Mandy’s Downtime

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Mandy's Downtime
Mandy’s Downtime
Year: 2016
Mandy has some free time before the family all get home, so the horny school girl decides she’d like to masturbate. However, the family pet dogs also want to get a taste and feel of that tight teen pussy! Who can blame them?
Moe Lester
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Eighteen-year-old Mandy looks happily at the note on the kitchen table, her mom won’t be home until seven, so she has the house to herself for three hours, until her siblings got home.  Three hours.  She can do anything she wants.  First, chase the two dogs, Rex and Max, outside into the backyard with Buster, then she can have some fun.  Three minutes later, all three dogs are inside and she’s not strong enough to get them out, the only one she manages is Max, a beagle mix.  Opening the back-door hadn’t been a good idea, since Buster, the huge Mastiff mix, has promptly bulldozed his way into the cool house.  Shrugging to herself, irritated, she starts stripping her sweaty clothes off anyway, after all, they’re just dogs and can’t talk.

Releasing her large ‘DD’ tits from their confinement, she sighs as she rubs the soft pale skin, her hard brown nipples standout from the silver-dollar-sized circles of puffy flesh topping the soft creamy mounds.  She pushes the satin globes up into a mountain of tit flesh, her throbbing nipples pulsing obscenely against each other.

“Ooh, that’s so good. Mmm,” she moans softly.

Max starts howling at being alone in the backyard.

Shit.  Damn dog.”

She tries to ignore him, however, he keeps getting louder.  If he doesn’t stop, the neighbors will complain again.

So giving in, she opens the door and calls, “C’mere, Buster.  C’mon, boy, c’mere, Buster.”  Buster raises his head, looks at her and goes back to sleep.

“C’mere Rex.  Rex.  Come.”

Rex the lab opens one eye and closes it again.

Buster. Rex.  Come here, now.”

She stomps her foot, the dogs ignore her, yet her tits jiggle enchantingly with the effort.  Outside, Max is still howling.

Damn dogs.  Why can’t my stupid brother teach you stupid dogs to obey somebody other than him,” she says to herself.

She’s clear to the door when she remembers her top, after a moment, she opens the door anyway.  If the neighbors see her, they’ll get an eyeful, however, she’s too mad and horny to care.

Max doesn’t hear the door until she yells, “Get in here, you stupid dog.”

He sees her standing topless in the doorway, her round bare tits shining in the sun, and barks happily diving inside, brushing past her bare legs. She slams the door

“Now be quiet, stupid dog.”

Max flops on the living-room floor with the other two, he doesn’t care what Mandy does as long as she lets him be with his buddies.  In the kitchen, Mandy strokes her sensitive tits again.

“Ah, that feels so good.”

Her tight little pussy is still gushing juice from standing half-naked in the doorway, it’s the same itchy feeling she gets from cheerleading.  She squeezes her big tits, she loves the feeling.  Somehow, she knows it’d be even better if a man was doing it, however, after her older sister got pregnant, her mother watches her so close she’s probably going to graduate from high school still a virgin.

“It’s not fair.  I’m probably the only eighteen-year-old virgin in the country,” she says and pouts.  “The guys I know would cum in their pants if they saw these beauties.”

The lewd thought gives her an idea.

“So, boys, what do you think?  Do you like them?  Don’t they look good?”

She pulls her left nipple up to her mouth and sucks for a minute.

“Yummy.  Don’t you want some?”

Mandy cups her breasts and offers them to her imaginary lovers.

“See?  They’re delicious,” she moans, her fantasy lovers are getting her so hot.  “What?  You want me to take my shorts off too?  You naughty boys.”

She squeezes her pussy mound through her red shorts and panties, there’s a dark wet spot spreading from her sopping pussy.

“Well, I suppose.  But you can’t touch.”

She giggles to herself, her game is great, even if she really wouldn’t show-off like this, as the guys she knows would tell everyone in town.  Mandy slides her hands over her smooth belly to soft silky white tits, shuddering at the soft contact, her fingers sink into the soft breasts and she gasps at the sensations radiating from her nipples and tight dark cunt.  Her hands glide downward again, catching at the elastic waistband of her red shorts.

She seductively asks her imaginary audience, “Are you sure you want me to do this?  If I take my shorts off, anything can happen.”

The wet spot is getting bigger, and there’s a drop of liquid emerging from the leg of her shorts.  Spinning in place, she dances to the music in her head, seemingly of their own will, her hands slowly start to push the elastic down over her hips.  Turning her back to her invisible lovers, she wiggles her round bottom at them

“Do you like my ass?  Do you want to see more?”

