The Seduction of Laura: Part 1

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The Seduction of Laura: Part 1
The Seduction of Laura: Part 1
Year: 2019
Laura is a lonely after her husband left her for another woman, when suddenly her big Cane Corso seems to be ready to fill a need.
Moe Lester
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Laura Simpson spread her legs wide as the hot, beautiful cock drives deep into her cunt, glutting her, cramming her hole full.  Her arms and legs clasp around her husband.  Brett begins humping his cock into her tight cunt, his shaft sliding hotly along the walls of her wet vagina.  The man’s crotch starts pulverizing her clit, and she’s jammed higher, and higher, and higher.  The bed under her is quivering and shaking from the impact of the humping and heaving.  The springs begin squeaking loudly.

Someone is whining and whimpering like an animal.

Laura wakes from her erotic dream with a jolt from the whining and the shaking of the bed.  Groggy with sleep and frustration, she reaches for the bedside lamp.  Its soft glow spills over the empty room, the nearly vacant expanse of her king-sized bed.  Blearily, Laura focuses her eyes on the source of the whining and shaking.  A twinge of sorrow lances through her, distracting her from the aching hollowness she always feels at the sight of the empty bed.

“Oh, Hercules,” she said softly, reaching for the struggling animal by her feet.

Her fingers combed through the black head of the big Cane Corso, sometimes called an Italian Mastiff.  Its head turns toward her, the dog’s brown eyes wet with pain.

“Hercules, you just can’t reach there anymore,” she tells the beast tenderly.

Desperately, the black dog twists again struggling to reach the thrusting pink shaft of its erect cock.  A whine of pain and frustration tears from the dog as its long, pink tongue flicks out, a fraction of an inch short of its goal.

“No, Hercules,” Laura said, tugging at the dog’s neck, trying to get its attention away from its cock.  “You just can’t reach it anymore.”

With the persistence of an animal, Hercules ignores her, battled against the fused links of its injured spine.  The dog struggles to reach its crotch, to stroke its aroused cock.  Laura tosses her head with frustration, combs one lock of her long, straight red hair back from her forehead, and tucks it behind her ear.  She sighs wearily.

“That’ll teach you for trying to catch a fucking truck, Hercules,” she said to the still-whimpering and struggling Cane Corso.  “But I feel your pain since Brett left me for that slut; I’m just as sexually frustrated as you.”

Hercules gazes at her with its dark, wet, sad eyes and licks its nose, leaving it shining wet.  The dog’s panting softly from its exertions.  It tries again to reach its aroused cock, failing yet again and whimpering with frustration.  Hercules gazes at his mistress, eyes pleading.

“What can I do, I’m not a dog?” Laura asks, acting as if it can understand what she’s saying.

With a sad whimper, Hercules turns.  Kicking and pushing with its front paws, the dog battles to curl a backbone that no longer bends.  Hercules hindquarters skid on the satin spread.  The dog raised hind leg kicks futilely in the air as the dog struggles.  The battle is shaking the whole bed, and that, mingled with the dog’s whining, is what woke Laura.  Her tired brain had done its best to fit the shaking and whimpering into her dream.  Still, she had awakened.

“God, I’ve gotta get some sleep,” she groans.  “Hercules, you have got to stop it.”

Hercules ignores her and then gives her one more pleading, hopeful look.

Baby…” Laura said, trying not to stare at the pink shaft of the dog’s hard cock.  “Baby, I can feed you, wash you, and scratch your back.  But that’s one itch I just can’t take care of.”

Then Laura’s silent for a moment as desperation sends her thoughts down strange new paths.

“Or can I?” she whispers, eyeing the dog’s big cock dubiously, studying how it thrust out of its hairy sheath.

Laura isn’t sure, but it appears as if Hercules’s balls have swollen with a load of sperm.  Laura reflects that, at the age of two, the big black dog is probably at its breeding prime, its virile best.

