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Year: 2018
A group of swingers hang out at a farm and get it on with a horny goat called Winston.
Moe Lester
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When they sit around the kitchen table, icy drinks in front of them, Devin has to laugh at the foolish, lost expressions on the faces of his hosts. “Let me ease your minds a bit…” Devin said eager to break the tension and take advantage of the situation.  “I guess we’ve known each other for… How long, anyhow?  Four years?”

Blake and Molly thought about it.  Devin and Kelly Gaetti were introduced to them at a Martin party right after the young vet took over his uncle’s practice in Springfield.  Yes, it has been almost exactly four years.  They nodded agreement.

“Well, during that time, I’ve almost approached you on numerous occasions about a little extramarital swinging.  Kelly and I have had a lot of fun swapping, and you two strike me as among the more adventurous souls in the community, but…”

The vet stopped to sip at his drink, eyeing the Dangerfield’s over the rim of his glass.

“What?” Molly asks.

Molly leans forward, curious to know what has prevented the approach.

“Well, you know what the town is like,” Devin said rolling his eyes.  “What any small town in this part of the country is like.  A wrong guess about something like that and I can lose most of my business overnight.  After four years here, I’m still not considered a permanent citizen.  I just wasn’t certain enough about you two to take the chance.”

“Now you are, huh?” Blake said with a sheepish grin, seeing the irony of the position in which he and Molly find themselves.

“I figure that a couple broadminded enough and sexually advanced to the point of screwing on a milking platform and planning a session with a billy goat…  Well, they wouldn’t be likely to have me run out of town for suggesting a swap.”

The Dangerfield’s looked at each other appraisingly and read mutual interest in their facial expressions.  After the goat involvement, Blake’s act with Lady and Molly’s stated intent with Winston they can hardly balk at trying a swap with desirable members of their own species.

“I guess we’re interested, alright,” Blake admits.  “How do we arrange such a thing?”

“Just as simple as you’d plan any kind of party,” Devin said evenly.  “But for now, what about this thing with your stud goat?  If you’re serious, I can give you a few pointers.  In fact, I’m sure Kelly would like to get in on it too.”

Molly laughs. “It looks as if our social life might be picking up a bit,” she said.  “It’s a relief to learn we’re not completely abnormal…  I mean, there are others who think it could be fun to fuck a goat.  Who knew?”

Fuck, yeah…” Devin said nodding.  “You don’t know how lucky you are.  To live on a farm where you have access to animals without arousing curiosity is something many dream of in the cities.  Imagine trying to get access to a goat when you live in an apartment building.”

“I guess,” Blake said.  “In most places, they won’t even allow a dog or cat.  That’s why we started planning for the farm while we were still in college.”

Devin takes a notepad and pen from his pocket and starts to sketch something.  Blake and Molly lean across the table to see what Devin’s drawing.  They see a rough cartoon of a billy goat restrained by some kind of harness or grille-work.  Beneath the goat is a box or table covered with padding or something.  As they watch, Devin draws the figure of a woman.  She’s depicted as leaning over the padded surface, her ass upturned just below the goat’s cock

“Now, here’s what we have to do,” Devin explained.

His pen flew, making swift lines here and there on the page.

Molly thought about the hairy cock of their stud wedging into her cunt and stuffing her full of hot goat cum.  She grows warm and excited, and a flush spreads over her face.  The woman is even glad Kelly Gaetti will share the excitement with her.  Not since college had Molly found a girlfriend with her taste for adventure and comradely chitchat.  Maybe Kelly will become the sort of friend that can make life in rural Green County less monotonous.  Molly didn’t forget the fact Devin would be a participant, too.  He appears to know how to please a woman.

Blake watches the drawing develop under Devin’s pen, and the man has thoughts about Kelly Gaetti.  The lovely blonde-haired woman intrigued him from the first time they met.  Now he can count on sampling the ripe wonders of her very promising body.  Blake sees Kelly in the cartoon of the bent-over woman, and instead of the goat poised above the man imagines the tense form of his body, cock rigid and ready to enter her cunt.  He wets his lips and feels his cock throb within the confines of his coveralls.



Chapter 3

“How on earth did you manage to train him?” Sarah Madden asks Hannah Weiss.

They’re sitting in Hannah’s living room, sipping Chardonnay.  The dog in question lies on a hooked rug at Hannah’s feet, and from where Sarah sits. She can see the bulk of the Great Dane’s sheathed cock and the size of its canine balls.

“It was an accident,” Hannah said her cheeks going red.

