Willow Grove Park

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Willow Grove Park
Willow Grove Park
Year: 2019
Brandi is a sexually frustrated wife who takes it out on anyone she can—even animals.
Sheela B.
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In the house, Sarge, the Phelps’s four-year-old German shepherd, joins them enthusiastically from his sleeping place beneath the kitchen table.

“Sarge is pleased to see you,” Brandi said cheerfully, watching the other girl grapple with the frisky dog, finally managing to wrap her arms around the dog’s neck and hold it tightly against her face.  “Don’t strangle him, darling,” laughs Brandi, the position of the girl having parted the lapels of her white blouse so Brandi can see the melon-like breasts hanging in all their glory.  “Come along, Sally, and we’ll have our shower.”

In the bedroom, Brandi slowly removes her clothes as she watches Sally, and the dog wrestles and plays on the carpet of the bedroom.  Sally’s giving little cries of delight as she tries to catch the animal’s swishing tail.

“OK,” said Brandi a little impatiently, prying her skimpy, bikini-style panties over her hips and down her thighs and legs, before holding out her hand. “Let’s get our shower over with, and then you can play with Sarge.”

The girl obediently struggles to her feet and comes to stand in front of Brandi, her eyes only briefly taking in the pointed, swollen breasts of the older woman.  Then she stands silently still as Brandi’s hands deftly disrobe her, so a moment later, she stands entirely nude and unconcerned as Brandi studies the magnificent body of the twenty-three-year-old woman.  Brandi’s hand comes out and molds themselves over the beautiful breasts, her fingers pressing into the base of each enormous globe.

“These are beautiful, Sally,” Brandi murmurs, unable to believe the impressive streaks of ecstasy now raging around her own loins.  “Just beautiful,” she went on, drawing her fingers upward over the silky flesh until her fingertips are tugging on the stiffening nipples.

Sally shivers then.  She’d been staring down to where Sarge has been laying waiting, the dog’s tail moving languidly from side to side.  Now she turns her face toward Brandi, a beseeching, hungry look in her eyes.

“Yes, you like me doing that, don’t you, Sally?”

The feel of the warm, succulent flesh of the girl’s breasts is indescribable.  Again, her fingers move upward, grappling at the fully swollen nipples and pulling on them in a series of twisting little jerks that have the breasts quivering and straining in anticipation. For the first time, Sally’s face creases into a wide grin and her hands fly out to Brandi’s hips, pulling them against hers until their pubic mounds crush together.

“That feels good, doesn’t it, Sally?”

Brandi squeezes at the fantastic breasts, but always her fingers finish on the fully blossomed nipples. Then, as the excited girl shudders again, Brandi slowly slips a hand behind the trembling young body, running her fingertips down the jerking, straining spine to finally encase and squeeze the firm, round ass.

“Very nice,” Brandi whispers, the burning heat of the girl’s flaming pubic hair sending waves of yearning all through the older woman’s groin.

Sally gives a broken little sob and throws her arms around the older woman’s neck, sinking her face into the warm, soft crease of her neck.  The hand on her breast and the other on her ass are having their usual magical effect, arousing her to the heights of bliss from which Sally never wants to return.  She clings to the smooth, satiny body of her riding teacher as if by doing so, the brunette can somehow stay forever in its warmth.

Brandi kisses the girl’s hair.  “Yes,” she murmurs soothingly, “you’re an affectionate little thing, aren’t you?”

She gently moves her hips in slow, circular motion, her own pubic hair matting against the thick muff of the younger girl.  Sally lifts her face from the softness of Brandi’s neck.  She’s breathing more quickly, and her eyes filled with the haze of lust.  The retarded girl holds her face to one side, her mouth partially open.  Then, with a sigh of relief, she accepts the full sensuous lips of Brandi.

They hold the kiss, Brandi’s busy hands continuing the affectionate squeezing and kneading of the fully ripened breast and the gently squirming ass.  For almost five minutes, the women are content to savor the sweetness of the other’s mouth.  Then Brandi pierces the girl’s lips with her tongue, a darting ache of excitement sweeping through her breasts as Sally moans gratefully and begins sucking, like a child on a mother’s nipple, at the hot, sticky column of Brandi’s tongue.

