Cain’s Canine Corner: Part 1

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Cain's Canine Corner: Part 1
Cain’s Canine Corner: Part 1
Year: 2019
Alexis Cain, an active swinger, is finding the scene suddenly boring. Sara, her best friend, is struggling with men in general. There has to be an answer? Something with a big cock that never quits without the male egos attached. Something like dogs.
Moe Lester
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The Great Dane turns its massive body away from them, so Alexis has a side view of the dog.  Under its belly, its long red cock is again fully erect, jutting out hungrily, one of the biggest she’s ever seen, and Jake’s mournful eyes are on her, glittering hotly, demandingly.  The dog wants to fuck Alexis, no doubt about it.

“You … You planned this…” Alexis said, glancing at Cassie then at Tim.

“We had to show you how good he is,” Tim said and shrugs.

Cassie is more enthusiastic.  “If you think he did a good job licking, you oughta feel him fuck.”

“Ooh,” Alexis moans shutting her eyes tight.

The dark-haired woman still has a deep aversion to bestiality, but Jake’s inspired pussy licking had built a fire of need inside her she knows needs quenching fast.  Alexis thought of asking one of the men in the room to fuck her, finish her off, but a sinking feeling in her belly tells her it’ll not be enough, she’ll be as displeased with them as she was with Rick.  The very perversity of sex with an animal is what’s exciting her.  Alexis senses it, but fought against it.

Automatically her eyes return to Jake’s gleaming dog cock and Alexis feels herself shudder with lewd desire and surrenders.

“OK, Jake,” she finally said, opening her legs wide to the dog, “Come back and fuck me…”

However, the dog continues to back away, whining unhappily.

“You’ve gotta get on the floor like a bitch-in-heat,” Cassie said breathlessly.  “It’s the only way Jake knows how to fuck.”

This seems too much for Alexis, and if Tim hadn’t pulled the woman to her feet at that moment, she might’ve ended it there.

“C’mon, right in the middle of the floor,” Tim said, leading her across the room.

Alexis almost cries as she stumbles along beside Tim.  Her pussy lips, incredibly sensitized by Jake’s marvelous tongue, are rubbing maddeningly against one another with each step she takes.  The dark-haired beauty has to do something about the aching need to orgasm smoldering out of control inside her cunt.  At Tim’s urging, Alexis kneels on the carpet, on all fours, like an animal.

“Bring … Bring him on,” Alexis said shakily.

However, nothing happened.  Turning her head, she sees Tim and Cassie are fastening thick socks over the dog’s forepaws.

“So you won’t get scratched,” Cassie explains.

Then they’re leading the dog to Alexis, right behind her ass.  Alexis steels herself, not sure what’s going to happen.  Then she feels Jake’s nose again sniffing at her pussy, and a moment later the dog’s long hot tongue shoots out again licking her stunned loins.

Urgh,” Alexis grunts, shuddering with pleasure.

Wild, erotic sensations rocket through her body.  The last of her inhibitions vanishes under the touch of that wonderful tongue.  Alexis desperately wants the dog to fuck her now, any way it wants to.

“Up … Up, Jake,” Tim shouts.  “Fuck the pretty lady.”

A moment later, Alexis feels a heavy weight on her back, and the furry feel of Jake’s powerful forelegs.  She waits, her eyes closed, and her body trembling with a mixture of desire and fear, hardly daring to breathe.  A large crowd of naked and semi-naked people has gathered around where Alexis is on the floor.  Most of them don’t realize what’s going to happen until they see Jake rear up onto Alexis’s back and then a low murmur buzzes around the room.

