The Companion Club

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The Companion Club
The Companion Club
Year: 2017
A frustrated woman confess to her friend that she’s lonely and her friend introduces her to the joys of fucking dogs.
Moe Lester
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The sexy redhead has in her semi-transparent gown looks even hotter than Mrs. Poe does as she signals, smiling, to the horny young man from her front porch.

James hesitates.

The Great Dane stiffens and sniffs, then wags his stumpy tail. His tongue lolls over his jaw and to James’s surprise, the dog’s cock begins to get hard.  James is still struggling to conceal his hard-on, and now the dog is lewdly displaying himself.  The teen is embarrassed, and he blushes.

He strolls to the house up the concrete path.  Fuck, I can see right through her black negligee, he thought, staring at Jenny.  Shit, she’s looking at the front of my pants, can she see my boner.  However, she doesn’t seem shocked, and she continues to smile.

“Hello, young man,” she said.

“Err, hi,” he said fidgeting now seeing Kylie sitting eyeing him.

“We’re wondering if you might like a cold drink or something,” Jenny said.  “It’s a hot day to be out walking a dog.”

“Oh, sure, that’d be great, thanks,” James said nodding.

“Come on inside,” Kylie suddenly said.

The teen hesitates, glancing at the animal.

“Oh, bring the doggy in, too,” Jenny said noticing his awkwardness.  “I’m sure he’d like something too,” she said, and giggled suggestively.

James and the dog go into the house following Jenny and Kylie inside. The redhead housewife leads him into the living room, while Kylie disappears into another room.  He assumes the blonde with big tits is going to get him a drink.  Moments later, he gasps loudly as Kylie suddenly appears naked.  The blonde enters the room wearing boots and a Stetson with nothing at all between them.  James’s eyes bulge as if hard-boiled eggs.  The dog begins to whine.  The two tall women regard each other, grinning.  Are they perverts, James wonders? Do they get their jollies by teasing horny teenage boys?  Jenny suddenly slips her negligee off.  James glances between them.  One is as beautiful as the other is.  Can I fuck one of them, he wonders?  Both of them?

The teen’s cock is bucking like a Bronco.

The dog is glancing between the two women too.  With his canine instincts, he can sense these are two randy human bitches.  Being a mere dog, he doesn’t have a well-developed sense of fidelity, and it never occurs to him he’ll be cheating on his mistress Mrs. Poe if he makes it with these bitches.

“What’s your name, young man?” Jenny asks.

“James,” he said.

They introduced themselves.

“And what’s the cute doggy’s name?” Kylie asks.

“Roscoe,” James said.

“We didn’t really invite you in for a cold drink,” Jenny said, eyeing the man speculatively.

“I might like a nice hot drink,” Kylie jokes, and the women giggle as they exchange glances.

“What do you want?” James asks shifting on his feet.

“Well, you may think we’re perverts, but we want to fuck that dog,” Kylie said.

This request is so unexpected that, for a moment, the meaning of the words didn’t register on the teen man. Then he gasps. “My dog?” he said harshly.

Uh-huh. Is that OK?”

“You can watch,” Jenny said with a wink.

“Oh, yes, we want you to watch. That’ll be half the fun of it,” Kylie said nodding.  “And if you’re good, maybe I’ll suck your cock for you.” Kylie licks her lips seductively.

James almost faints.

Jenny said, “You see, James, Kylie and I are hot for cock.”

James staggers, his jaw hanging open like the dogs.

“Well?” Kylie asks.

His voice fails him.  When he opens his mouth, only a squawk comes out.  The shocked teen nods instead.  Never has he dreamed of a situation like this, but he sure as hell isn’t going to pass it up.  Nor is the Great Dane, the beast’s big cock is swollen, and the slippery red cockhead is squeezing out from the furry sheath.  His balls are bloated with cum.  Mrs. Poe hasn’t jacked him off for several days now, and Roscoe is eager for release.

“Let’s go into the bedroom,” Jenny suggests.

The women go first.  Teen and beast follow.  The two women are having a great time, giggling and teasing him.  However, they’re not cock-teasers.  Now they have decided to do it; they’re both determined to see it through to the end.  They stand on either side of the virgin man and begin undressing him.  James is whimpering with expectation, his fists clench at his sides, and his face contorts.