Neither woman is aware of how long they stand there soaking up each other’s affection.  Brandi suffers the first of a series of mini-orgasms, the thick cream bubbling out of her twitching cunt and dribbling teasingly down one thigh.  She still fans one hand over the curved beauty of the fabulous ass, but then allows her fingers to trail down to the velvety smooth column of a thigh.

For several minutes Brandi strokes and touches the quivering flesh, smiling to herself as Sally suddenly gives a broken sob and folds one knee, bringing the thigh up on the outside of Brandi’s.  A split second later, and Brandi’s fingers are moving again, this time touching here and there along the outside of the gorgeous thigh as the girl mumbles excitedly.  Then, almost indifferently, Brandi moves her hand over the girl’s rounded ass, her middle finger sinking unerringly into the wet gash of Sally’s juicy pussy.


Sally’s mouth burst from Brandi’s hot, wet lips.  She clings desperately to her teacher as the inch of hard, teasing finger begins a to-and-fro motion sending thrilling streaks of ecstasy all through her loins.

Ahhhhh…” she moans again, unable to believe the bewildering little shocks mounting in her cunt.

Sally raises her folds knee some more, grateful when it hangs precariously on Brandi’s hip so the older woman’s teasing finger can now insert itself more boldly in the boiling swamp of her cunt.

Yes, yes, darling,” Brandi murmurs, almost beside herself with growing excitement.  “You’re ready for a good thick piece of cock, aren’t you, darling?”  She squeezes the very end of the enormous breast in time to the rhythm of her finger in the clutching little cunt.  “I wish I knew where to get some,” Brandi said dreamily, “I could do with about eight or nine inches myself.”

Brandi keeps her finger working in and out of the clutching little pussy lips, occasionally surprising the girl by deftly touching the little clit, which will spring back eagerly for more attention.  Each time she does so, Sally thrusts her young, warm hips jerkily in a spasm of joy.

“Yes, my darling,” Brandi whispers, as the excited girl thrust again, “you’re awfully excited today, aren’t you?  And so, affectionate.”

The girl’s hands are erratically roaming all over Brandi’s back and sending wild, uncontrolled shivers all through her veins.  She moves her hand from the magnificent breast to Sally’s shoulder.  Then, she exerts enough pressure to reassure the girl who, with a broken sigh, slowly falls to her knees, shivering and trembling with unmitigated lust.

“Ah, I see what you want,” Brandi murmurs dreamily, the sight of the beautiful young woman naked on her hands and knees sending another wave of lust through her loins.  She straightened up, squaring her shoulders without thinking, and put one hand on the girl’s head.  “You wanna make love to me, don’t you, darling?”

Brandi spreads her feet some more, to give the girl room.  Then, as if guiding a young horse to water, she gently moves the girl’s head toward her trembling thighs, the first touch of Sally’s eager mouth on her pussy lips almost making her orgasm. For several minutes, Sally’s content to nuzzle her mouth against the pouting pussy lips of her riding teacher.  Occasionally, she inserts her tongue between the bloated folds, delighted at the shuddering response her tongue can bring.

Oooooo…Omigod…That feels wonderful,” Brandi moans.

Sally does it more often, Brandi’s urgent cries making Sally more determined and consequently more efficient at arousing the excited older woman.  She wedges her nose against the hard pubic bone, the thin strands of blonde pubic hair tickling Sally’s nose.  Then she industriously licked through the wet slit of the pulsating pussy.

Brandi, meanwhile, is in a daze of hungry lust.  Never has Sally performed so thoroughly, and the yearning for fucking almost makes her faint.  She stares at the gently swaying body of the girl for a moment, moving her hand from the girl’s head and onto the soft, ivory-smooth shoulders.  Then with a startled cry as Sally adjusts her head so the girl can face up and delicately lick at the bubbling cunt, Brandi runs her hands over the shimmering beauty of the girl’s back, crouching over to reach the softly rounded ass.  A moment later, and she has inserted her finger into Sally’s gulping cunt, the pussy lips appearing to suck at the finger and try to suck it inside deep.