“He’s gonna fuck her…” someone said  “The dog’s gonna fuck her … Omigod … what a turn-on…”

Jake crowds in closer to Alexis’s lewdly offered ass, dancing nervously on hind legs.  The Great Dane’s long tongue hangs from its mouth and it’s panting, obviously excited.  Beneath the dog’s furry belly, its huge scarlet cock protrudes obscenely, stark against the darkness of its body.  The giant cock dances and sways as the dog hunches its loins forward, seeking out the love hole it senses is near.  Alexis shudders when she feels the first threatening contact of that tapered shaft against the tender insides of her naked thighs.  With a low moan of passion, Alexis works her ass backward, trying to catch the quivering dog cock with her cuntal opening.  Just to get it over with.

However, Jake’s having trouble.  The Great Dane humps and bucks forward, but seems unable to locate Alexis’s dripping cunt.  Its sharp cock-tip catches at the tender flesh of her thighs, pounds against her ass, and for one frightening moment, Alexis is terrified the dog’s going to ram the huge shaft up her unprotected asshole.  The tapered end caught at the sensitive little anus and Jake started to hump forward.  With a cry of alarm, Alexis manages to twist away at the last moment.  Nevertheless, she still isn’t having sex.

“What the fuck’s the matter?” Alexis cries out at Cassie.  “You told me what a good fuck this mutt is.  When does he start?”

“I-I guess it’s because you’re new to him,” Cassie said with a deep frown.  “I’m the only one Jake’s ever fucked before, and you’re a little bigger than me.  Oh…” she added with a little gasp.  “I think his cock’s starting to go soft.”

“What the fuck?”

Alexis’ frustration is understandable.  Here she is kneeling ridiculously on the floor in front of a bunch of gawking idiots willing to have sex with a dog, and the animal can’t even keep it up.  Desperately Alexis decides to take matters into her own hands.  She reaches back to massage Jake’s cock.  It’s shrinking, but the touch of her fingers on the animal’s superheated cock seems to restore the dog’s vigor.  Almost immediately, the Great Dane’s cock begins to harden again.

“Omigod, it’s hard…” Alexis moans as the big shaft swells rapidly within the circle of her fingers.

Never before has she felt so hard a cock.  It’s even harder than when she so timidly touched it a little while ago.  Alexis begins to imagine how good the dog’s cock will feel inside her cunt.

“C’mon, Jake, try a little harder,” Alexis said to the animal.

As if encouraged by her words, the dog moves closer, and with her fingers to guide its massively hard cock, the pointed tip finally finds its way into the opening of Alexis’s cunt.  The woman swishes the tip around a moment, opening her cunt up, wanting to ease the dog’s cock into her, but she underestimated Jake’s animal instincts.  When the dog feels the kneeling woman’s soft, wet cuntal flesh around the end of its cock, Jake automatically begins to fuck forward.

Wham.  Wham.  Wham.

The big dog fucks into Alexis’s cunt without mercy, knowing nothing of tenderness.

Ahhhhhhrg…” Alexis’ shrieks as she feels her pussy brutally impaled on the dog’s massive cock.

The dog’s iron-hard cock thrust its relentless way up into her tender inner channel, opening her up more quickly than ever before.  Instinctive fear makes Alexis fight back, trying to clench tight her inner muscles, but she quickly realizes the only way to avoid being hurt is to relax as much as possible.

Oh GOD…” Alexis shrieks as the Great Dane fucks her. “Oh god, you’re gonna tear me in two.

The big dog cock feels even bigger inside her cunt, as it dominates and pushes her, forces the woman’s body to have to adjust to its massive girth.  The muscles don’t give way easily, even when being forced, and a curious mix of pleasure and pain makes Alexis’s body quiver.  Having sex with a dog is far more exciting than Alexis ever imagined.  Jake’s hind legs stomp the floor.  The dog drools all over her back.  Its massive cock fucks relentlessly into her stretched-open, wet cunt.  There’s no defense against the dog’s cock.

Mouths drop open all around the room as people see Jake continue to fuck rapidly into the moaning woman’s quivering body.  Those behind are able to make out the bright scarlet shaft disappearing relentlessly into the tender pink, smooth hole of her wide-stretched cunt.  Those in front see the stunned glaze in Alexis’s big brown eyes, and the wilder look in Jake’s as she’s buffeted back and forth by the power of his machine-gun humping.

