The Seduction of Laura: Part 2

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The Seduction of Laura: Part 2
The Seduction of Laura: Part 2
Year: 2019
Laura & Luis inflamed by their new beastly desires realize the vet has been pulling the strings all along and confront him.
Moe Lester
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Laura and Luis sit in Doctor Martin’ cluttered office.  Laura is trying to appear serious and attentive as the vet drones on.  Her eyes keep drifting to the framed diplomas and pictures of animals on the walls.  She has a feeling of unreality as if it all were a dream.  However, it is real.  It had been her idea in the first place.

“Over the years, bestiality has included the sexual utilization of every conceivable animal,” Doctor Martin said.  “Like fowl, such as geese, turkeys, and chickens.  There are canines, felines, and a wide variety of farm animals, cows, sheep, and pigs too.”

It had taken a great deal of talking to get Luis to see her point, but in the end, he agreed.  Laura had to tell him about Penny Martin and the German shepherd and what happened in the yard that day.  Finally, Luis decided they needed to know more about what they’re doing, and what the hazards are, both legally and physically.

Laura had not expected a scholarly lecture on the subject of bestiality.  She shifts restlessly in her chair and wonders what’s happening with Hercules and Misty, the dog’s are in Penny’s car.  Laura is worried about what might be going on and tries not to apply the word ‘jealous’ to what she’s feeling but knows it’s part of it.

“Now, as to specific cases…” the vet goes on, finally getting to the point.  “Medically, the risks are minimal.  Both the animals are healthy, as, I presume you are.  In any case, few infections are common to dogs and humans.  Careful washing after sexual activity should suffice in preventing any possible harm.”

“That’s a relief,” Luis said his shoulders dropping.

“Legally…” the doctor continues, after a deep breath, “bestiality falls in the category of ‘unnatural acts,’ and is illegal in most states.  However, as long as you exercise reasonable discretion, the chances of the police catching you are minimal.”

Laura can’t take the dry lecture any longer.  “What about you?” she asks with a deep frown and intense eyes.

The vet gasps.  “Me?  Why I certainly have no intention of revealing your … your … secret.”

“No, I mean, what about your daughter?” Laura persists.  “What is your legal position when you knowingly allow your daughter to indulge in bestial acts with a German shepherd?”

Doctor Martin’s eyes bulge, and his mouth hangs agape.

“Why attack the doc?” Luis asks shaking his head.  “He just said he has no intention of telling the cops about us.”

“I’m not attacking him,” Laura said putting her arms across her chest.  “I just wanted to get out of the legal and medical fog.  Doctor, when I asked you if Hercules’s semen and saliva are dangerous, you didn’t even bat an eye.  After I saw Penny let that huge beast fuck her, I knew there was no danger in further exploring the matter with you.”

“I had forgotten you met Karl,” Doctor Martin mutters.

“What I want to know…” Laura goes on boldly, “is what kind of training is required to get a dog to perform the way Karl does.  What else is possible between humans and animals?”

“I see…” the doctor said and sits back in his chair, glancing from one to the other.  “Why?”

“Because we want to try it, of course.”


Luis said, “I’m not sure why.  Why does a couple indulge in swinging, bondage, or any fetish?  Somewhere in my makeup is a kink.  I’ve dated plenty of women but never had a lasting relationship with any of them until now.  Misty and Hercules are involved, along with Laura.”

“I’m divorced,” Laura said.  “I was like an iceberg after Brett left me for another woman.  Until I masturbated Hercules that is, then he licked me, and finally, Luis and Misty came along,” Laura explains.  “It all got me going again.”

“I see,” the doctor said.  “With my wife Tara and me, it began when we were in college.  Penny learned of it when she saw her mother fucking a dog.  In Penny’s case, it has the advantage there are no worries about pregnancy or STI’s.”

“Then how about offering us the benefits of your experience?” Laura asks.

The doctor flicks a switch on the intercom on his desk.  “Tara, are you there?”

“Yes, dear.”

“Can you see Penny?”

“She’s playing with a Cane Corso and a Labrador out in the yard.  She’s throwing a ball for them.”

“Can you stretch supper for two more?”


“OK.  We’re having guests this evening.  No reason to change any of our other plans at all.”

“Oh?  Sounds interesting,” Tara said huskily.

“They’re both beautiful animal lovers.  We’ll be over in a little while.”

“Why not now?  I’ll fix drinks.”

The doctor lifts a questioning eyebrow at Laura and Luis.  When they nod, he tells his wife they will all be right there.


As the three of them cross the yard, Hercules comes frolicking over, the dog’s ears flopping merrily.  Misty follows in a sort of shaggy jiggle that has surprising speed.  Penny comes last, a blur of limber, tanned legs and arms.

