Dreams & Nightmares

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Dreams & Nightmares
Dreams & Nightmares
Year: 2024
There are 3 stories in this eBook. Living the Dream, Lina’s Lesson, & The Stalker
Moe Lester
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She drops her towel and starts to run her fingers through her hair, loosening the tangled strands.  As she’s doing this, she hears Samson huffing.  She gazes in the mirror at his reflection to see he has his head tilted and is sniffing the air.  She glances over her shoulder and around, wondering what he smells.  She dismisses it and reaches for her brush.

What the—” Emma suddenly shrieks as she feels Samson’s cold nose press into her ass cheeks.

That’s when she realizes what he smelled, her sexual scent, and it has him curious.  She felt his long tongue snaked out between her slightly spread legs and lick from her clit to her asshole with one long swipe.  He makes four or five quick lashes at her wet cunt before she can react.  Emma gasps and shivers with fright from the sensation.  She gains her control again, leans upright, and swats at his muzzle, trying to push his face out of her crotch.  He shakes his head as she scolds him and tries to push him out of the bathroom.

Stop that, you bad dog,” she shouts at him.  “That’s not for you.”

However, the smell is driving him wild, and suddenly, he growls and bares his teeth at her.  She gasps and stares wide-eyed at the big dog, then retreats into the bathroom and closes the door, standing there with her back to the door, panting with the exertion.  She stares at her naked reflection in the mirror, quickly closing her eyes to try to calm her breathing and roiling stomach. However, her mind is on his tongue, rasping over her hard clit.  For a moment, it feels so good, and the woman scolds herself for feeling this way about a dog.  Suddenly, she feels a hard thump on the door, and she’s pushed headlong, face forward, onto the bathroom rug.  Emma bumps her head on the toilet and blacks out.

When she wakes, she’s sprawled on the floor and can feel Samson licking between her legs again.  Still groggy, Emma softly swats at his head, missing every time.  He’s really going at her pussy with his tongue, working from her ass crack and over her swollen pussy lips to her mound.  She gasps as she feels his tongue swirl over her clit, then pokes into her wet pussy.  Samson works the invading tongue back and forth inside Emma drinking in her pussy juice, and she moans loudly as sparks of pleasure speed through her body.  What the hell is going on? What’s gotten into this dog, she thought, but she felt her hips moving in time with his tongue, and it felt so good inside her.

Emma lies there for several minutes, really just letting her dog lick her pussy before she peers over her shoulder to watch him work, then her gaze works its way down his long, lean body.  The woman gasps in shock as she sees his red, pointy cock head poking out of its furry sheath.  Her sanity comes back, and she quickly jumps up and bolts through the door to her bedroom. However, she leaves her bedroom and runs along the hallway.  Emma’s feet are still wet, and she slips on the hardwood and tumbles to the floor.  Samson is on her heels, yet she manages to get to her hands and knees before she feels his heavy paws on her shoulders.

Ahhhhhhhrrrrrg—NO—BAD DOG,” she yells as he mounts her.

She’s trying to crawl away. However, he weighs almost one hundred and thirty pounds and has his body on her back and his forelegs wrapped around her tightly.  Then she feels his hips thrusting and the poking of his cock head around her pussy and ass.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO,” she shouts, yet he’s too engrossed in trying to mate her even to hear it.

Quickly he finds what he’d been probing for, and she feels his cock head poke between her wet pussy lips.  Emma gasps, and he thrusts until she feels his thick cock penetrating her deeply. She sobs loudly, feeling his hot breath blowing on the back of her neck and his tongue drooling saliva down her back as he fucks her hard.  With each thrust, more of his cock is emerging from his sheath and slipping inside her cunt.

Samson is heavy on top of Emma, and she drops to her elbows.  This must have given him a better angle because now his cock really grows inside her cunt.  She doesn’t know how long a dog cock can get, but this one is deep inside her.  He starts to thrust hard, and she’s grunting with each poke.  She can feel something larger on his shaft and realizes it’s his knot.  Emma’s eyes bulge.  He’s going to push his knot into her pussy as well.  She claws at the slick floor to get away; however, she can gain no ground.  Then she feels the bulb of flesh push past her pussy lips and penetrate her.

Oooooo—FUCK,” she groans as the big knot stretched her cunt to the point of pain.

The knot feels massive inside her body, Samson’s cock tip slicing her cervix and pushing her womb deeper into her.  Emma’s sobbing loudly as her dog fucks her hard, memories of her rapist’s huge cock coming back to her, making the experience even more terrible.

Then something inside Emma breaks, her mind twisted by all the recent events in her life, and she starts pushing her pussy back at him.  She gasps in shock as she fucks back at her dog, realizing what she’s doing.

No, I don’t wanna cum on a dog’s dick,” she whispers as pleasure overwhelms her body.

It’s too late, and an orgasm explodes from her groin, along her spine, and through her belly.  Emma’s pussy clutches at his huge knot, and Samson starts grunting because of it, feeling her strong pussy muscles convulsing on his doggy cock.  Now he starts to fuck Emma even harder, his paws clutching at her shoulder blades and his toenails digging in.  The feeling throws Emma into another orgasm, and she thrashes around beneath him as a bitch-in-heat.  Emma can feel his pace quicken, and sanity eventually works its way back into her warped mind.


