Caught In The Park

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Caught In The Park
Caught In The Park
Year: 2020
After Suzy gets caught fucking a dog in the local park by her Uncle, she runs away from home and falls in with a farmboy on the road out to sow his wild oats.
Moe Lester
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Suzy Dawson sits in the old swing on the front porch of the house.  The day is hot and lazy, and Suzy feels the same way.  She has her light blouse open almost to her waist, and tiny beads of sweat moisten the lush swell of her breasts.  The girl licks her lips and thinks how good a tall, cold glass of lemonade would taste.  But she doesn’t dare go into the kitchen and disturb her Aunt Hilda.  The cranky older woman will undoubtedly think of more chores for the pretty eighteen-year-old, and right now, Suzy wants to sit and daydream.

She hugs her knees close to her chest, so her pert ass cheeks squeeze halfway out of her shorts.  Suzy is feeling sexy.  The hot breeze swirling around her ass and pussy makes her think of the stream, and all the fun the locals will be having there today.  When Suzy has woke this morning, the young blonde had every intention of heading to the stream as early as possible.  But Uncle Paul lectured her about her duties at home before he headed to work, and Aunt Hilda railroaded Suzy into helping with a thorough cleaning of the old, but neat home.

Suzy hates housework.  She hates feeling all sticky with sweat from overwork.  The teen would much rather feel sticky with sweaty from the long lazy hours of fucking down by the stream with one of the local lads.  Suzy matured early, and she learned to appreciate the pleasures of her body right from the first time a boy took her out behind the bar and stuck a finger under her dress.

The teen has fucked almost every guy near her age in the small town.  She’s bored with fevered petting behind a building, under a hedge, or in the back of a car.  She wishes something new and exciting would happen.  But, until then, she’ll settle for the lewd explorations down by the stream.  That would sure beat spending the day alone with her old Aunt Hilda.

“Suzy.  Suzy, where are you?”

The shrill voice comes blaring out through the front door screen.  It brings the teenager at once to her feet.  She wanted to ignore Aunt Hilda and her ravings, but Suzy isn’t in the mood for another grounding.

“Yes, Aunt Hilda,” Suzy said in a bored tone of voice.

The girl goes into the house in search of her aunt.  She purposely let the screen door slam shut behind her.  Suzy knows it annoys her aunt.  It’s her one small passive-aggressive way of getting back at the woman for all the torment she causes.

Hilda is a small neat woman with graying hair pulled back in a bun; she storms into the living room.  Her visible agitation makes her small, ninety-five-pound frame loom large in the eyes of her niece.  ‘I’m in for it,’ Suzy thought but said nothing.

“How many times have I told you not to slam that door?” her aunt shouts, her frown etched into her face.  “Where have you been, girl?  Sitting outside on your ass, I suppose, while I do all the work.  I suppose you didn’t hear a thing your uncle told you this morning about obligations and duties.  Paul and I didn’t have to take you in, you know, girl.  We did it for my dear departed sister.  God rest her soul.  It’s time you started showing some gratitude for all we’ve done for you.”

The woman’s piercing dark eyes locked into Suzy’s clear blue ones.  She expects the girl to give an accounting of herself.  Suzy feels cornered.  The girl has no intention of trying to fight a battle of wits with her aunt.  It’s a waste of breath and has tried many times in the years she’s lived in this smug household.  They settle arguments here by the back of Uncle Paul’s hand, and while her spirit stays unbroken, Suzy’s common sense tells her to keep her distance as often as possible.

“What do you want me to do, Aunt Hilda?” she asks quietly.

Her eyes never leave her aunt’s.  It’s the older woman who finally glances away.  The girl’s boldness infuriates her aunt.  The woman has no idea how to deal with such a pretty, willful, sensual girl.  The woman has tried beating the sass out of Suzy.  But it hasn’t worked.  The teenager is still as spunky as self-confident as ever.  Hilda’s blood boils that a mere child can one-up her.

“Oh, so now you’re ready to work, are you?” Hilda shouts.  The woman tucks her arms smugly under her bosom; a grim smile dominates her expression.  “Well, it’s too late for you today, missy.  You can go back to your swing, and you can be sure I’ll be giving your Uncle Paul a full account of your laziness.  I’m sure he’ll know how to deal with you.”

“But Aunt Hilda.  That’s not fair.  I’ve been helping you all morning.  I was sitting down for a few minutes to catch my breath.”

