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Year: 2019
Tonia’s mom has been admitted to the loony bin so she goes to her Aunt’s farm to stay, only the farm dogs seem to have a great interest in her.
Moe Lester
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When Beau was gone, Tonia slides the small bolt closed on her door.  There isn’t any key, nothing so fancy here.  She gets out of her dress into a pair of blue jeans and cowboy boots.  Then Tonia pulls a faded t-shirt over her small breasts and stares in the mirror.  The t-shirt shows an inch of her belly but it’ll have to do.  The girl rubs her breasts gingerly.  They’ve been sore all week.  They did that sometimes; it’s usually a sign her period is close.

Tonia turns to examine her profile.  The jeans are tight enough to show her pert butt.  It swells in a gentle curve from the small of her back, and the denim pulls against the two halves of her ass tightly.  Tonia has still not become used to the changes taken place during puberty began.  Her hips are more full and it makes her waist seem as if it’s shrinking.  Tonia puts her hands at the tops of her hips, turns again.  Okay, she’ll go have a look around.  She knows her aunt well enough to realize tomorrow she’ll be sweeping, washing dishes, and hanging clothes—the works.

Tonia clomps down the steps and out the back door.  Her aunt smiles as the girl cuts across the yard to the barn.  The farm dogs come around a shed and bark, stopping the noise as they sniff around her heels.  Tonia remembers one of them vaguely.  Four years ago, it’d been just a puppy.  A big, furry dog with more Collie in it than anything else.  The others are obviously Buzz’s offspring.  ‘Buzz is a funny name for a dog,’ she thought.

“Hey, Buzz, remember me?”

Buzz snuffles wetly at her outstretched hand.  However, when she turns to walk away, the dog puts its long nose between her thighs and rubs her there.

“Bad dog, get away…” She swings weakly at the dog.  Buzz dodges back playfully, and as she continues walking, the dog brushes the crack of her ass again.  Tonia decides to ignore the dog.  She goes through the open barn, remembering the smells of spoiled hay and stored sacks of grain in the bins.  When she comes out on the other side, she’s out of sight of the house.  Uncle Beau has built another smaller barn in a low place between two small hillocks.  It’s meadowland there and Tonia bends to get through a barbwire fence and strolls through the ankle-high grass and wildflowers.  The dogs hurry around her feet.  She sees two of Buzz’s offspring are males, the other a small, timid bitch.

There’s a large pile of hay, covered with a tarp on top, open at the bottom.  Tonia walks around it.  The dogs stop to snuffle at the traces of a rodent or snake or something.  Glad their bothersome affection is gone; Tonia goes down a path she finds.  It’s familiar, this path.  However, she isn’t sure where it’s taking her until she sees the pond.  Rock and sand at one end, thick to the shoreline with low, close bushes on three sides.  She’d gone swimming there three summers ago.  The sun is warm on her bare arms and the pond has a natural kind of privacy.

A way off, in the direction of the farm, she hears a tractor start.  Beau will be doing afternoon plowing.  Tonia sits on a flat, warm boulder and shucks her boots, folding her socks carefully inside.  Then she wiggles her tight jeans down and drapes them on the rock.  Her t-shirt comes next, and the sensation of her long light-brown hair tumbling over her naked shoulders makes her shiver with a strange excitement.  Being half-naked right out under the sky like this is exciting.  Tonia touches the elastic of her panties and then decides to leave them on.  They’re too thin to get very wet, and she’ll feel safe somehow with them covering her loins.

The dogs don’t hit the water until she’s almost thigh-deep in the warm pond.  Tonia didn’t hear them coming, just the splash as they plunged at her from the bank.  The girl turns, amused more than scared.  Her feet go a little deeper in the muddy bottom.  Buzz can’t find any footing this far from shore she knows, and yet when the dog presses its black muzzle against her crotch, it seems to know exactly how to keep afloat.  Tonia pushes the dog’s head away and feels another dog coming at her from behind.

Buzz…Go home…Get away…Ohhhhh!

The sudden warmth of Buzz’s tongue pulls quickly across the underside of her pussy, the contact between the dog’s mouth and the slight chill of the pond.  Even through the silky-thin panties, she experiences keen friction.  Another male is prodding her ass with its nose.  Tonia twists her body to get a hand on the dog.  Buzz whimpers oddly and goes at her crotch again.  This time, its tongue warms the inner flesh of her thigh.  The girl feels like she’s floundering, losing ground against these silly farm dogs.  Tonia swats ineffectually at them and wades for the shore.

