Peeping Pete

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Peeping Pete
Peeping Pete
Year: 2016
The towns peeping Tom (Pete) doesn’t know what’s hit him when a hot mother/daughter combo move in next door and sunbathe nude by their pool. Then they start having sex with their dog. It’s his dream cum true!
Sheela B.
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Pete Newman, of Wyoming, is fat, ugly little man, and as a result he’s still a virgin at thirty.  To make matters worse, his lack of normal relationships with women, and people in general has turned him into a sexual deviant and he has become known for being a peeping Tom, stealing panties off clotheslines, and taking photos of women in scanty clothing whenever he sees them.  His short, spiky red hair, and pockmarked face of severe adolescent acne, and his potbelly has made him the laughing stock of his community for as long as he had known.  So when some new neighbors moved in next door from Florida, he thought his dreams had come true.

A mother and daughter combo, his favorite, and both hot.  The mother’s name is Peggy, a busty woman in her late thirties, around five foot seven, trim yet curvy, long blonde hair, and sexy blue eyes.  Then there’s Kay, her daughter.  She’s eighteen, athletic looking with a tight body, smaller tits than her mom, short brown hair with amazing brown eyes.  The only problem with his new neighbors is they own a big dog, the beast looks similar to a Rottweiler yet not quite, meaning it’s a mixed breed of some sort.  The dog is black all over, and the ladies call him ‘Dixie’.  Nothing spoils a peeping Pete more than an overprotective dog, yet he had already established several watch posts around the neighbor’s property allowing him to spy on them without being seen.

One day he gets home a little after eleven am and thought he’d play video games once he changed his clothes. While he’s changing, he looks out of the window and sees Kay lying on a towel by their pool.  She’s lying on her stomach, suntanning, however, what caught his attention is she’s topless.  Excitedly he grabs his camera and heads out the backyard to one of his special peeping places that gives a great view of the pool.  He stares out the gap from a loose board in a garden shed roof to see the sexy Kay still lying in the Sun.  Quickly he sets his camera, and zooms into her, feeling his cock stiffen in his shorts as he looks at her tight back and legs.  Kays ass is impeccable, and how he wishes he could lick those two luscious cheeks.

He sets the camera to video her while he waits for her to move.  Eventually, she rolls onto her back and applies more lotion to her front, rubbing the cream languidly over her C-cup breasts and making her nipples go erect.

“Oh, fuck yeah, that’s amazing,” Pete moans as he strokes his cock.

Again, she lies sunning her front unaware her pervert neighbor is taking advantage of her free spirit.  After a while, she stands, and Pete thinks she’s going inside, however, she does something unexpected.  Kay pulls down her bikini bottoms and throws them on the ground beside her top.  Pete’s eyes bulge as he zooms on her shaved cunt, the way her pussy curves with the labia making a camel toe, blows his mind and he zooms the camera on it.  Kay jumps into the cool-blue water going beneath for ten meters, then surfacing to swim a few laps in freestyle.  Eventually she hops out, and returns to her lounge chair, looking around, to make sure she’s alone.

Lying back on the lounge, she spreads her legs and begins touching her cunt sexually.  Pete nearly cums and lets go of his dick so he can savor the moment.  He readjusts the camera and its zoom to capture the whole dirty scene.

“Holy fuck,” he says, his face red.  “This is the best shit I’ve seen in ages.”

With her legs drawn up and opening wider, one hand is between them, stroking herself and making more of those little circular motions, rubbing around a fixed spot.  His eyes are wide, and his hardness more rigid than a tree.  Her body seems to glow, laid out perfectly out for him to look upon in its equally perfect entirety.  The long, young limbs now fully parted, smooth belly sloping, then rising again in a mound, cupped lightly under her flexing hand.  The action framed by her twinned curve of hips, mysteriously rounding inward and up to that wonderfully mobile waist, then out again, curving into a splayed arch of quickly rising and falling ribs.

Both tits now under the stroking attentions of her other hand, are pointing back up at him, nipples like dark eyes moving with the slight rolling’s of her body, alternately lifting to stare directly into his camera, trying to draw his gaze from what the other hand was still busily doing.  His eyes throughout, are solely fixed on the hand between her legs, moving faster now, and in a way that reminded him of his masturbatory experiences.  She’s having a toss, playing with it, bringing herself off, and he has the perverted pleasure to watch every moment of this most intimate action.  Pete just watched her in aching awe, seeing those hands slowly intensify their pace of manipulation, and feeling a familiar pressure of excitement in his chest and balls.  She has drawn her legs up closer now, letting them part, and he can see more easily how her fingers slide over the protrusion of swollen, pink lips.

Pete is stroking again, taking himself with slow, powerful jerks, unable to contain the need.  Under similar possession, she has started trembling lightly, giving a little moan followed by a gasp, as three of her fingers disappeared inside her cunt.  She works them slowly in, and out, and starts to shudder even harder.  His eyes are filled with need, however, he makes sure they stay open enough to watch while she brings herself to quick release.  Her body is moving faster now, as her fingers shuttle in, and out, visibly wet and slippery with the urgency of her desire.

Giving another little cry, her body calms itself, relaxing, then subsiding slowly under a ripple of small shudders, inspiring his orgasm to come out hot, and hard.  He feels his orgasm all the way up the shaft, thick from root to tip of his cock, and ending in a long splash of sticky white in a dribbling line, stretching for a surprising distance on the floor of the loft.

Kay is lying back, her legs hanging over the sides of the lounge, leaving her pink cunt exposed in lurid sight.  Pete loves it, when suddenly she pushes herself onto her elbows and looks around.

“Dixie.  Dixie?  Here, boy.  Dixie,” she shouts and Pete feels confused.

He mumbles softly, “Why would she want the dog?”

The dog came trotting out of the house, its stumpy tail wagging, and its big pink tongue hanging out of its mouth as it pants.

She sees him.  “Dixie, here, boy.”

The dog comes to her and licks her face, making her giggle, then she does the strangest thing Pete has seen.  Kay gives him the fingers that had been up her cunt to lick and he laps them lovingly.

Then she wriggles her butt to the edge of the lounge and pats her cunt, saying, “Come on, Dixie. Do it, lick it, baby.  Lick my hot little pussy for me.”

The obscene thought of what she’s doing inspiring almost frantic jolts of excitement to charge through Pete.  Eagerly he watches, the sight as the big dog moves closer, enough to jell her knees.  Then, unimaginable sensations of frenetic lust stab within him when he realizes the dog’s really going to lick Kay between her thighs. Oh, this act is beyond obscene, he thrillingly thought.  He is, isn’t he?  God, he has to.

He does.

The dog’s long, thick animal-tongue wetly snakes out, curling at its tip as it hotly splays open the fervid, sensitive lips of her pouting pussy.  The tongue licks the seeping, inflamed mouth of her cunt, separating the soft folds, drawing with a scorching heat between them, ending and twisting at the delicate bud of her already quivering little clitoris, and he isn’t about to stop there.


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