Lisa Fights Back

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Lisa Fights Back
Lisa Fights Back
Year: 2019
Tired of men, Lisa dicovers a new way that involves her dog.
Moe Lester
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The sound wakes Lisa.  She sits bolt upright in bed, pushing at the furry head between her thighs.  Lisa gasps and pants, her pussy aflame, and running with juice.  By the stray light coming in through her window from the street outside, Lisa sees Beau the dog lift its head and toss its pointed muzzle and run its long tongue down the sides of its chops.  The Collie lets out a yip and scoots back on its belly to gaze at Lisa with a puzzled expression.  The dog paws forward again, taking a tentative slurp at her drooling pussy, then back away once more, its golden flanks quivering in anticipation.

Oh, Beau,” Lisa moans softly, fully awake now.

The Collie licks its chops again, let out another bark, and thumps its tail against her naked foot.  Lisa glances around the room.  She makes out the familiar setting in the dimness and knows there’s no mistake.

That dream.  The same terrible dream every night, when will it ever end, she wonders?

Lisa sighs and lies back.  Her heart pounds in her chest.  She puts her hand there and feels the firm mound of her breast.  The woman squeezes it and feels the spiked nipple, and sensation shoots through her heated body.  Tipping her cunt up and Lisa moans.  The damn dog snuck up on me, licks my pussy, and made the dream come again, she thought.  She put her hand to her pussy and swirls her fingers through the wetness.  The woman is aflame, just on the verge of exploding.

“Oh, Beau, I’m sorry, honey…” Lisa said to the dog.  “I didn’t mean to hit you like that.  Oh, come lick my pussy, baby, come lick it and make me cum.  I thought it was those men again, honey, I’m sorry…”

She reaches between her legs, lifts her knees and spreads them wide.  The Collie whines happily, bobs its head and shuffles on its belly to her crotch again.  The dog licks out with its tongue, spearing her flowing cuntal opening.  The animal slobbers all over her flesh, massaging her entire vulva, stinging her stretched, throbbing clit with the warm rasp of its long, coarse tongue.  Lisa cups the dog’s head.  She lifts her pussy high for the beast, and it licks through her ass crack and drills at her anus.  Her head snaps back, and the cords stand out in her neck.

Lisa’s upper arms cup the sides of her pointed breasts and make them reach toward the ceiling.  She directs the dog’s head and its long tongue and the pointed snout, and the animal licks and licks and drills into one orifice and then the other for her juices.  Lisa clamps her thighs around the sleek head and feels the dog’s fur all over her legs.  She switches her ass under the dog’s relentless, non-stop tongue.  The blonde moans repeatedly and pulls the dog’s head to her pussy until she feels it snuffling in the drenched folds of her cunt.

Then Lisa opens her mouth, cries out sharply into the darkness, and orgasms violently, leaking and draining, giving her dog a charge of hot, perfumed juice to lick from her spasming flesh.  When she can’t stand the sensation anymore, Lisa pushes at the Collie’s persistent head and squeezes with her thighs and telling the insatiable beast it’s enough, enough, enough.

The Collie obeys.  It’s reluctant to, but the dog obeys.  Beau sits by her legs toward the foot of the bed and licks his chops repeatedly, the dog’s bushy tail swishing back and forth.

Lisa gasps into her pillow and feels the final tingles of her strong orgasm sweep through her deliciously.  After a moment, she rolls back and gazes at her dog.  Its ears go flat, and the dog tips its head from one side to the other in a show of animal joy and subservience to its mistress.

“Sweet Beau,” Lisa said gently.

The woman reaches out with her hand.  Beau licks it several times and scoots closer.  The dog licks the outside of her thigh, near the smooth, flawless hip.

Mmmmmm, you have a nice tongue, darling,” Lisa moans gently.  “Eight years, now, and that long, drilling tongue just gets better, and better.”

The dog whimpers, whines, and tosses his head as if carrying on half the conversation.  The animal lifts its paw and places it on her hip and whimpers again, winking one eye and then the other.

“No, Beau,” Lisa said.  The dog takes his paw away.  “Go back to sleep now, darling,” she said.

The dog whines softly, backed up toward the foot of the bed and makes a pretense of sleeping.  However, Lisa knows Beau isn’t sleeping worth a damn.  She knows that red, pointy canine cock is throbbing under its belly, stabbing into the bedding with a need to vent its passions.  Lisa watches Beau and smiles.  It’s so much better this way, she thought.  Beau does everything I tell him.  He’s very obedient, the way I like it.

The blonde put her head back on the pillow and remembers things starting with that summer night when she was eighteen.  The night Lisa had just dreamed about.  The horrible, frustrating, and frightening night three men raped her.  There’s a pattern to her life since night.  Lisa can’t recall when she has really noticed the trend.  It might’ve been with Ben a year after that night.

