Dog Trainer Wanted: Part 1

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Dog Trainer Wanted: Part 1
Dog Trainer Wanted: Part 1
Year: 2019
Sadie needs a special trainer for her dog breeding kennels, and Simone and Julian need dogs to train. It could be a match made in bestial heaven.
Moe Lester
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“Mmmmmm, Bear, darling…” Simone moans softly.

Her eyes are closed.  Her black hair, long and shiny, fanned about her head and over the pillow.  Simone lies on her back naked, and cups her breasts in her hands.  The woman squeezes the cone-shaped firmness of them, making them point toward the ceiling.  The nipples are long and ruby red, stiff with the heat Bear is making rise in her firm, curving body.  She squirms on the bed and moans again, twisting her body.  Her tongue slips between her full, red lips and licks them, making them shiny and sensitive, especially along the smooth inner surfaces.  The white gleam of even teeth shows between her lips, and her nostrils flare slightly with a puff of lust.

The brunette twists her head one direction and her wide, curving hips the other.  Her spine arched slightly, and her stomach goes flat and hard as another gasp of desire escapes her lips.  She squeezes her breasts harder, and shivers and her trim thighs open wide.  The woman’s pelvis rocks and the dark pelt of pubic hair over her mound and pussy lips split open.  Silky, red inner tissues of her pussy showed between her bloated labia and the flesh warm and moist from slippery juices.

Her cuntal entrance sucks and throbs involuntarily, and warm slime leaks from it, making her vagina aromatic and shiny.  Simone’s round butt cheeks tighten, relax, and clench again as she lifts her throbbing vagina higher for the touch.  She feels the warm breath puff over her pussy and is ready to scream with frustration for the way the dog is teasing her.

Ooh, Bear…” Simone groans.  “Do it, darling, lick my cunt.  Omigod, lick it … Suck it … Make your wonderful, long tongue slither all the way up my insides and eat me out…

The woman can nearly feel it there already.  Simone shivers again, remembering the sensation of it last night.  It had been the longest tongue she’s ever had up her cunt.  It had wriggled and writhed inside her.  That tongue had licked the slippery juices from her cunt walls at the same time the dog’s nose had pressed and massaged against her straining clit and bathed the pulsating organ with puffs of hot, moist breath.

Omigod, darling … Eat me…” she moans fairly shuddering with the unbridled anticipation memory had brought.

Her feet shift and go flat against the bed.  Simone bends her knees, flexes the long, firm muscles of her thighs until her butt lifts from the bed, and sways erotically against the sheet.  The woman’s pussy strains high for the touch she longs to feel against it, and her cunt is a thing alive, sucking and pulsating and drooling juice.  Taking her hands from her breasts, she reaches toward her crotch for the dog’s head feeling its short hair against her fingers.  Cupping its ears, the brunette then slides her palms to the dog’s cheeks, aiming its mouth toward her sweltering, shaking pussy.

Simone pulls his face against her cunt.  The dog’s nose pokes into her sodden pussy, and her muscles erupted with motion, squeezing and sucking and pulsating wildly.  Slimy juices pour from her cuntal walls and drip from her silky mouth, making an inflamed hotbed of wet tissues for the dog’s incredible tongue.

Lick it, Bear,” she moans tightly.

The lustful woman wants to pull the animal’s whole face into her throbbing pussy and just barely is able to refrain from trying to do it.  The wild fear crosses her mind; the dog will drown in her flowing cunt if she does.  Simone lets her knees fall wider apart.  Her trim, long thighs spread and turn slightly outward, exposing the smooth inner surfaces completely.  Simone feels the dog’s body between her legs and clamps her knees against it lightly with a sudden convulsion of lust.

Lick it…” Simone says again.  “Bear, don’t tease me this way.  Omigod, do it … Do it…

Bear gazes at her, looking along her flat stomach to the coned hills of her swollen breasts and between them to Simone’s face.  The beast watches her full lips move and listens to her impassioned pleas.  It snorts gently into Simone’s wet pussy and then licks with its tongue.

Ooh, yeah…” Simone moans, shrieking from the blissful sensation.

Bear does it again.  The dog’s long tongue goes flat and broad, pressing into the crack between her butt cheeks and slurping upward, plucking the rim of her asshole and making it pulse wildly.  It ripples over the juice-filled pocket of flesh at the bottom of her pussy.  It licks over the quivering, silken ring of her cuntal mouth and sends her into spasms.  It sweeps up her wet gash to her clit, plucking at the tip of her straining little organ as if trying to lift it from the tender tented hiding place at the top of her slit.

Ahhhh, FUCK…” Simone moans again, her body shuddering with swimming sensation.

