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Year: 2017
After being dumped by her man, a stray dog called Drifter comes into her life and cums in her pussy.
Moe Lester
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Drifter licks the smooth valley surrounding her snug little anal mouth, the tip exploring and burrowing into its tightly clasped, pouty lips.  How long this obscenely blissful titillation goes on, Julia isn’t certain, for she’s suddenly lost track of time.  Only the beast’s forbidden animal attentions never stops is all that matters now.

Julia feels the dog’s searing, wet licking bringing it to the narrow pink crevice partially hidden by her pussy lips.  A delectable shiver ripples over her naked curves as Drifter draws the burning wetness of its long, thick tongue over the full length of her vibrantly hot pussy from her dampened little anus, tracing along the thin, hair-lined edges of her desire-swollen pussy lips to the tiny bud of her now excitedly jerking clit.  Again, the German shepherd does it, this time the long, fire-filled tongue licking the outer lips of her desire-moistened pussy smoothly.

The licking doesn’t stop but continues splaying wide the wetly sizzling pussy-flesh, at last lunging in a sudden wildly deep curl far into the clutching heat of her greedily craving cunt.  Julia moans, spasming with the unknown, erotic ecstasy beneath the dog’s oral loving, her sensuously glazed eyes staring over her breasts and salaciously feeding on the obscene, forbidden spectacle they deliciously make together.

Oh—Oooooo—Yes—I’m gonna cum a dozen times, fella—keep licking,” the voluptuous naked woman groans from the intense sensations Drifter’s long, thick tongue is spiraling through her eager body.

Julia’s gasping moans increase, the woman’s shamelessly ignited brain slipping deeper and deeper into a new and obscenely debauched world she hungrily welcomes.  Repeatedly the German shepherd’s beautiful scorching tongue licks hungrily through her wide-split pussy and anal crevice.  At its peak, it invariably hesitates, and then instinctively flicks hotly into the burning liquid flesh to tease at the palpitating bud of her tiny, erect clit, fanning the hotly growing flames inside Julia like a renegade wind.

On, and on, and on it went with Julia losing all relation to time.  Her first orgasm sweeping over her like an unexpected hurricane, the explosion bursting deep in the intricate depths of her screaming loins and belly in an unequaled fierceness to overwhelm her at last with velvety waves of tingling, pleasureful joy she feels to the very tips of her fingers and toes.  The heated flow of the cumming woman’s orgasmic release only seems to spur her whimpering animal-lover on as it excitedly licks wildly through the woman’s wetly spasming cuntal flesh, until she’s moaning and squirming insanely beneath the beast.

Ugh—Omigod—Yes—Ahhhh,” she gutturally wails as Drifter lunges the long, thick measure of hot animal-flesh with a lust-teasing curl ever deeper up into the feverishly clutching channel of her burning cunt.  “Mmm, fuck, Drifter, it’s so beautiful when you lick my pussy.  Oh, where have you been all my life?  D-Don’t stop, please, don’t ever stop.”

Julia thrillingly watches her soft sensuous curves ripple and squirm beneath the dog’s unbelievable cunnilingus, suddenly wishing she had Andy’s huge, filthy cock fucking brutally into her mouth simultaneously.  Fuck, I’d suck him dry, she thought wildly fuelling her lust, make him squirt its hot, creamy semen down my throat.

Oh fuck, fuck.  We’re gonna do this every day, DrifterAgghhh, yes, lick it, fella.  Like that—like that—way up inside my cunt—Tongue-fuck me,” she obscenely goads, lifting her feverishly simmering loins and ass cheeks higher up to the hotly licking animal-mouth.  “Ooo, further, baby, deeper.  S-Shove your hot tongue up my cunt as far as you can—Omigod.”

Julia reaches between her widespread thighs, grasping Drifter’s furry head to pull its long nose tighter into her wetly palpitating cuntal channel.  The German shepherd’s firebrand tongue races into the warmly seething hole as if a white-hot cauterizing whip, the beast’s animal-whines matching hers as it lashed and tongue-fucks the smooth blood-tingling cuntal walls with a growing skill no man has matched.

“Ah, you’re killing me, you beautiful cunt lover,” she passionately hisses, head raised and eyes wide.