“You can stay out for a while with the dogs,” the doctor tells his daughter.  “Mrs. Simpson and Mr. Brown are having dinner with us and will … um … join us later.”

“Really?  Cool,” Penny said.

Laura sees the eighteen-year-old eye Luis with more than idle interest and feels another twinge of jealousy.

“We’ll call you when it’s dinner time,” the vet said, then shows Luis and Laura into his large, rambling, country house.

Tara Martin is a taller, more mature version of Penny.  She’s slender, has impressive breasts, long, straight black hair, and dark eyes.  Politely, yet efficiently, she ushers them through the kitchen and into the large living room.  There are comfortable chairs and a couch.  The walls covered with superb photographs of dogs at rest and in action.  The two monstrous black Great Danes Laura had seen in the yard scramble to their feet and amble over to sniff her and Luis.  The dogs’ great heads come almost at chest level.  Laura wonders what kind of a cock such a huge dog would have, and shudders.  Her pussy itches.   Luis can thrust his cock into the female dog’s pussy almost without bending his knees.

“Tara is an animal photographer,” Doctor Martin said, indicating the pictures on the walls.

“Sit down, please,” Tara said.  “Call me Tara and this stuffy old shit is Jon.  Now, Jon, stop lecturing these poor people and have some human conversation for a change.”

“Sorry, Laura and Luis, I do go on a bit sometimes,” Jon said.

“Sometimes?” Tara shouts rolling her eyes.  “I swear he lectures in his sleep.”

“Would you both like a drink?” Jon asks ignoring his wife’s comment.

“Um, sure, what ya got?” Luis asks.

“I have some bourbon that’s nice, maybe a gin and tonic for Laura?”

Laura nods. Luis said, “Sounds good to us.”

The evening passes quickly in average, innocent conversation.  Laura feels a growing tenseness as the meal finishes.  She helps Tara clear the table.

“One of the nice things about having a photographer for a wife,” Jon said, “is she can record the family activities.”

He’s sorting through some DVD’s and seems to settle on one.

“Oh, Daddy, not movies again,” Penny said, making a face.

“Why not?  One of these DVD’s stars you, baby.  It’s just to get the other activities underway faster.”

“It’ll help us all loosen up,” Tara said, bringing Laura and Luis fresh drinks.  “It can be kind of awkward at first doing it in front of new people.”

“The only rule is that during the movie, there isn’t to be any … um … hanky-panky,” the vet orders.

This, too, produces a protesting moan from his daughter.  He silences her with a frown.  Laura nervously settles herself beside Luis and grips his hand tightly.  His return squeeze is reassuring.  The lights go out, and the big screen TV lit up the room.

“The canine male shows an astonishing interest in the human female, especially at the time of menstruation,” the vet said.

On the screen, the charcoal-black Great Dane is probing its large muzzle between Tara Martin’s legs.  Tara’s wearing a shiny black bikini contrasting dramatically with her pale white flesh.

“Jon, for fuck’s sake, stop lecturing us…” Tara groans.  “That’s Jonah,” she goes on in a normal tone as the movie continues.  “I wasn’t having my period when we videoed this like Jon claims, Jonah just loves me.”

Laura’s heartbeat quickens.  In the movie, Tara is lying on a lounge, and the big dog’s probing of her barely covered crotch is having an arousing effect on Laura.  Tara’s long legs are squirming sinuously.  She clings to the sides of the lounge as the muzzle digs, and digs, and digs at her cloth-covered pussy.  A powerful tongue licks the insides of her thighs from time to time.

“His tongue feels like wet sandpaper,” Tara said.  “This was videoed in our yard last year.  Jonah is four now, full grown, and a terrible lecher.”

Laura doesn’t know if she enjoys Tara’s calm discourse or finds it a distraction.  The incredible DVD is making Laura’s gut knot tightly.  She imagines the hot sun burning her flesh as an aroused beast nuzzles and probes for the opening to her cunt.  The woman feels a hot flood drench her panties.  The thought of doing it while a camera captures every squirm, every nuance of lust and pleasure, makes Laura burn even hotter.

Laura feels a bead of sweat between her breasts, even though the house is comfortably cool.  Luis’s hand on hers is no longer dry and comforting, but slippery and wet.  Laura feels him trembling and darts a sharp glance at the man.  His face is a study in concentration as he stares hungrily at the TV.

Laura’s eyes snap back to the TV, and she sucks in a deep breath.  On the screen, Tara is now heaving and struggling on the lounge, trying to wrestle her bikini bottom off.  Tara’s baring her crotch for a more intimate exploration.  The monster dog is dancing with impatience, jittering nervously on its long, sturdy legs.  The Great Dane’s tongue slaps its chops as the dog anticipates the royal feast ahead.

