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The Prison Bitch Society
The Prison Bitch Society
Year: 2019
When an ex-con is suddenly harrassed by an old neighbor, his life takes some kinky twists that lead him back to a life he thought he’d left behind.
Jack Morningwood
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“What the fuck?” Mark shouts knowing that was not Stan’s tongue.

A second lick—this one pretty much followed his spine from his ass up to his neck

It’s the dog, Mark thought, amusement gone.  “Bad dog.  Go away…” Mark shouts.

Yet delicious whipped cream covers him, the dog isn’t going anywhere.  The dog’s tongue did though, cleaning off his back, ass, balls, cock, and eventually delving into his loose asshole.  The effect is unlike anything Mark could’ve expected and arousal peaks again, his cock grows as the dog licks it.  That damn tongue, Mark thought.

“Stan, not this, please, not this…”

“Are you ready?” Stan asks.  “I think Scar is about to mount you, pervert.”

“Please, Stan, why are you doing this?” Mark begs.

“I told you, letting my gang enjoy the spoils of your ownership.”

“It’s a dog, not a gang,” Mark says, hearing his heart whoosh in his ears.

“OK.  Scar, FUCK…” the old man says in a firm voice.

The Boxer at once mounts Mark, wrapping its sock-covered forelegs around his waist firmly and starts humping at once.  Mark can feel something hot, poke his ass, balls, and sometimes slide between his legs.  Stan reaches down and guides the dog’s desperate cock into Mark’s opening.  Scar doesn’t know the meaning of the word gentle as once the dog’s inside, it fucks Mark for all its worth.   The whine near Mark’s neck is loud, and he feels dog slobber dribble onto his shoulders.  The brutality of this fucking is a new experience for Mark, and that’s saying something.

The canine cock slides mercilessly against his anus, the friction sending warm shivers of burning pleasure through him, making his cock hard as steel.  Yet Scar’s cock keeps growing the longer he fucks Mark, and he can feel it push deep into his belly.  Mark can feel it throb and pulsate inside him, as no man’s cock has ever done.  The canine cock is pushing his insides around, rearranging them as it forces its way deep into his hidden depths.  Then Mark feels something else hitting his already stretched anus, trying to push its way in.

What the fuck is that…” Mark moans.

“Relax, why do you think I stretched your cunt for you just so you can take the knot,” Stan said.


The sound of flesh colliding fills the room, the knot pushes and probes at Mark’s anus until eventually, Scar rams it through Marks loose asshole.

Ah … Omigod … That thing feels so hot inside me…

The dog’s balls now slap against Mark’s as it buries the length of its canine cock inside Mark’s belly—Knot and all.  The giant knot slides against Mark’s prostate, making his cock tingle and ache with hardness.  The ball of dog cock flesh massages the man’s g-spot until Mark groans loudly, and ejaculates, shooting strand after strand of milky cum onto the wooden floor.

“I’ll expect you to lick that up once Scar is done with you, pervert,” Stan said with a smile.

The Boxer keeps its rhythm going, fast and hard, as the man beneath it, shakes and convulses in orgasmic fury.  Eventually, Mark feels the throbbing cock bend and throb deep in his belly, followed by a surge of localized warmth near his chest that grows larger with every second.  The dog is ejaculating now, and its fucking rhythm slows, becomes erratic until it stops.  Scar is now panting loudly on top of Mark as it unloads its doggy balls deep inside the man’s belly.  Mark is thankful for the sofa, as it means he doesn’t have to support the dog’s weight as it lies on him.

The feeling of this furry beast on his skin, moving and breathing, as it shoots its doggy semen inside him is surprisingly pleasant.

He hears Stan say, “I’ve got something to do, you’ll be stuck together like this for a while.”

Mark hears the front door open and close.  In the silence of the room, Scar’s panting is like a steam train, and the cock buried so deep moves with every pant as the dog’s body shifts.

“Oh, Scar, what have you done to me,” Mark moans, and he falls asleep.

Eventually, Mark’s eyes open wide as the half-deflated knot finally pulls from his well-fucked asshole.

Oh fuck…” he groans loudly, and Scar jumps off him.

The wet, plopping noise of the giant cock leaving him made Mark’s cheeks burn hot, and the fresh air on his gaping anus added to the sudden emptiness he feels from deep in his core.  As he lies still, almost panting himself, Mark feels Scars wet course tongue begin licking his used opening.  The big doggy tongue is sliding and slithering inside his body effortlessly, tasting the semen flooding his bowels.

