Taming the Termagant!

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Taming the Termagant!
Taming the Termagant!
Year: 2016
The busy-body from next door gets her comeuppance when she gets trapped in the doggy door and the dog she hates rapes her hard.
Moe Lester
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“No, what are you doing?”  Roberta bangs her hand on the floor to get the dog’s attention.  “Stop that, and come here, Woody.”

Roberta’s granny panties are no bother to Woody, and as he takes in the aroma of her pussy he becomes excited.  The smell of human vagina is something he knows well living with three young women, and chewing their soiled panties has also given him the taste.  Though the girls deny his constant advances, it seems this one is presenting himself to him for mating.  At least in his dog brain it seems that way.  He licks at the white panties, pushing his tongue between her legs, feeling the folds of her pussy press against it through the material.  He can taste piss already, he likes it, and keep licking until the material is soaked and see-through.  Roberta is screaming, trying to move, yet the door has her stuck.  She bangs her fists on the floor in frustration knowing she can’t stop the horny dog.

“Bad dog.  Bad dog.  Stop that.  Stop,” she screams.

The door has he so pinned she can’t even move her legs to kick out at the persistent dog.  The more Woody shoves his tongue between her legs, the more her body responds as it’s wired to respond.  For many years the prudish Roberta hasn’t even masturbated as she considers touching yourself to be dirty.  So feelings are growing from deep inside her sex that are unfamiliar to her, a tingling, tightening heat that made her legs feel strange.  Yet she considered it may be loss of blood circulation the way her body is pinned to the floor.  Her juices start to flow, mixing with the heady tastes Woody is experiencing, and as his sexual excitement grows, he bites at her pussy.  She squirms and screams as his teeth slice through her soaked panties, ripping them.  With some prolonged nibbling her gets the gussets in his mouth and pulls, tearing them clean off her so her pussy is now exposed to avarice animal.

“No, stop, stay away from me,” Roberta whimpers as she feels his cold nose press into her labia and sniff deeply of her womanhood.  She starts sobbing and yelling at Woody, “STOP IT. Stop, boy, stop.”

Her sobs start dying and her breathing gets shallower, Roberta can feel her eyes glazing over and her mouth beginning to fill with saliva.  Woody pushes his tongue deep into her slit, forcing her labia to part wider.  He laps hungrily, wanting her sweet nectar.  Roberta moans pathetically, the pleasure his tongue is giving her taking its toll on her will to resist.

“Oh, Woody, good boy.”

Roberta can’t believe how wonderful she feels, and her climax is building until suddenly Woody stops.  Roberta finds she can move a little, which causes her pussy lips to part perfectly.  Suddenly, Woody jumps on her back, and wraps his legs around her waist, and she wonders what he’s doing.  Wishing he’d go back to licking her gain as it felt so good.  Roberta’s eyes opened widely as she feels a long, warm, hard, throbbing pipe slides along the crevice of her loins trying to find an entry.  She’s no virgin, as she did have sex many years ago, so the sudden poking of Woody’s cock makes her press her fist into the side of her face as she unleashes a primal scream.  This can’ be happening, she thought.

No, no, no, BAD DOG, stop, get off me,” she pleaded, yet Woody didn’t care.

The hot cock slips and slides along her slit, rubbing over her clit and sending electric shocks shooting through her.  Roberta hopes the dog will be unable to enter and her and give up.  Maybe go back to licking as in her mind that felt so good.  Woody is jumping on his hind legs, trying to find the right position to take this bitch, when the tapered tip of his red cock snags her vaginal opening and slides inside her.  Feeling the sudden velvety warmth of her wrap around his hard cock, he thrusts as hard as he can until his cock is buried balls deep inside her cunt.  Roberta screams again, as the forceful intrusion is painful.  She may well have been a virgin, as it’s been so long since any dick had been in there.  Roberta didn’t even own a sex toy.   Tears start pouring down her face, and her stomach churns as the thick member rips through her, forcing her pussy to stretch as it has never, even tearing her.  Blood coats the thick dog cock, which drives Woody into a lust even new for him.  The smell of her pussy and blood filled his senses and he hammers his hips to fuck the woman as hard and fast as he can.  The cock pushes against her cervix repeatedly as he violates her, turning her into to nothing more than his bitch.

The burning pain turns somewhat pleasurable, and a weak moan slips from her lips.  Woody is enjoying his new bitch, her tight pussy squeezing around him.  Woody let out low growls as he rams into her repeatedly, the thrusting makes the door pinch her so she yelps every once in a while.  She can’t believe it, the neighbor’s dog is raping her, and turning her into a bitch in-heat.  Roberta moans continuously giving into her lust, her pussy drools all over the canine cock and testicles.  She feels his scrotum banging against her clit, which causes her to orgasm hard, her pussy walls clench and release tightly as her body shakes.  Her cum drizzles down his cock and down her inner thighs. She moves her hips as much as she can, fucking herself on his cock while he pounds away into his new cunt.  Suddenly, she notices his member is swelling at its base.  Woody pounds into her with so much force she blacks-out a little from the jerking, the swelling base slides in and out of her, getting bigger by the second.

“Woody?  What are you doing?”

The poor woman clenches her eyes as her pussy stretches to its limit, she imagines this is how giving birth feels.  The swollen ball, she can feel moving inside her seems almost unbearable when she cums again.  Woody didn’t care how tired she might be after cumming so much.  He continues violating her.  He howls and pants with a mixture of whimpers here and there, she knows he must be getting close because of his noises.  Then it happened, Woody just stops, his cock buried insider to the point his balls are touching her clit.  The large round ball shaped part of his canine cock feels as if a cantaloupe is stuck inside her cunt.  Now he’s stopped fucking her, Roberta can feel it pulsate and throb in her body.  After a moment, she feels the warmth fill her womb, almost as if he’s pissing inside her.  Her pussy expands around the canine penis and semen as it releases more and more cum directly into her body, she had never felt such pressure inside her. She kneels panting, stuck in the door, and filled with a cock and cum.

After five minutes, she wonders how long he’s going to stay inside her.  She had figured once he had his way with her, like all males, he’d grow tired of her and leave her alone.  However, his cock seems to an endless supply of cum, and it pumped her so full it makes her orgasm again.  Not a hard orgasm as before, a pleasant light one making her moans and throw her head around.  Eventually Woody grows tired of mounting her, and pushes himself off her.  As he lifts his leg over her back, his cock pulls and moves in her body.  The sensation makes her panic because it feels as if her cunt is going to be turned inside out.  The big ball pulls at her, the changing position causes some cum to leak around it and down her thighs.  All this ends when Woody as positioned himself ass-to-ass with her, his thick cock still impaled in her cunt, still shooting cum into her used body.  As she lies still, just feeling nothing except that huge cock owning her, she finally hears the whirr of the motors operating the door, and it lifts back up into the door.

“Ooh Ahhhhh,” she moans, and collapses to the floor, though still impaled by Woody’s cock.

Her body tingles all over and in a daze, she looks up to see Kelly, Zoey, the redhead named Kim, and the young man from across the street Mark, all looking down at her from inside.  The insolent grins on their faces make Roberta shiver with shame.


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