Tara kicks free of the bikini bottom, she has a jet-black patch of kinky pussy hair.  Without an invitation or a command, Jonah leans forward and thrust its huge muzzle into the inky muff.  Tara’s body convulses in a great heave arching her hips clear off the lounge.  While Tara shudders and jerks, she tears at her bra as if it’s strangling her.  The scrap of cloth holding her breasts jerk away, revealing her magnificent tits, the glorious mounds of flesh capped with dark, rigid nipples.  Tara’s hands close on her breasts and mangle the large mounds as Jonah explores her gaping pink pussy slit.

The dog’s tongue probes and strokes, rakes along Tara’s pussy.  Jonah’s taste organ appears like a great, living, hot pink blanket as it ravages her exposed pussy flesh.  The Great Dane twists and turns its head, dragging the pussy lips open first one way then another.  The dog’s tongue penetrates her pussy, tears along the tender inner folds of flesh.  Tara heaves and moans madly at the stimulation.

Laura feels herself panting and squirming as she watches; her crotch wetter than ever.  She can see Penny’s face out of the corner of her eye.  In spite of the teen’s objection to the DVD’s, Penny’s now enraptured.  Her eyes glitter in the flickering light from the screen, her tongue darting over her lips as she watches her mother’s pussy eaten by the monstrous dog.  The light from the TV shines on the vet’s face and makes the film of sweat there gleam.  How many times have they seen this DVD, Laura wonders?  Many, undoubtedly, yet it still has the power to hold all three of them riveted to the spot.

Tara is shuddering now as the dog probes its tongue into her streaming pussy.  The animal is scooping deep into her cunt too, slurping up the copious flow from Tara’s seething orgasm.  Her heels dig into the webbing of the lounge, jacking her hips up to give the colossal dog a perfect target.

“That was orgasm number one,” Tara said calmly as they all watch the TV.

Laura is fascinated.  If that was the first orgasm, how many more will there be, she wonders?  She wants to ask how many more climaxes are coming and then decides she’d rather not know.  It might be only one more, or it might be a lot more, but Laura’s dying to see what happens next.

On the TV screen, Tara collapses on the lounge; naturally drained, yet mustered the strength to shove the dog away.  Jonah backs reluctantly away from her crotch, the dog’s massive tongue sweeping its chops clean.  The Great Dane stands there panting, its huge fangs showing.  Tara’s mouth moves.  The dog closes in on her again along the lounge toward her head.  The dog towers over Tara.  It bows its head and let her massage the sleek fur on its neck and shoulders.  Tara guides the dog with a finger in its collar.

The camera angle moves slowly from the side of the lounge to the foot of it.  How does Jon feel watching his wife indulge herself so lasciviously with a dog, Laura wonders?  It has to turn him on.  Otherwise, he wouldn’t be videoing it.  Nevertheless, the camera remains rock steady.  It must’ve been on a tripod or a dolly to move as smoothly as that.

The technicality of the videoing fades from Laura’s mind as the next scene slowly develops.  Jonah is steered over the lounge, the Great Dane’s forefeet on one side of it, its hind legs on the other, so the dog’s bridging it with its huge frame.  Dangling over Tara’s head is the dog’s swaying sheath, a great black tube sagging down from its trim belly.  There is no sign that it’s aroused from what it had been doing to his mistress prior.  However, even in its retracted state, the dog’s organ is awe-inspiring.

Tara gently touches the dog’s sheath with her fingers, eases it from side to side as if testing its size and mass.  The red tip of a beginning canine hard-on begins to show.  Then the naked brunette on the lounge lifts her head and flicks the growing dog cock with the tip of her tongue.

Laura’s insides knotted tighter.  She quietly jams a hand into her oozing crotch, crossing her legs over her fist to grind it into her pussy harder.  Her nipples are on fire.  The sight of that gleaming spear of canine cock makes her go weak inside.

Tara’s shapely body twists on the lounge as she lifts higher to embrace the jutting cock of her large pet.  The woman pulls the end of the lounge up for support and engulfs the tapered tip of the red cock with her lips.  Her legs kick restlessly.  The camera angle allows tantalizingly brief glimpses of the heart of her pussy, a flash of red in ebony curls.

Jonah’s cock is a stabbing red javelin now.  The Great Dane’s hind legs begin shivering as its mistress continues sucking its dick.  The dog is vaguely trying to hump.  Does he feel like his cock in the heart of a bitch’s cunt rather than a woman’s mouth, Laura wonders?  The dog’s sleek coat gleams in the sun, the muscles under it rippling as the animal shifts and moves restlessly.  Tara is keeping the dog in position with her grip on its collar and her delicate touch on its underbelly.

