their neighbor girl has been fucking him.
Moe Lester
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Kylie rang the doorbell at the front and the back door for the past five minutes, however, the only response she’s got is the frenzied barking of her neighbor’s dog, Bruno, playing the part of the watchdog with tireless zeal.  Kylie can hear him clawing at the other side of the back door as she stands, wondering what to do next.  She had promised her neighbors, an elderly couple Bert and Martha Thompson, to return their Thermomix today, yet it appears they’re not home.  She’s about to give up and head back home when a thought strikes her.  Once, she had seen old Mr. Thompson rummage beneath a plant pot on the back patio to find the key.  Impulsively, hoping against hope, Kylie slides her fingers in under the wrought-iron planter, feeling about until she finds it.  Giggling to herself with relief, she unlocks the back door and enters, appeasing the big Great Dane by calling his name and reaching out to pat his large head.

“Easy, Bruno.  Hi, boy.  You remember me, don’t you?  Sure, you do.  We’re good friends. That’s right, boy.”  She giggles aloud as the big animal jumps on her and covers her face in eager dog-kisses. “Whoa, whoa, boy.  Enough already, I can’t breathe.”

When she recovers from her fit of giggles, she places the Thermomix on the counter, then slips back outside to replace the key, locking herself carefully inside the house.  The dog stands eagerly by the door, watching her, his tail wagging like a metronome, his head tilts anticipating what she’d do next.  Kylie can’t help smiling at the lovable animal’s playful excitement.

“You’re lonely, boy, eh?  Did they leave their handsome baby all alone?”  She sat on a kitchen chair, and Bruno immediately sat in front of her so she can pet him.  “I can’t imagine why they’d want to go out when they’ve got a lovable brute like you at home for company. You’re as big as horse.”

She laughs loudly, remembering a taunting comment made recently by her bitchy housemate Sally that she would fuck a horse if she got the chance.  Kylie had little doubt she wouldn’t fuck a horse, yet a handsome animal like Bruno is something else again.  Her face is serious as she recalls how horny she feels today and how she’s had no opportunity to do anything about it.  There’s a nice big toy in her bedside table at home, she uses several times a day.  Bruno is licking her face and neck, and the touch of his warm, wet flesh on her amplifying their arousal.

“You, naughty dog,” she says followed by a sigh.

Kylie has heard rumors about girls doing dogs. Is it possible, she wonders staring at the big black Great Dane?  Can any woman really stoop to letting herself be screwed by an animal?

“Don’t be stupid, Kylie,” she says, shaking her head.  “I think your horniness is making you screwy.”  However, a germ of an idea remains, and her face clouds slightly with the vague haze of building lust.  “Well, may as well look around, since the Thompson’s aren’t home,” she said rising.

She heads straight for the old couple’s bedroom, the dog trotting close at her heels.  The queen-sized bed looks inviting, with its neatly arrays cover of purple satin and a plush pile of blue, green and gold pillows. The colors were reflected startlingly in a large mirror inlaid in the ceiling directly over the bed, making Kylie gasp and cover her mouth with her hand.

“Who’d thought such a charming old couple would be so kinky?” Kylie said to Bruno.  “Imagine wanting to watch yourself getting screwed by old Bert.”

She giggles, and goes to one side, sitting on the bed to feel how soft or firm it is.  Then she lies back on the bed to look at herself in the mirror above, wondering what it’d be like to be fucked like this. Kylie prefers not to wear underwear, as she likes the sensual feel of her rougher outer clothes directly against her skin.  So, in a moment of lewdness, she pulls her dress above her waist to expose her shaven cunt.  Gently, she pulls apart her creamy, puffy labia to expose the pinkness of her inner genitals, and her vaginal opening contracts as she stares at herself.  However, Kylie senses someone else staring at her lovely lady parts, and turns to see Bruno sitting on the floor at attention, beside her.

She asks the dog, “Do you like my pussy?”