Hercules has given up on her and is ignoring her now, the Mastiff kicks and scrambles, still trying to reach its dick.  The Mastiff can’t understand its crippling, is unable to comprehend that the dog will never again be able to curl itself up doggy-fashion.  For a moment, Laura wishes she had let the vet put the dog to sleep.  However, the woman just couldn’t, the dog’s the only thing she has left from four years of marriage.  The feeling she owes Hercules something goads her into seriously contemplating the unthinkable.

Omigod, if I don’t do something, I’ll never get any sleep,” Laura complains to the silent, empty room.

Hesitantly, Laura reaches for the gleaming skewer of Hercules’s cock.  The redhead carefully let the dog smell her fingers, and see what she’s doing.  Nervously, shyly, Laura touches the hard cock.  The heat of the dog’s aroused flesh startles Laura when her fingers brush it roughly.  Hercules yips and its teeth snap desperately.  The Mastiff misses her hand only because of its spinal stiffness.

Sorry…” Laure said in a hoarse whisper.  “I’m new at this type of thing.  I suppose bitches are pretty wet and slippery, aren’t they?”

Turning away for a moment, Laura reaches for the lube still senselessly tucked away in the bedside table.  After smearing her fingers with the lubricant, she reaches again for Hercules’s cock.

“This’ll feel better,” she said.

This time, it’s the hardness of the dog’s cock startling her when she touches it.  Laura grasps its shaft delicately in her fingertips and, hesitantly, begins to stroke it.  Hercules lies down with a soft doggy moan of passion and squirms further onto its back to expose its groin to Laura more.  Twisting awkwardly, Laura crawls from under the covers.  Laura ignores the touch of the cold air on her slender, naked body.  The rosy tips of her breasts harden as she fondles Hercules’s throbbing cock, strokes it lengthwise.  Laura finds the act crazily erotic, feels the knot of her own sexual frustration grow larger as she masturbates her panting pet.

“I suppose…” Laura said as she gets more lube on her fingers, “my tongue might be even better at this, but I’m not ready to go that far with you.  I mean, there are limits, Hercules.”

Hercules whimpers softly and squirms on the bed as she circles its stabbing cock with her palm and pumps her fist.  Hercules hindquarters begin to tremble and attempt to hump as Laura jacks its cock.

“Now, I’m only doing this so we can both get some sleep,” Laura said sternly as she strokes the Mastiff’s cock with her hand.

Hercules cock is slick and bone-hard in her grasp, hot, alive, eager, and wet.  A hard lump is growing near the base.  Laura does her best to ignore her arousal and keeps stroking, trying to bring the animal off with her hand.

“I suppose vets do this to gather samples for artificial insemination,” Laura said, trying, in an attempt to still her sexual excitement, to be clinical about what she’s doing.  “The old handjob…  They used to work to cool boyfriends back in the day, didn’t do a thing for me, though.  I had to go home and rub one out when the date was over.  C’mon, Hercules, come on…”

Hercules is whining again, but complaining in a different tone this time.  Because of the inflexibility of the dog’s spine, its humping is more abortive jerking.

Laura’s lust is building higher from the feel of the hot cock in her fist.  The back of her fingers is rubbing the dog’s hairy belly as she pumps its cock.  The length and diameter of its cock excited her, and the woman finds herself comparing it with her ex-husband’s penis.  Laura remembers how great Brett’s cock had felt filling her cunt, and feels hot juices drool from her frustrated hole.

“C’mon, Hercules, come on…” she urges the animal.

Her arm and wrist are tiring from the endless pumping of the canine cock.  Laura wonders if there’s some nerve damage the vet hadn’t detected yet.  She can’t believe it’d take this long if Hercules had been mating with a dog bitch.  Laura feels the knot at the cock base again and suddenly understands its purpose.  It holds the dog’s dick full depth in a bitch until the dog has poured a load of sperm into her clutching cunt.

The thought of what the knot might feel like tearing at her own cunt brings a hot wave from Laura’s pussy and a flush of shame to her face.  What the fuck am I thinking, she thought.  I had better forget that idea fast.