Her nipples stretch from the ends of her conical breasts and spike tightly.  They throb violently at the rubbery ends as if threatening to shoot a syrupy fluid over her chest.  Simone’s tongue darts between her lips and licks the swollen, hot surfaces repeatedly.  Bear licks repeatedly, lapping at her pussy, cleaning off the slippery juice.  It’s an endless task.  The more the dog licks, the more liquid it causes to flow from her shuddering cuntal entrance.

However, Bear doesn’t mind, it’s delicious.  Her pussy smells tasty, too.  When you get used to the slimy quality of her pussy juice, licking it is all right.  The dog snorts against Simone’s pussy again and makes the end of its tongue rim the quivering muscular ring of her vagina.  That’s where the juice comes from, all right, in there.  The animal licks deeper, its tongue slithering into the silkiness of her wet, dark cuntal hole.  It ripples over the satiny convolutions and probes deeper and deeper.

Bear … Wonderful…” Simone squeaks.  “Yeah, like that … Yes … Oh, yes … Fuck, it’s so deep…

Her hips lift and toss.  There’s no rhythm to Simone’s movements.  She’s past the point of methodical motion.  Her pelvis lifts and jerks erratically, and her cunt clamps around the long, writhing, squirming canine tongue.  The woman tries to pull the dog’s tongue deeper into her yearning cunt, but it can’t get a good grip on it.  It’s not like fucking a big hard cock.  Simone can suck a cock all the way to the back of her cunt, squeezing, twisting, and milking it until the thing explodes inside her and floods her womb and vagina with sperm.

However, this tongue is something different.  It wriggles and slithers.  It scrapes the slippery juice from Simone’s cuntal walls; change shape and draws the liquid back out the woman’s cunt to trickle down the swallowing canine throat.  Simone just can’t get a good grip on a working, licking tongue.  It’s frustrating Simone beyond the physical realm of sensation because the woman likes to have a firm grip on everything in her life.  She loves to have control, to be in charge.  Simone more than loves power; it’s her way.

Yet there’s something about the long tongue in her pussy she can’t control that makes Simone feel anticipatory, as if dangers lurking nearby.  However, this kind of risk, this kind of loss of control of events is an exciting, titillating kind.  With a cock up her cunt, she controls when it ejaculates.  All she has to do is clamp with her smooth cuntal muscles and suck inward, and the cock milked to an explosion.

It happens that way all the time when Julian fucks her.  He tries, sometimes, but the man just can’t resist the steady suck of her soft pussy muscles.  Whenever Simone wants Julian to orgasm, whenever she wants to control him, she milks his cock with her cunt.  Then Julian will choke and grunt with surprise and blast sperm into her deeply, gripping Simone tightly and shuddering.  She can sometimes hear him grinding his teeth when orgasming and it thrills her extra to know Julian had tried to hold off orgasm and failed again.  Julian is easy to control.  That’s why she lived with the man.  Yet she secretly scorned him at the same time.  Julian is no challenge to Simone.

Bear is different, the dog’s slurping, and slithering tongue is different.  Her slippery, sucking cunt can’t grab the dog’s tongue.  Even if it could, clamping on a tongue and milking it with slick cuntal walls can’t make it orgasm.  Simone can’t control the dog.

Ooh, Bear…” she moans, feeling thrills chase through her body on fluttering wings.  “You bad dog, you’re gonna make me cum … Oh, you can’t do that to me … I decide, not you … You can’t just slither your tongue into my cunt and make me cum when you want me to … I won’t let you…

Simone gasps, sucking in her breath and holding it.  The dog’s doing just that to her, and there isn’t any doubt of it.  The canine tongue drills into her shaking cunt faster and faster, slithering nearly all the way to the back of it.  It’s driving her wild.  Her cuntal muscles clamp and suck, but they’re ineffective in gripping the slippery tongue and holding it so she can control her own responses.  It’s thrilling to have an orgasm happen this way.  It’s a little frightening, too.  Simone doesn’t know whether she likes it or not.  Then it suddenly doesn’t matter anymore what she wants or feels about losing control, because the brunette’s suddenly there.

Ah … Ahhhh, Bear … I’m gonna cum … Your tongue’s driving me wild … You pussy licking machine, you’re making me cum … AHAHHHHHHHGH

Her body wrenches and heaves.  Simone feels her pussy suck and twist all around the elusive tongue.  It becomes amorphous, changing shape and configuration and depth, but always there in her cunt, sliding, drilling, probing, and twisting her into a wild orgasm.  The brunette holds the dog’s head tightly in her hands and pulls its face hard against her shuddering, pulsating cuntal mouth.  Juices flow from her depths and are so great in quantity the dog cannot lick it all up and swallow it fast enough.

