Bitch Hollow: The Story of Ellie May!

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Bitch Hollow: The Story of Ellie May!
Bitch Hollow: The Story of Ellie May!
Year: 2018
Ellie May Williams is a black conservative school teacher who has an encounter at Bitch Hollow that changes her life forever. With the help of her sister, Deanna, they try to beat the terrible curse that makes her do bad things. (A prequel to The Curse of Bitch Hollow)
Sheela B.
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Ellie May Williams is a black woman of twenty-eight with a slender figure, largish breasts, and short black hair.  The woman is enjoying her time teaching middle school students.  The woman went to same school she now works at, Somtown High, and is looking forward to the day’s excursion in Ikeman Park, named after an early settler who helped establish the now booming city.  Ellie sits in the front of the bus staring out the window, as it navigates the city traffic, twenty-two students chat loudly behind her.  Getting out of school for the afternoon is always a good, even if it is for an excursion to a park to study nature.

The radio plays ‘Time after time’ by Cyndi Lauper, lulling Ellie into a dreamy moment until suddenly a female student screams snapping her out if it.  Ellie stands and turns to face the kids, most of them fifteen-sixteen years old, and frowns.

“Who screamed?” Ellie shouts sternly.  This is a formality, as she knows it’s Sarah Harrison, the troublemaker in this class.  Staring at the blonde student, Ellie said, “Sarah, if you don’t behave I’ll have Carl turn the bus around and you can all spend the afternoon in detention.”

Sarah pouts in exaggerated grievance.  “It’s not my fault, Miss Williams.  Timmy is pinching me.”

“Timothy Hogan, come and sit up the front please.”

“Awww,” the boy groans glancing at Sarah with a sneer and makes his way to the front.

The bus remains quiet, apart from the radio playing Corey Hart singing about wearing his sunglasses at night.  All the other students stare at Timmy as he sits begrudgingly across from Ellie, crossing his arms over his chest with a grunt, and stares out the window.

Ellie nods and turns to stare down her students again.  “Now, please, try not to embarrass me or the school while we’re at Ikeman Park,” she said sternly.  “I expect you all to be on your best behaviour or else there will be consequences.”

“Yes, Miss Williams,” the students all say without enthusiasm.

The teacher sits again, straightening her red dress that has a white belt at her waist that matches the white collar.  The woman can feel the eyes of students boring into the back of her head and she smiles.  Kids these days, she thought with a sigh, they never know when they have it goodI shoulda brought another teacher or parent, I have a feeling I’ll be chasing these brats all afternoon.  Ellie knows there’ll be some students sneaking off to do anything from necking to smoking, and god knows what else.

The students have to fill out a worksheet based on what they’ve been learning in her biology class about identifying how different types of plants pollinate.  They have to walk around the park in groups examining plants like flowers, grasses, trees, vines, and bushes.  The purpose of the excursion to reinforce what they’ve been learning with some real examples.  It’s all part of their studies in reproduction of the various life forms of Earth.

“I’m glad I have you to help me today,” Ellie said to the bus driver.

The white man in his fifties gazes into the mirror to look at Ellie and he smiles.  “Something tells me you want more than just my gardening knowledge today,” he said with a wry smile.

Carl is a keen gardener, and his knowledge of plants comes from years of experience growing them.  This is why Ellie requested him to be their driver today as she plans to use him as a second teacher.

“Yeah, I’ll need your help to watch the troublemakers too…” she said.  “Most of the students will be alright though.”

Carl chuckles.  “Yeah, I understand, Ellie,” he said jovially.  “They’re at that age, eh?”

Ellie smiles at the man’s reflection.  “Thanks,” she said nicely.

The rest of the drive to the park is uneventful, and once Ellie has them break into groups, the teens drift off in different directions to fill out the work sheet she had given them.  Carl comes up to her and taps the woman on the shoulder.

“Do you want me to follow Sarah and her group?” he asks with smirk.  “They’re gonna be the most trouble.”

“No, follow Tim and his friend’s, I think they have cigarettes. But make sure you stop and help each group too, they’ll need your flower expertise.”

“Gotcha,” he said, and heads off to the west side of the park where Tim and three others are walking.

“Miss Williams, can you help me with this flower,” a pimply male student suddenly asks.

“Sure, Luke, what’s the problem?” she asks casting a glance in the direction of Sarah who’s heading for a copse of tall trees on the east side of the park.

