Free At Last

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Free At Last
Free At Last
Year: 2018
Kelly’s life is in turmoil. When she found out Todd cheated on her with her sister Diane, she ended it. Now, she’s stuck with a failing dog kennel business with her awful sister and dumb brother. Something has to give.
Moe Lester
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The kennel isn’t working, Kelly thought with a sigh.  Maybe it’s too early to tell, yet, but Kelly Jones had a sinking feeling her ex-boyfriend Todd had been right, that all the money she’d been guarding so conscientiously had gone down the drain.  Kelly laughs wryly at the metaphor and watches the water run along a cement trough and swirl down the drain.  She shuts off the hose and checks the job she has done in spraying out the cages.

Kelly hears the dogs barking and playing together out in the fenced yard, and Diane, her younger sister, as well.  Diane is laughing and talking to the animals as she mingles among them.  Kelly wipes her arm across her forehead and pushes a lock of auburn hair from her eyes.  She drops the hose and sighs heavily, looking at the round thickness of it.  Her pussy throbs suddenly.  Kelly crosses her thighs and leans against one of the cages.  The woman closes her eyes and moans, trying her best to keep her hands from her yearning pussy.

It’s been nearly a month since she was last with Todd.  Kelly hadn’t seen him since or even called.  However, she felt a little troubled because Todd hadn’t called her either.  She stares at the thick tube of the water-filled hose and feels her clit throb again.  The auburn-haired woman moans and shoves away from the cage and tries to put thoughts of sex from her mind.

God, she thought, Todd was a cheating asshole, but I miss his big cock.  She’d been such a slut with Todd; the memory of it still shamed her.  If I can just hold out a little longer, Kelly thought, I’ll be over the hump, and have my body under control again.  The woman caught sight of Diane and the dogs through one of the little windows in the kennel house; she pauses and watches her younger sister a moment.

Diane’s hair is much lighter than Kelly’s is, more strawberry-blonde.  It shines prettily in the sun in a little dancing ponytail at the back of her pretty head.  She wears a bikini; a bright-green one cut so high at the thighs it barely covers the tight, round cheeks of her small butt.  Diane’s breasts are different to Kelly’s too.  They’re a little smaller, more cone-shaped, with a pert tilt at the ends, saucy tipping of the pointed buds.  The younger woman’s face is fine-featured, her eyes a mischievous green, her mouth pretty, slutty, and poisonous all at the same time.  Diane charmed everyone, even the dogs she plays with just now.

The dogs leap on Diane, tongues lolling, enjoying the way she swivels her hips to the side at the last moment to avoid the forepaws against her bare hips and thighs.  The canine stock they had bought included four breeds, all meant for training into security dogs.  The animals ranged in age from pups to a year and a half.  Not one of them yet ready for sale, and it disappointed Kelly as this was supposed to be their business.  Training security dogs and selling them for a large sum prepared to start immediately.  The kennels were failing, and money is fast running out.

One German shepherd is a little over a year old.  Luke, the women’s younger brother, had been working with it, claiming to know what he’s doing.  Now Diane is undoing everything Luke has done to make the dog hostile.  She plays with the German shepherd, laughing, pushing its muzzle aside and running from the dog, her tight little-green bikinied ass churning and swaying saucily.

While Kelly watches, the young dog catches Diane and jumps against her, its forepaws landing squarely on her ass.  The dog pushes and knocks Diane off balance.  The strawberry-blonde woman falls onto her hands and knees, her butt flaring backward with breasts jiggling under her chest.  Puppies swarm about her arms and legs.  The dogs licked her face and pulled at her ponytail with their little mouths while Diane laughs.  However, the shepherd gazes at her upthrust butt for a moment, cocks its head, wagged its tail stiffly and then thrust its wet muzzle directly into the bikini bottoms ass crack.

Ooooo, Rusty…” Diane moans, her head jerking up and around to look at the dog.

She sits on the ground and blinks several times.  Then a pretty yet mischievous smile comes to her mouth, and she reaches out to pet the dog’s sleek head.  Diane whispers to Rusty and Kelly can’t hear her.  The dainty hand smoothes over the dog’s head and body repeatedly.  Diane sits on her rump with her knees up and apart and seems to be calming the dog so it won’t bite and try to play anymore.

Diane’s breasts jut and jiggle on her chest under the skimpy bikini top.  She ignores the puppies jumping over her and around her, and, in a moment, they go galloping off in a furry huddle to play by themselves.  Diane licks her full lips oddly and then glances around the fenced area furtively, constantly petting Rusty.  The dog paws her arm and wraps its teeth playfully around her knee.

