The Junkyard Dog

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The Junkyard Dog
The Junkyard Dog
Year: 2020
Jacob is a car nut but also very gay and loves to dress up as a girl, and one day he decides to play a prank at the local junkyard that changes his summer irrevocably.
Jack Morningwood
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Mack is in the yard when Jacob tiptoes through the gates on his white platforms.  Not the best choice for a junkyard, but he knew his two admirers would appreciate it.  The bald Mack came over, wiping his hands on his overalls, and exchanged a hello.

“How can I help you, young lady?” Mack asks with a slight frown.  He’s not used to seeing attractive women in this place, except in a girlie mag.

“My brother Jacob sent me to pick up some part for his rusty old Caddy,” Jacobs said, shaking his head haughtily.  “If he doesn’t get it today, the world will end or something.”

“Oh, you must be Justine, Jacob’s sister,” Mack said, suddenly smiling.  “Bubba told me he met you, and he was right, the family resemblance is strong.  Yeah, we got it for him, but it’s one of those rare ones that all the restorers want.  We’ve already had five offers for it today for three times the price we quoted Jacob.”

“Why didn’t you sell it then, if they were offering you more money?”

Mack shrugs.  “Jacob is a good kid.  We wouldn’t do that to him.  Anyhow, Bubba’s out, and the part’s still in a car,” he said.  “If you can hold the spanner at the dashboard end while I undo the back, you can take it.”  Jacob agrees to try, but before they can start, the office landline phone rings indicated by a big bell clanging on the outside of the portacabin.  “Hang on, sweet pea.  I’ll go answer that.”

The bald man returns with a grimace on his face.  “Sorry, love, I gotta do an urgent delivery.”

“What about the part?” Jacob asks, pointing to the old Caddy.

“Bubba will be back real soon, so if you want, help yourself to a coffee and cookies and wait.  You’d be doing us a favor too if you’d answer the phone and take some messages.”

“Well, given how nice you are to Jacob, I suppose that’s alright.”

“I’ll close the gates, so customers won’t bother you,” Mack said, putting a box in the back of his pickup truck.  He gets in and starts the motor.  Before the bald man drives off, he said, “Bitsa’s in the back, leave him there if he bothers you.”

As the pickup drives out, the gates start to close from some remote Mack had his vehicle.  Jacob watches it shut and then goes to the portacabin.

“What a pain in the ass,” he said.


Closing the door behind, Jacob enters the cabin and goes to the dirty kitchen.  Bitsa lies sleeping on some old blankets at the back and makes no move as he makes a cup of coffee.  Jacob’s heart is beginning to beat faster as the lad decides to experiment with his canine fantasy. He put down the mug and stoops to ruffle the head and neck of the big brown dog.  It rouses, shuffles to its feet, and shakes itself.

“Hi, Bitsa, how are you boy,” Jacob said patting the big dog

Unlike their previous meeting, the mutt shows no immediate interest in Jacob.  The man in woman’s clothes guides its nose between his legs until it’s only separated from his cock and balls by the thin nylon of his panties.  Slowly, Bitsa begins to take an interest, pushing his nose hard against Jacob’s genitals, trying to force those legs apart.  The gay man trembles worried the dog might bite his cock, so is trying to take it slow, yet Bitsa seems friendly enough.   The beast is just excited and beginning to dribble dog drool down Jacob’s smooth legs.

Breaking away from the dog, the teen makes sure the front doors locked, then slipping off his panties, he kneels with his face and elbows on the couch and his behind in the air.  ‘This’ll be more natural for the dog,’ he thought.

After a few minutes, Bitsa pads over to him and finds his asshole with his nose.  Jacob feels the course tongue hot on the entrance to his ass, making tentative stabs at the crease.  Then with increasing confidence, Bitsa begins to lap harder, scouring the sides as though cleaning its dog’s bowl.  The gay man feels dirty and high at the same time, the force of the dog’s foraging into his rear, pushing him into the stained couch.  Despite its enthusiasm, the dog’s not quite hitting the spot, so Jacob rolls over so he can guide the dog’s head and make sure those rapid strokes of a firm tongue have the maximum effect.  Bitsa’s growing excited lapping deep into Jacob’s butt, panting with expectation.

Looking at Jacob to make sure it isn’t doing something wrong, the dog’s licking all over his balls, hard cock, and ass.  It feels amazing.  The man’s slowly stroking as he doesn’t want this to stop yet.  That’s when he notices the dog’s red cock poking out of its sheath.  Jacob decides he’s brave enough to try what he’s been fantasizing about for the last few weeks.  The man grabs Bitsa’s front paws.  Pulling the big dog up onto his back, he reaches back and starts stroking the dog’s red cock.  The mutt immediately starts humping the air, so Jacob points the tapered tip at his puckered asshole.  He feels the dog stab his inner thigh three times with his bony feeling cock before it finds its mark.  Once Bitsa feels the warmth of Jacob’s bowels around his red cock, the dog thrusts like a maniac.  It jams a good five inches of dog cock up Jacob’s ass in one hard hunch.

It feels as if something huge is splitting the teen in half.  But Bitsa doesn’t care.  All the dog cares about is impregnating its new bitch.  With an almost mindless ferocity, Bitsa pummels Jacob’s poor little asshole with his cock.  Then he feels the cock start getting bigger.  ‘The knot,’ Jacob thought.

