Newfound Urges

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Newfound Urges
Newfound Urges
Year: 2016
A young woman agrees to mind a house with some horses while the owners go away and discovers the joys of horse cock.
Moe Lester
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The horses share a single, stone built stable with a hay store off the side where Milo is housed of an evening.  Behind the stable itself, they have five acres of lush-green paddocks the horses roam through the day.  Zeus is standing side-on to her, at the back of the stable, and as she greets him, he lowers his head to her stomach height and sniffs loudly, tasting her scent as she pats his head.  Ava senses he’s getting slightly agitated, he even tries to bite her T-shirt and she has to push him away.  She wonders whether he doesn’t like her for some reason, when she notices his tail is held high behind him and thought he needed to shit.  He shifts his back legs further away and she braces herself to seeing him shit, when a loud ‘thud’ comes from beneath him, then again, and repeatedly.  Ava is standing next to his neck, so she stands back and gasps at the sight before her.  Zeus has the biggest hard-on she’s seen.  Her heart races, pounding in her ears, and she blushes as she can’t take her eyes off the gigantic cock.

He stands in a position that shows it off, the loud slapping noise is his huge cock ‘twitching’ up into his belly and slapping loudly.  She still has her hand on his shoulder as she stares at this massive cock.  Ava’s not stupid, she knows stallions are supposed to have big ones, yet his huge, pink cock must be two-foot long.  It’s ‘fleshy’ looking, but stiff as he flicks it, and never mind her wrist as a comparison, as it’s thicker than her ankle.  The knob is like a huge, pink, flat topped cooking apple.

She’s had several boyfriends, and has dealt with cocks before, however, this one her confounded.  She has to admit she’s getting aroused by the sight of it, and the musty, warm odor coming from beneath his belly.  He keeps scraping the ground with his front feet and trying to bite her as she stands there as if a cock obsessed teenager.  The scene gives her a buzz all over her body, she doesn’t think she’s ever felt in her life.  Zeus’ amazing body, cock and the way he’s so frisky touches a primal nerve in her psyche, making her tight-pussy gush into her panties.

He follows her with his head as she slowly strokes his large midriff and she drops to her knees to view closer his shockingly swollen cock.  Ava can’t deny she’s in a strange horny daze as she has urges never felt because of the huge cock now inches from her face.

I guess horses don’t shower every evening, she thought inanely.  However, it’s clear as she gets closer Zeus’ massive penis needs a wash.  She just has to lift her hand and gently feel his huge, throbbing cock, and she does.  This first touch is amazing and it sends tingles of excitement over her body as it feels warm, big, and heavy in her hand.  She’s getting involved with what she’s doing, as she slowly grips his massive shaft, his heavy glans has foul smelling stuff around it and when she touches it, the strong musty smell transfers to her hands.  So she decides to stop, as the smell grosses her more than her desire can handle.  Instead, she feeds and waters the horses, and returns to the house where she has to wash her hands vigorously to remove the odor.


She can’t get the experience, or the endowment Zeus is blessed with, out of her mind, and all the next day she’s useless at work because the amazing encounter is driving her wild with lust.  Finally, about three in the afternoon, she makes her mind up that however good a girl she’s been since her father forced her to change, she’s going to let her depraved side take advantage of the situation. It’s clear Zeus will need to be washed, and having seen guys in the shower, she’s confident a bucket of warm, soapy water, and a sponge, will do the trick.

That evening, she fills a bucket with warm water with her most gentle, scented, bath milk mixed into it. She arms herself with a bottle of scented baby oil too, as she makes her way to the stable feeling excited and horny at the thought of all that cock.  Upon entering the stable, she sees Milo is standing in the main stable area, instead of the hay store where he usually goes. He looks at her, so she pets his head for a while as she watches the excited Zeus.  She’s getting worked up as again Zeus moves his hind legs back, however, this time, she gets to see his huge penis pop out of his body and grow into the long, floppy goliath she saw last evening.  Ava’s getting moist as she watches his display and knows she has to satisfy her craving to be close to him tonight.

Leaving Milo, she starts stroking Zeus’ body again, moving to the floor beside his hind legs, while he turns his neck to watch her.  Dipping her hands into the bucket, she grabs his rapidly expanding cock with her hands and washes it, again overcome with sexual desire for this amazing animal.  His full-erection only took seconds to appear as she washed the cock, and she’s amazed how it twitches in her fingers, making her move her hands with it, as it’s so powerful.  She can tell he loves her caresses as he simply stands with it hanging out while she works the slippery water into his skin and heavenly shaft.  Although focused on Zeus’s pleasure, she can feel her juices gushing from her pussy making her panties damp. Once she is satisfied the phallus is clean, she picks up the bottle of baby oil and squirts a large helping into her hands, before applying it to his achingly large erection.

At that point his huge body emits a deep neighing and grunting sounds as she works his cock with her hands. Her new male friend is clearly enjoying the attention and she’s focused on making him continue his pleasurable grunts.  They we were both getting carried away as he moves his hind leg and knocks the bucket over.  Ava’s Tracksuit bottoms and T-shirt get soaked as it falls, so she decides they should all be naked on this warm, summers eve.  She’s soon bare, except her sneakers, and back on her knees beside him.

She’s engrossed in his huge cock, and as she feels between her legs with one hand, Ava finds her pussy is dripping and her clit is erect.  Her legs ache from squatting, so she gets on all fours, with one hand on the floor and her right hand moving his cock to her mouth.  She knows guys like to be sucked, yet there’s no way she can accommodate the end of Zeus’ penis in her mouth.  So she kisses, licks and sucks at her partners bulging erection happily, as she slowly masturbates him, and he gently thrusts his hips with pleasure.  Ava’s absorbed by what she’s doing, she had forgotten Milo and jumped with shock as she suddenly has a warm pony mouth and nose snuffle her rear end.  She’s about to jump out of the way when his long, hot, horsey tongue begins exploring her wet pussy.  Having her wet pussy and ass lapped by Milo’s huge tongue feels wonderful, so she continues pleasuring Zeus with her hand and mouth.


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