Pussy juice dribbles out around the dog’s tongue and slithers down her pussy mouth, trickling and running, filling the pocket of flesh at the bottom of her loins and overflowing.  It dribbles into the crack of her ass and fills the dimpled mouth of her asshole.  The way her anus is pulsating when she orgasms, there’s no way to keep the slippery stuff from running into her sucking asshole and lubricating it for the dog’s cock when she’ll have the beast fuck her there in a little while.

AHHHHHHHHHH” Simone moans again, spasming tightly, letting the last of it jolt through her with a great contraction of all her smooth muscles.  Eventually, as Simone’s orgasm fades she pushes at the dog’s head.  “Omigod, that’s enough.  Stop, that’s enough…”

Bear draws back finally.  The brute watches Simone’s cuntal mouth quake with tiny shivers, and the dog licks its chops.  It nuzzles her hands as they hold the sides of its head, and the dog’s cock stretches and throbs with the excitement she had driven it to.

“Oh, just a minute, Bear,” Simone said breathing heavily.  “Let me rest just a minute, and then you can fuck me.  I know you’re hot.  I know you wanna cum.  Just wait, Bear…”

Simone waits until she’s caught her breath.  She wonders if Julian will get back while Bear’s fucking her and if he’ll get that look on his face again, the pouting, childish, injured one.

“Oh, fuck Julian…” she moans aloud, her hips jerking upward with need again.  “Come fuck me now, Bear.  Give me your big, hard cock and let me slip it into my cunt and suck on it with my silky muscles until you fill me with hot cum…”

Simone reaches lower under the dog’s body, feeling the fur on its belly.  She pulls the dog further over her body and captures its canine cock in her hand at the same time.  Bear growls with lust and licks at the protruding cone of her swollen breast.  The dog’s cock throbs in the cuddling cup of her palm and fingers.  The dog nearly shoots its load in her hand as she massaged and fondles its cock.  The dog scoots along her body, its chest against hers, and the fur warm against her throbbing breasts.  When the dog is high enough, Simone’s able to cup its big balls and roll them in her fingers.

Omigod, what big balls, boy,” Simone moans.  “What a stiff, bone-hard cock too … Mmmmmm, fuck it into me, Bear … Stick it in my cunt and let me make you blast your load…

Bear growls with lust again and squirms forward atop her until the beast’s nose and face bury in the soft hollow of her neck.  Bear’s cock throbs heatedly in her hand, and the tip of it stretches forward and touches the mouth of her wet cunt.

Yes … Yes…” Simone squeals.

She tips her head back.  Her black, silky hair swirls on the pillow around her and makes a raven frame for the whiteness of her creamy skin.  Simone’s lips pull back in a grimace of animal lust and breathe hisses from her nostrils and through her clenched teeth as she takes the dog’s hard, strong cock into her horny cunt.  Her dark eyes roll in their sockets.  The creamy skin pulls tight over her high cheekbones.  Simone’s cheeks hollow with the intake of breathing and emphasize the thin, fragile line of her nose and the pointed quality of her chin.

The woman’s lips are deep red, a gash of flesh across the creamy whiteness of the rest of her skin.  The gesture of sexual ecstasy gives Simone’s face a faintly skeletal appearance intermingled with the sultriness of her passion.  Her pointed breasts thrust against Bear’s furry chest as if trying to stab through the animal.  The woman’s pussy lifts against the dog’s straining, shoving cock and sucks at it wildly from inside, the silky muscles clamping and drawing against the hard shaft.

Simone feels Bear’s big balls nestle in the crack of her ass, warm things, lifting and falling and rolling in their sac.  The woman wonders wildly if she can capture them, and make the animal howl with agonized rapture by clenching the firm cheeks of her ass.  Instead, she lifts her legs and makes her thighs split open.  Simone locks her calves around the dog’s furry butt and pulls, sinking its cock into her grasping cunt all the way, until her bloated pussy lips mush around the root of the canine cock and enfolding it with hot female flesh.

Fuck…” she moans sharply.

Her mouth opens wide.  White teeth flash wetly in the light, even and healthy.  The cords on Simone’s neck stand out.  Her spine arched upward, lifting them from the bed.  Bear’s cock pumps in and out of her cunt—hot, full, and hard.  The dog growls with passion again and licks over her open lips with its flat tongue as if trying to find more of her pussy juice in her mouth while it’s fucking her with a stiff, raging cock.  Simone tosses, whimpers, and let things go out of control for a moment.