Kelly moans when she sees what Diane does next.  Diane slides her hand from Rusty’s neck to its side and then under to the dog’s belly.  Rusty suddenly stops moving, the German shepherd stood in a strange, spread-legged way, tail stiff and not wagging anymore.  The dog’s ears prick, and its tongue licks out several times toward Diane’s face.  Diane moves her arm very slowly and gently, and her lips pinched and forehead lowered.

Kelly watches with mounting horror and tremulous excitement.  Diane can’t be doing it, he thought.  Then Rusty dances around on stiffened legs and changes position to the window, and there’s no doubt left in Kelly’s mind.  Her pussy throbs wildly, even though horrified by what her younger sister is doing.

It’s so big, Kelly thought.

The auburn-haired woman stares with bulging eyes at the scarlet cock Diane’s gentle fingers have teased from hiding.  It juts from the furry sheath, sliding back and forth hesitantly as Diane strokes it.  Rusty’s cock is pointy and thick, incredibly thick and shiny.  Diane’s fingers play along the red shaft finally, touching it directly.  She fondled the black balls beneath the sheath, then scratches at Rusty’s belly gently.  The strawberry-blonde woman tips her head and gazes under the dog’s stomach at its thrusting cock, and she murmurs to Rusty all the while.

The little slut, Kelly thought and sneers, you perverted little whore.  First, you seduce my Todd, and now it’s fucking dogs.

Kelly’s stomach roils, and she feels dizzy.  Yet she can’t tear her eyes from the scene in the yard.  Her clit throbs wildly, and Kelly can’t keep from clamping her hand over her pussy and shaking it.  I shouldn’t have done that, she thought.  Sensation boils through Kelly’s body and lets her know she isn’t over the hump worth a fuck yet.  Kelly groans loudly and snatches her hand away, but she knows the damage is done.  She knows she should hurry into the house and start on dinner or something.  However, Kelly stays and watches Diane and moans repeatedly.

After another furtive glance around the yard, Diane spreads her knees a little wider and put one hand between her thighs.  Her open crotch points directly toward the window Kelly is watching from, and there’s no mistaking what’s taking place.  Diane fondles Rusty’s sheath and thrusting red cock with one hand.  She put her other on her abdomen, pries the top of the bikini panties away from her pussy and then pushed her fingers into her garment.

Kelly can see everything.  Diane’s knuckles bump the fabric and wriggle under it.  Then they pause.  A blissful expression comes to her face a moment, and Kelly can nearly feel the wet, silky slide of a finger into the hot cunt.  The woman shudders strongly and watches Diane finger her cunt.  She crosses her thighs tightly, but the sensations in her body only grow stronger.

Kelly watches Diane tip her head back with a silent moan of heat.  Diane’s sharp breasts thrust forward under the skimpy bikini top as her lungs fill with a gasp of air.  Kelly knows she’s in trouble now.  Her clit throbs heavily as Diane fucks her finger back and forth in her sweet little cunt, all the while pumping Rusty’s stiff, shiny cock.  Kelly feels her pussy lips bloat and spread away from her leaking hole, and she can’t keep from clamping her hand over her loins and squeezing hard.  She has to bite her lower lip to keep from crying out and betraying herself.

The squeezing isn’t enough.  Kelly keens in the back of her throat and knows she’s going to have to masturbate shamelessly.  The cutoffs around her hips, tight ass suddenly pinch and bind at her crotch.  The auburn haired beauty unzips them, shoves her hand into the gap, and hisses with the sudden intake of breath.  Her fingers curl under her crotch and hold her pussy tightly.  The wetness is already there, thick and slippery, oozing from her fantastically hot cunt.

Kelly stares through the window at Diane and sees her sister slip her dainty hand from her panties.  Diane’s middle finger shines with hot pussy juice.  The strawberry-blonde fondles Rusty’s sheath, cock, and balls, and then extends her wet finger toward the dog’s snout.  Rusty sniffs; the dog licks out with its tongue.  Its tail wags once, and the dog dances on its hind legs again, swinging around slightly.

Rusty laps and licks at Diane’s finger, cleaning all the pussy juices from it as if it can’t get enough.  The dog’s red cock strains back and forth, now sliding through the small circle Diane had made of her dainty fingers.  Diane smiles broadly, her lips turning up at the corners with terrible mischief.  The strawberry-blonde pushes her clean finger back into her cunt, fucks it several times, and brings it out again.