For several minutes, Brandi works her finger in time to the darting, teasing tongue.  An orgasm burst with unexpected fury in Brandi’s cunt, almost drowning Sally, who hadn’t been expecting it.  Then, as if to get even, Sally’s hips work furiously, a deluge of pussy juice covering Brandi’s finger and dripping to the floor.

Almost immediately, Sarge, who was watching the proceedings with more than a passing interest, slowly struggles to his feet.  The German shepherd’s head stretches out, and its nose twitches from side to side.  It’s several minutes before Brandi notices.  When she does, Brandi withdraws her dripping finger and holds out her hand, a slow, excited smile creasing her beautiful face as the big dog eagerly and hungrily licks at her fingers.

“Mmmm, that’s good, fella, isn’t it?”

Brandi’s hips are now moving in a gentle thrusting motion against the younger woman’s urgent mouth.  “Wonderful, darling,” she moans, now beside herself with excitement and drawing her fingers back from the excited dog as it eagerly follows.

Brandi sinks her finger once more into Sally’s pulsating cunt, the brunette arching herself gratefully as the finger slide effortlessly into the swampy heat.  A moment later, Brandi has extracted it again, holding it for Sarge, who licks at it hungrily.

Beautiful, darling, and so nourishing…” Brandi encourages the dog.

The German shepherd’s nose is now only an inch from the curved beauty of Sally’s ass.  It didn’t notice the beauty, but the scent of fresh pussy juice and the plentiful supply is evident. The dog abandons the fingers, which have taken but a moment to dry, and then with a whinnying cry, it moves to the source of the delicious juice.  A split second later and the dog’s long pink tongue has made its first sweep over the bubbling pussy slit, gathering in the fresh, creamy liquid and filling the tormented animal with an urgent desire for more.

To Sally, the brush of the tongue is no different from the previous stroking of Brandi’s finger.  Then the second, more deliberate sweep of Sarge’s tongue, including a deep penetration of her aching, yearning cunt, and she gives a slight, pleading groan.  A moment later and the excited animal learned the most successful way to retrieve a sufficient supply of the delectable liquid.  Only then does Sally fully appreciate the deep, penetrating insertion of a long, unbelievably spongy tongue in her cunt. She holds her tongue between Brandi’s swollen pussy lips as a wave of excruciating ecstasy sweeps up to her breasts.  The dog’s tongue is ravishing her thoroughly, and she can’t be sure she can endure the mounting excitement.  Faster and faster, the sliver of hot, meaty tongue sweeps up and down her quivering cunt, reaching and reaching ever farther and higher to lick and suck at the flow of fresh cream.

Ahhhhhhhh…” Sally groans, almost passing out and arching her back, even more, to give the dog’s flicking, darting tongue more room.

Brandi’s so excited her orgasms are bursting in wild abandon.  Sally has done an excellent job of lapping up the flow of pussy cream, but now the brunette is merely kneeling there, her mouth at the swollen, quivering pussy lips, but merely holding her mouth rigid as wave after wave of pleasure burst in her own cunt.  Brandi promptly reaches to either side of the girl, her hands going under to where the magnificent breasts are hanging, their big nipples like huge nuggets.  With a cry, Brandi catches at the nipples, unmercifully twisting and pulling on them, the girl beneath her going into a series of shudders as the dog, sensing the urgency now mounting, begins a rapid, darting flurry of penetrations with its tongue.

For some reason that baffled her, Brandi left one swinging breast and reaches for the dog, her fingers closing on the collar to pull and yank at the startled animal unwilling to leave the bountiful supply of juice.  A few seconds later, and the dog is staggering, tripping and falling between the legs and feet of the kneeling girl, the hot pussy juice dripping from its jowls and its forefeet slipping crazily from the sides of the trembling girl’s back.

Brandi has, but a brief glimpse of the six inches of shimmering red cock before the animal’s haunches are nuzzling the rounded ass of the tearful Sally.  It appears to thrust itself avidly against the soft roundness of the beautiful ass in a series of wild lunges as it tries to steady its paws on the trembling shoulders of the girl.  Then, with startling suddenness, the cock finds the cuntal opening, and as Sally cries ecstatically, the long slender cock of the excited animal sinks to the hilt in the hot, wet tunnel of the girl’s clutching cunt.

Marvelous…” Brandi said, not believing what’s happening is real.


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