The lustfully intoxicating sight of their obscene act is nearly bending her mind to a point beyond any human reason.  If only she had Andy’s huge, hard cock in her mouth to complete their lewd, obscene orgy.

Drifter feels its loins and flanks throbbing from the liquid female heat flowing from Julia’s cunt.  The dog senses a stronger fire burning inside her than when it had first begun licking between her legs, and its intensity makes the blood pump furiously through its canine body.  The German shepherd has never known affection like it feels for her with any other human.  Her soft, smooth flesh and heated odor Julia generates from the thin, hair-fringed slit between her legs makes the beast know a fierceness of desire that urgently excited it.

The hot, pink flesh of her mating hole in its flowing wetness is communicating through the dog’s tongue a wild sensation it has never known to this extent, not even with canine bitches.  Drifter almost feels it’s doing something wrong, and the knowledge makes the dog instinctively feel a new ferocity, the axis of which centered in its heavily laden testicles below.

Drawing her long, naked legs up and back even further until her knees flatten the fully rounded mounds of her breasts, Julia fucks back and fell into a rhythmic tempo of sensual gasps beneath the handsome animal’s tongue licking and fucking hotly up into her passion-inflamed cunt.  She rolls her head from side to side to the lurid cadence, still holding the dog’s furry head tight between her upraised thighs.  Her brain has become a mirror reflecting Andy’s massive, hardened cock, thrusting into her hungrily sucking mouth while Drifter licks the maddening fire from her insanely blazing loins and belly.  She lifts her head again to watch, and it’s then she again catches sight of it.

The Hawaiian socialite in her lewdly sprawled voluptuousness, senses her sultry eyes widening at the obscenely glistening spectacle of Drifter’s thick, scarlet cock emerging from its long, fur-covered sheath, wet and hard, the fiery tapered end slipping and dancing rhythmically beneath as it continues to slide slowly out of its fleshy concealment.  Julia leans to one side, gaping at it.

A licentious impulse of unbridled animalism rages through her lust-charged body, an obscene unholy urge that fascinates the sex-hungry woman in its wild debased lewdness alone.  Drifter’s cock, it’s beautiful.  Neither Andy’s nor any of her husbands’ or lovers’ has ever looked more tempting to her, and this handsome animal really loves her with devotion.  It even seems longer and thicker than any she has seen, even Andy’s, if possible, different in contour with its beveled tip, but the difference from a man adding to her building desire.

For a long emotion-tight moment, Julia stares at the big dog’s gleaming hardness, sensing her mouth and throat at first going dry, then salivating at the sensually infusing sight of it.  The depravity of her intentions never concerned Julia, only how she’s going to accomplish it.  In fact, it’s the sordidness of the act spurring her recklessly on.  Nevertheless, how, and will Drifter let her?

Relentlessly, the great German shepherd licks at her wildly seething cunt, its searing, wet tongue repeatedly slithering over the tiny, erect bud of her fire-filled clitoris.  Wicked thrills of unnatural desire burn in Julia’s obscenely set mind, adding to those the dog’s tongue is incessantly stroking to life in her upraised pussy.

Drifter, oooo, you loveable brute,” Julia mewls.

She’s trying to rise higher, and stroke the dog’s head nuzzled obscenely between her widespread thighs and exposed ass cheeks.  Julia can clearly see its tongue splaying through the wetly glistening, flesh between her hair-fringed pussy lips.  The dog spreads them open until they appear to smile in their desire-swollen ravishment.  Her inner, smooth-walled pussy-flesh sparkles up at her.  Its dark surrounding curls damply matted, the entire exciting scene hungrily feeding the flames raging inside her.  Her naked breasts quiver sensuously in her giddy excitement as she continues to squeeze tightly at the dog’s furry head.

“Drifter, good dog, lie down, I want to, to lick and suck you too.  Please, fella, lie down and roll over,” she urgently whispers, her throat raspy with tension.  “Do it, Drifter.  I can make you happy.  I’ll even put my pussy where you can lick it all you want.  Come.  Do it, lie down and roll over, Drifter.”

