Dog Trainer Wanted: Part 2

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Dog Trainer Wanted: Part 2
Dog Trainer Wanted: Part 2
Year: 2019
We pick up the story during the rather depraved job interview for the Dog Trainer position and enjoy the amazing conclusion to this lurid tale of dog fucking.
Moe Lester
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This woman is mad, Sadie thought, coming into my house and talking to me this way.

Julian just sits there, watching Sadie, seemingly embarrassed for her and yet with a certain light in his eye that suggests he wouldn’t mind helping the blonde kennel owner out with the loan of his stiff cock.

“You’ve undoubtedly taken to masturbating,” Simone goes on.  “To relieve the sexual need inside your ready, yearning body.  But a woman like you, with obvious breeding and taste, you’d probably find it a bit distasteful at first to masturbate, a little embarrassing.  Of course, you’d never admit to anyone that’s what you are doing.  You can hardly admit it to yourself.”

“What a load of shit, of course, I masturbate, everyone does…” Sadie said, her face reddening.

Simone watches Sadie’s reaction and smiles, and the kennel owner knows the brunette tricked her into the admission.

“Yes, everyone without a partner like you, trying to fill a void that fingers never can.”

“You seem to know a lot about it?” Sadie snaps with cold eyes.

Simone shrugs.  “That’s how I got into the pleasant task of training dogs for sexual pleasure.”

Sadie gasps; she can’t believe what she’s hearing.

“You may even have so resigned yourself to a life of emptiness you’ve gone out and bought yourself a dildo to stroke away the ache of your horny pussy.”

“I have not…”

“But those things aren’t really satisfying, are they?  You wish you had something more.  A cock of flesh and hot blood and spurting cum, instead of boring plastic.  Well, you have it, darling.  Right here, under your nose.  Or, more precisely, now between my legs…”

Simone smiles in that hypnotic way again.  Sadie stares at her with open mouth and wide eyes.  Then she glances down at Muttly, whose head is nearly all the way up the woman’s skirt.  Those soft, trim thighs parted wider than ever.  Simone makes no move to close them.  She’s sitting far forward on the edge of the seat, too, seeming to push her pussy toward Muttly’s face.

Simone continues, “With something besides a satisfying hard cock, my dear, a long … loving … licking … probing … tongue…”  The brunette moans, letting her eyes closed for a moment.  “Oh, you don’t know how nice it is, Sadie,”

Sadie stares with bulging eyes and gasps.  The strained silence in the room brings a sound to the kennel owner’s ears nearly blotted out by the loud pounding of her heart, but there’s no mistaking it.  A slurping sound.  The sound of Muttly’s lapping tongue.  Sadie’s shoulders collapse and a puff of air rushed through her open mouth, causing a small groan.  Simone opens her eyes quickly, just in time to see Sadie squeeze her thighs together, high up as if trying to contain the fluttering of her pussy lips inside her panties.

“Ooh, Sadie,” Simone moans.  “You do know.  I can see it all over your face.  This wonderful tongue has been slithering in and out of you, hasn’t it?  Hasn’t it, Sadie…”

Y-Yes…” Sadie hisses.

“And his cock?  Has his cock fucked in and out of your horny, sweltering cunt, too?”

NO  No, I swear it.  Never.  Omigod, what is there about you that makes me sit here and listen to this?  That makes me have to answer these obscene questions…”

Simone smiles.  Her white, creamy skin pulls tightly across her high cheekbones, and her eyes slant and slit slightly.

It’s not me…” Simone said softly, silkily.  “It’s your own desires and lust making you answer, and the feeling for the hardship of others just like you.”

NO  No, this is just insane…” Sadie shouts.  “What you’re talking about is illegal and not what Nigel and I started this kennel for.”

“You do want to do something to help them, I can tell.  That’s why we’re here, Sadie.  To help you help others.  To make Hinch Kennels famous over the whole country.  Maybe even the whole world and this is how we’re going to begin, darling.  This is how…

Simone moans and licks her lips watching Sadie steadily and then she reaches toward her lap.  Sadie thinks Simone is finally going to push Muttly’s head away from between her thighs.  The kennel owner thought they were all going to go outside to look at the dogs and see what needs to be done to get the business going again, but she’s wrong.  Simone’s fingers hook and like claws.  They catch the material of her skirt and pulls it slowly back over the tops of her thighs.  Sadie watches with disbelief and mounting excitement.  The slurping sounds become louder, more distinct.