As the teen boy starts discussing the internal structure of the flower, a rose, Ellie forgets the troublesome young woman who disappears in the trees with several other female students.  The day is sunny and the park is looking amazing.  Ellie is wandering from group to group making sure they’re getting their worksheets filled out, and they understand the concepts now they see them in real life situations.

Carl comes up to her forty minutes later with Timmy Hogan and a couple of other boys whom all appear sheepish.  “You were right,” Carl said gruffly.  “Caught these boys smoking near the toilets.”

Ellie holds out her hand and Carl places a pack of Camels and a lighter in it.  “OK, you boys have detention for a week, the principal and your parents will be informed,” she said sternly.  There’s a collective groan from the boys all of which seem to be looking at the ground.  “Now, get back to work.  I better see a complete worksheet or else you’ll all be failed on today’s activity.”

One of the teens, a blonde-haired boy named Nick gasps.  “That’s not fair,” he groaned.

“Oh?  You have time to have smokes, right?” Ellie said harshly glancing between the boys.  “That must mean your powering through the worksheet without any problems, so I expect to see that.”

There’s a grumbling and a weak, “Yes, Miss Williams.”

“Off you go then,” Ellie said shooing them away with her hands and the boys leave.

When they’re out of earshot, Carl chuckles and said, “Kids these days, seems like as soon as you turn your back they’re up to some mischief.”

“Have you seen Sarah and her group?”

“Nah, do you want me to go looking for them?”

Ellie glances at her watch; they still have another hour and a half before they have to leave.  “No, it’s OK, I’ll go, I think they’re over in those trees,” she said points.  “The kids here could use some of that gardening knowledge you have, Carl.”

“What about Hogan?”

Ellie shrugs.  “I don’t expect them to do much more now they’ve been busted.”

“OK, take care, weird things happen in those woods,” Carl said then goes to a group of kids staring into some carnations.  “OK, kids, what can you tell me about this flower…”

The teacher walks briskly toward the copse of trees, apparently most of them are survivors of the land before the city was here.  The trees are old, they loom over the park with an indefinable darkness, and many people say they feel weird when they walk through the trees.  Ellie has never been given to such superstitious beliefs.  That’s more her older sisters thing, Deanna Brant, who once told her a witch said an evil demon lives in Ikeman’s Park.  The teacher, of course, laughed it off, yet as she moves along the stone path into the small area of woods, Ellie feels the hairs on the back of her head stands.

C’mon Ellie, she thought, shaking her head, don’t let Deanna get the better of you.  It does feel cooler, yet she puts that down to the shade of the leaf canopy.  However, what makes Ellie feel uneasy is just how quiet it is.  There’s a busy street not that far from where she is, yet the woman cannot hear any vehicles, no birds, insects, or noise from the park.  Suddenly, a high-pitched scream smashes the eerie silence.


Three students appear in front of Ellie, running wide-eyed and pale.  The teacher grabs one, shouting, “STOP  What’s going on, Jenny.”  Jenny is panting heavily, and glancing around wide-eyed, the other teens kept running.  “JENNY … JENNY…

The brunette teen eventually focuses on Ellie.  “Miss Williams, some dogs attacked us,” she said.

Noting Sarah hasn’t appeared, the teacher is immediately concerned.  “Where’s Sarah?” Ellie shouts.


God, what is wrong with this girl, Ellie wonders?  Then seeing the red eyes and diluted pupils she realizes Jenny is stoned.  Oh, fuck, they were probably smoking pot in there.

“Report to Carl immediately, I will want to talk to you and the others when I return with Sarah,” Ellie said with a frown and narrow eyes.  “Go on, get going.”

Jenny blinks rapidly for a moment and then runs down the path.  Ellie feels her stomach roil, her boss, principal Guthrie will not be happy about this.  As Ellie walks along the path, it feels as if she’s going uphill and her legs are straining with the effort.  What’s wrong with me, Ellie thought.  She’s feeling as if her legs are trying to move in some invisible water inhibiting every step.  When Ellie reaches the top of the rise, she finds a hollow cut into the hill and surrounded by tall trees.  Sarah is leaning against a tree trunk fighting off a dog that seems to trying to put its snout under the teens dress.

“Get away from me, you stupid dog,” Sarah shouts.

“Sarah, run this way…” Ellie shouts grabbing a big stick off the ground.

The teen turns her head sharply and seeing the teacher approaching fills her with the courage needed to run from the strange place.  Sarah gives the dog, a Boxer, one last push and makes a break toward Ellie.