Buzz pounces against her back with both paws when the girl’s ankle-deep in water.  The sucking mud of the bottom and the dog’s momentum sends her to her knees with a splash.  In an instant, Tonia feels Buzz mount her from behind, feels something hard push in the softness of one ass cheek.

Buzz…Bad dog…

This is getting ridiculous.  Tonia is red-faced and afraid someone might see her like this.  Of course, there’s no one within a quarter-mile of her.

Nevertheless, the girl still feels terribly compromised.  She crawls up the shore, small rocks hurting her knees.  Buzz is heavy.  The dog’s big paws hang down on each side of her chest, and it hunches at her with powerful haunches.  Tonia can clearly feel the dog’s cock now.  It’s jabbing at the tautly stretched silk covering the crack of her ass.  The other dogs slaver near her face.  One licks her breast.  The dog’s on its side in the muddy water, licking the cold-dimpled nipple, wetting her belly now and whimpering like Buzz.  ‘What the hell is happening to me,’ she wonders.  ‘I’ve never in my life seen dogs behave like this.’  Though Tonia’s wincing and cringing, the touches of their wet, rough tongues are doing something to her.

Get away, Buzz.  Go home!

The brown-haired girl’s trying to get to her feet.  The big mongrel Collie wrestles her down again growling low in its throat.  Tonia feels panic flooding her mind.  She rolls onto her side, kicking out at the soft, hot mouths that seem suddenly to be devouring her.  A dog has clamped one of her ankles in its teeth.  It isn’t biting hard, but the beast has a firm grasp, and when she tries to pull away, the dog tugs the leg up spreading her to Buzz’s attack.  Buzz bobs and weaves between her legs.

Tonia’s panting loudly and she can see the angry, red cock hanging beneath Buzz’s body.  The red cock has pushed out of the furry sheath where a dog’s cock hides except during times of mating.  It’s slender but long, and it glistens with the animal’s juices.

Ooh, noooo…

Tonia claws mud under her fingernails and digs her heels in as she tries to crawfish up the bank.  One of Buzz’s offspring takes her wrist in its mouth and dumps her backward.  Tonia sees the Collie’s head sweep down between her thighs, and the next instant feels the silken crotch piece pull away from her pubes, hears the material tearing.

Buzz…Get away…Bad dog!

The girl tries to close her thighs, but one dog still has her ankle firmly in its mouth.  She manages to get the other knee up, but it’s too late.  Buzz prances away, flopping the crotch piece of her pale pink underwear like a trophy.  Another dog tries to tear the silken cloth apart from Buzz, and there’s a short, snarling scuffle.  Tonia’s panting now, crawling out of the water on her hands and knees.  However, when she feels Buzz’s paws on her back again, Tonia knows this time she’s completely vulnerable, the shreds of silk dangling at her naked pussy.  It’s like a nightmare but happening.  The girl rolls onto her back again and kicks with all her might.  However, she feels weak, just like she always did when having a bad dream.  Buzz plows easily between her poorly aimed feet going for her cunt.

The sensations that roll up her belly make Tonia arch her back, and her mouth jerk.  Buzz pushes his hot muzzle between the clinging lips of her pussy and forces his tongue across her clit.  Waves of tickly thrills course down her legs.  The girl can feel the thick fur of the dog’s neck against the insides of her thighs and it licks her pussy again.  Not more than five seconds have passed and Tonia knows she has to get loose, has to stop this dog from licking her pussy.

Noooo…Omigod, somebody, help me…

The shredded panties are wet now, wet with the animal’s frothing saliva.  They stick against her pubes, dampened the sparse brown curls that line her hot little slit.  The other two dogs are licking her face and breasts.  She isn’t familiar with the friction against one small, pink nipple.  The dog whines, laps, and nuzzled in the swell of flesh.  It’s more than mere affection, more than an overexcited dog.  Even through her mind-screaming panic, Tonia has the strange feeling these farm animals have done this to a girl before.  Their manner seems to hint they’re a little confused by Tonia’s resistance.