Julia’s brain races with sexual delirium, as she slowly eases forward not wanting to upset or destroy what she already has but to add to it.  She rose to her knees as the big German shepherd, confused, backed away from the wetly seething inferno between her open thighs.  Drifter appears displeased, but Julia doesn’t hesitate.  For her, there’s no stopping now.  The woman whispers in gentle tones, simultaneously brushing her soft hand lovingly over him, her eyes fixed on the length of scarlet cock hanging below the dog’s belly.

Drifter watches its new mistress rise and moves toward him, the beast’s abrupt disappointment and perplexity mounting; yet she continues to coo in soft sounds at it.  Again, she gives the command the dog recognizes and reluctantly it obeys, lying down.

The German shepherd’s unhappy whimpers vibrate through Julia as she sees the dog’s hard cock withdrawing back into its fur-lined sheath.  Drifter lies down onto the rug, stretching out and finally responding when she continues to whisper.

“Roll over, fella; you won’t be unhappy for long.  That’s it, darling, ooh, that’s just fine.”

In mindless excitement, Julia crawls and obscenely positions herself, so her wetly exposed cunt is inches from Drifter’s animal-face, and less when she draws her trembling thighs back.  The woman eases forward, placing herself, so her face is directly above the opening of the dog’s massive cock-sleeve where the big, scarlet rod in all its beautiful hardness had vanished.

Frenzied emotions of animal-like anticipation swept through the woman.  The obscene thought alone of the lewd, sinful act she’s about to perform with an animal of another species is driving her wild with desire.  Gently, Julia moves her arched hips toward its animal-face, wantonly spreading her thighs as she lovingly takes its head.  The woman lies, breathing heavily on her side, with one long leg lifted while she guides the dog’s nose gently toward the pungent, wet heat of her throbbing pussy.

Immediately, she feels its thick, lengthy tongue lash out at the still hotly palpitating crevice between her thighs, slashing through its glistening, flushed pinkness like a liquid flame.  If she’s ever known lascivious or abandoned desire, it’s at this very lust-mesmerized moment.  She lowers her cheek to rest on its warm, hard belly, her one hand quickly moving toward the hidden dog cock.

Though still confused, Drifter is hardly settled.  The pleasureful fondling from Julia is a new delight it has never experienced.  Again, the animal quickly senses the throbbing blood pounding from her fingertip caresses and the heated aroma of her warmly seething, pussy.  Drifter feels her delicate fingers moving over its swollen loins, their gentle touch causing the dog to tremble.  The urge to close its doggy eyes and lie there devotedly licking the hot sweetness of the thin-lipped crevice between the softness of her thighs almost carries Drifter away.

To her knowledge, Julia has never reached such carnally debauched depths.  Shit, I hardly give a damn, she thought as she hungrily clasps hold of Drifter’s huge, sheathed dog cock and tauntingly manipulates the furry, outer flesh back and forth, feeling its hot thickness within.  The scarlet cock comes back out to her.  Julia must have it now, the feel and taste of its long, thick beautiful cock in her mouth.

Drifter’s thick, incessant tongue licking the frantic bud of her tiny, raging clit, ordinarily she’d have cum a dozen times by now.  However, it’s been the unreal wildness of it all distracting and amazing her, which has re-routed her concentration.  Holding further climaxes off, and thrilling her in its anticipation and building intensity.  Oh, you beautiful dog, she passionately thought, clinging to Drifter’s still concealed cock-flesh and eagerly stroking it.

With feeling, yet gentleness, Julia works the protective skin back and forth, the dog’s mouth nestled between her fully spread thighs, its long, searing tongue unrelenting in the wet, yielding crevice of her hotly steaming cunt.  Then, the cock suddenly reappeared, the glistening red tip of long, thickened hardness, ever slipping forward toward her breathless mouth, until at last, it actually touches her lips.

With a blinding craving, Julia in her lustful obsession ovals her waiting lips to let the tapered tip of the dog’s smooth hardness slide obscenely between them, easing further and further into her mouth.  The canine cock moves slowly along her tongue until it nearly reaches the back of her throat.  Julia brought her tongue into play then with an irresistible fervency, greeting and welcoming the unnatural presence with mindless abandon.

Her desire-fogged brain swims with the lustful intoxication of what she’s doing, and then she tastes the thick, pulsating length of Drifter’s raw cock flesh, a sensation of relish racing through her at its sweet, pungent doggy-ness.  Fuck, it’s no less delicious than any I’ve ever sucked before, she thought, and it’s so hot and hard, swelling more with every passing second.