Rusty licks and laps eagerly, the dog tries to bite Diane’s finger.  She chastises the animal until it knows it can only lick at the good stuff and then she laughs gleefully, hugging the shepherd’s neck tightly.  Diane cast another furtive glance around and then opens her legs a little wider.  She holds Rusty’s head in both hands and aims the dog’s snout at her spread crotch.  The woman tips her pussy up and scoots her tight butt along the ground, encouraging the dog.  The German shepherd finally gets the idea.  Rusty put its head between her thighs and sniffs at her pantied pussy, there’s a line of pussy juice down the center of the crotch band.

The dog doesn’t have to be encouraged anymore.  The dog licks, laps, and snorts at the green strip, attacking the scent and flavor there with youthful energy.  It digs its hind feet in and pushes and bowls Diane over backward in the grass in its bestial eagerness to get at her pussy juice.  Diane laughs and squeals with delight, encouraging the dog.

Meanwhile, Kelly is moaning loudly now, she can’t believe what she’s seeing with her own eyes.  However, there it is, right in front of her.  Diane has seduced a young, horny dog.

Omigod … Omigod…” Kelly squeaks tightly.

The auburn-haired beauty’s hand is going wild in her panties now.  Kelly can’t stop her fingers.  They dig into the smooth, wet groove between her bloated pussy lips.  The nylon panties are soaked worse than ever.  It feels as if Kelly had squatted in a bucket of fresh honey.  Kelly moans repeatedly, shakes her head, and knows she can’t hold out any longer.  The woman pushes her cutoffs to the tight under the curve, just below her round ass cheeks, to give her hand room.  Then shoves her hand into her cupping panties and slips her finger into her silky, spasming cunt.  It slides all the way in until her palm cups her sodden pussy lips and presses juice from their slick surfaces.  Kelly’s pussy sucks and pulls at her finger, embedding it in the churning center of her body and the woman orgasms immediately.  The orgasming woman tips her head back, groans loudly, and shudders from head to toe and then slumps against the wall and slides along it, nearly falling over.  Kelly’s finger is still fucking and twisting in her writhing, drenched cunt.

Oh, God, now I’ve done it,” Kelly moans, her voice filled with ecstasy tinged with dismay.

She thought of Todd immediately.  Tonight, I’m going to his apartment, she thought.  I’m gonna have him fuck me silly again, even up the asshole … everywhere.  Just like a slut who can’t stay away from his thrusting, fucking, spewing cock.  It’s all Diane’s fault.  If Diane hadn’t seduced that dog, I’d be OK.

Kelly suddenly hears the rumble of the truck coming up the drive.  She moans, whirls around, and knows its Luke with another load of dogs.  She snatches her hand from her panties and pulls up her cutoffs quickly, zipping them and then wipes her wet, drooling finger on the shorts.  Kelly still trembles all over.  Not because Luke had nearly caught her masturbating, although that would’ve been shameful enough, Kelly trembles because that one orgasm hasn’t been enough.  One is never enough.  The woman knows herself well enough to know she’s going to be an absolute mess until she gets to Todd’s and lets him fuck her and fuck her.

Self-loathing washes through her briefly.  She can see Todd’s smug grin already.  He’s a cagey, cruel bastard, after all, just the way Diane always said.  He’d stayed away and hadn’t called her because he’s so fucking sure of himself, so sure Kelly wouldn’t be able to stay away from his thrusting cock.  He’s right, fuck him, Kelly thought with a sigh.

The truck stops.  Barking sounds in the air.  Luke slams the door and the barking pauses and starts again.  Kelly goes out to greet him, her legs and fingers still trembling, she didn’t know what to do.  The woman feels so bent out of shape she didn’t know how much more she could stand.  Todd pulls one way and Diane the other.  Her wanton desires make her feel slutty, but she can’t seem to deny them.  Through it all, Kelly has to act as if nothing bothers her at all, not even the knowledge that Todd had fucked dear, darling, sweet little Diane.

Kelly gazes at Luke.  She stands and wants to cry because it’s all so impossible, so hopeless.  Luke swaggers around the side of the truck in boots and Levi’s and that silly cowboy hat he bought.

“Hey there, Kelly,” Luke said with a wave.  He cocks his hat on the back of his head, spits to the side, and chews on a toothpick.  Luke put a foot on the bumper of the truck the way a real cowboy would do it and grins at Kelly.  “Look in the truck and check the stock I got,” he said.  “Man, what a bargain.”