However, the cock in her fist won’t let her forget.  Laura strokes and tugs at it.  On her knees on the bed, her white, slender ass rises high; she leans on one elbow and pumps her hand.  The redheads small, firm breasts jiggle and jerk as Laura struggles to bring the animal to an orgasm.  Her nose is aware of its hot, live smell.  Somehow, it touches the primitive part deep in her body and increases her arousal even more.

Hercules is whimpering in time with the humping of its hindquarters.  The Mastiff’s tongue trails out of one side of its mouth, a velvety pink ribbon contrasting with its whiskers.  Hercules saliva is staining the bedspread.

“C’mon, baby…” she whispers.  Her face is close to its.  Laura jerk on its thrusting cock, and smelled the doggy odor of him.  “Come on…

The cock in her fist swells.  The tip gets harder and the knot larger.  Deciding that all of its shaft should be stimulated, Laura cups her other hand around the knot.  Laura braces herself on her elbows and pumps her hands desperately.  The ache in her arms grows, as does the hot fire in her cunt.

Hercules begins to ejaculate.  The Cane Corso’s cock pumps heavily and pulsates strongly in her grasp.  Laura feels a hot jet of sperm press against the palm of the hand she has over its cockhead, then pressure back and spill over her other hand.  The spurts come slowly and powerfully.  Wave after scalding wave of canine semen drenches her clutching hands as she massaged the dog’s erupting cock.

The smell of canine sperm is heavy in the air and Laura’s hands drown in watery, slimy waves of the ejaculate.  Hercules back legs are kicking in time with the spurts as if the dog’s trying to drive its cock still deeper into a bitch.  Anxious to please her beloved pet, Laura matches the moves of her hands to the dog’s kicking and spraying.  Hercules pearly-gray sperm flows over her hands, down its belly, and onto the satin bedspread.

Laura’s pussy is aching with need as she watches.  The frustrated divorcée remembers how Brett’s cock had felt pumping and spurting in her cunt.  The fact that she’ll never feel it again brings tears of frustration from her eyes and a greater feeling of emptiness.  Why did he leave me, she wonders?  What does that slut have that’s so much better than me?

Hercules whines as the dog’s spraying die slowly to a lingering, pulsating trickle and then fades to nothingness.  It seems to Laura the process had taken hours.  The shaft in her hand is still hard, the knot still distended.  Laura wonders how long the dog will keep its hard-on.  Gingerly, she eases her two-fisted grasp on its dick.  As she straightens, the woman holds her attention on the dog, uncertain how it’ll react now its needs met.

Lying half on its back, panting, the Cane Corso doesn’t stir.  The only motion is the heaving of its deep rib cage as the dog pants.  Hercules cock slowly retreats, sliding back into its hairy sheath.  The black dog’s belly is matted and sticky with overflow sperm.  For a while the dog keeps one hind leg lifted high, spread to expose its gut.  Then, slowly, the dog lowers it in a series of jerks until it closes, concealing its now-satisfied cock.

“Fuck, I’m horny…” Laura moans as she sprawls on her back in the middle of the bed.

The light from the bedside lamp highlighted her slender body, gleamed on the dark-red curls of her crotch.  Without even thinking about it, she spreads the outer lips of her pussy and strokes the hot inner flesh.  Laura’s finger touches her clit and her slender hips jerk and heave.  The woman drills two fingers deep into her streaming cunt struggling to release the bottled-up lust overwhelming her body.

With a jolt, Laura suddenly remembers doggy semen is still drenching her hands.  Laura’s smearing her cunt with Hercules’s sperm, forcing the dog’s juice deep into her hole with her probing fingers, painting it over her clit as she presses and rolls the nerve-bud with her slim fingers.

Laura starts to pull her hands away from her cunt, but her sexual hunger won’t let her.  It’s too late anyway; she has already transferred most of the hot fuck juice to her slippery cunt.  If it is somehow toxic, it’s too late now.  Pregnancy is impossible, fortunately.  When she’s done, douching will solve the disease problem, if there is one.

Meanwhile, all that matters is the desperate, hungry ache in her guts.  Brett had been an expert at curing that hunger.  The man had been sex-crazy, willing to try anything, anywhere, anytime.  Their first time had been on the roof of an apartment building, under the glittering starry sky.