Julia hears its high-pitched animal-whimper as Drifter lovingly continues to lick her lust-inflamed pussy, and she sucks and twirls her caressing tongue hotly around the dog’s long, thick cock to repay Drifter for the pleasure it’s bringing her.  The woman feels the dog’s powerful body responding to her obscene sucking, its canine loins jerking and pressing forward.  She brushes one exploring hand along Drifter’s furry belly to its sperm-filled balls, cupping them warmly at first, and then lightly teasing them with her fingertips.  Again the dog whimpers, the excitation causing it to begin a slow rhythmic fucking motion up into the tightly clasped oval of Julia’s warmly sucking lips.

The incredibly exotic taste of the canine cock is a mind-bending delight.  Julia sensuously groans, beginning to nurse and tongue motherly at the ever-thickening length of burning, hard flesh with salaciously timed head movements.  Delicately sweet, her lust-filled brain wildly thought, yet spiced with the sexy raciness of nature’s semen itself.  Omigod, it’s so delicious.

The smooth coned length of the dog’s growing, blood-engorged cock fucks into Julia’s mouth in perfect cadence, while its own tongue licks the hot, liquid flesh of her splayed cunt with an animalistic hunger.  Julia nips and gently scrapes with the sharp edges of her even, white teeth, simultaneously swirling her hot tongue in tiny moist circles around its pulsating, animal-hardness, lost in the thrill of her obscene action.  To Julia, it’s like honey in her mouth, tapered and plunging in a slippery wet heat all the way down her throat.  What’ll his dog cum taste like, she wonders?  Like a man’s, warm, thick, squirting from the tip of its beautiful cock in creamy spewing jets, or are animals different?

Drifter has never known anything like this with a human.  What the dog’s new mistress is doing to it is beyond anything the beast’s keen instincts can comprehend.  The woman has the German shepherd’s hard cock inside her mouth, yet it feels as if it’s thrusting into the hot, fleshy interior of a cunt.  However, there’s a difference too, a pleasureful difference in the feel of her tongue and teeth.  Drifter whines to those sensations causing waves of fire-like pressure deep in the depths of the dog’s swirling loins, knowing soon it’ll have a tremendous release.

Julia has never sucked a man more vigorously or with such forbidden enchantment overwhelming her body.  With a hungering animalism of her own, the sensuously inflamed beauty mouths and works slavishly at the German shepherd’s cock, her minds a furnace of lust.  Julia wants the dog’s hot, bestial semen shooting into her mouth and dribbling down her throat, scaldingly flooding her belly.  Raging tongues of stabbing flame blaze between her legs.

Her trembling belly seethes, and the fire-filled, wetness of her cunt glows with the searing passion tormenting it.  Julia clutches at the loving animal’s hugely swollen balls, lewdly milking and caressing them as she noisily slavers over and sucks on its big cock.  Oh fuck, fuck, I’m gonna to cum like an atomic explosion beneath Drifter’s tongue, she thought.  Julia hears Drifter whine, then yip, in its own bestial ecstasy.

Then, the dog’s yip becomes an almost guttural snarl at the same moment as its muscular flanks furiously hump, driving the massive, unrelenting cock deep into her throat.  Drifter’s sudden, brutal lurch triggers wild, untamed sensations of masochistic joy inside Julia, and she moans around the throat-plunging cock, wildly sucking and swallowing until it spasms in her mouth.

That’s when the canine cock erupts volcano-like and spews a slimy, watery gush.  The scalding liquid semen from the bloated reservoir of the dogs inflated balls cascades into Julia’s mouth.

At this moment, Julia’s driven almost insane with passion.  The stream of viscidly sizzling semen is like an unceasing hose, filling her frantically sucking mouth faster than she can ever swallow it away.  As if the cumming canine cock were pissing down her desperately gulping throat, the climaxing German shepherd continues to ejaculate, the lust-charging sensation firing Julia’s orgasm like some never before, earth-shaking cataclysm.  On and on it went; shaking and spasming her whole body as the coppery hot semen drowns her until eventually, the world stands perfectly still.


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