Keep running…” Ellie shouts at the teen.  “I’ll take care of the dog.”

Sarah nods and pushes her body to run through the strange place that feels like some kind of force field is trying to hold her back.  The teen passes Ellie followed closely by the Boxer, the dog’s tongue hanging out, and stumpy tail upright.  The dog jumps as Ellie takes a swing at the beast and it hits her n the chest making the woman fall back and slamming her head into the hard path.  Ellie black out.

In a state of unconsciousness, the teacher can hear the dog growling, her lower body is shaking, and there’s a distinct tearing sound.  This shakes the woman from her stupor and she opens her eyes to see the Boxer standing over her.  The dog growls, baring sharp white teeth with foamy saliva dripping from its mouth, it lowers its head, the hairs on its back clearly raised.

In this terrifying moment and place, Ellie strangely feels her pussy lips begin to tingle and a flame growing inside her belly. However, nothing is touching the black woman and she cannot understand why her body is reacting like this.  The angry Boxer keeps snarling at her as arousal grows and wetness starts to dribble from her pussy lips. A dribble of wetness runs down one of her thighs, and her clitoris begins to throb.

The pine tree surrounded hollow grows dim despite the blue sky above the treetops. Ellie’s mind goes blank and slowly she raises her arms above as if accepting some unseen hug. Her wetness is now practically running down her legs, and her pussy feels on fire. Unquenchable fire makes the black woman writhe and thrust her hips in lustful agony.

The Boxer suddenly walks around her sniffing the air, its stubby tail now wagging slowly and its anger abated.  Ellie can see the tip of its boner sticking out too. The dog stops in front of her and licks her wet pussy making Ellie quiver in pleasure. It’s as if she had no control over her body anymore and she finds herself getting on her hands and knees in the doggy position to offer herself to this handsome creature.

The Boxer mounts the black schoolteacher and starts fucking her hard, Ellie can feel dog precum gushing out of her cunt as the animal pounds her cunt.  The dog fucks her for what seems like an eternity and she feels herself cumming several times.  The groans of pleasure are loud in the hollow, yet seem strangely disconnected as if Ellie’s hearing someone else utter them.

I’m gonna cumThis is wonderfulOooooFuck meGive it to me … Take me…”

The Boxer drools on her back as it sits on top of her, the alpha dog with its prize. After a while its cock plops out of Ellie and it walks across from her and sits, watching Ellie.  A moment of clarity has Ellie thinking this is her time to escape, however, another dog jumps her and rams its cock deep inside her cunt the first time.  It’s a Doberman. The dog’s fucking Ellie furiously, making the black woman moan as her natural instincts take hold. Orgasms are ripping through her body as the Doberman feeds her its big dog cock.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahrrrrrr…” she squeals.  “Omigod … I’m cumming again … I can’t stop cumming…”

After fucking Ellie hard for a while and making her orgasm multiple times, the Doberman abruptly pulls its cock out of her and trots over next to the Boxer and lays next to it, watching her as well.  However, as soon as the Doberman is sitting another dog mounts her, and Ellie closes her eyes and gasps as this cock feels enormous. The new dog fucks her roughly, ramming its huge cock into her pussy, when again Ellie feels her body shake in one of the most powerful orgasms she’s ever had.

After a while, she begins to feel the dogs cock getting bigger and its knot swelling inside her ravished cunt, stretching her wider causing her pain mixed in with pleasure.  Ellie’s beginning to feel as if she’s about to burst in two, but thankfully as the dogs cock gets too large the animal stops fucking.  The woman knows it’s cumming inside her as hot sticky dog semen hits her cervix hard it feels as if the beast’s pissing inside her cunt. The increased pressure on her full cunt sets her off again and she screams in pleasure as her body convulses with another powerful orgasm.


The big dog settles on her for a long time waiting for its cock to deflate and in that time, other dogs arrive at the hollow sniffing about Ellie, waiting to take their turn.  Finally, the big dog pulls out and the woman can feel its cum gush out of her as it does, but as soon as the dog is off her other dogs, possibly three or four of them are licking the previous dog cum from her pussy making her squeal in pleasure.

Suddenly, a male voice shouts, “Get the fuck away from her.”

A dog yelps as a rock hits it, and another as a boot slams into its rump.  Ellie faints and doesn’t feel Carl picking her up in his arms and carrying her out of the hollow.  The dogs have scattered with the man’s intervention, and he hurriedly carries her back to the park and lays her on the soft grass.  One of the students wanders over and Carl reaches into his pocket and holds out a dime.