However, the woman enjoys the memory, now she can see Sarah as an eager initiate in the joys of dog fucking.  The younger woman has frankly stated the purpose of her visit upon arrival, and the two quickly develop a warm, emphatic friendship based on the conspiracy of their common interest.

“Duke was only one year old when it happened…”  Hannah said gazing at the ceiling wistfully.

The dog lifts its head slightly at the mention of its name and then lies on the rug again.

“I was getting ready to take a bath.  As I started to put the cap back on my bottle of bath salts, it slipped out of my fingers and rolled out of the bathroom into the bedroom.  I went after it and had to get on my hands and knees to reach under the bed for the blasted thing.”

Hannah hesitates as if undecided about the depth of detail she should reveal.  Then she shrugs her shoulders and let an indulgent smile play on her lips.

“I should confess I’d been fingering myself just before I got ready to bathe,” she said, “and I guess I was terribly wet and warm.  Duke comes up behind me while my head and shoulders were under the bed, and he stuck his nose in my groin.”

“That must’ve been a shock,” Sarah said.

“You bet…  I hit my head when that cold nose touched me.  Then I started to back out of there.  Nevertheless, Duke had begun to whine and lick at my pussy, and my joints just turned to jello … I wanted him to go on and on with what he was doing…”

“I’ve seen a dog licking a woman’s pussy online, it looks amazing.”

“Sarah, I’d never had anyone then, I was still a virgin.  All my sex to that point was solo. I had my fantasies, what horny virgin doesn’t dream about sex?  However, this was so exquisite I could’ve died with joy.”

“Oh, I bet…”

“I slowly backed out from under the bed, being careful not to discourage him.  Nevertheless, I wanted to be free, so I can enjoy every moment to the fullest,” Hannah said hotly.  “Well, Duke let me back him off far enough to get my head clear without him losing interest, so I just stayed in the same position.” She takes a deep breath. “That tongue of his was really getting around inside my cunt, and I orgasmed a couple of times, mildly but enjoyable, before he suddenly stopped.”

“What happened?” Sarah asks feeling her clitoris tingle and pussy moisten.

“I turned around to look back at him, and he’s licking the end of his cock.  It stuck out of its sheath, red and swollen, and I realized for the first time Duke had not been just showing his mistress affection; he was sexually mature, and my wet cunt made him excited.”

“He wanted more,” Sarah whispers hotly.

“It came to me in a flash, as I watched him trying to soothe the itch and excitement of his sexual urge, it was so new to him I’m sure he didn’t quite know how to relieve himself.  You see, as luck would have it, there are only male dogs on all the nearby farms. Duke would have to cover several miles on foot to reach the nearest bitch.

“That German shepherd at Wilson’s farm,” Sarah said bouncing in her chair.

“Yes, so it seemed to me I had the opportunity to satisfy Duke and myself,” Hannah said.  “You see, I’ve had no one else since my father died, and Duke has been great company.   When I saw we could be even more to each other, I jumped at the chance.”

“Oh, how sweet,” Sarah cooed.

“I reached back and slipped my fingers under his nose as he was licking himself.  I started to work his sheath back and forth over his cock, and he whined as I did, but stopped licking and stood there panting.  The red part of his cock stuck out more and more, and then his ass begins to move. Duke was humping into my hand with drooling excitement.”

“Omigod, that sounds hot.”

“There’s more,” Hannah said with a smile.  “I stopped suddenly and resumed my head down position; reaching behind me, I patted my back and told him to ‘come’ while I wiggled my upturned ass.  He must’ve found the rest of his instinct, or else he’s brilliant because he mounted me right away.”

Sarah gasps.

“It took him a few tries to get it inside me,” Hannah said, “and I want to tell you, Sarah, that cock of his can hurt if he jabs you in the wrong places.  However, I was so excited that nothing could’ve discouraged me.

“How did it feel?” Sarah asks.

“When he got it inside me, I was surprised at how big it was,” Hannah said.  “I’d taken it for granted that a dog would have a smaller cock than a man.  Well, it’s a good thing I’d stretched over the years with various sex toys I used to masturbate because his cock really filled me.  That fuzzy sheath was bunched up into my pussy lips, tickling and teasing as he started to fuck me.”

Oh, Omigod…” Sarah moans, pressing her hand into her crotch as she squeezes her thighs together.  “I’m creaming my panties just thinking about it.”

“I’m sorry,” Hannah said.  “I hadn’t intended to tease you with the story.  C’mon; let’s see if Duke won’t take care of that cream for you.” She motioned Sarah to get out of her chair.  “Take off your clothes and get on your hands and knees.”