Yes, yes, yes,” Mark whispers.

The feeling growing in his cock is a familiar one, adding to the unusual sensation of Scars tongue slithering into his asshole.  Soon, his body shakes, as he shoots another few glob of semen onto the floor.  Scar bends his head, sniffs the floor and then licks it clean before licking Mark’s cock.  The sensations are overwhelming, but Mark cannot stop the beast due to the cuffs, poles, and chains.

“Enough, Scar…” he moans.  “I can’t take anymore…”

Mark tries to ignore the sensations, the feel of the Boxer’s tongue moving across his pliable cock as if wet sandpaper.  The experience is new for him, as he’d never allow an animal to touch his cock.  Scar isn’t sucking his cock, he’s licking it.  Wrapping its tongue around the man’s eight-inch boner and pulling it away in a big wet slither, licking his balls and taint, and getting the probe into Mark’s asshole again.

Mmm,” Mark moans softly as his cock starts throbbing beneath the animal’s endless attention.

Scar seems tireless, patient, and oblivious to the feelings it’s creating in the submissive man.  The dog licked Mark’s boner at a measured pace.  A calculated and deliberate speed, it seems to the man.  Scar’s tongue seems to touch his genitals everywhere at once as Mark’s tender flesh glistens with the dog’s saliva.  Mark’s cock is redder and harder than usual in this condition.  He glances back as best he can given he’s tied up at what’s happening wide-eyed as if seeing his genitals for the first time, and his glistening cockhead seems to cling to the dog’s tongue as he licks around it savoring the man’s salty precum.

Mark’s stomach feels tight, yet for a different reason altogether.  His chest aches and his nipples grow stiff and burn with fire.  The man shivers, his cock feels as hard as it ever has, and his balls have tightened to cling to the base of the shaft.  Every touch of the dog’s tongue is delicious torture, and Mark feels an electric jolt as Scar flicks across his cock, coaxing it to throbbing life.  Then the Boxer suddenly pulls away.

Mark feels the dog’s saliva is on his skin. Its mouth had been on his cock, and Mark feels dirty.  A wave of nausea fills him, and he gags on the bile in his throat.  Disgusted with himself, he hopes Stan won’t tell anybody he’s had sex with a dog.  Just as he thought things couldn’t get any worse, Scar mounts him from behind for the second time.

Ugh … What … Not again” Mark shouts as the Boxer settles its weight on the man’s back.

Scar wraps powerful forelegs around Mark’s waist.  The man feels something rubbery and hot jabbing at the back of his thighs at his ass.  He knows what it is and tries to twist his hips and shoulders to dislodge the animal.

GET OFF ME,” he yells.  “GET OFF … NO … STOP…

However, it’s useless, Mark cannot get free of the cuffs and chains that have him trapped.  The dog’s front legs are strong, too strong, and they hold Mark in a tight hug.  The dog’s claws burn on his skin, and Mark feels the pain of them scratching him low on his belly.  The beast’s chest lies across Mark’s back, warm and soft with its brown fur, and its bony chin presses into the man’s shoulder as it drops its canine head.  Mark can smell the dog’s hot breath and feel it on his face as if they’re nearly cheek-to-cheek.

Scar growls softly, and Mark shivers as he knows what the dog intends to do.  The man struggles.  He swears at the dog, yet there’s nothing he can do, there’s no place to go. Stan had this planned out too well.  Then he feels the animals’ tapered cockhead splitting his ass cheeks and pushing into his already gaping asshole.

The Boxer must’ve felt it too because, in that instant, the dog lunges forward with its hips.  The big red cock slips through Mark’s gaping, stretched-out anus despite him trying to clinch, the sphincter gives way easily, and the dog again feeds its big cock into Mark’s belly.  The pain is burning but not severe.  The dog is thrusting away madly now as it buries its ten-inch cock deep into Mark’s body feeling his innards wrap moistly around his prick on each thrust.

Ung … Ung … Ung…” Mark moans while the dog fucks him with powerful, rapid strokes.

There’s nothing gentle about the act, and it doesn’t last long.  The dog fucks the man hard and fast for five minutes, maybe more, before Mark becomes aware of the knot again.  His asshole is stretching easily around the dog’s cock thanks to Stan’s fisting, as the dog fills his belly completely.