Doing that is thrilling.  If it had been anyone but Bear fucking Simone, the brunette wouldn’t have allowed herself to let go of total control for even an instant.  However, Simone knows she has nothing to fear from Bear.  Nevertheless, the brunette tosses her head, opens her eyes, and stares at the animal.  Then she changes the wild rhythm of her loins to calculated stroking, clamping, and sucking.

She hears Bear’s growl of lust and knows she has the animal under control now; the dog is Simone’s to do with as she pleases.  The woman can make the animal orgasm now.  She can tease the animal along and then release it to make its passion fade from its peak, edging the beast to prolong the fuck session for as long as possible to get the greatest pleasure.  Simone can even clamp on its canine cock so hard the dog will whimper with pain and lose nearly all its passion, so it’ll have to start the long, stroking climb all over again.

Simone’s lips pull back, and she smiles at the animal.  A low, soft, sensuous chuckle rises in her throat, and a feeling of complete mastery sweeps through the woman and makes her tingle all over.  It’s a feeling nearly more sensual than the fucking itself.  It’s the feeling she loves, the height of glory, exaltation greater than orgasm sometimes.

“Ah, can you feel my cunt around your swollen cock, boy?” Simone said to the animal.  “Feel it … Feel how it squeezes and sucks … Feel how it milks your hot cock and makes you wanna cum in me…

Simone pumps her hips slowly, sensuously.  She flexes her thighs, digs her heels into Bear’s furry ass, and makes the animal fuck deeper into her clutching cunt.  The brunette set the pace and rhythm of their fucking, taking even that away from the animal too.  Bear’s cock floats in the slimy bath of her cunt.  She gives the dog’s trapped balls a taunting squeeze between her butt cheeks and is satisfied with the soft grunt the beast gives.

It’s a sound of surrender, an acknowledgment of its servitude and Simone’s mastery, a giving over to her complete control of their fucking.  It’s a noise the woman likes and she glories in it.  The woman makes her vagina suck and pull at the dog’s hard cock and feels the knot swell inside her cunt.  It trembles there, threatening to erupt.  She squeezes hard with her strong Kegel muscles, holding the stiff tool still inside her constricted channel.  Bear groans and lets out a faint whimper of near pain.  Bear’s cock shrinks in girth from the incredible pressure around it, and the dog couldn’t orgasm then if its life depended on it.

Simone teases the animal.  She swivels her hips in a small circle, making her tight ass brush over the sheet.  It feels to her as if a quick snap of her hips would yank the dog’s cock from its groin, and the woman grins again at the thought.  Bear tries to fuck cock and growing knot in and out of her cunt, but it won’t move.  Her cuntal tissues are pushing and pulling, and but Simone knows the dog pains more than she does, and the woman waits for the animal to stop.

She chuckles again when the dog does.  She wraps her arms around the animal’s neck and hugs it to her.  Simone pushes her breasts against Bear’s chest and releases her vise-like grip on the cock and knot.  She makes her pussy suck and milk gently along its shaft, caressing it with oiled silk after the brutal squeezing.  The knot, waiting to expand to its full tennis ball size suddenly fills making Simone grunt at the sudden stretching it forces on her cunt.

“Oh, yeah, I love your knot,” Simone said softly.  “I think you’re ready to cum in me now.”

The dog grunts and licks its lips with that long tongue.  Bear’s balls move up and down, and its knot grows larger still and throbs.

Now, Bear…” Simone whispers in a sultry tone.  “Cum now … Blast my pussy full of your hot cum … You can’t hold it back any longer … You can’t … Let it go … Hose it into me … Squirt … Squirt and cum…

Bear growls again.  The dog’s cock pulsates and shudders.  Sperm jets from the tapered tip independently of the dog’s will.  Simone fairly sucks semen from the animal as she milks its knot with cuntal waves.

Ah, cum … CUM” Simone moans, tossing her head, watching the animal at the same time, knowing the dog is all hers at this moment, utterly subject to her dominance.

Bear whimpers and growls and shakes its canine head.  The dog’s body trembles convulsively, and sperm hoses from its battered, tortured, and pampered cock.  The dog fills her cuntal channel with slimy, watery jizz.  Dog semen spurts out backward between its pumping shaft and her cuntal mouth, drenching her pussy lips, matting her raven pubes, dribbling down her ass crack onto the bed and into her asshole.

Simone opens her mouth at that moment, let out a sharp-edged sound of victory and climax, and orgasms hard with the animal.  The woman’s cunt vibrates and sucks.  Her breasts punch into the dog’s furry chest, and legs clamp around the animal’s ass pulling it into her body as close as she can.

The bedroom door suddenly opens at that moment…


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