Suddenly, as a surge of lust drives her mind, she sits up and pulls her dress off over her head and throws it on the floor near the door.  She’s now naked, lying on her neighbors bed, staring at her body in the mirror, and feeling so naughty her pussy is already wet.  Bruno keeps staring at her body, licking his lips.  She’s strangely tempted to cover her genitals and her nipples with her hands, so penetrating is the animal’s stare.  Amazed to find herself blushing, Kylie laughs aloud to ease the unnatural tension that had seized her, and decides to continue exploring the house.

“What other stuff have they got here, Bruno,” she says, following at her heels.  Kylie thinks it natural to trespass inside her neighbor’s house while being naked, she’s kinky like that.

As she reaches the bathroom, a wet, exciting touch at her exposed slit makes her jump to face Bruno.  The dog is staring at her with something like a smile on his handsome face.  Guiltily, she realizes he must be attracted by the odor of her excitement and has naturally sought to investigate in the manner of all dogs, with his nose.  Even the fleeting contact of his nose on her cunt had felt good, reminding Kylie of the unfulfilled need simmering in her. She’s going to have to quench the fire before long, but first she needs a drink, so she goes to the living room and pours herself a scotch.  The dog’s constant presence at her side is unnerving her, and she’s going to have to loosen her inhibitions before she can bring herself to touch her pussy in front of him again.  True, he’s only a stupid animal, however, there’s something about him, as if he senses her need for sex, and is concerned about it.  Bruno knows she needs a big, stiff cock, and seems slightly amused by her frustration.  She returns to her neighbor’s bedroom.

Lying back against the pillows on the bed, sipping steadily at her drink, she enjoys the almost instant soothing effect of the alcohol.  She suddenly feels good about being in her neighbor’s house with the dog Bruno, instead of back at her place doing boring housework.  She feels a renewed affection for the big dog sitting patiently at the foot of the bed, his massive head resting on the bedspread as his eyes lock on her.

“Come on, Bruno.  Come and sit beside me, boy.”

For answer, the Great Dane leaps enthusiastically onto the bed and clambers over the naked blonde, lapping hungrily at her face until she again collapses in giggles.

Oh, Bruno. Oh, oh. Stop it, boy.  You’re killing me.”

To escape the big dog’s ardent caresses, she rolls to her side away from him, her head buried in her hands, her arms clutching her sides.  Enthused by this new game, Bruno crouches playfully on his front paws, his rear end wagging tirelessly in the air as he tries to nose his way under the protective armor of Kylie’s clenched arms.  His nose bores in at her side until it made sudden, titillating contact with the sensitive surface of one partially concealed tit.

Oh, Bruno.”

Kylie gasps, her cunt suddenly quivers with the reviving heat of her earlier frustrated excitement.  Almost without her willing it, her arms fall away from her chest and she rolls on her back to give the dog easier access to her sensitive tits.  She grips the dog’s head to encourage him to pay more attention to her fleshy tits, however, Bruno needs no encouragement.  As if he knows precisely what’s expected of him, the Great Dane runs his long pink tongue wetly over a lust-sensitized tit, then the other.  The rough surface of his tongue driving Kylie’s nipples to erection.

That’s it, boy. Yes, oh, yes, lick my tits like that, Bruno. It feels wonderful.”

Kylie’s eyes have been closed for the last few moments, yet they suddenly open as the animal’s tongue made one particularly titillating swipe over her aching tits.  Suddenly, she caught the lewd sight of her quivering nakedness splayed out wantonly beneath the massive head of the Great Dane in the mirror above. Their image overhead reminds Kylie abruptly of the forbiddenness of this erotic play with an animal, even as her nerve endings respond more openly to the attentions at her boobs, crying for more of the maddening tonguing.  Seized with sudden shame, even as her tits continue to respond to the avid licking, as her ass grinds lewdly into the satin bedspread.  She reaches to the bedside table for what’s left of her scotch and skulls it.  The somewhat dizzying effect of the alcohol dulls her conscience for the moment, so she feels freer to concentrate on the wonderful sensations coming from her quivering tits by Bruno’s strangely talented tongue.  Kylie wants more of the dog’s wonderful licking, she wants to feel his marvelous tongue all over her naked body.

