Sikici Part 2

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Sikici Part 2
Sikici Part 2
Year: 2019
Beck Bennett is a nasty man who breeds nastier dogs. Three women are now trapped in his dog raping clutches and escape seems impossible. Something has to give if these women are to be saved from all this dog cock.
Moe Lester
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When Sara doesn’t show a half an hour later, Grace drives back to town.  Sara’s nowhere around.  Grace even searches the side streets and stops at the local bar they often hang out to find no one has seen her until old Billy Matthews pulled into the drive-through bottle shop in his truck.

“Yeah, she wanted me to take her out on the highway west, you know.”

He’s looking at himself in the mirror.  Grace cannot seem to make him understand how urgent the situation is.

“Well?” Grace said with a deep frown.

“What ya mean…well?”

“Where is she?”

Billy gives his rearview mirror a smile inspecting his white teeth.  “Oh, she wanted out by that old road that leads up to Beck Bennett’s place.  She was acting weird if you ask me like she’d been smokin’ hooch.” He pouts.  “That stuff will rot your brains, Grace.”  He stares at Grace with hard eyes.  “Leads to harder stuff too, I reckon.  You should stay away from it.”

The brunette rolls her eyes.  “See you later, Mr. Matthews, thanks for the info.”

Grace gets back into the Mustang and leaves.  She stops by her house long enough to get a canteen and shove a few things into a small backpack.  The suns still an hour from going down when the brunette reaches the rutted lane, almost hidden from the main road.  However, she drives past and pulls off into a parking area beside a litter barrel.  She hides the car keys under a mat, hooks the backpack over a shoulder, and runs through the woods.

Her mind is swirling with scary possibilities.  She feels shaky all over and has no idea what’s going on in her girlfriend’s mind, but it’s getting weirder by the second.  Grace knows she might be backing herself into some kind of bizarre bestiality orgy.

Why didn’t she speak to me about it,’ Grace wonders, as she jogs through the woods.  ‘She always tells me everything.  I don’t care if she’s got the hots for dog cock now, but to put yourself in danger for it is stupid.’

Grace jumps over a fallen tree and starts around a low hill, her heart is pounding as much from the uncertainty of the moment as her exertion.  Sara stared at that black dog in the back of Beck Bennett’s truck for a long time.

She was probably remembering.’

Grace feels a sympathetic surge of juice between her legs.  She tries to imagine what it’d feel like to have intercourse for the first time with a dog.  That big animal had broken Sara; the incident was traumatic to the girl in more ways than just a regular rape.  Grace stops and listens.

Was that the yelp of a dog way off somewhere,’ she wonders?

She moves slower, trying to remember how far she’s come.  However, in the woods, it’s hard to keep directions straight.

Oh, Sara, why didn’t you tell me where you were going?

Grace just about guesses why.  Though it’s hard to accept, she can only think Sara wants to be close to that enormous dog again, that big tawny monster that held her down and fucked her until she bled.  She stops again.  This time Grace is sure she hears something through the trees.  She goes up to a big rock and peeks over the top.  Below she can see Bennett’s compound and the dog pens behind.  The sun is going down behind the tops of the pines.  She snags her backpack higher and edges down the slope to the protection of another big rock.

There seems to be no sign of movement, nobody around.  Grace can see a few big dogs in the pen but not Sara.  She circles the side of the hill, careful to stay well out of sight.  The brunette has on clothes that blend well with the background of trees and rocks.  However, suddenly, the dogs begin to yelp, and she spies more of them coming out of the kennel.  They rake at the enclosure with their paws, howling and jumping around.

“The wind,” she whispers panicking.

The wind has changed, blown her scent down to them.  The door slams, echoing to where Grace shivers behind a rock.  When Grace peeks again, she sees the big man with the black beard, Beck Bennett.  He goes to the cages and opens a door.  The dogs rush out, fighting for the lead, and as she expected, they bound up the hill in her direction.  Grace flees.  She falls twice, throws the backpack from her shoulder and runs again.  The dogs are still barking, but now she can hear the crash of them through the brush.

One is very close now.  The air screams in the girl’s throat as she tries to get to a climbable tree.  However, before she’s within ten feet of it, massive paws are against her back.  Grace goes sliding down in a spongy bed of pine needles, the big animal holding her down as the other dogs’ circles around sniffing.

Help…Ohhhh, help.”

Grace struggles to get up, but the dog growls.  She cannot see it but knows it’s enormous.  Then human hands grab her wrists.  The dogs move back, obeying a guttural command from Beck Bennett.  The man’s glaring down into Grace’s face.  He looks like a crazy man.  Then without a word, Bennett’s dragging her back down the hill toward his compound.

“Let me go,” Grace shouts, kicking at him.  “I was just looking for somebody and got lost.”

“You’re trespassing,” Bennett said gruffly.