The man’s hard as hell and relentlessly pumping his cock with his right hand as the dog’s pounding his asshole with a speed Jacob never dreamed possible.  That’s when something starts bumping against his anus with every thrust.  Bitsa pounds Jacob’s ass as if he’s a bitch in heat. Which, now, he is.  As the dog’s cock grows, he feels the knot expanding.  Too late, the man tries to reach back and stop the knot from entering.  Just as Jacob’s about to grab the knot, Bitsa sinks it into his belly.

The mutt wraps its paws tighter around Jacob’s waist and proceeds to drive its cock, knot, and all, as deep as it can.  All Jacob can do is stroke his cock and rock back into the dog’s thrusts.  Bitsa thrust a few more times before the knot gets so big it can’t move anymore.  Jacob’s cock’s pouring pre-cum now from the prostate stimulation.  That’s when Bitsa buries his cock into the teen one last time, as far as it can go, and then stands still.  Jacob feels Bitsa start to ejaculate for real.  The dog’s cock continues to grow inside the man’s ass as it spurts doggy semen deep into his bowels. It’s a little uncomfortable, but the pressure on Jacob’s prostate has him dripping all over the floor.

The gay man moans loudly and rocks back against the dog’s cock.  The cock keeps getting bigger and bigger, or at least, that’s how it feels inside his belly.  ‘Just how big is he,’ Jacob wonders?  The biggest cock to fuck his asshole was nine inches, and this feels bigger.  It feels like a baseball bat shoved up his ass, and it keeps getting bigger.  Bitsa finally starts squirming around, trying to turn away from Jacob.  It hurts!  But eventually, the dog turns, so they’re ass-to-ass.  That’s when the mutt starts a gentle tugging, and Jacob climaxed, exploding everywhere.

The two tied for a long time.  Jacob can feel the dog’s semen shooting deep into his belly.  Every spurt like hot water shooting through his bowels.  The dog’s giant knot is putting constant pressure on his prostate.  Jacob climaxes several times, without even touching his cock.  Every time the dog tugs to see if it can pull free heightens this prostate pressure, and Jacob realizes he was right about the knot stimulating the male g-spot.  His whole body’s shaking, his arms are going numb from holding himself up.  He’s sweating profusely now, and the dog’s cock is getting uncomfortable in the man’s ass.

It’s in this situation Jacob hears the gates squeak open and the sound of Mack’s truck pulling into the yard.  A few moments later, the door opens, and Mack steps into the portacabin.

“Hey, Justine, were there any calls while I was out?” he shouts as he comes in.

Then the man gasps as he takes in the scene.  Both the dog and Jacob look at Mack simultaneously.  The dog starts to move toward the bald man trying to drag Jacob with him, but because the gay man grabs the couch and holds on with all his might, the dog doesn’t get far.

“Fucking hell,” Mack said wide-eyed.  “I thought you might be a randy bitch, but fucking a dog, you’re shitting me.”

Jacob asks weakly, “The knot’s been in me for ages, how much longer do you think it’ll last?”

The way the big dog is standing, Mack can’t see Jacob’s now very flaccid and shrunken cock.  The teen’s balls have shrunk badly after shooting load after load onto the dirty carpet below.  It’s as if Jacob’s body has swallowed his genitals.  The gay man manages to lower his skirt some to keep Mack ignorant of who he is.

“God only knows, sweet pea,” Mack said, shaking his head.

Suddenly the dog pulls away, and with a plop, the knot slips out of Jacob’s asshole, and a stream of fluid runs from his gaping anus onto the dirty carpet.  The dog immediately laps the nasty mixture away from the floor.  When the cock pulled free, Jacob squealed but had enough presence of mind to pull his skirt down and roll over, so Mack didn’t see his male genitals.

“Motherfucker, I’ve seen some weird shit in my day, but this takes the cake,” Mack said, closing the door and locking it.

Jacob is sitting on his knees, facing Mack.  Bitsa is beginning a renewed interest in his asshole, trying to get his nose under the skirt, but the gay man keeps the dog away.

“I suppose you’ll be wanting me to keep this quiet,” Mack said with a sneer.

Pushing the dog away, Jacob begins to get to his feet.

“Don’t get up,” Mack commands and moves toward him, unfastening his dirty overalls.

It’s summer and apart from some slightly grubby underpants, Mack’s naked beneath.  He’s skinny but muscular.  Jacob must’ve seemed nervous to the bald man because, as he pushed his underpants down to his ankles, he said, “Come on, sweet pea, a girl who fucks dogs surely won’t mind sucking cock?”

The older man pushes his cock into Jacob’s face, and the teen begins to suck it.  It’s about five and a half inches and medium girth, so not such hard work for the gay man.  Ironically, Jacob would never go with a guy whose cock is this small usually, but given his current predicament, he has no choice.  The dog resumes licking under Jacob’s skirt, but the teen has climaxed too much to find any pleasure in it.  Mack’s cock tastes sweaty with a hint of pee but seems pleasant enough to deepthroat.  Those old hairy balls slap Jacob’s chin as the pink cock slides in and out of his mouth.  Mack suddenly grips his head tightly, and as he convulses jets of thick semen fills Jacob’s mouth.

“Swallow that, dog bitch,” he moans.

Since Mack is holding him tight, Jacob has no other option.  The older man eventually let’s go and steps back as his cock goes soft before Jacob’s eyes.

“Bitsa looks ready for another fuck,” Mack said, glancing at the red cock sticking out from the dog’s sheath.

Jacob turns, and sure enough, the dog’s cock is protruding fully from its sheath.

“Let’s see you two in action,” Mack said with a leer.  “Get on your hands and knees, dog bitch; get ready to retake his cock.”  The teen sighs and obeys.


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