“That’s right, Bruno.  Yeah, that’s the way, boy.  You know I think I could cum just from this, if you keep at it long enough.”

Kylie reaches to grab the pillows over her head, using them for support as she twists and tosses her ripe sensitive body beneath the tirelessly licking dog.

“Oh, God.  Oh, yes, it’s beautiful.  I’ve never felt soooo naughty.”

This time, responding to the writhing female’s voice, Bruno raises his head from her tits to again lap her face with a friendly kiss.  Instead of giggling and turning her head away as she did before, Kylie extends her tongue in wanton response to the dog’s caress, meeting his tongue in a depraved kiss.

“Oh, what a beautiful tongue,” she moans.

She thrust her tits to rub against the dog’s thick soft fur, reaching a leg over momentarily so she can rub her cunt against Bruno’s strong flanks. She clutches at the pillows surrounding her head, sucking and lapping at the dog’s tongue in a heated parody of healthy human passion.  As her pussy responds to the feel of the soft doggie fur rubbing against it, Kylie suddenly knows what she wants.  Her cunt simply cannot bear to be neglected any longer.  She has to feel the wonderful, long rough tongue working over her sensitive gash, satisfying the frustration that had been burning in her cunt for hours now.

She grips Bruno firmly on either side of the head and guides him down to the pink moist slit that now quivers with the anticipation of his attentions.

“Lick my pussy for me, Bruno.  Be a good doggy.”

She’s surprised by how quickly the dog got the idea of what she wanted, though she imagines her cunt had to be hot enough to be sending out some strong scent-signals anyway.  The dog’s tongue laps over her belly, probing excitingly into the little depression of her navel before it nuzzles at the sparse blonde hairs of her cunt.  Holding her breath, she forces the dog’s head down that bit extra distance until his nose made wet, startling impact with the pert nub of her clitoris, surprising it into quick erection.

“Oh, Bruno, that’s where I need it, boy.  Lick my pussy, honey.  Lick it.”

Excited by her wanton arousal, she hunches her pussy-mound up slightly to encourage the dog to probe deeper into her moist, pink slit.

Oh, ooh, God, yes, oh yes.”

At last the long, rough dog-tongue is sliding excitingly over the waiting flaps of her trembling labia, driving the frustrated blonde to new heights of lustful abandon.

“It feels so fucking good.  I don’t believe how good your tongue feels.  Lick my cunt, Bruno.”

Her body quivers with lust.  Kylie looks at the dark animal head burrowing into her pussy, then up at the overhead mirror, where she surveys the bestial scene with glassy eyes.  Noting how her hair, all subtle shades of white and soft gold, is splayed carelessly over the colorful pillows.  Her face is soft and full with the abandon of total lust.  She sees how her tits seem so swollen and heavy with this unnatural lovemaking.  Her eyes take in her belly, how it quivers and sways and seems to plead for more of the big dog’s muzzle buried so obscenely between her shapely thighs.

Feeling her depraved excitement grow, Kylie spreads her legs even further apart so her cunt is defenselessly splayed before the greedily lapping dog.  Bruno’s long, powerful body is snuggling comfortably between her trembling long, milky legs.

“We make a beautiful couple,” she told her canine lover as she contemplated the contrast between her white skin and the dog’s black furry presence between her spread legs.

Even as she watches their perverted coupling in the mirror overhead, Kylie can feel the arousal growing in her responding pussy.  Her clitoris palpitates repeatedly from the effects of the stimulating tongue.  Her cunt flowers, wide-open to the energetic dog-lapping.  Kylie is riding high on the wings of a perverse sensuality she had never known existed, yet she knows instinctively she’s been seeking all along.  She’s experiencing an excitement and a sense of deep satisfaction missing from all the fucking and sucking she’s ever done.  Now, at twenty, she finally knows what it means to be totally turned on to sex.  To hold nothing back, and to play no games. Simply giving all she has to the intense sensations of the moment, the true meaning of life.