Ben had forced Lisa too.  Not the way the three men did, not with brute physical force.  Nevertheless, whenever Ben wanted to fuck, Lisa was never able to keep her cunt closed to his cock.  She tried, just for the principle of it.  However, Ben’s cock always entered her, and he got his way.  That might have been when she stopped going out with men altogether.  Not in fact, maybe, but in Lisa’s mind, and the realization had come slowly that she cannot control men or their persistent sexual desires.

Even during the times Lisa was hot and wanted sex, the thought still crept into her mind during the middle of coitus, when Ben’s cock was plunging in and out of her cunt.  What if I asked him to stop, she’d wonder?  The idea of having control began to dominate Lisa’s mind.  The woman doesn’t want to go through an experience like that so many years ago again.

Lisa is thirty now.  Her hair is a little darker, not quite as silky.  Her breasts are still pointed and firm, and they’ve grown even more.  Her ass is still tight, round, and pouting, and men always stare at it when she walks in front of them.  That is all they did any more.  They don’t get to fuck that ass.  Men don’t get to dominate Lisa or overpower her, and never will again.

“Oh, Beau,” Lisa said softly, pushing the sheet from her naked body.  The dog lifts its head and thumps its tail on the bed.  “Do you want to lick my pussy again, Beau?  Oh, honey, come lick my pussy and make me cum again.”

Lisa snaps her fingers and pats the bed beside her.  The Collie barks and scoots forward immediately, licking her hip, running its long tongue over her satiny flesh and around to the underside of her pert ass.

“Stop, Beau,” Lisa said firmly.

The dog stops.  The woman pats its head and smiles softly.  The nasty dream will go away one day.  It will have to because it isn’t real anymore.  It’s twelve years old and outdated because Lisa controls it all now.  She said when to fuck and when to stop fucking, and Beau obeys, and that’s the way it’s going to be forever.

“Sweet baby,” Lisa coos, smoothing her hand over the dog’s head, under its chin, scratching behind its ear.

The woman sits up partway and roughs the dog up playfully; taking hold of its long muzzle and shaking it, scratching under the animal’s chin, running her fingers through its thick, golden coat.  The dog makes playful sounds and does everything it’s supposed to do, offering no resistance when Lisa rolls him onto its side.  She runs her hand down the dog’s chest and over its stomach, her fingers pinching and kneading.  Then she stops moving her hand, sits up, and moans playfully.

“Oh, Beau…” Lisa cries softly, grinning at the same time.  “What is this hot slippery thing you have down here?  Oh, you naughty doggy, is this what you think of your mommy?”

The blonde cups the dog’s cock in her warm hand, massaging the fleshy sheath and feeling the stiff, pointed, bright-red cock tremble.  Beau lifts a leg and nearly goes over onto his back.  The dog twists with glee, making whimpering sounds, and pushing its cock deeper into her hand.  Lisa runs her fingers all around the sheath.  She fingers the slippery, hot shaft of the animals pointed cock jutting firmly from it, and massages lower cupping the big black balls, rolling them in her digits.  Beau’s tail regularly thumps on the bed.  The Collie’s leg kicks and kicks with a rotary motion, swinging through the air softly, its cock trembles and pulsates regularly.

Lisa switches around on the bed.  She kneels over the prone dog, opens her thighs, and then lifts a knee over its head.  The beast’s pointed muzzle comes up under her spread crotch, and its long tongue licks out with incredible accuracy, separating her puffy pussy lips and drilling right into the silky flesh of her wet cuntal walls.

Omigod, you really know how to eat cunt, you brute,” Lisa moans.

She drops her pussy over its nose and shakes her ass.  The dog snorts and snuffs and licks and licks.  Lisa holds its throbbing cock in her hand and jacks it.  The dog’s belly heaves and pushes, but the dog doesn’t miss a lick.  The animal’s cock stretches in her hand.  Lisa stares at the fiery shaft, moans again, and then does something new.  The blonde opens her soft lips and drops her head and sucks the slippery, hot tip of the Collie’s cock into her mouth.  Her tongue circles and circles and a kind of dizziness came over her.

Beau half groans, half growls into her pussy, the big knot swells alarmingly.  Then the red shaft bucks and jerks, and hot semen spewed into Lisa’s mouth.  The woman jerks her head back and licks her lips rapidly, swallowing the spicy, pungent fluid.  Her eyes water and she blinks with surprise.  What made me do that, she wonders?  It’s the dream.  That fucking dream again.  The memory of swallowing and gulping down the men’s jizz triggered when the dog fucked its slippery cock into her mouth.