He grins from ear to ear.  Luke’s pushing twenty, but he acted twelve most of the time.  Something in Kelly’s stomach sinks because the commotion in the truck doesn’t sound like six Great Dane puppies.  It sounds as if the county pound is inside the truck, and the first thing she can think of is the money, all the money.

Before she can ask him anything, he spins on his boot heel and opens the side door.  A swarm of dogs spill out into the gangway and run around the side of the kennel into the fenced yard.  A sea of dogs—all sizes, all ages, all colors, all kinds—purebreds, mongrels, and everything in between.

“Oh, Luke,” Kelly cried, watching the flood of furry flesh with horror.  “What have you done?”

“I bought us a passel of dogs, Sis,” Luke said, and grins, “Real cheap too.  The guy I saw knows another guy who’s going outta business, so I took ‘em all.”

Luke whooped at the dogs and slapped his hat on his pants like the most idiotic cowboy around.  Kelly stares at him.  She said nothing.

Kelly turned around after a moment and marched toward the house.  She’s shaking again but for a different reason this time.  Diane had insisted Luke could be trusted with nearly the last of their money.  The dollars have slipped away so fast it’s dizzying, and Kelly knows she should’ve put her foot down earlier.  Nevertheless, she hadn’t.


Later, Kelly stands at the sink in the house, stares into the yard at the milling mass of dogs, and nearly cries. Todd was right about this, too.  The kennels were doomed from the start.  However, he’d been right for the wrong reason.  There’s nothing wrong with the kennel business per se, the problem is Diane and Luke.  The woman glances down at a mug that has the logo: ‘It’s hard to soar like an eagle when you’re surrounded by turkeys,’ printed on it.  She laughs coldly.

“You got that right,” Kelly whispers.

She turns away and goes to her bedroom.  She lies on her bed and indulges in an orgy of self-pity.  Years of scrimping, hoarding, and guarding the money for nothing, she thought bitterly, for a yard full of yapping dogs no one will buy.  Kelly wonders if there’s enough money left to feed them all for the next three months.

The woman stays in her room for a long time.  She can hear Diane and Luke for a while, and then just the dogs.  Kelly wonders what to do and feels like tossing in the towel and giving up on them and letting her brother and sister make their own ways to hell.  Should I crawl back to Todd and beg for his help, she wonders?  Should I just get in the car and never come back?  Maybe there’s a rich man around as stupid as Luke who would buy us out?

The sun is gone when she gets off her bed finally.  Kelly has decided nothing, only to try to talk sense to Diane and Luke and make them understand the gravity of the situation.  She goes down the hallway and stops in front of Diane’s door.  Kelly hears a strange moan from the other side of it, pausing and listening again.  Luke laughs at the TV downstairs, and the woman knows he’ll be in front of it for the rest of the night, wearing that goddamn hat.

Ooh, that’s right, baby, that’s right…” Diane moans softly from behind her door.

Kelly flushed.  The slut has one of her boyfriend’s in there again, and they’re fucking, Kelly thought.  She turns away in disgust, then pauses and listens still.  The sounds bring her mind back to her pussy, her need, and her clit begins to throb, and her cunt sucks inward, tingling all along its silky, wet channel.

Mmmm, lick it, honey, lick my pussy,” Diane whispers softly, moaning again.  “Ooh, like that, baby … Yes … Oh, yes, darling … Mmmm, you’re gonna make me cum … Oh, yes, yes.  Harder … Deeper … Sink your tongue …  Oh.  Oh, I’m cumming … Rusty … I’m cumming … AHHHHHHH…

Kelly listens to the sucking sounds, the moaning, and the thrashing around.  Her scalp tingles, and her clit throbs.

Then it strikes Kelly, Rusty?

It can’t be really happening, Kelly thought, and sucks in her breath.  She hears Diane moan repeatedly.  There’s the click of canine nails against the wooden floor, a quiet, whimpering sound. Kelly places her hand on the doorknob, holds her breath, and feels her heart hammer in her chest.  She has to know.  The older woman eases the door open a crack and put her eye to it.  The sounds are louder.  Diane keeps gasping.  There’s a wet, slurping sound.

Kelly can’t see anything but the dresser in the corner of the room.  She holds her breath and opens the door wider until she sees them.  Diane sits in a chair, naked, her butt resting on the edge of the seat, her legs spread wide.  She fondles, squeezes, and rolls her swollen breasts in her dainty hands.  The strawberry-blonde’s pussy tipped up and down, rocking and shuddering with each gasp from her loose, heated lips.