If only she can get free for just a moment, get her jeans back on.  However, the two smaller dogs are pinning her shoulders with their paws, licking her like crazy.  Tonia steels herself against the tickle over her nipples.  However, when one dog gets some of her breast inside its mouth and nips down on it, the sharp teeth slide across the areola, and Tonia arches her back from the exquisite sensation.

Ooh, dog, bad, b-b-bad…

Somehow, Tonia gets her fingers into the fur around the dog’s neck and struggles with the strong animal.  Nevertheless, it doesn’t want to give up the hot morsel of breast-flesh.  It’s like a puppy suckling for milk.  Tonia’s mind flip-flops as Buzz put his big paws on her thighs as he feasts on her seeping, steamy pussy.  She can’t stop the flood of juice that bathes her tender membranes, and it’s her secretions exciting the mongrel Collie.  The dog twists its body ecstatically, pressing the cold black tip of its nose deep inside her slit.

Tonia feels her pussy lips slipping around to make room for Buzz to lick.  The dog only licks her clitoris by accident, but when it does, Tonia feels weak all over.  There’s an odd tickling sensation that isn’t anything at all like the times she masturbates.  This is more intense, more of a crazy, tingling itch that builds like an inferno in the depth of her belly.  The girl can feel her muscles contracting inside.  When she struggles to get up again, the effort only tenses her nerves and brings a fluttery, helpless feeling to her belly.

Noooo… Noooo…Get away…Oh, help, help, somebody…

However, Tonia knows she’d be embarrassed to death for anyone to find her like this.  It’s awful.  She can hardly deal with it at all in her mind.  The girl’s only trying to get her body free, get away.  Later the realization of what had taken place will be nightmare enough.  However, Buzz’s tongue is doing strange things to her body.  Tonia feels her belly lurch as another hot wave of aching goodness pours over her flesh.  Her warm, tight cunt seems afire, and the slurping noises of Buzz’s big tongue sound so carnal and taboo.

Yes, it’s happening; she is going to orgasm and what makes it weird is she doesn’t want to.  Part of Tonia is fighting it.  She’s fighting it with her mind as the urgent need swamps her physical being.  It’s a matter of mechanics.  Her needy little pussy can only take so much friction.  ‘A dog is making me cum,’ she thought.  ‘No, I just won’t let it happenIt’s against everything natural.  Dogs are for dogs, people for people.’

Tonia screams, “Get away…Omigod, don’t…Buzz, STOP…

The girl tries to bring her bare feet up to kick at him again.  However, with her knees pulled up against her chest like that, it only opens her slick gash to Buzz even more.  The Collie mutt dances its big head excitedly, burrowing against the thin membrane of her virginity.  That seems to shock Tonia enough for a scream to build in her throat.  Buzz pulls back for a second and when he does, Tonia staggers to her feet, slips back onto her knees as the other two dogs jump against her but finally stands.  The thrills in her pussy are still present.  Tonia can hardly keep her hands away from the flooding, spit-covered warmth now so swollen.

Buzz whines and tries to put his paws on her legs as he jumped around in a frustrated frenzy.  Tonia finds a long stick and swings it threateningly.  The dogs back off, tilting their heads curiously.  They have never been angry, never really attacking her with their teeth.  They have been doing something else entirely.  Tonia is sure that dogs never acted like this of their own volition.  She can’t begin to understand.  Sitting on the flat rock again, she uses her ruined panties as a rag to wipe the mud from her body.  When clean around her puffy pussy, the itchy feeling threatens to swamp her again.  Tonia has to sit with a hand on the stick she found, panting, watching those dogs in case they try anything again.

However, Buzz seems content to watch her from twenty feet away.  The Collie licks the exposed red tip of its cock and makes funny noises in its throat.  Tonia shakes the dust from her hair and tries to straighten up.  When she gets her jeans, t-shirt on, and bends to buckle her sandals, Buzz comes up very meek and doglike again.  Buzz only wants her to pet and scratch him this time.

“You crazy dog…”

Tonia is still mad at Buzz, but the innocent way he begged for affection now is irresistible.  Buzz is, after all, just a goofy, mongrel farm dog that’s probably never bitten anyone and never will.  ‘Had it really happened,’ she wonders?  The other dogs’ circle, mouths open, tails wagging.  They want petting, too.


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