The dog has moved off to one side, trailing his leash and eyeing the humans with interest.  His cock is a heated crowbar beneath his furry belly, and he’s hoping these bitches are the sort who fuck, rather than give handjobs as a reward.

Kylie takes James’s cock out, she handles the man’s cock, stroking and rubbing.  Then she hauls his bloated balls out and seems to be weighing them in her palm as if trying to judge how much semen they hold.

“Oh, what a lovely cock,” she whispers.

Jenny begins to finger the teen’s cockhead.  “Shall we suck him off or let him fuck us?” she asks.

“Or both?” Kylie said.

Yeah,” James rasps.

Now that they’re playing with his cock, the teen is gaining confidence and losing his shyness. These women might well be perverted and depraved, but it has become apparent they’re not cock-teasers, and the teen man is thrilled to know he’s about to lose his virginity.

They continue to undress him, taking turns stroking his cock, until he’s naked. Roscoe growls, feeling neglected.  The women had gotten so interested in the teen man; they had temporarily forgotten about the dog.  His bark reminds them of his presence, and the teen man is only secondary to their plans.  Young men can be sucks and fucked with regularity if a woman chose, but dogs are not so easy to come by.

“You’ll have to wait your turn, James,” Kylie said pouting.

“OK,” he said.

Fuck, they were serious about fucking the dog, James thought disappointed.  The teen can’t believe it.  The women gaze at each other thoughtfully.

“Who’s first?” Jenny asks.

They hesitate for a moment.  There’s a little embarrassment between them.  Although they both want to fuck the dog, each feels a bit sheepish about going first as they have the same thought.  What if one fucks the dog, then the other backs out.

Kylie solves the problem.  “Let the dog decide,” she said.

Jenny nods, and the women go over to the bed.  They sit side by side, their legs open.  A natural position to the Great Dane since his mistress frequently assumes it.  He advances toward them, whimpering, eyes glowing and cock throbbing.  James stands where he is, swaying, his cock pivoting from side to side like a gun, aimed first at one woman, then the other.  Nevertheless, he’s willing to wait his turn.  It will, he figures, be a sight worth seeing, and he has no doubts he’ll get his balls emptied in the end for any women depraved enough to fuck a dog can hardly refuse a virgin teen.

The decision is hard for Roscoe the Great Dane.

The dog can sense the women are equally hot and juicy, and he doesn’t want to insult one by neglect.  He pushes his long muzzle into Kylie’s crotch.  His long, rasping tongue slurps her pussy gash.

“Ooooh,” she moans.  “He does that so well, Jenny.”

Jenny grins. Roscoe shifts and licks the redhead’s cunt.

“He must be trained for it,” Jenny said.

The idea that they’re not the first humans to know the dog’s tongue thrills them.

“Is this your dog?” Kylie asks James.

“Um, no, he belongs to Mrs. Poe,” he said.

Jenny gasps.  “Alexis Poe, from down the street?” she asks.

James nods, blushing for some reason.

“You know her?” Kylie asks feeling her friend’s tits.

“Yeah, older than us, but a looker,” Jenny said.  “Ooooh-that feels so good.”

They begin feeling each other’s tits and kissing while the dog alternated between them, lapping first one cunt then the other, and the teen man looks on in awe.

“Shall we cum like this?” Kylie asks.

“No.  Let’s be really naughty.”

“I’m hot enough to do anything,” Kylie moans.

They kiss again, tongues sliding together.

“Know what I’d really love to see?” Jenny whispers her voice husky with lust.

“What?” Kylie asks eagerly.

“I’d like to watch you take the dog’s cock in your mouth.”

Oooo,” Kylie squeals.

Roscoe continues to alternate between them, tonguing the blonde’s cunt, then the redhead’s pussy, paying equal service to each.  Cunt juice is pouring down their crotches now, and the dog is lapping the spicy stuff with gusto.

“Will you do that?” Jenny asks.

Yes, oh, yes.”

“Will you let him shoot cum in your mouth?”

Yes.  And I’ll swallow it all.”

Jenny whimpers, trembling.  “Then I’ll let him fuck my cunt,” she said nodding.

Kylie smiles.  She had agreed to suck the dog’s cock to excite Jenny, but now she has decided to do it, she finds her mouth is watering for dog-cock.  “Watch,” she whispers.

She notices James standing over them, his cock standing stiffly.

“Watch me do it,” she said to the teen.

James can’t believe she’s really going to suck the dog’s cock.


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