Sadie doesn’t see how it’s possible.  It couldn’t have been because she’d lifted the muffling material of the dress away from her crotch.  The material isn’t that heavy that muffling.  It can only be because panties do not cover Simone’s pussy.  Because it’s open and wet and admitting the length of Muttly’s slithering, twisting tongue.  Sadie gasps and stares.  She isn’t conscious of breathing.  Maybe she isn’t anymore.  The blonde’s cunt squirms and twists deep inside her body, and Sadie can feel the slippery oils seeping from her slit into her panties.

Simone’s skirt goes back and back until there’s no doubt.  Raven pussy curls peek from beneath the hem.  Sadie soon sees Muttly’s nose pressed into them, pushing the puffy pussy lips aside.  Then Sadie sees the dog’s long tongue slithering from its mouth into Simone’s open cunt and back into its mouth again.  God, it’s unbelievable.  It’s happening, right there in front of Sadie.  Simone is letting a dog suck out her cunt right there in front of her husband and a stranger, and he doesn’t seem to care a bit either.

Omigod…” Sadie groans as she watches the incredible spectacle before her.

Mmmmm, such a wonderful tongue…” Simone moans heatedly, bunching her skirt at her waist now.

The brunette lifts off the couch and pulls it up over her naked butt, and the round buns are tight and smooth and creamy.

“Oh, Muttly … Muttly…” Sadie said, watching the stray dog lick Simone’s wet pussy as she wrings her hands “Don’t do that, Muttly…”

Sadie’s pulse races, this is not how a job interview should go.  Is there a pang of jealousy here, Sadie wonders?  Muttly’s my dog … My lover … Why is he licking her pussy like this?  Her pussy squirms and swells and leaks freely inside her panties now.  Sadie can’t stop herself from putting her hand in her lap and pressing the heel of it tightly against her fluttering pussy.  She lets out a long, soft moan.

Simone leans against the back of the couch and lets her hips come up.  Her pussy rocks, thighs open freely, and the brunette gives her raven-fringed pussy to Muttly’s tongue.  She watches Sadie at the same time, studying her closely letting out a soft moan and licking her lips.  Simone’s hips sway gently under Muttly’s head.

Ooh, he’s good, Sadie … He’s so good … A great pussy licker … Mmmmm, he’s going to be easy to train to do it all…

All?” Sadie squeals, the heel of her hand now pressing rhythmically into her heated pussy.

Simone gazes at Sadie with hooded eyes.  Her lips purse softly and sensuously.  “To fuck, Sadie.  Muttly can be trained to fuck your brains out,” she whispers sexily.

“Omigod, what’s wrong with you…” Sadie groans shaking her head.

Oh, I can’t believe it…” Simone moans suddenly.  “Julian, he’s gonna make me cum already.  He’s nearly as good at cunnilingus as Bear…”

Simone gasps repeatedly, and hips jerk up and down.  She grabs her breasts and squeezes them through her dress and squirms back and forth.  Sadie is overwhelmed, watching the performance knowing Simone is actually near orgasm and she’s going to go all the way to it and climax.  The kennel owner gazes at Julian.  He’s watching her, too.  His mouth is open, but not with astonishment.  The man’s breathing hard, enjoying the sight.

At least, Julian is for a moment.  Then his mouth clamps shut, and his jaw muscles ripple as if grinding his teeth.  Yet if he were angry with his wife for this blatant display of perversion, the front of Julian’s pants said something else.  Sadie stares at his lap and gasps again.  There’s a huge hump in the material from the strength and size of the man’s hard cock.  While Sadie watches, Julian grips it with his hand and begins jerking off through his pants.

Sadie doesn’t know what to do, this job interview has gone in a direction she had never thought possible.  The kennel owner shakes her head to try to clear it of the fantastic images knowing she has two choices, at least there are two her mind is capable of giving her at the moment.

