Cain’s Canine Corner: Part 2

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Cain's Canine Corner: Part 2
Cain’s Canine Corner: Part 2
Year: 2019
Sara has arrived at Alexis’s new business in the country to escape another bad relationship and discovers what’s really going on at Cain’s Canine Corner. Women are fucking dogs and loving it.
Moe Lester
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Slowly the picture grows in Sara’s spinning mind of Thor’s thick tongue no longer stroking over her breasts, but instead digging up into her cunt.  Would the dog do it, Sara wonders?  Could I let him do it?  YES!  Trying not to overthink, allowing her body run on instinct, Sara abruptly pushes Thor’s head away from her glowing breasts and scrambles to her feet in the tub.  She gropes frantically around.

“My towel,” she mutters.  “Where’s my goddamned towel?”

Finding it, the hot-eyed woman feverishly dries herself, particularly her pussy, moaning with delight as the soft towel strokes over her frantically aroused cunt.

“You just hold on down there, you’re gonna get yours,” Sara promises feebly, practically staggering with passion.

As she steps out of the tub, Thor is dancing around her bare legs, obviously as excited as if the dog knows what she has planned.  Sara goes shakily over to a big chair and sits with her buttocks on the edge.  Thor is facing her, only a few feet away, every part of the German shepherd’s body tense and alert.  What Sara is thinking of doing is indecent and shameless she knows.  However, it’s also exciting, arousing.  The blonde feels a seething heat between her thighs and knows already her juices are gushing, making her cunt slick and ready.  Sara has one fleeting image of sex with Jiles, intercourse with anybody really.  It’s been weeks.  Her whole body cries out for release.  Slowly Sara parts her thighs, feeling a fresh wash of air over her exposed pussy lips.

“C’mon, Thor,” Sara calls hoarsely.

For a moment, she’s afraid the dog won’t do it, and that she’ll just feel like a perverted fool.  Nevertheless, after a moment’s hesitation, the big animal gives an excited whine and crowds its powerful body up between her legs, leading, as usual, with its nose.  Sara jumps as the wet tongue glides along the sensitive insides of her thighs.  Then the nose is nuzzling through her blonde pussy hair, alive, hot breath pouring over her bared cunt.  A little involuntary cry burst from the woman’s lips, and she shudders all over.

Oh, hurry … Hurry…” Sara moans, trying to open her legs wider, but the arms of the chair get in the way.

Suddenly, Thor’s tongue lashes out, splaying over her outer pussy lips, pushing aside the soft blonde hair.

Aaaaaahhhhh,” Sara moans in delight, her loins jerking forward toward the dog.

The German shepherd licks again, the entire length of its incredible tongue spreading out over her outer pussy, apparently eager to get at the rich smells and tastes still hidden within.  Sara has a tight cunt, with full, fleshy outer lips that cling tightly together, a soft nest of sensitive flesh.  The way she’s sitting, her pussy lips close, denying the dog entry to her hidden area.  That has to change.  Lifting her legs high, Sara hooks her knees over the chair arms, opening herself wide, so Thor’s now facing her widespread slit.  Gaping open before him and pulled wide is Sara’s dripping, ready pussy, and the tender slit gleaming pinkly at the excited dog.  Now the rich odor of her arousal is flooding into the dog’s senses.  The dog moves forward again, and this time its tongue is able to dig right into Sara’s obscenely bared cuntal opening.

Uuuunnnggghhhh,” Sara moans, her body spasming with delight as she feels the dog’s tongue slice into her tender slit.  “Oh, Shit … it’s even better than I expected…

Sara writhes and twists on the chair as Thor continues to lick.  Never before in her life has she had such a huge tongue moving over her convulsing pussy lips.

Ooooooo, Alexis really taught, you didn’t they … She really taught you,” Sara babbles, her head twisting from side to side against the back of the chair, her long blonde hair spilling down over her passion-swollen breasts.

To keep herself open as wide as possible, the moaning woman has her hands clamped on her knees, holding them in place on the chair arms, feeling her cunt stretch open below.  Her hips are making involuntary jerks forward, every time Thor licks into her quivering cunt.  Now Thor begins to lick more steadily, falling into a regular rhythm with long slow strokes that glide the entire length of the panting woman’s pussy.  Each stroke starts by the tight pucker of her asshole, lingering a moment, tasting, then moving higher, up into the fleshy swell of her cunt, slicing between the soft lips, darting slightly inside the woman’s gushing cuntal opening before covering the finger distance to her eagerly erect clitoris.