“I-I didn’t mean any harm, I swear.”

The dogs’ sniff and nose around her buttocks as Grace is half-dragged/half-pushed down the slope.  When they’re on level ground again, she sees the edge of the compound, but Beck takes her past that.  He stops before one of the dog pens, shoves her through the gate.  The dogs that had been pursuing her trot in behind and the bearded man closes the pen.

Omigod, don’t leave me in here,” Grace screams shaking the locked gate.  “Oh, please don’t.”

Grace falls to her knees and clings to the wire with her fingers.  Beck Bennett actually seems to be smiling.  However, she isn’t sure.  Then the man walks away.

Come back,” Grace shouted after him.  “This is illegal, you can’t do this…


The dogs’ nose around her, and she’s almost afraid to move.  When Grace tries to get up very slowly, one big animal puts its paw on her shoulder and growls.  They obviously want her to remain at their level.  The light is fading fast now.  Grace feels cold, there’s a sour taste in her mouth, and all she can think about is escaping this nightmare.

She glances down the dirt run where the kennels are.  They’re big, each one large enough for three of the monstrous canines.  A huge, brown mongrel is eyeing her with particular interest.  When any other dog comes near, the brown mongrel begins to growl.  It’s as if some primitive choosing game is going on, and the big brown dog has chosen.  Grace inches her way along the fence line, making sure, she faces the brown mongrel at all times, yet it pants along close by.

“Nice boy…Nice doggy,” she said, crouching, trying to make herself look smaller.

The dog noses her neck.  Grace feels the hot, stinky breath, the rough slide of the dog’s tongue across her ear.  She’s afraid to push it away, as the woman cannot tell whether the dog’s playing or wants something else.

“Go away, leave me alone.”

Grace wants to get inside one of the kennels.  If she can do that and then guard the entrance with her feet, she might be safe for the night.  The girl can’t get the image of Sara out of her mind of that day at the dam.  Maybe that was an accident; perhaps the dog was overly excited.  However, this mongrel is acting very strange for a dog too.

Just what kind of dog trainer is this Beck Bennett,’ Grace wonders?

She’s only a few feet away from a kennel now.  The brunette inches along carefully, keeping her butt on the ground, sliding her feet and hands to move.  The brown mongrel’s closer than before.  It licks at her knee then growls and noses as if it wants to smell her better.

“Nice doggy…No, don’t do that…No, bad dog.”

The dog’s pushing her down, trying to roll her over with its big muzzle. The woman’s close enough to make a break for it.  Grace plunges through the small entrance to the kennel and whirls to kick her feet at the doorway to keep the big brown mongrel from entering.  The dog barks and growls, but retains its distance.  She won.  Then Grace hears a moan in the darkness behind her.  A noise a dog usually makes it’s not, and her nostrils flare at the sharp, unmistakable odor of sperm.

Ahhhhhh,” a female voice softy moans.

Grace knows her friend’s voice anywhere.  She squints and stares, trying to get used to the darkness of the kennel.  Then the woman sees the faint heart-shaped outline of her friend’s bare butt.  Sara’s on her knees, bottom high.  A big, black German shepherd is licking her pussy.  The dog seems to be enjoying it immensely, taking its time.  The sound of the tongue slurping over Sara’s swollen pussy lips fills the kennel, and Grace can see strings of drying sperm on her best friend’s thighs.

“Sara…Sara, it’s me,” Grace calls in a hoarse voice because her mouth is so dry.

The blonde-haired woman turns her head to the side.  Her eyes are glassy and dull, her mouth pouts sexily, and Grace can see dirt and grime covers Sara’s naked body.

Sara says in a faraway tone, “Ahhhh, what…G-Grace…Grace…Mmmmm…What…Ooh…Are you doing here?

Her ass rocks from side-to-side.  The German shepherd moves around nervously, eyeing Grace as it feasts on the blonde-haired woman’s pussy.  A shiny drop of sex juice trickles down Sara’s inner thigh and puddles in the dust at her knee.  How many times Sara’s been fucked there’s no way of telling.  Grace feels sick.  She can hardly keep from screaming.  However, she has to maintain control.  Something insane is going on here.  The brunette cannot possibly understand it all yet.

I have to keep control, or else I’ll lose it,’ she thought.  ‘My and Sara’s safety depends on it.’

Grace takes in the sight of the German shepherd slithering its tongue directly up Sara’s cunt, making the woman shudder with ecstasy.  She realizes getting her friend away from here might be harder than she first thought.  Sara is into this, big time.

Sara did come here looking for this,’ Grace thought.  ‘This is her dream from last night.’

“Listen to me, Sara.  Listen to me closely.  We have to get you out of here before we lose our minds forever,” Garce said, wiping the tears from her eyes.