However, it is too late, and she feels his hot cum squirting deep in her belly.  She starts sobbing again as another series of mini orgasms ripple through her, making her body turn red and sweat as it spasms with erotic delight.  What’s wrong with me, she scolds herself.  A dog just raped me, and I liked it.

Samson tries to pull back. However, they’re knotted, and as hard as he tries, he just pulls Emma with him. The tugging cock inside her hurts, and she’s gritting her teeth with her eyes clenched shut.

God, stop it—Stop it—It won’t come out,” she groans and sobs.

Samson lifts his leg and steps to the side, then around behind Emma.

Ahhhhhhhhh,” she squeals as the cock and knot inside twist in her body.

Now they’re ass-to-ass, and he tries pulling free again, but he just drags Emma down the hallway with his cock and knot still stuck in her pussy.  She whimpers and sobs until she gets to the living room, and he lies on the carpet in front of the television.

Emma lies on her side with her dog’s cock embedded in her pussy and one of his paws draped over her shoulder, waiting for his knot to shrink so his cock will slide out.  After about fifteen minutes, it still hasn’t subsided enough to get free of her, and she worries.  Maybe if I help him relax, it’ll quicken things, she thought.  She pats his furry coat and his haunches as he licks her face.  At first, it’s all right. Then she starts feeling disgusted because it feels good having her pussy full and him kissing her in his doggy way.

Another ten minutes pass before the knot has shrunk enough to plop out of Emma.  She rolled away and stood, suddenly feeling his trapped sperm trickle down her thighs when she got to her feet.  The anxious woman gazes at the beast, and he lies with his tongue dangling from his mouth, looking at her with big, dark, innocent eyes.  She just shakes her head and sighs at how casual the dog seems about what he just did to her.

“It’s not your fault, I guess.  You just followed your instincts,” she said to the panting dog.

Emma heads to the bathroom to clean herself again.

She squats on the toilet and squeezes the rest of her dog’s cum from her cunt before she takes a washcloth and wipes her achingly raw pussy clean.  Standing, and glances over her shoulder at the scratches Samson has left on her back, and she sighs loudly.  Wrapping a towel around her body, she leaves the bathroom and goes into her bedroom.

She sits on the bed sobbing with her face in her hands, the tears trickling through her fingers.  Then, she feels a presence in the room. Samson is there.  He goes to Emma and starts to lick her tears from her hands.  When she pulls her hands away, he starts licking her tears from her cheeks.  She pushes him away with a deep frown.

No—Bad Dog—You raped me—You’re a bad dog,” she yells, feeling her cheeks burn and her chest fills with heat.

Samson suddenly lays his head on her lap and nuzzles her.  She just can’t stay mad at him as he gazes up at her with sad puppy dog eyes.  Emma strokes his face gently. Then he shocks her by nuzzling his snout beneath her towel toward her pussy.  Apparently, he isn’t finished with her, so she pushes his head away and crawls onto the bed to get away from him.  As she scoots onto the bed, Samson manages to snag her towel in his jaws and drags the covering off her body. Samson then follows her onto the bed, and again she can see the red, pointy head of his cock emerging from his sheath.  She gasps at the sight, and not thinking where she’s going as she stares at the dog’s cock getting bigger by the moment, she tumbles off the bed.

Ooooohhhhhh,” she shouts as she falls to the floor naked.

Emma shakes her head and takes hold of the mattress to lift herself from the floor.  She pulls her torso onto the bed and she glances around to find Samson is gone.  The shaking woman drops her head onto the sheets in relief, her ass bent over the bed when he pounces.

NOOOOOOOOOOO,” she screams.

However, Samson has her pinned to the mattress and is probing for her cunt with his big, hard cock.  She tries to crawl onto the bed, yet her lower half’s trapped at the hips beneath his crushing weight, and she can feel his cock poking at her groin.

Please, no, not again,” she begs with tears streaming from her eyes.

However, he holds Emma in place with all his weight.  Either it’s the angle she’s in, or his aim isn’t too good as she suddenly feels his cock poking at her asshole.  Memories of her rapist shoving his huge cock up her ass fill her mind with images, and she starts thrashing beneath the beast, trying to nail her.  Suddenly, his cock head makes its painful entrance into her anus.

AHHHHHHHH—NOOOOOO,” she screams in pain as his cock head shucks past her rectum.

She keeps trying to get away.  However, he keeps thrusting until she feels the knot slamming into her already overstretched anus.  Her body trembles as he drills into her asshole, filling her bowels with eight inches of thick dog cock with a big knot trying to find entry too.  The anal sex hurts, and as before, when a man shoved twelve inches of soda can thick cock balls deep into her asshole, she passes out.

When she comes to, he’s still pumping away.  His cock is making long, deep strokes into her asshole, and although it hurts, she knows she can take it.  Emma can feel the tightness in her belly as the big dog cock fills her insides, pushing her organs aside roughly as it dominates her body.  The knot is still slamming into her anus, and she’s thankful it can’t penetrate her.  He keeps fucking and fucking her asshole until his cock flexes and throbs inside her, then she feels his hot sperm pooling in her belly, and she shudders and orgasms with the dog. He tugs his cock out of her stretched asshole with a painful pop, and she lies gasping.  Her heart pounds in her chest, having just had her first anal orgasm ever.


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