“Go call nine-one-one,” he yells at the kid.  “Get the police and ambulance.  I think Miss Williams has just been raped.”  The teen boy stands wide-eyed for a moment.  “Hurry, you little shit,” Carl yells and the kid runs to the nearest pay phone.

Other students gather around Ellie, they can see her pantyhose ripped, but Carl has her now dirty dress down covering her privates.  Sarah is staring wide-eyed at the black woman.

“Omigod, they were gonna rape me too,” she whispers.

“Who was it,” Carl asks looking up at the student shaking and crying.

“Dog’s,” she said.

“Don’t be stupid, missy.  Dog’s don’t rape people.  You better think hard about it cos the cops will wanna talk to you.”

“It was dogs, I swear,” Sarah said, and breaks out crying.


Ellie wakes in the hospital emergency department feeling dizzy and there’s pain coming from her loins.  A white female uniform cop is standing nearby and when she sees Ellie open her eyes moves closer.

“Ms. Williams, are you OK?” the cop asks.

“Where am I?” Ellie asks gazing around the cubicle.

“Somtown General Hospital, we brought you here from Ikeman Park.”

Ellie sits up, saying, “My students…”

“Don’t worry; they were taken back to school by the bus driver, a Mr. Steinfort?”

“Carl, yes, oh good,” Ellie said relaxing onto the gurney.

“I’m Officer Jody Burns.  Do you remember what happened to you?” the officer asks evenly.  “Can you give me any details of who attacked you?”

Omigod, Ellie suddenly thought with a grimace.  Those dogs raped me; I can’t tell the police that.  I can’t tell anyone or my career will be damaged by it.

“I, ah, saw one of my students trying to get a dog off her,” Ellie said with a frown.  “It was attacking her, and I helped her escape.”

“This was Sarah Harrison, right?” the cop asks.

“Yes, she got away and the dog ran at me and jumped,” Ellie said her voice cracking.  “I fell back and hit my head and was knocked out.  The next thing I remember is Carl is carrying me and then I passed out again.”

“You don’t remember the … err … rape?” Jodie asks.

“I can feel it now, but I don’t recall it happening.  I didn’t see who did it,” Ellie said with tears in eyes because she remembers every second of it.

“We think the owner of the dog, a brindle Boxer as Miss Harrison described, might’ve belonged to the man who raped you,” Officer Burns said.  “Are you sure you didn’t see his face?”

Suddenly, a female voice from the door said, “If Ellie says she can’t remember—she can’t remember.”

Ellie’s head turns to see her sister, Deanna Brant, standing just inside the cubicle.  “Dee, oh, thank God, you’re here,” Ellie said and before long, the two black women are hugging.

Deanna stands and faces the thirty-something female white cop, saying, “She didn’t see who did it, so why don’t you leave her alone.  Ellie’s been put through enough.”

“I don’t wanna press any charges anyway,” Ellie said suddenly.

Deanna gasps.  “What?”

Officer Burns said, “Miss Williams, if we catch this man…”

“If you catch this man…” Ellie said with a frown, “I’ll be dragged through the courts and made a public spectacle.  It’ll damage my career and reputation for life while some asshole will just get five years in jail.  If the rapist is white then there’s no chance I’ll win that case anyway.  No, I’d prefer to drop it and get on with my life.”

“A crime has been committed here…”

“So he fucked me,” Ellie said rolling her eyes.  “Big fucking deal, I’ll get over it.  It was just bad sex in the end.”

“Ellie, what’s got into you,” Deanna said wide-eyed.  “If the police can find the rapist then…”

“When it comes out in court I was unconscious it’ll be my word against his, and we know how that generally works.  He’ll win,” Ellie said.  “No thanks, I’m not pressing charges.”

Officer Burns said, “The new DNA technology should be enough to convict him if we find the right man.  So being unconscious won’t be an issue.”

“No, sorry, I just wanna put it behind me.  I’m not pressing charges and that’s it.”

Officer Burns sighs and reaches into her pocket and puts a business card on the bedside table.  “If you change your mind, call me,” Jodie said.  “I wish you all the best, Miss Williams.”

The officer leaves and Deanna shakes her head at her younger sister.

“How can you be so flippant about what happened to you?” Deanna asks.

Because I was raped by three dogs, Ellie thought.  “I’m not being flippant, Dee, just realistic,” Ellie said with a shrug.


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