Sarah needs no second invitation.  She stops in seconds, and as she gets down on the rug at Hannah’s direction, her moist pussy near the dog’s nose.  The Great Dame whines and lifts its head, then quickly gets up and put its nose into the wet hairs of Sarah’ crotch. The big dog sniffs loudly, whines again and then licks into the slit of her cunt.  Sarah whimpers happily and tilts her ass more to offer the dog better access to her pussy.  Duke’s tongue laps the juice, its tip curling around the stiff bud of her clit and making her moan with joy.

The dog’s snuffling, whining sounds continues as he eats her pussy with palpable excitement.  Looking back through her legs, Sarah can see the dog’s underbelly in a three-quarter view.  The red, conical tip of the Great Dane’s cock curves out of its sheath, and she thought she saw a drop of the dog’s pearly precum glistening there.  Suddenly, Sarah wants that dog cock inside her, even more than she wants the animal to go on licking her clit and her swollen pussy lips.

“Oh, get him on me … Please…” she begs, wiggling her ass in lustful impatience.

Hannah reaches down, pats Sarah on the back, and spoke to the dog.  “Come, Duke…”

Duke mounts Sarah.  The woman feels Hannah’s fingers at her cunt guiding the dog’s cock into the right spot with one hand as she holds the inner lips of the cunt parted with the fingers of her other hand.  Sarah feels the red meat slide inside, to fill her cunt completely.

Omigod, that feels good,” Sarah cries.  “Fuck me, Duke … Ooh … That fuzzy sheath is tickling me…

“Now, don’t panic…” Hannah said.  “But it’s likely he may get his knot just inside your cunt.  It’ll hurt a little at first, but don’t fight it.  If you make him panic, he could try to get away and hurt you.  You have to wait until the swelling knot goes down; then he can pull out of you safely.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen dogs fuck.  I know what the knot does.”

Sarah is gasping and moaning now as she feels the sliding cock begin to enlarge at its base.  Duke is fucking her fast and hard.  Its big canine cock nine inches long and very thick is slicing into Sarah’s hot cunt rapidly.  The room fills with the squishy, slapping noises of exuberant sex.  Sarah’s moans and the dog’s loud panting and whining.

The flesh expands and fills her cunt; she thought it might tear her apart.  Then it swells no more, and she decides she can take the discomfort as long as the dog’s cock continues to wiggle hotly inside her cunt.  The short hair on the animal is rubbing her pussy lips in a steady vibration, and she’s ready to lose her mind with bliss.  Then she feels a hot spurt as the dog ejaculates.  It’s so much warmer than her body temperature she thought for a moment it’s scalding her innards.

Then Sarah begins to orgasm.  Sarah moans and goes rigid as the ecstatic spasms shake her.  The dog humps into her even harder, the tip of its cock probing her walls fiercely as the animal continues to fuck, its front legs pulling her to it powerfully by her hips.  The Great Dane shoots into her another time, its heated semen like wet rockets bursting into her depths.  Sarah whimpers, her body trembling in the final convulsions of climax; the dog’s second load is a stimulus almost too great.

Duke keeps fucking into Sarah with desperate humps, and the woman feels as if she might pass out any moment, so lightheaded has she become from the effects of her orgasm and the continued fucking.  Then Duke releases the last barrage.  The Great Dane grunts and whines as the fluid floods into her and Sarah feels another climax grabbing at her cunt.  The woman begins to stiffen and jerk all over, and her breath comes in sobs of ecstasy.

Darkness closes in on her, and when Sarah revives from her blissful state, she’s lying on her side on the rug.  Hannah is kneeling beside her, and Duke sits across the room, licking his well-used cock.

“My God, what a wild fuck,” Sarah moans.  “I don’t know how often I’d be able to take it, though.  How often do you let him do you?”

“Whenever I need it,” Hannah said. She did not feel constrained to tell Sarah everything.

“Well, it’s quite an experience.  I’m grateful.  If I can do anything for you…”

“As a matter of fact, you might.  Men seem to know more about dogs than women, and I’d like your husband’s advice about something.”


“An operation I read about… For dogs,” Hannah said with a reddening face.  “Could you have Justin drop over when he has time to read the information and tell me what he thinks?”

“Of course, Hannah,” Sarah said with a nod.  “I don’t know that Justin’s any authority on dogs, but I do know he’s had several in his life before we got Quinton.  He’d be glad to do anything he can to help, I’m sure.”


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