“You were, were you?  And what about your poor, hard-working aunt?  Doesn’t she get to sit down, too?  I’ve been in there scrubbing floors while you’re out there displaying yourself in that shameless costume.”

She reaches for the girl’s blouse, obviously intending to fasten the buttons.  Suzy slaps her hands away and turns for the door.

“You’re just not fair.  You’re no fun.  I hate you.  I hate living here!”

Suzy slams the screen door behind her.  Her aunt’s hysterical screams faded behind her as she runs across the street toward the park that is nearby.

“Hit me, will you, you little devil,” Hilda said with a deep frown watching Suzy retreat.  “Wait till your uncle hears about this.  You’re the most ungrateful girl that ever lived, Suzy Dawson.”


In the quiet of a secluded part of the park, Suzy finds peace at last.  She runs into Homer, the family’s big mongrel dog, on the way across the grass, and it follows her into the trees.  They both stretch out in the sweet coolness of pine needles.  Suzy runs a hand lazily over the dog’s flanks.  She smiles at the dog’s grateful whimpers and darting licks across her palm.

“You know, Homer, you’re the only likable person in this whole fucking family.”

The girl never swore around her strict, puritanical relatives.  But, when she’s angry or excited, the forbidden words help her let off steam.  The girl feels very grown-up when she uses them.  Their sound on her tongue helps reassure her that her aunt and uncle cannot run her life forever.

“Sometimes, Homer, I think I ought to run away from here.  The only hassle is, where would I go?  I don’t know anybody anymore except the people around here, and they’ll bring me back home.”

The voluptuous teenager buries her sandy blonde head in the dog’s black fur.  The park and her aunt and uncle gradually fade from her mind.  She imagines herself far away.


Suzy has no idea how long she slept.  She decides it’s probably only a few minutes, for the daylight seems as bright as before.  For a moment, it doesn’t register on the girl what awakened her.  Then a tingle runs through her body again.

Mmmmmmmm, feels good.”

Suzy’s body partially wraps around the dog’s, her face against its belly, her pussy in front of its face.  Homer detected the tantalizing aroma of her pussy inside her short shorts.  The dog’s tongue licks in between her thighs, toward the cloth-covered cleft.  The sensation makes the teenager’s body tremble.

Ooh, Homer, baby, what are you doing to me?

Suzy knows what the big animal is doing.  It’s turning her on.  More than once before, in her times of greatest need, she’s let Homer lick her pussy.  The dog is familiar with her savory, intimate aroma.  It’s only natural for the mongrel dog to seek it out when it’s hovering so close.  The disgruntled schoolgirl makes a quick decision.  Her whole summer’s day ruined, and her uncle will punish her tonight anyway, so why not take a few minutes of pleasure?  Why not let the dog make her feel good, the fantastic way it has before?

At once nervous and excited, Suzy slips her shorts and panties down over her firm ass cheeks and her shapely, tanned legs.  She positions herself shamelessly on her back, with the dog’s head between her wide-open thighs.  Her wet, tingling pussy is easily accessible to the animal.

“Come on, Homer.  Make me feel good,” Suzy urges the dog.

The dog responds at once to the girl’s lewd encouragement.  Its long tongue snakes out and licks wetly up from Suzy’s tight-puckered asshole to her swelling clit.

Ahhhhhhh.  Oh God, yes, that’s the way.  Lick my pussy, Homer.  Lick me.

All her day’s frustration disappears as the sexy young blonde gives herself totally to the dog’s eager tonguing.  It provides the teenager with a perverse sense of satisfaction to know how depraved her present excitement is.  It’s like an ultimate, flagrant violation of everything her aunt and uncle stand for.  Though they must never know about her secret lusts, she experiences a delightful satisfaction in shocking their ethics, if not the people themselves.

While her fingers grope eagerly at the pine needles piled around her, Suzy humps her pussy toward the dog’s face.  The cold shock of its nose against her clit makes her shriek with delight.  The girl struggles to suppress her wanton cries, for fear somebody might hear them in the park.  But the moans still bubble from between her softly parted lips.  Her eyes film with the dreamy haze of unseeing arousal.