Now, lying on her back on the bed she shares only with her dog, Laura weeps softly for those days.  Her wet fingers probe deep into her red-bushed pussy and toys with the aroused nubbin of her clit.  Laura still sleeps naked, the way Brett taught her to.  She’s on her back, legs spread wide as if ready to receive him.  Nevertheless, all she has is her fingers.  Laura diddles her clit and pumps them into her cunt.

Squirming on her back on the big bed, Laura decides she’ll never find sexual satisfaction like he ex-husband again.  Her fingers are plunging in and out, in and out of her cunt; she relives those crazy, naked fucks with Brett.  The feel of bare skin against bare skin, breasts against chest fucking wildly.

Laura heaves, jerks, and fights desperately to bring herself to the glittering apex of an orgasm.  A foot slips on the satin spread and touches Hercules’s furry warmth.  The tired Cane Corso raises its head, sniffs the air, then lies again as Laura continues finger fucking, oblivious to everything but memories of pleasures past.

Remembering Brett’s cock dangling over her face, Laura on her back, his legs pinning her arms, drives her lustful moment.  Suddenly, she opens her mouth and engulfs Brett’s towering shaft with her lips.  Laura sucks his cock in, lifting her head so she can slide the man’s cock the length of her tongue.

Laura squirms crazily, tearing a hand out of her hungry cunt to torment the firm mound of her breast, finger it in feeble imitation of the way Brett’s demanding fingers had massaged it.  There’s a whimpering noise in the bedroom again.  Only this time it is coming from Laura, not from the Cane Corso still lying at her feet.  Sweat gleams on her slender body as Laura squirms and heaves in the throes of pleasure

Desperately, Laura jams three fingers into her steaming cunt, wantonly oblivious of the dog semen still coating her hands.  Laura pumps her fingers in her pink vagina.  Her tight, firm ass bounces on the resilient mattress as she finger fucks.  Laura mangles her clitoris with her thumb, rolls it against the bony arch of her mound, feels the little button squirm, trying to escape the crushing it so loved to get.

Brett … Ooh, Brett…” Laura moans.

Laura’s head rolls crazily on the bed, her long red hair whipping around her face.  The inflamed woman whines at the ceiling.  Hercules lifts its canine head and eyes her gaping cunt.  Laura’s stirring her fingers in her red-bushed pussy.  The dog tilts its head, listening to her half-demented ravings, the dog’s nostrils flare as it notes, catalogs, and savors the smell of her aroused cunt.

The woman is nearing her peak.  Laura uses her hands on her pussy, trying to jack herself that little notch higher, striving desperately for the flaming release.  In her mind, she’s fucking her ex-husband.

Laura begins to orgasm.  Her pussy erupts.  Wave after thick, slippery wave of fluids stream over her hands, mingle with Hercules’s sperm, spilling over her winking asshole.  The woman’s body knots in one final convulsion as she imagines the jerking and spurting of Brett’s cock.  Her heels dig into the bed, Laura arches up for a long, fiery moment as her orgasm rages through her.  Then she slowly sags and collapses.  Laura’s exhausted, drained and hollow.  Her wet hands slide from her pussy, smearing her pubic hair and the naked skin of her pelvis with secretions.

Sprawled on her back, exhausted, her nipples slowly softening, Laura Simpson drifts off to sleep.  Laura stirs once; her hips squirm slightly, searching for something that’s no longer there.  Then the redhead is still lying unabashedly exposed with her legs spread wide and her hands at her sides.  The light from the forgotten lamp spills over her pale, smooth body.

The large black Cane Corso raises its head, stares at its redheaded mistress.  Hercules long pink tongue licks out combing its whiskers into a grin.  The Mastiff yawns, exposing its gleaming white teeth.  Its nostrils flare as the dog sniffs the air that reeks of cunt.  Hercules tongue licks up and bathes its nose.

Oblivious to everything, Laura sleeps on.  Her breasts rise and fall evenly; head rolls slightly to the side making her face a shadow with lips parted slightly.  Laura’s nipples are partially erect, not engorged as at the height of passion but not wholly relaxed either.