Ooooo, you’re stretching me so much…” Alexis squeals with delight.

The incredibly erotic feel of the dog’s steel hard cock inside her cunt has overwhelmed her earlier fear.  The orgasm she so narrowly missed earlier fans into life again, far inside her trembling belly.  The very depravity of kneeling on the floor with a huge dog feeding her cunt cock like a bitch in heat is adding its own lewd excitement to what she’s feeling.

Oh, Yes…” Alexis groans.  “Oh, fuck me … Give it to me … Oooooo … Yeah…”

All around her, the sight enthralls others.  Cocks are growing hard and naked women turn to the men nearest and beg, “Fuck me from behind.  Fuck me like her.”

Dropping down on all fours, several women offer their cunts to a man in a lewd invitation.  They drop to their knees behind them, parting their ass cheeks, and baring their pussies.  Seizing their stiff cocks in one hand, the men guide their cocks up between the women’s bare thighs and ram into their bodies the same way Jake does into Alexis.  The women give animal cries of pleasure and then begin ramming their cunts crazily back against the churning cocks.  Within minutes, there are couples all over the floor fucking in animal lust.  Most of Alexis’s attention, however, is locked inside her own cunt where Jake’s mighty cock is about to put her over the edge into orgasm.

“I’M CUMMING…” she shrieks insanely, her stomach muscles sucking powerfully inward as her womb sought to be filled with hot dog sperm.

Alexis’s body spasmed, her long lithe back undulating crazily as she madly pumped her ass back against Jake’s cock.  Her wild frenzy has its effect.  As her strong inner cunt muscles begins to squeeze hangsrily around the dog’s swollen cock, his own orgasm is touches off.

Yipping and howling crazily, the dog begins to shoot his load up into Alexis’s quivering cunt, his lean powerful hips pounding forward so frantically that she begins to skid across the carpet.  “Aaaaiiiieeeee…” Alexis cries out.  Jake’s semen exploded into her cunt in a long steady stream, totally unlike any man’s she has ever feels.  It seems to be drilling a hole right through the center of her womb.  She came again, moaning and panting helplessly as Jake’s powerful forelegs held her pinned helplessly beneath his madly pumping body.

All around her are the moans and cries of unbridled passion as the others in the room emulated her wild abandon.  Cocks spouted their hot loads up into a dozen pussies.  The wet smack of flesh against flesh joined the panting moans and soft cries.

Once Jake has cum, he lost interest very quickly, his cock shrinking rapidly inside Alexis’s sperm- drenched cunt.  With a sob of regret, she feels him pull his cock out of her.

Totally exhausted, Alexis collapsed onto the carpet, fighting for breath.  But it isn’t quite over yet.  Almost affectionately, Jake bends his head and begins to soothingly lick her cunt, cleaning the cum from her soaked pussy hair.

Alexis quivered and sighed, twisting sensuously on the rug as she once again feels her dog’s thick tongue digging into her satiated pussy.

“That is so good,” she sighed happily.

Alexis looked up as she feels a gentle hand on her back.  It is Cassie, with Tim kneeling next to her, one hand slowly stroking her shapely tits.

“Didn’t I tell you?” Cassie asks with a smile.

“Isn’t he marvelous?”

“Oh…you’ve gets a convert,” Alexis sighed.  “But tell me…how does you teach him to fuck?  Can any dog learn?”

“Sure,” Tim said.  “If he’s trained right.  But let’s talk about that later.  I gets something here I want to fuck you with.”

With a start, Alexis realizes that Tim is fondling a huge erection.  He shifted closer, trying to roll her over, a hot glitter in his eyes.

Alexis drew away.  “Are you kidding?” she asks incredulously.  “After an experience like I’ve just has, you expect me to waste my time fucking a man?”


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