The brown mongrel grabs one of Grace’s feet in its jaws and tries to drag her out of the kennel.  She kicks violently, and the dog yelps and dodges back outside.  Grace feels a tiny spot of wetness where she peed in her panties during the encounter.  It’s getting darker and colder too, and Sara has no clothes at all.

“What did he do with your things, Sara?” Grace asks.

The big German shepherd stops licking the blonde-haired woman’s pussy.  It’s growling low and deep in its throat.  The dog’s growling at Grace.

“Whaaaaa?  Clothes?” Sara mumbles.

For a moment, Sara seems to recognize Grace.  Then the German shepherd mounts her suddenly, and Grace sees its cock, sees the glossy shine in the dim light of the kennel.  The red, hard shaft stabs against Sara’s bulging cunt.  The force sends Sara crashing against the wall.  Grace winces as she hears Sara’s head bump the wooden side of the kennel.

“Sara, are you OK?” Grace shouts.

The blonde has fallen with her face down in the dirt.  Her ass is still high, and she’s on her knees, trying to hold herself up for the dog.  The German shepherd thrusts wildly, and Grace sees and hears the hot shaft slipping out of sight into the moist depths of Sara’s cunt.

“Omigod, what’s happening here?” Grace groans, bringing a shaky hand to her forehead.

The German shepherd lunges and thrusts, and Grace heard the slick slurp of its cock going deep.  Sara grunts like a pig, bobbing her ass around in tight circles as the dog cock plumbs her depths.  Suddenly, sharp teeth close on Grace’s calf.  She turns, tries to get the other foot to kick, but the brown mongrel thrusts itself into the kennel.  A hot canine tongue soon covers the brunette’s pussy.

Another dog outside is biting at her crotch.  Grace yelps as the dog pinched the lips of her pussy and tossed its head.  Her jeans rip.  The woman can feel the seams give way from the crotch.  She flails wildly with her feet, feels a solid thump as one dog goes reeling back, whimpering.  However, two more take its place.

Half of her body is now outside the kennel, half inside.  The brown mongrel’s shredding her shirt.  Grace feels one of her firm, small breasts jiggle free.  The mongrel mouths it roughly.  Teeth cut excruciatingly close to her nipple.  She pees her pants good now, and as she does, her nipple stiffens with excitement.  The dog outside the kennel is ripping the crotch of her jeans entirely away.  Grace feels her pee-soaked panties clinging against the plump lips of her pussy as the denim comes away.  Grace wants to scream.  Yet she’s afraid a scream might turn the dogs into killers.

NooooBad dogGo away.”

There are at least three of them working on the brunette now.  Grace can hear the panting grunts, and feel the breath on her neck.  Yes, the German shepherd that was fucking Sara has pulled its cock out of her.  It’s helping the brown mongrel tear the rest of Grace’s shirt away.  Two dog mouths lick hungrily at her breasts.  Grace gasps from the sudden, tickling pleasure.  She has to fight the weakness that surges up her thighs.

Noooooo,” Grace squeals at the sudden plunge of a sharp muzzle between her labia, making her body shudder with the intense sensation of pleasure.

One dog mouths her ankle.  She writhes in the dirt from the itchy teasing of their wet mouths.


Grace makes an effort to free herself from the paws holding her to the dirt floor of the kennel.  She tries to find Sara in the growing darkness.  Everything is whirling before her eyes, the flash of teeth, and the slurp of hot canine tongues.

Sara…Sara…Please, help me,” Grace begs.

A dog’s on her clit and works it ravenously; the velvety little finger of pleasure rises from behind its hood to receive the exquisite friction of the hungry animal.  The dog slobbers thickly on her pussy and thighs.  Its paws scratch her flesh.

Mmmmm…Ooooooo…” Sara suddenly moans.

The blonde’s somewhere in the back of the kennel, the German shepherd, has again turned its attention to her.  However, Grace can’t see anything now.  She can only smell the hot, hungry animals as they swarm around her.  The kennel is full of them.  It’s like a nightmare, but no dreamlike last night, this is real.


She’s somehow on her stomach, clawing her way to the door outside.  In the glow of twilight, Grace sees more dogs coming after her.  They circle, growl, and lick at her.  The woman’s pussy is flooding juice.  At least she still has her jeans on, even if the dogs had eaten the crotch.  She sees the ruination of her panties too.  Only a few threads of pink satin stretch across the soppy matted hair of her pussy.  Grace gets up and tries to run, but a big dog cuts in front, and she goes sprawling.

Then a deep, menacing male voice barks, “Get up, whore.”

It’s Beck Bennett.  He stands just outside the gate, hollering at the dogs.  They swarm around Grace, sniffing and whimpering, but none tries to hold her down as she gets to her feet.  She’s trembling too much to think of anything to say.  The girl just merely follows the bearded man’s eyes and waits until he opens the gate and leads her out by the wrist.


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