Mmmmm, Homer, I love the way your tongue feels on my pussy.  Ooh.  What a nice, slippery tongue…

The girl can imagine no sensation sexier than that slick swirling tongue bringing the blood pulsing to her growing clit.  The small organ aches for more of the tantalizing attention.  Suzy opens her thighs as wide as possible and coaxes Homer’s tongue deeper into her seething pussy.  As fast as the dog can lick, her eager pussy oozes more of her thick tasty juices.

Oh, I need it so bad…

The more aroused the young blonde grows, the more she wishes she had a stiff cock to plunge deep into her aching cunt.  Then she notices the gigantic red erection protruding from the dog’s loins.  Homer’s standing between her legs now, his cock swelling in direct proportion to instinctive arousal.

“Oh, Homer, you’re excited too?” she said with quiet wonder.

The blonde can’t take her eyes off the animal’s long, tapered cock.  Her mind is working furiously, trying to rationalize the lewd plan taking shape there.  She wants cock, and Homer has just what she needs.  Of course, it’s a dog’s cock and is weird looking, but it might feel good, and she’s so horny today.  The more she thinks about it, the more Suzy’s greedy little pussy throbs for that red pointy dog cock.  It’s lewd, totally perverse to even think of letting a brute animal plow its stiff beast cock deep into her tight young human pussy.

Aunt and Uncle would never approve,’ she thought.

An expression cross between a mischievous grin and a lecherous leer crosses the young beauty’s features.  She has hit on the very best argument for letting this big friendly animal mount and fuck her.  It’ll be even more depraved than letting the dog lick her pussy, and so Suzy hopes, it’ll feel at least twice as good as regular sex. She’s trembling with her boldness, as the girl maneuvers onto all-fours in front of the confused dog.  She wriggles her shapely ass cheeks at the dog, encouraging it to close in on her eager bait.

“Fuck me, Homer,” she moans through clenched teeth.  Suzy cannot remember ever having been this excited.  “Fuck my pussy, boy.” Her tone becomes more pleading, more urgent.  “I need it so bad!

The dog’s aroused enough to follow its instincts and mount the girl.  The smell of pussy and the girl’s posture strikes a responsive note in the dog’s mind.  It at once lunges forward, looking for the hot, tight receptacle for its blood-hardened cock.  The feel of the dog’s furry forelegs wrapped tight around her hips makes Suzy quiver with excitement.  She tilts her ass as high in the air as she can get it, trying to help the dog find her cuntal entrance.  Several times, the big mongrel dog thrust forward, missing her wet little hole.

At last, with desperation, the girl grabs the dog’s slick, tapered cock.  She guides it to her vagina and allows the dog to soar far inside.  When the dog feels her velvety cuntal walls clasping its cock, it shoves brutally forward, and its ramrod cock sinks to the hilt in her vagina.  Suzy’s first sensation is pain.  The dog’s entry so quick and savage it seems to rip her cunt apart.

AHHHHHHHHHHH.  It hurts.  Stop.  Stop, Homer, stop…

She tries to wiggle away, but the dog holds its forelegs tight around her waist and skitters forward on hind legs to keep up with her.  The dog shoves its cock fast and deep into her teen cunt.  The dog’s tongue lolls from its mouth as it begins its awkward animal fucking.

At first, the thought she’s not going to be able to get away from the sexually excited pet frightens the girl.  But even before the tears gathered in her eyes have a chance to fall, she falls prey to a new sensation.  It feels good.  Wonderful.  The hard, deep-lunging strokes forced her to give up all thought, all consideration of what’s happening to her.  Suzy can only feel.

Ooh, God Homer.  It’s good.  It’s good.  Ahhhhhhh…

She rotates her hips shamelessly, thrusting her pussy back at the dog’s tirelessly pumping cock.  Suzy closes her eyes and envisions the lewd scene of which she’s the center.  A young, pretty, half-naked girl, kneeling in the park while a dog fucks her cunt.  It’s wilder than anything she’d been able to contrive and feels better than she ever imagined.  All the sexy blonde’s experience so far has been with boys her age.  She’s known nothing of this kind of hard-driving, seemingly tireless fucking that brings her cunt to the highest peaks of pulsating arousal and then takes her higher still.

Oh, God.  Mmmmm.

In a burst of wanton passion, the young teenager is making up for all the frustration and tension in her unloving home life.  All care seems to disappear.  Suzy’s full womanly ass cheeks thrust back again and again against the dog’s loins.  The girl loses all track of time and place.  She does notice for an instant, though, that the light seems to be fading.  It’s getting near suppertime.  She’ll have to go in and face her punishment soon.