Tara’s taking much more of the jutting cock in her mouth now.  She opens her lips, makes a theatrical show of engulfing half the bright red shaft, then draws away as her lips stroke the aroused length of the dog cock.  Tara pauses, her tongue licking over the dog cock, stroking it from base to tip.  Then the brunette embraces it with her mouth again and sucks.  Her cheeks cave in, and jaw goes down.  Jonah hunches in reaction.  The dog’s head twists and its teeth flashes.  Laura can hear its moan of excitement.

Laura has sucked cock, and enjoyed it; she loves the feeling of a hot, live piece of meat in her mouth.  She loves the feel of a shaft jumping and jerking as it pumps hot, stinging semen into her mouth and the taste of the sperm itself.  Now Laura’s trying to comprehend sucking a dog’s cock.  How would it feel to swallow the thinner, more watery cum of a Cane Corso, Laura wonders?  Her stomach knots with revulsion and her cunt convulsed with desire as she thinks about it.  Hercules had accepted her masturbation, enjoyed it even. It seems the Mastiff is going to discover a new treat soon.

Prying her hand loose from Luis’s, Laura reaches into his lap and finds his cock is tenting his trousers.  Suddenly, a small, slender hand jerks away and Laura glances over to see Penny on the other side of Luis. The teen had been fondling Luis’s hard-on in the dark.  Laura had scared the teenager away.  Penny’s expression as she watches the DVD is a study of innocence.

Protectively, Laura takes hold of Luis’s cock, liberating it from his fly and curling her fingers around it fondly.  She strokes her thumb over the cockhead.  His slippery oozing speeds her stroke on his aroused cock.  Luis’s hand creeps over her thigh and into her crotch.  Laura captures it between her legs and pulls her hand out to give him room.

On TV, Jonah is getting more and more turned on.  Tara is still sucking the Great Dane’s cock.  The dog’s hips are humping harder now.  Its back is arching, and hind legs spreading as if it were embracing a bitch.  Tara is stroking her fingers back along the length of the dog’s sheath to its balls, gently brushing them with her nails.  The brunette’s head is moving back and forth, pistoning the dog’s cock in her sucking mouth.  The dog is hunching, harder and faster, more demandingly.  Deliberately, Tara reveals the scarlet cock end for a flashing moment, exposing the swollen cockhead that had formed and then closes her mouth around it again.  It’s visible evidence of the nearness of Jonah’s impending orgasm.

Tara’s hips are writhing and heaving on the lounge.  Her slender legs spread wide, displaying the aroused heart of her pussy, the flashing, distended pink petals of her inner lips seeking hungrily for a cock.

“Orgasm number two,” Tara said softly with a tremble of suppressed excitement in her voice.

Jonah is humping inexorably toward climax.  The dog’s haunches heaving, it rams its cock into Tara’s sucking mouth, clear to the back of her throat.  Her head jerks in opposition to the dog’s thrusts.  Her jaw works as she massaged the hard knot on the dog’s cock.

“He’s cumming now,” Tara whispers.

Laura shudders through a mini-orgasm.

Jonah is quivering.  The Great Dane’s back end humps sharply.  The visible portion of the dog’s dick is pulsing, slowly and powerfully.  Tara’s throat is working as she swallows the spurting waves of dog semen, her lush body knots in the grip of orgasm too.  The brunette’s nose flares as she inhales quickly while still drinking the scalding jets of dog sperm as a dribble of thin, pearly jizz spills from her mouth and trickles over her chin.  Finally, to prevent suffocation, Tara’s forced to abandon swallowing the copious slimy jizz.  Jonah’s humping trails off gradually.  The Great Dane’s hips remain hunched.  Tara keeps the dog’s cock in her mouth.

“It upsets him if I release his cock before the knot goes down,” Tara explains to her guests.

So, afterward, it’s necessary to keep the dog’s cock inside until the knot goes down, Laura thought.  The knowledge makes her excitement surge higher for some reason.  Was it the idea of being so at the mercy of an animal, a Great Dane, perhaps?

On TV, Tara remains motionless, and let the dog’s cock withdraw from her mouth at its own pace.  The enormous red cock slowly slips from between her lips shining with spit and sperm.  Tara flops back on the lounge, her naked breasts heaving as she catches her breath.  She licks her lips clean as she rests, taking all the shining overflow of dog semen.

The TV goes dark, indicating the video ended.

“Had to give Jonah a rest,” Tara said as the video resumes.  “He’s like all males, has to recharge his batteries, though it doesn’t take him as long as it does humans.”

Laura and Luis stare at the TV wide-eyed, anticipating what’s coming.


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