Doggy Juan

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Doggy Juan
Doggy Juan
Year: 2017
A woman is seduced by a horny dog and fucked again and again.
Moe Lester
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“C’mon, Buddy,” the woman begs and at the same time her hands move sensuously over her rib cage, sliding upward in little circles until they have reached the swelling base of her heaving tits.  “Omigod, Buddy, please don’t keep me waiting,” Chloe moans while her fingertips play delicately upward to find her hardening nipples.

The excited woman’s toes curl automatically from the self-stimulation, and she digs her fingers in more deeply, her whole body thrilling to the waves of pleasure racing down from her swelling tits.  For a moment, Chloe focuses on self-gratification, almost forgetting the dog is there, but then she glances up and sees the dog’s eyes on her, a strange wild light in them she had never seen before.  That’s when she knows the Rottweiler’s going to do it to her, lick her as it did the night before.  With a mindless groan, the helplessly aroused virgin lets her trembling thighs fall open even more, longing to have the raging fires burning deep between her legs extinguished by Buddy’s pleasure-giving tongue.

Slowly, cautiously, the big Rottweiler moves forward between those widespread white legs, sniffing once at the proffered, sweet-smelling orifice displayed so invitingly before him.  However, to the eager woman’s amazement and disappointment, Buddy raises his head again and then placing his forelegs on the edge of the bed, the dog lifts its body up high and licks warmly at Chloe’s smooth flat belly.  Each hot swipe of the dog’s pink tongue is pushing the naked flesh before it in ripples of heated pleasure.

Ooooo—ooh,” Chloe moans softly as the dog licks higher up her belly.

Then the dog’s head is nuzzling at her tits while the student sucks in her breath.  The Rottweiler slithers its hot wet tongue over her pebble-hard nipples, causing her tits to heave with ever-increasing passion until she thinks they’ll burst from the erotic pressure.  Her eyes glazed with lust, the beautiful blonde raises her head and stares in wonder and awe down to where the canine head thrust tightly against her writhing body.

Oh, Buddy, Buddy,” she moans.

As if in answer, the dog raises its head to gaze at her in love and adoration, almost as if the animal were a human lover.  Chloe feels a wave of passion and tenderness sweep over her, and she impulsively pulls the animal’s proud head toward her passion-softened face.  Instinctively the dog’s long tongue shoots out again, this time to lave over the woman’s half-parted lips, and to the student’s amazement, this flooded her with almost as much pleasure as when his tongue played wetly over her nakedly quivering tits.  Shamelessly, passionately, the aroused woman extends her tiny pink tongue, so it touches for a moment the dog’s longer, looser one, sending renewed bolts of pure sensual pleasure rocketing through her naked body.

Buddy revels in the sweet hot taste of the woman’s tiny pointed tongue and then suddenly the dogs reminded of the other piquant flavor it knows from this lovely human body only the night before.  With this memory, goading the Rottweiler on, the dog backs away from Chloe’s questing tongue and drops back onto the floor so its head positions between the woman’s quivering thighs.  Looking up inquiringly, the aroused animal waits for some sign from the panting woman above him, some indication it can go ahead.  It’s a moment before Chloe senses what the dog wants.

Oh, yes, go ahead, Buddy.  Lick me—lick me again—just like you did last night,” she groans.

Then Chloe feels her eyes widening in hypnotized awe as she watches the dog move its head purposefully forward toward the aching need of her waiting cunt.

Aaaaahh,” the virgin moans as the animal’s cold, damp nose slides wetly up the tender flesh of her inner thigh.

Then it’s sniffing experimentally through her moisture-soaked pussy hair, driving her to heights of frustrated passion as it glides gently, teasingly over the hungry pussy-flesh beneath.  Chloe cannot keep her loins from bucking forward; trying to impale herself on the thrusting, tickling nose, when suddenly the dog’s hot tongue snakes out again and buries itself deep into her seething cuntal flesh.

Oooooooooo—yes,” the shocked student moans involuntarily as her back arched upward, and her head falls back on the stimulus of Buddy’s long-hoped-for assault.

All the canine attention centers on the golden-haired triangle before it, the animal licks in earnest now, its wetly digging tongue slicing relentlessly through her heated cuntal flesh, and each thrust bringing a deep low moan from the woman on the bed above him.  Lick, lick and lick again.  Chloe thought, no hoped, it’d never end, this sensual heaven going on forever.  Each hot burning swipe of the merciless tongue seems in itself to last an eternity, making the writhing woman aware of every fraction of an inch sliding over her convulsing cuntal flesh.  She can feel the tongue start far down at her anus, then thrust deeply into the dripping hot pussy slit on its way up before dragging maddeningly over the tiny sensitive button of her throbbing clit.  To the passionately moaning blonde, it feels as if each touch of that beautiful animal tongue has some kind of unholy electricity.  Shocking more than her overloaded nerves can bear.

Chloe can sense she’s nearing orgasm.  She has to be.  There has to be eventual release from these impossibly demanding sensations the Rottweiler is licking into her helpless loins, or she knows she’ll go mad, but where is it, where is the hoped-for climax?  Desperately the hopelessly inflamed woman draws her legs up high off the floor, holding her knees back tight against her flattened tits with her straining hands, so Chloe’s obscenely splayed pussy offered in defenseless sacrifice to the slavering animal above her.

Yes, yes, that’ll do it, Chloe thought, as the dog takes full advantage of her lewd position and drives his hot tongue ever deeper into her quaking cuntal flesh.  Yes, I’m gonna cum soon; I can feel it growing deep inside me, yes, just another few seconds.