Her pulse throbs.  Beau’s red cock continues to jerk and spew, sending drops of sperm over its furry belly.  The animal’s balls pulsate and move in her hands as the dog ejaculates, and the animal licks and licks at her draining, flowing cuntal opening.

Omigod, yeah…” Lisa cries softly.

The blonde twists around, and gets on her elbows and knees.  She braces her legs wide apart and shoves her round ass up into the air and can’t help swaying and wriggling it.

Beau, get up” Lisa commands.  “Beau, fuck me.  Oh, fuck me hard and make me cum…

The dog groans, twists, and gets to its feet.  It pads around behind her and shoves its pointed snout into the crack of her ass to lick and then growls softly in the back of its throat.

Up, UP” Lisa cries impatiently, moaning and opening her ass wide and pushing back against Beau’s snout.

Beau mounts her ass, its forepaws wrapping around her waist.  Lisa feels its fur cover her ass like a blanket.  The animal’s hips pump inward and make its spearing cock stab the air.  The dog licks its chops and growls softly and hunched closer and closer to her swaying, round, white ass.

Ooh, hurry and fuck me…” Lisa cries, shaking and writhing under the Collie’s lunges.

Her breasts swell and shoot downward from her chest, pointed and full.  The nipples stretch and go rubbery with heat and belly heaves in and out with fast breathing.  Lisa reaches suddenly between her thighs and swirls her fingers through her wet pussy, moaning again, making sucking sounds in the dampness there.  She reaches back further, runs her hand down Beau’s belly, and captures the dog’s straining red cock in her fingers pulling on it and tipping her ass as she guides the trembling phallus into her cunt.

Ah, yes…” Lisa cries sharply on initial penetration.  “Fuck me, Beau.  Fuck me, darling dog…

Beau growls and tosses its head.  The animal’s paws grip the flare of her hips and pull back.  The animal’s hips churn forward, and its hot cock spears into her cunt to its depths.  Lisa cries out and shakes her ass, feeling the big knot swell and makes its cock become stuck in her cunt.  She clamps her tight muscles around the red cock and knot and holds it firmly inside her body pushing her ass as far up and back as she can. This opens her cunt wide to the humping dog and its swollen cock so she could enjoy the impaling.

Oooooo…” she cries throatily, shaking and writhing from head to toe.

Lisa feels it happening, the big waves of orgasm are coming again, and she whimpers with a strange sound, shaking her ass, feeling the knot in Beau’s cock push and pull at her silky cunt deep inside, giving it the kind of stimulation no human cock ever can.

Oh, now … now…” Lisa moans throatily.

The sound becomes a squeal in the back of her throat.  Her cuntal walls suck, pull, and squeeze, and hot, slippery juice flows from her like a fountain.  The woman’s cunt sucks and shakes as Lisa orgasms.  Her breasts punch into the bed beneath her chest.  Lisa strains rigidly backward, feeling Beau’s hips cover her ass with its furry blanket as the dog shudders forward, driving its cock all the way into her cunt, and shooting another load of hot dog sperm into her body.

When they’re finished after knotting of about fifteen minutes, Beau climbs off Lisa’s ass and staggers on the rocky bed a moment.  The dog lies beside Lisa, lifts its leg, and licks tenderly at its deflating cock a moment.  Then the dog stretches out beside Lisa and sighs.  Lisa curls up against the Collie’s back, feeling its warm fur all up and down her body.  Her sensitive breasts bury in the coat.  The woman wraps her arm around the dog’s neck and hugs it.  The dog lifts its head and licks the side of her face, giving her an unmistakable kiss, the way any lover would.  Lisa nuzzles against Beau and moans happily, luxuriating in the tingles rippling through her body still.

“What a sweet doggie,” Lisa whispers to Beau, running her hand along the sleek length of the Collie’s sharp muzzle, scratching it behind the ears.

Outside, the night started turning gray with the first hint of dawn.  Her eyes close.  A smile comes to the woman’s lips, and she makes a sound that’s nearly a purr.  It’s a good compromise, an excellent solution.  Lisa gets all the fucking she wants because Beau is always ready.  However, best of all, Lisa gets it when she wants it because Beau obeys her commands like the well- trained dog it is.

There are no fights, none of the emotional stress of which her married friend often complains.  When Lisa comes home from work at night, Beau is always there with a happy grin, a wet kiss, and a wagging tail, ready to do her bidding.  Lisa has even trained Beau to jump up and press a specially constructed switch on the stove when the alarm clock goes off, so her dinner is gently simmering and ready when she gets home.  The dog is a perfect mate.  Some would think the arrangement immoral, but Lisa doesn’t care.  It’s a good solution.

“Who needs men when there are sweet dogs like you, darling?” she murmurs drowsily, hugging Beau one final time before sleep comes over her again.


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