Sara cries out in delight as Thor’s lapping of her pussy slows into a steady rhythm, so does the erratic movements of Sara’s wildly churning hips.  She pushes back now, presenting her pussy to the slavering dog at the beginning of each hot slow stroke, her belly muscles tightening as the glistening tongue climbs higher, until it strokes over the throbbing bud of her clit wrings a panting moan from her.  Sara’s cries and whimpers grow louder and louder until the little cabin fills with the sounds of her arousal.  The blonde’s vaguely aware of the noise she’s making, and wonders if anyone can hear her, as she heard Wendy last night.  The woman hopes not, but Sara isn’t about to stop what she’s doing.

Already she can tell she is about to orgasm, hot rhythmic surges of passion are throbbing all through her animal-licked pussy, building a massive wave of force inside her shuddering belly.  Only a few more swipes of Thor’s marvelous tongue will do it.

Ooh … Lick me … Lick me, Thor,” Sara moans greedily pulling the animal’s big head deep into her crotch, so its nose is stabbing coolly against her clit while its tongue digs hungrily as far as it can inside her cunt.

That does it.

Aaaagggghhhh…” Sara screeches, her legs kicking into the air on either side of Thor’s furry head.

For a moment her body remains rigid and motionless, every muscle straining.  Then, with a whimpering cry, Sara spasms, her body twisting and bucking on the chair.  If it hadn’t been for the firm grip on the German shepherd’s head, her spasmodic writhing might’ve pushed Thor away, but the dog continues to lick faithfully, delighted with the rush of sweet-tasting fluids gushing out of Sara’s cunt, lapping the tangy liquid eagerly with its tongue.  Sara has the orgasm of her life, the release of weeks of sexual tension dragged out of her naked body by the tongue of a dog.  She continues to writhe and whimper on the chair for several minutes, her struggle gradually diminishing.

Eventually, Sara lets Thor’s head slip from between her hands.  The German shepherd enthusiastically cleans the last vestiges of her orgasm from her pussy with its talented tongue, and then slowly backs out from between Sara’s trembling thighs.  Sara slumps back in the chair as if someone had just hit on her head.  Then the woman begins to laugh, little chuckles at first that slowly goes into full-throated, wild laughter.

Oh … Oh … Oh, that was wonderful,” Sara squeals, tears streaming down her face.  “Too pure and proud to give into men, determined to lead a clean, virtuous new life, and what do I do?  I do it with a dog.”

At that moment, Sara has a choice between guilt and humor, and fortunately, she chose humor, admittedly wry, self-mocking humor, but better than punishing herself for what can be mind-numbing guilt.

“Thor, old buddy…” Sara said when her passions are under control.  “I think you may have liberated me from a fate worse than…  Hey, what’s the matter?”

Thor is still backing away, a look of distress on the German shepherd’s face.

“Hey, I didn’t force you into anything, did I, Thor?” Sara asks, getting out of the chair and down on her knees next to the big animal.

Then she sees it as the dog turns sideways to her, dangling under the dog’s lean belly, protruding from its furry sheath, Thor’s enormous, scarlet cock.  Erect.

“Thor…” Sara said wide-eyed.

The big dog whines in response, and placing its paws on her shoulders, the animal rears up, its cock jerking and twitching in Sara’s direction.

Omigod…  They did train you, didn’t they?”  Sara gulps.  There’s no mistaking the sexual hunger in the dog’s eyes.  “No way, Thor,” Sara said, disengaging the dog’s clinging paws and backing away.  “I’ll let you lick me, but that’s going way too far…”

Sara means it; she still doesn’t know how she talked herself into having Thor lick her pussy.  Well, yes, she does.  The woman was so horny, but now that she’s had her orgasm, some of the pressures diminished.  She has no regrets.  It had not only felt good, but it lacked the emotional complications she’d have experienced with a man.  Sara knows she should feel guilty but doesn’t.  So, what makes the other thing so wrong, Sara wonders?  Maybe nothing, but it’s wrong and more than that, sickening.  Sex with a dog is something Sara isn’t ready to stomach.  Still, its cock certainly looked formidable.

Sara thinks of Wendy.  There’s no doubt in her mind the wild sexual sounds emanating from the neighboring cabin the night before was caused by a long scarlet cock like the one she’s staring at now.  Amazing and understandable, the huge cock dangling so stiffly beneath Thor’s belly is enough to satisfy any human female.  Thor is whining piteously.

“Oh, I’m such a cock tease, aren’t I, Thor?” Sara said sympathetically.  “I let you get all excited licking my pussy and won’t do anything for you now.  I’m sorry, but I…  I just can’t let you do to me what Alexis taught you.”