Hercules tests the air with its sensitive canine nose.  Something in it intrigues the beast, stirring primitive appetites.  After another nervous yawn, the dog struggles to get to its feet.  Hercules rigid spine makes it hard, as does the slipperiness of the satin bedspread.  Eventually, the dog gets its back feet under it, straddled defensively against the slipperiness of the spread.  As if exploring a trap, the dog stretches its neck forward.  Hercules’ nose is seeking and testing, searching for the source of the tantalizing aroma.

A hesitant step and the dog moves between Laura’s widespread legs.  Hercules nose and whiskers brush the inside of one smooth thigh.  The leg moves, spreading her even wider.  The knee bends more.  Another cautious step brings Hercules nose within inches of Laura’s moist, humid pussy.  The Mastiff licks to one side, on her sensitive inner thigh.  Laura squirms in her sleep, and her legs spread still wider.  The slit of her pussy gapes open.  It’s a pink-petal gash bordered by damp red curls.

Hercules licks again, at the edge of her pussy hair.  The dog’s hot, velvety tongue strokes her flesh where her hand has smeared sex juices.  Laura’s flat stomach shudders in response to the warm, sensuous stroking.  Carefully, Hercules washes her.  The Mastiff sweeps its long pink tongue over her pale skin.  The strands of red hair at the edge of her pussy tug straight as the dog licks the sides of her hairy crotch.

Standing between her widespread thighs, the big black Cane Corso licks the fragrant, appetizing secretions of her naked skin.  The Mastiff licks the insides of both thighs.  Laura’s hips squirm as she tries, in her sleep, to spread her legs still wider. Having exhausted that source, Hercules moves closer to the heart of her pussy.  Hercules tongue combs through the tangled mat of her loins, tugs at her pussy lips, stretched the kinks out of her curls.  The dog’s tongue slithers into her cunt, and in a mad reaction that makes him flinch back, Laura’s hips heave.

For a moment the dog pauses, eyes the slender red-haired woman carefully.  Her face turned toward the ceiling.  The Mastiff can see her delicate features.  Her lips part with lust, not relaxation now.  Laura’s breathing is heavier, quicker.  The points of her nipples cast long shadows over her breasts because of their increased arousal.  A fine film of sweat glistens on her forehead; and fingers curl, clutching the bed, and her stomach sucks inward.  Her toes curl in a primitive reflex gripping motion.

Hercules yields to the siren call from her crotch and lowers its canine head.  The dog’s tongue flicks out, strokes the length of her slit, spreading the soft bulge of her pussy lips, plowing between the delicate, aroused petals of her inner folds.  Laura moans and squirms, her head rolls and her eyelids flutter as she hangs on the borderline of sleep.  The big Cane Corso ignores her stirrings this time and slithers its tongue along her slit again.  It strokes over the nerve-packed head of her clitoris, and Laura wakes.  The redhead stares blindly at the ceiling, remembering the times Brett had driven her mad with his tongue.

The tongue rips her pussy open again; it’s hot, rough, and burning.  Laura heaves as lust explodes through her like lightning.  However, Brett is gone, she’s alone now, and there’s no way she can be feeling what she’s feeling.  Laura’s chain of thought blasts to shining fragments by the searing stimulation of another tongue-stroke along her swollen pussy lips.  With a jerk, Laura heaves her head up and stares down, and sees the huge black dog standing between her gaping thighs.  Hercules’ legs brace; the dog’s muzzle is at her crotch.  Laura let out a howl as the tongue rips through her aroused pussy lips again.

Noooo, Hercules…” she groans, her voice a crazy wail as the dog ravages her dripping slit yet again.

Since there’s no tone of command in her order, the dog ignores her and wedges its cold nose into her hot crotch.  The tongue feels as if burning coals have touched her pussy.  Laura’s lust burns away the shreds of resistance she had succeeded in mustering.  Seeking the source of her sweet fluid, Hercules bores its tongue into her cunt.  Laura’s hips heave and squirm madly as the dog penetrates deeply.