Sadie can run away from what’s happening, or she can join them.  Sadie can kick this perverted couple out and call the police immediately, or she can whip her clothes off and reach for her own orgasm.  The sound of licking and moaning seems overly loud now.  The sight of Simone’s beautiful pussy so wet with saliva and juices, her raging clit, and that canine tongue slicing through it all with such determination.

What the fuck am I gonna do, Sadie wonders?

Omigod…” Sadie Hinch moans softly, watching Simone’s wet pussy.

She can see it clearly.  It moves, God, how it moves.  Simone’s cunt sucks, pulsates, and shudders.  It appears as if the brunette’s trying to clamp down on Muttly’s tongue with her vagina and suck the warm, wet organ inside her twisting cuntal channel.  Suddenly, the choice Sadie imagined she had between kicking the couple out; and joining them seems decided.  There isn’t a choice anymore.  There’s only the intense throbbing and sucking of her Sadie’s cunt.

The blonde kennel owner stops squeezing her thighs together.  It isn’t doing any good anyway and opens them instead.  The heel of her hand slides from her abdomen to her pussy, and her fingers curled around the underside of her crotch and squeezed hard.

Ooh…” Sadie moans, joining the perverse couple who want to train her dogs for sex.

Simone gazes at Sadie again when the blonde groans.  She smiles with satisfaction and watches Sadie lean back in her chair and squirm a finger under the leg of her shorts.

Sadie can’t help herself.  Her pussy is aflame.  She has to tickle it with her finger, to slide the tip up and down her gash, flip her clit, and then shove it inside her soaked cunt and climax.

Ooooooo, Sadie…” Simone moans.  “Take those shorts off, darling, make it easier for yourself.  Take it all off and let me watch you masturbate.  Mmmmmm, your dog is lovely, Sadie.  His tongue is marvelous.  I wonder … I wonder if his cock…”

Simone gasps again and then moans with a long and quivering sound making Sadie’s pulse race.  There’s no need for Simone to finish the sentence.  What she wonders is more than obvious.  Sadie feels some strange compulsion to obey, moves her free hand to the top of her shorts, and undoes the buttons to allow them to gape wide.  Her slick panties gleam through the gap in the material.  She starts to push the garments over her hips and butt and then stops.  This is madness, Sadie thought.

“Do it, Sadie…” Simone urges.

“I … I…” Sadie stammers.

“Let me watch, and you can do likewise.  You can see what you’ve been missing with your lovely dog…”

Oh, shit…

Sadie is confused and bites her soft lower lip.  Her finger squirms under the shorts and panties and fondles her pussy lips.  There’s a hot flood of slippery oil coating her cuntal mouth.  The blonde’s clit strains impossibly at the top of her cleft.  It begs to be free of the confining garments.

Simone watches her, then glances at Julian, and licks her lips.  She squeezes hard on Muttly’s slithering, drilling tongue, trying to keep it still for a moment.  The brunette has to get Sadie over the hump of modesty.  When she can do that, when everything’s exposed, and there isn’t all this prudery, the real business can begin.  Yet Sadie is hesitating too much.  She’s too shy and only seems willing to masturbate under cover of her clothing, not in the open.

“Julian…” Simone said hotly.  “Take your cock out.  Let Sadie watch you jerk off.”

The man’s hand stops for a moment, and he licks his lips casting a glance toward Sadie, and then acts as if he hadn’t been doing anything at all to his throbbing cock.

Julian…” Simone speaks sharply.

He licks his lips again, watching Muttly’s tongue slide and slurp all over Simone’s pussy, matting the dark pubes with saliva and pussy juice.  Julian sees the gleam of her pink, bloated tissues, and the desire to fuck her cunt again is like a hard knot in his belly.

“Will you…  Can I…” Julian stammers, his eyes pleading with her.

“Maybe, Julian,” Simone said.  “If you’re a good boy and do exactly what I say, then yes, darling.”  She smiles suddenly.  “Maybe Sadie would enjoy watching you fuck me.”

Oh, Simone…” Julian moans.

“Take your cock out, Julian.”


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