“Oh, Bruno, you’re beautiful.  Lick my cunt, boy.  Do you know I’ve never felt this good?”

Her wanton confession sparks the woman’s need even as she watches the long, pink, talented animal-tongue dart eagerly over the trembling surface of her glistening pussy-lips.  She’s achieved a perverse satisfaction from the bizarre knowledge she’s being made love to, just as she had always wanted, with a dog.  Already she knows she’s going to cum as as hard as she’s ever.  Her hotly gyrating crotch jerks powerfully as she feels the dog’s tongue prod and catch suddenly at the tight little pucker of her asshole.  Momentarily attracted to the nestled sphincter, Bruno laps his tongue repeatedly over her puckered shitter.  Kylie has never experienced anything like this before, and even this weird contact is strangely titillating.  Her dog-lover is already teaching her new tricks, new possibilities of sensuality in the perverse stimulation of her asshole.  She grinds her butt cheeks in little circles against the hardworking animal-tongue.

“Oh, yes, lick my asshole, darling. It feels so good. Everything you do to me feels good.”

The aroused blonde mewls and moans incoherently as she closes her eyes and lets her crotch hunch in tempo to the dog-tongue lapping at her puffy cunt.  Her knees fall slackly apart so she’s getting maximum exposure to Bruno’s clever tonguing, and she does something she hasn’t done for many years.  She sticks a thumb in her mouth and sucks hungrily, while her lust-dazed brain concentrates on the good feeling in her groin.  Kylie is so far gone now, and she realizes anything this strong animal can do to her will feel good.  She’s so horny, so drunk on sex, she’s open and ready for whatever Bruno might choose to do to her next.  This sense of weakness, and helplessness has brought Kylie to a higher pitch of excitement.  She knows it’ll only be moments until she’s flooded by the warm, wild waves of her release.

Kylie’s butt churns repeatedly, furiously into the bed as the dog’s tongue runs maddeningly along the full length of her open slit.  From her taut little clitoris, through the quivering entrance of her cunt, and over the puckered circle of her asshole. The pace has achieved a measured rhythm that’s hypnotizing Kylie with its erotic spell, driving the arousal from the smoldering depths of her belly out to each and every palpitating nerve ending.

“That’s it, Bruno.  That’s it.  Just lick my cunt a little longer, baby, and I’m going to—AAAHHHGGG!

Kylie cums with a fury, she reaches down to grab the fur on Bruno’s head and grind his tongue and nose more tightly into her quivering pussy as warm waves of release wash over her body.  She feels herself floating and opening wide to the sensations as her clitoris finally relaxes and her cunt is momentarily freed of its nagging need.  She lay back against the pillows and looks up at the mirror at the lewd pair reflected in its surface.  As if sensing the woman’s need had ended, Bruno rests his muzzle on Kylie’s crotch and is looking at her with big, brown doggy eyes.  Kylie looks at the dog through the valley between her tits and she’s struck by the extraordinary sensitivity and intelligence that seems to shine there.

“You really are an extraordinary creature; you know?”  Kylie pats the dog’s head lovingly.  “The only problem now is going to be how I steal you away from the Thompsons?”

As the word entered the atmosphere of the sexually charged room, Kylie hears a car entering the driveway and realizes the Thompsons had returned from wherever they had been.  She jumps out of bed, grabs her dress and slips it on, and taking her shoes she runs to front door knowing they’ll enter from the back.  Kylie closes the door behind her and runs over the front lawn and jumps the short fence to the sidewalk.  Putting on her shoes, she casually walks back to her house next door.  Her body is still tingling from the excitement and the beauty of the experience she had with Bruno, and all she could think about was doing it again soon.


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