The woman feels the canine tongue drill deep into her belly, deeper than any human tongue possibly could.  It’s insane, she thought, staring wide-eyed at the sight.  A velvety rasp is scraping the sensitive, rippled cuntal walls, and a chill black nose is pressing her outraged clitoris, while Hercules’s hot breath burns her flesh.  After scooping up a wave of her juice with its tongue, Hercules probes for more, driving its tongue still deeper into the tangy vagina it has found.

Awww, noooo…” Laura moans, futilely protesting her incredible arousal.

Laura touches Hercules’s head, stroking the hard bones of its skull.  Her fingers combed through the warm fur.  The dog’s jaw works its tongue into her cunt yet again.  Her hips heave, thrusting her pussy against the probing muzzle.  The Mastiff drills its tongue deep into her juicy cunt, scrubbing the rippling walls clean of her flood of secretions.

Something makes the dog shift its attack.  Hercules flat tongue strokes her clitoris.  It feels like red-hot sandpaper.  Laura wails and clutches Hercules’s fur until the dog tugs free.  Hercules’ head plunges downward, its tongue strokes, blistering her asshole with its hot roughness.  Laura heaves her hips up, inviting a repeat of that intimate lapping.  It comes again, and she goes half-mad with pleasure.  She grabs her ass cheeks and yanks them apart until the skin stretches and stings.  Hercules’s tongue strikes like a lash, probing, actually penetrating her anus a fraction of an inch.  Laura begins to orgasm.

The tongue strips the juices from her asshole, continuing up toward her cunt and then drills into that streaming hole as her glands overflow from the incredible stimulation.  Laura climaxes as she feels the dog’s tongue drill deep into her cunt like a hot poker.  Writhing, half-mad with lust, she invites the dog to tongue-fuck her more.  Laura knows what she’s doing is crazy, but doesn’t care.  The pleasure roars through her.

Hercules plunges its tongue into her sweet cunt repeatedly, scooping out a torrent of her juice.  The source of her delicious juices seems endless.  The more the dog licks, the more there is.  The Mastiff presses its muzzle hard into the wet gash as it twists its tongue into her cunt, searching for the ultimate source of her delicious taste.

Laura heaves, howls, as her orgasm goes on forever.  Even Brett at his most devoted and persistent had never been able to get this reaction from the woman.  Eventually, his arousal had always gotten the best of him, and he stopped licking her cunt and plunged his cock deep into her spasming vagina.  However, Hercules apparently has no urge to do that, the dog wants only to drink her cunt dry.  The Mastiff keeps right on trying as her never-ending climax rages.

An exquisite ache in her muscles eventually brings Laura down from her peak, stilling the streaming of her cunt, and collapses her hips back onto the bed.  When the source of supply drops, Hercules follows her pussy, probes with its nose until Laura has to heave up on a shaking arm and forcefully push the beast away.

NO…” she shouts.

Hercules backs up, and, hurt by her sudden rejection, gazing at her reproachfully.

“That’s enough, Hercules,” she said as if the dog can understand.  “That’s enough…”

The woman knows it’s not the dog’s fault, and her shoulders sag as she sighs.

“Oh, Hercules,” Laura said eventually.  “You lecherous mutt, you really did it, didn’t you?”

Hercules tilts its head.  The Mastiff is panting slightly, and its insidious pink tongue is dancing over its lower teeth.  The dog sits.

“God only knows what horrible diseases I’ll get now,” Laura moans, struggling to her feet.  “Probably come down with distemper.”

Laura tries to keep her mind off how good it had been as she douches thoroughly.  The woman knows that eventually she’ll want to do it again.

“Doc Martin may faint when I ask him,” she said to Hercules as she comes back into the bedroom.  “But I’m gonna have to ask him about this.  You’re due for a check-up this week anyway.  I’ll have to gather my strength and find a way to phrase the question.”

Hercules’s tail wags hopefully, but the dog doesn’t lift its head.

“Probably…” Laura said.  “Probably, I will let you lick my pussy again.  Now go to sleep, pervert.”

Laura turns out the light and feels the dog’s comforting warmth and weight against her legs as she falls asleep.


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