Mark feels Boxer’s dog cock driving into his guts repeatedly, and the hot poker throbs and pulsates as if some snake is inside him.  Mark can even feel the dog’s balls slap him with each thrust.  His body jerks with the dog’s motion, his head practically bouncing as it hangs hot and heavy from his body.  Suddenly, his asshole pulsates with pleasure as something bigger than the dog’s cock thrust inside, and a second later, yanked out again.  It gives Mark a spasm of pure bliss.

Omigod … Fuck me … Ram your big knot deep in me, you cunt…” Mark shouts.

Mark’s earlier orgasms had eased the animal’s efforts to plunder his man pussy.  The Boxer’s cock thrums and screams as the dog’s knot slams inside his stretched-out asshole again.  The ball of flesh at the base of Scar’s cock, stretching his sphincter wide, as the dog shoves it through his anus and then pulls it out again.

A dozen times the dog rams its big knot through Mark’s quivering, abused anal sphincter, maybe more, until amazingly it becomes too big.  The knot has swollen even more prominent than before, and Mark moans as it pushes inside him again, however, this time, as the dog tries to pull it back out he finds the man’s asshole has no more give and won’t come out.

Fuck me, fuck meFuck your big cock into me … Cum in me … Fill me with your canine cum….

Mark is gasping and shuddering with a heady mixture of pain and pleasure stealing his senses away.  Scar’s locked inside him, tied, knotted—all ten inches of throbbing cock buried in the man’s body.  The Boxer’s furry balls press against Mark too.   The sound of the Boxer’s panting and whines so loud in the man’s ears.  The knot lodges just inside his asshole, and it continues to grow.  To Mark, it feels as if he has a bowling ball inside his ass as the dog whines in his ear.  Mark tests it several times, driving into him with his hips and pulling back, yet the bulb of cock flesh can go no deeper nor come out of him, at least not without really giving it a firm tug, and he doesn’t want that.

Mark doesn’t know what he wants because as the colossal knot presses heavily into his prostate like before, it reaches a point where it triggers an orgasm.  This surprises Mark as it seems to come from nowhere.  His body surrenders completely, and a sudden avalanche of pleasure overwhelms him.  Mark can feel his cock shooting and throbbing hard, sending semen onto the wooden floor below.

His body shakes, and Mark becomes weak, and he collapses onto the sofa with his ass high and his head down, whimpering and moaning as his orgasm rips from his balls through his body, lost in the intensity of it.  Mark’s ass spasms with contractions and this time it’s even better than before because he has something inside him.  The bound man’s ass squeezes around the dog’s cock, massaging it as if a buttery fist and he feels the girth and length of it overwhelming him.  Whatever the dog might be feeling, it’s terrific for Mark, and his asshole seems to burn with pleasure, radiating through his body.

He can feel I the dog ejaculating too, a hot, yet indistinct stain spreading through his belly.  The dog is cumming hard, his knot keeping all of his cum trapped inside the man’s body.  Mark’s just too lost to feel disgusted by it, caught in the raw joy of orgasm to allow guilt to accuse him of sin.  His mind is no longer rational, and there’s only the carnal nature of the act he wants to enjoy.

Oooo … Fuck … What are you doing to me…” he moans his eyes tightly clenched.

Suddenly, Scar lifts a leg over Mark’s back and dismounts.

AHHHHHHRRRRR,” Mark moans as the huge cock and knot twist around inside his body.

The friction of the turning knot over his prostate hits the trigger again, and as Mark moans with pain from the twisting cock, another orgasm wracks his body.  For the third time, he ejaculates, sending another few spurts of semen onto the floor below.  Now ass-to-ass with Scar, the dog tries to drag Mark who’s helpless to stop it due to the way Stan has him bound.  However, a heavy session of fisting earlier pay dividends as Scar’s knot has deflated just enough to pull free with a loud plop.  This time the Boxer has had enough and wanders to the corner to sit and lick its cock.

Mark passes out but wakes when he feels Stan undoing all the chains and cuffs.  His asshole feels mushy. There’s dog semen leaking from it running down his legs, no doubt, pooling on the floor.  Stan roughly grabs Mark and hauls him up.

“Squat,” he orders.  “Squat and let that cum run out of you.”


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