Chloe glances up with a gasp as she suddenly becomes aware the delicious licking of her most secret flesh has stopped, and she sees Buddy is slowly backing away from between her thighs.  Lowering her legs in agonized disappointment, the virgin speaks pleadingly to the dog.  “Buddy, what’s the matter?” she groans with a deep frown, afraid she’ll be left unsatisfied again.  “Please, Buddy; I want you to do it.  Lick me just a little more, just a little.”

Then the desperate student sees it as the animal backs away another pace and turns partly sideways to her—the Rottweiler’s cock.

Breathlessly the student gapes at the size of the glistening scarlet shaft emerging from the furry sheath beneath the dog’s belly.  The dripping tapered end dangles and sways in ever-growing hardness before the gasping student’s unbelieving eyes.  Chloe hadn’t been the only one aroused by the obscene licking of her cunt.  An instinctual arousal had occurred in Buddy as the overwhelmingly spicy taste of Chloe’s aroused female flesh permeated the dog’s sharp senses.

Eventually, confused and overwhelmed by the growing pressure in its own loins, Buddy backed away, not being able to handle the sensory overload.  The dog stands hesitantly before Chloe’s staring, bulging eyes, waiting, whining with excitement, its bright scarlet cock growing ever longer and harder beneath it.

For a few moments, Chloe cannot think at all, fascinated by the sight of the canine cock presented before her in its full glistening erectness, slowly becoming aware of the sensations of pure sensual hunger the animal member is causing deep inside her love-denied cunt.  The mesmerized woman let herself slowly submerge into need before she realizes with sudden horror the nature of the idea building in her mind.  An idea too taboo to contemplate; too depraved by societal standards and illegal also.

She wants Buddy to fuck her.

Yes, fuck her with its beautiful cock now standing stiffly in full erection.

The dog cock she had helped harden by the power of her lust.

A desperate struggle begins in the woman’s confused and overstimulated mind.  Why not, she thought.  Who will know?  Then immediately, the frightened virgin is afraid such a memory might be more than she can live with.  Shame grapples with sexual hunger as the aroused woman tries to reason, but she’s far past that ability.  It’s now, or never, her nerves scream, and with a little helpless groan, the naked student slides slowly from the bed until she’s kneeling before the now hungrily whimpering animal.

That did it.  The aural evidence of Buddy’s physical need is enough to tip the scales of the agonized woman’s conscience.  The sight of a drop of precum glistening like a jewel at the tapered point of the glistening red shaft, promising to fill her with pleasure and satisfy the terrible hunger in her belly.

With a moan of surrender, the blonde virgin turns her back toward the Rottweiler and drops to her hands and knees, presenting her buttocks to the waiting animal like a bitch-in-heat.  All hesitation was gone now, excitedly aware of the obscene nature of the act she’s about to commit, the inflamed woman gazes back over her shoulder.

C’mon, Buddy, fuck me, put your beautiful cock in my cunt and fuck me until I howl like a bitch—like Angela does,” Chloe moans.

Buddy immediately understands her tone if not her words, and the dog moves forward, its cock jerking and dancing beneath its furry torso as the beast moves.  If Chloe’s verbal invitation wasn’t enough, the dog couldn’t have mistaken her gesture as the woman reaches back to part her swollen cuntal lips, presenting her pink-petal cuntal opening back to the eager animal.

The dog quickly mounts the woman’s offered buttocks, its strong furry legs gripping tightly around Chloe’s smooth torso.  All instincts tell the wild beast to bury its aching cock deep between Chloe’s expectantly quivering ass cheeks, but the Rottweiler can’t find the entrance.  Slipping and dancing in the moist wet cleft between the crouching student’s buttocks, repeatedly the scarlet needle-shaped tip failed to enter, although it caught for a moment at the tiny puckered opening of Chloe’s anus, almost ramming brutally in before the frightened woman is able to twist away from the unwanted rectal impalement.

Sobbing with frustration and embarrassment, the kneeling blonde finally reaches back under her body with a hand and takes the dog’s slippery cock in her fingers.  Buddy whimpers as the dog feels the cool pressure against his cock, but when it makes no move to pull away, Chloe guides the rigid shaft slowly forward.  She inserts the cock finally into her passion-swollen pussy lips, sliding the sharp tapered tip sensuously up and down, as she makes sure her sex-juices lubricate it.  Then the gasping student tremblingly plants the tip of the organ tightly against the entrance to her virginal vagina and then braces herself for the shock to come.

“C’mon, Buddy,” she moans over her shoulder to the dog.  “Ram it in—Fuck me—Fuck your dog cock right into me.”

That’s just what Buddy did.

Sensing the entrance to its long sought-after goal, the powerful Rottweiler does what nature demands.  The dog thrust its hard, scarlet cock into Chloe’s cunt.  Mercilessly the pole of red dog flesh tears into the virginal cunt before it, never stopping until the dog’s sperm-bloated balls crush against Chloe’s widely stretched cuntal lips.

Aaaaaaagh—uuuuuuuunnnnhh,” the stunned woman manages to moan, amazed at the sudden sharp pain exploding in her never before penetrated cunt at the dog’s first brutal lunge.

When the animal senses the complete penetration of the kneeling woman before it, the dog begins to ram into her with relentless jackhammer drives, machine-like, as it animal-fucks the helplessly cringing Chloe.  Instinctively she tries to crawl forward to escape the cruel puncturing of her hymen but finds she cannot shake loose Buddy’s powerful forelegs clamped vise-like around her body.  As she tries to move forward, the dog follows, dancing on its hind legs, never missing a stroke as the beast continues to fuck into the wailing Chloe.

Sean Simpson sees this incredible scene as he stands in shocked wonder just outside the glass doors to Chloe’s room watching his dog fucking the beautiful blonde student he had always desired for himself.  Chloe the virgin, the pure, the untouchable student is fucking his dog.


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