Nevertheless, it’s too early to think of that.  Suzy wants more dog cock; she wants her vagina reamed by the time Uncle Paul gives her a beating.  The girl wants to be feeling so good that nothing can hurt her.

Oh, fuck me.  Fuck me, Homer.  God, it feels good.  It feels wonderful…”

While the unnatural pair writhed in heated coupling in the park, a tall, slender figure watches from behind some pine trees.  Paul Jackson stares wide-eyed and mouth agape at the obscene sight.  ‘My troublesome niece has outdone herself this time,’ he thought.  ‘It’s bad enough Suzy’s known as the town tramp; she’s now letting a dog fuck her.

The man’s penis is pulsating in his pants in response to the perverted vision in the park.  For a moment, the plumber entertains thoughts of chasing the dog away and shoving his cock into Suzy’s tight young cunt.  But his wife, Hilda, is waiting at home for him to bring the girl back for dinner.  He doesn’t dare risk discovery and eternal shame.  Besides, Paul’s sense of morality tells him such behavior is unforgivable.

Nevertheless, Suzy will suffer tonight for her sins and Paul’s frustration.  ‘She’ll feel the beating stick tonight.  That’s for sure,’ Paul thought.  Yet Suzy’s mind is only currently concerned with the beating stick now owning her cunt with bestial brutality. The red cock is expanding and growing still, the knot getting larger that it makes a slapping sound as it pounds into her tight pussy lips trying to find an entry.

Omigod, what is that thing?” Suzy moans as she feels the growing knot slip inside her cunt for the first time.

Now her pussy lips have stretched for the round ball of canine cock flesh. The knot slips in and out for a while as Homer thrusts.  Suzy sees stars as the knot grows ever larger, stretching her cunt to what she fears is the breaking point.  Eventually, the knot gets too large to slip out again, tying the cock inside her body.  The knotting at once changes the mongrel dog’s fucking motion to short, uneven strokes.  Its balls are slapping her clit with each thrust.

Oh, God.  I’m cumming.  I’m cumming…

The girl thrust her hips back wantonly as she feels the animal shooting its hot load deep into her spasming cunt.  At last, Suzy has a reward.  Now she can face her aunt and uncle with renewed strength and fire.  As she stays in this position, feeling the hot cock pulsate inside her belly and the semen filling her, she rubs her clit and brings about several more powerful orgasms.  Her body is shaking, sweating, and steam rises from her skin.

Ahhhhhh.  Ooooooo.  Omigod.  So Good…” Suzy moans as multiple orgasms rack her teenage body.


The girl doesn’t know how long it was before Homer pulled his cock and knot from her quaking cunt, but she wakes still lying on the pine needles in the park in a post-coital haze.  Standing before her is her Uncle Paul, his face dark, frowning, and eyes glowering.

“Get your clothes on, girl, before I whip you right here and now in the park,” he shouts with a red face.  “You’re a shameless child of the devil, Suzy Dawson.  You can try to ask God’s forgiveness for this, but I doubt you’ll ever get it.”

Suzy is up and dressed in the wink of an eye.  Sheer terror makes her act without thinking.  The tone of her uncle’s voice and the looming threat of punishment carries her to the house and bedroom.

“And you stay there, girl, until we call you,” her uncle’s voice bellows after her.

She can hear man and wife talking together downstairs, but Suzy cannot hear what they’re saying.  Slowly, her heartbeat returns to normal, and Suzy examines the shocking incident of her discovery in a whole new light.  It has been the very spur she needed.  Suzy isn’t going to let that nasty older man get his kicks out of beating her black and blue tonight after he enjoys his dinner and cigar with smug self-satisfaction.  Now, Suzy knows, they’ll believe the cold treatment they have always given her was justified.  She’s terrible, and they’ll enjoy making her suffer for her sins.

“Well, they’re not gonna get the chance,” the girl grumbles.

Her mind made up; she acts quickly and confidently.  Suzy stuffs a few belongings into a knapsack and her five-hundred-dollar savings.  She makes a rope of her sheets and makes her way down to the ground.  While her uncle and aunt are still deciding what fate will befit a girl who’d fuck a dog, Suzy Dawson dashes off into the growing shadows of night.


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