Rusty stands between her legs, its muzzle buried between her spread thighs.  The German shepherd constantly licks at her flowing, orgasming pussy, and its long tongue drilling into Diane’s cunt; slurping out the sweet juice it has developed a taste.  Kelly chokes with an audible sound and Diane hears it.  The strawberry-blonde opens her eyes and turns her lovely, mischievous face staring right at Kelly.  She purses her pretty lips, moans, and then shudders with another orgasm, her slim body twisting and shaking in the chair.

Ooh, Kelly.  He’s making me cum again,” Diane moans.  “Oh, God, what a wonderful thing … God … Oh, God … Come in and close the door … Oh, sis, you’ll love it…

Kelly watches her younger sister drum her feet softly on the floor as the strawberry-blonde’s body wrenches with spasms of bliss.  She doesn’t know why she obeyed Diane; it should’ve been the other way around.  Kelly is older; she’d been the parent for all these years, yet as with too many other times, Kelly did what Diane told her.  Kelly steps into the bedroom and closes the door.  Rusty stops licking Diane’s pussy long enough to glance up and run its long tongue over its canine chops.  The dog dances excitedly between Diane’s legs, clicking its toenails on the floor and then snuffles back against the wet, pink, shaking meat of Diane’s pussy.

Kelly stares, her eyes wide.  She sees the long, flat tongue lick up and down the silky gash and watches it push the puffy, bloated lips aside to get at the core of Diane’s horny cunt.  The older woman watches the tongue bathe the strawberry pubes on her sister’s pussy, lick over Diane’s mound, along with the soft, inner surfaces of her thighs.  Then Kelly shivers with vicarious sensation when the dog’s tongue massages the straining erect clit at the top of Diane’s swollen slit.

Ooh, baby, that’s enough,” Diane cries weakly.  “That’s all I can take.  God, Kelly, four times.  Oh, I didn’t know I could even cum four times in a row like that.  Nobody’s ever made me cum four times before, ever.”

Diane pushes at Rusty’s head.  The dog doesn’t want to stop licking, it lapped at her thighs and wrists and hands and charges back between her legs at every opportunity.

Kelly, help,” Diane groans and laughs.  “Get him away from me, sis.”

Obediently, Kelly reaches for Rusty.  The German shepherd’s head whips around, and the dog’s tongue laps over Kelly’s face.  Rusty whimpers and dances excitedly.  Kelly straightens, catching the aroma of Diane’s pussy juice from the wet streak Rusty left on her face.  It’s a heady scent; the whole scene is intoxicating.  Then, when the dog pushes its snout between Kelly’s thighs and laps at her cutoffs and the damp panties underneath, the scene becomes downright inebriating.

“Oh, God,” Kelly whispers, feeling her clit throb and pulse and come alive again.

“He wants to lick your pussy, Kelly,” Diane said, a mischievous little smile playing at her lips.  “Take off your shorts and lie on the bed and let him eat you out, sis.  I promise you, it’s the best head you’ve ever had.”

“No … No, I …  Omigod, Diane, how could you?” Kelly groans rolling her eyes.

Diane rose from the chair.  Her pointed breasts thrust forward and swing tightly on her chest.  She approaches her older sister and put her hands on Kelly’s hips standing very close.

“C’mon, Kelly, you’ve gotta need it bad by now,” Diane said with a wry smile.  “You haven’t let Todd fuck his crummy cock into you for nearly a month.”

Shut up.  Shut up, you little slut.”

“Kelly, you’ve gotta be starving for a big orgasm,” Diane said evenly, ignoring Kelly’s outburst.

The sexy strawberry-blonde smoothes her dainty hands over Kelly’s hips and around to her tight butt cheeks, filling her body with terrible sensation.

“Diane, stop…” Kelly chokes.  “Fuck you, stop it…”

It’s a watery kind of protest and makes Diane grin even more.  She kneads the firm flesh of her sister’s ass and pushes her naked breasts against Kelly’s blouse.  Diane’s green eyes twinkle with lust and mischief.

“Let Rusty lick it, Kelly,” Diane urges hotly.  “He loves licking a wet pussy.  All you have to do is lie back and let him drink up all the honey running out of your wet, flowing cunt.   You’ll love it, I promise.  You’ll cum and cum, just like I did.  Four times, sweetie, and I didn’t even have to wiggle.”

Kelly stammers and moans constantly.  She couldn’t have said anything intelligible if her life depended on it.  The older woman stares at Rusty and then at her hot, sexy little sister.  Kelly feels her cunt spasm and contract sending a fresh flood of juice into her panties.

Oh, God…” she groans helplessly.


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