Then Sara gazes into Thor’s big brown eyes.  They’re hot and full of need, staring back both pleadingly and trustingly.

“Oh, come on,” Sara said weakly.  “It can’t be all that bad.”

Nevertheless, she remembers the intensity of her own need.  For the first time in her life, Sara begins to think of a dog in sexual terms, and finds it strangely, forbiddingly exciting.  When Thor was licking her to orgasm, she felt the dog was only a machine, a convenient tongue for her pussy.  Now, seeing the fire in the German shepherd’s eyes, and face to face with that rampant cock, Sara begins to catch fire too.

“OK,” she said in a choked, low voice.  “I’ll help you out, but only that.  I’ll jerk you off.”

Thor seems to sense something of the woman’s mood because the dog tries to mount her again.

NO” Sara commands, “Back down and stand still.”

Thor seems to understand the commands, but not the reasons for them.  The German shepherd stands still, its body trembling all over.  Sara reaches for its cock somewhat timidly.  Her face isn’t far from Thor’s, and she isn’t sure how the dog might react when she touches its cock.  Sara’s hand closes gently around that scarlet shaft.  Thor yips, and the dog’s whole body jerks under the woman’s touch.  Thor gazes at Sara almost happily.  Sara begins to work with Thor’s canine cock, massaging it.  It’s wet and slippery, thin-skinned; with the hardest inner-core imaginable.  The tip tapers to needlepoint, but it’s hard nearly to the end.  The entire shaft seems both smoother and harder than a man’s cock.  Sara can’t help wondering how such a thing would feel inside her cunt, but shudders at the thought.

Fuck, time to get this over with, Sara thought with resolve.

Sara regularly pumps on Thor’s bone-hard cock, sliding her hand rapidly up and down its glistening length.  After the first few minutes, Thor begins to respond powerfully, its lean hips bucking and plunging as if the dog’s fucking its throbbing organ into a female, its back bent, and its legs scrabbling forward.

The longer Sara jerks on the German shepherd’s scarlet cock, the more its tongue dangles out of its big mouth.  Thor’s eyes are hot and wild and almost frightening to Sara, and she hopes the dog will keep under control. Sara’s getting into what she is doing now, finding it perversely exciting as she jacks off a brute animal.  The woman knows it can’t last much longer.

Thor is whining and howling excitedly, and the way its iron-cored cock is jerking and swelling in her hand tells her the dog is about to orgasm.  Sara wonders what dog semen will look like as it comes shooting out the end of the beast’s cock, and to her surprise, Sara finds that thought fascinating.  For a moment, the blonde finds herself trying to figure a way to keep the dog’s semen from spurting all over the carpet.  Quickly Sara places her other hand over the tapering tip of the dog’s cock just as Thor goes into final spasms.

C’mon, boy … C’mon…” Sara moans inanely.  “Cum in momma’s hand…

A moment later, Sara feels the first hot splatter of semen against her hand.  Thor’s cock seems to have grown to gargantuan proportions, a phenomenal shaft of hot meat jerking and twitching as a seemingly endless supply of semen pours out the tip.  A massive ball of flesh near the base is so big Sara can’t help staring at it.

She can feel the thin liquid pouring through the whole length of the pulsating dog cock, jetting out the end and bubbling obscenely through her fingers, dripping onto the rug despite her best efforts, grayish, slimy, hot, and watery.  Different to human sperm, that’s for sure.  When it’s over, and Thor suddenly relaxes, the dog’s cock shrinking between her fingers with fantastic speed.  In a few seconds, it disappears back into the furry tube from which it had come.

Fucking hell…” Sara said weakly, collapsing back onto her heels.  “What an afternoon…”

Thor seems to think so too.  The German shepherd abruptly turns its head around and begins to lick Sara’s face, apparently grateful for what she did.  The big dog frisked around the woman, playful again, just a dog, no longer a sexual threat.  Now, remembering what happened, Sara’s pussy starts its hungry yearning again, turned on despite the forbidden nature of the acts with the dog, or maybe because of them.

“I gotta get out of here,” Sara murmurs to herself.

Fortunately, it’s time to eat.  Dressing rapidly, avoiding glancing at the dog, Sara is soon ready to go.  As the woman has her hand on the door, she debates putting Thor back in the kennel.  It’d be the wise thing to do, she thought.  Sara gazes at Thor, the dog stares back at her, friendly, trusting, playful.

“Fuck…” Sara said softly, and goes out the door, shutting Thor in the cabin behind her.  “Alexis has a lot of explaining to do.”


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