Half her tight little ass shows above the waistband now, and her pussy’s melting into hot girl-goo, one liquid thread’s heading for her knee and she’s feeling so good.  Pivoting back, she humps her hips toward the living room, the smell of hot pussy fills the kitchen as she bumps-and-grinds, the top of her black bush showing over-the-top of her shorts matches the long silky hair brushing over her big tits and stroking the dark nipples.  Mandy pants, the air in the kitchen feels thin and hot as she sways seductively.  In the living room, the dogs stir in their sleep and their cocks start to swell.

Her hips rock back and forth as the red shorts slowly inch downward over her flat belly, then her hands abruptly drop as the shorts finally slide off and drop to the floor with a sodden sound, she steps away from the soaked fabric.

“Well, boys?  What do you think?  Ooh, I’m so hot.”

Her thin nylon bikini panties are almost transparent with wetness where they cradle Mandy’s raven-haired mound like a lacy white slingshot loaded with a juicy plum.

“Do you like me?  How about from this side?” as she pirouettes like a ballet dancer, her plush white tits stand full and round with her arms over her head.

Her satiny white bottom’s nicely rounded and her gauzy panties are pulling up into the crack of her ass as she bends, displaying her long-tanned legs and tight dark pussy.

“Now boys, you can look but don’t touch.  Naughty, Naughty.”

She does another bump-and-grind then spins back to display her soaking-wet mound to her fantasy lovers

“Doesn’t that look good?  Don’t you want to kiss it?”

She moans as her pussy spasms again, there’s another creamy drop of slick girl-juice tracing a path down the inside of her suntanned thigh.

“What?  My panties too?  That’s sooo naughty, you nasty boys.”

She giggles at the thought that she’s acting like a bitch in heat, she may not be a bitch, but she’s ‘in heat’.

“Ooh, you say the nicest things to a girl.  Well, maybe.”

She pulls her panties clear up between her curvy creamy cheeks.

“Do you like that?  Oh, that’s naughty.  Do it again?”

Lost in her fantasies, she doesn’t hear the dogs stirring at the musky smell of hot pussy.

Turning around, she teases, “Are you sure you want me to do that?  That’s naughty.  What kind a girl do you think I am?”

Almost of their own accord, her hands slowly slide down to her panties, her thumbs hook the elastic and start to teasingly push the thin nylon down her tapering legs.

“What are you going to give me if I do such naughty things, hmm?”

Her soft white bottom is half-bare now, and she turns to display it proudly to her phantom lovers.

“Ooh, you boys are getting me all excited.  Now what’re you going to do about that?  I can think of a few things.”

Her underpants are still inching their way down her soft thighs, now they peel reluctantly away from her tight dark-haired pink pussy with a soft, wet sound.

Oh. That’s nice.  Ooh.”

Bending clear over, she pushes the sodden cloth off over her ankles and straightens, feeling gloriously naked.  She tosses the panties aside, and they flutter like a butterfly with damp wings to the linoleum.

“You want me to do what?  Naughty boys.  Well—”

Mandy reaches between her legs, parting her pussy lips with a trembling finger, she gasps and moans at the intense sensations that race down her spread legs.  Knees buckling, she grabs for the table.

“Oh, that’s wild.  I almost came, you naughty boys.”

Pushing herself up, she turns and bends, presenting her creamy little ass and tight pink pussy to her imaginary lovers, her tight puckered ass winks above her drenched virgin slit and hot cunt-cream trickles over the inside of her tanned thighs. She touches her pussy again, parting the slippery flesh and gasping as the slick contact sends shock waves radiating through her taut body.

“See what you’ve done to me. I’m cumming.”

Her legs collapse and Mandy grunts as she drops to her hands and knees, big soft tits bouncing and creamy ass cheeks jiggling.

Ooh. Unh. Ahh.”

Climax stalled, she staggers back to her feet

“Well, come on.  Let’s get comfortable.  That hurt.”

She walks to her bedroom on rubbery legs, rubbing her bruised knees and ignoring the anxious dogs in the living room as the pussy juice runs down her legs from her squishing slot. She closes the door, annoyingly, the latch doesn’t hold the first time, and she pushes a box against the door to hold it closed.

“Hey, I’ve shown you mine, but you haven’t shown me yours,” she teases her fantasy lovers. “Ooh, those’re nice.  Can I touch?  What.  Well, I suppose you can.”

She lifts her tits.

“Be gentle with them, nobody’s ever touched them before.  Ooh.”

Mandy massages her tits, lost in the images of guys playing with her full, round mounds. “Mmm.  Ooh.  Yes.  Do that more?”

Lost in the heat of her fantasy, she doesn’t hear the dogs whining outside the door.

“Ooh. I need.  I need—”

Mumbling incoherently, she gropes under the bed for her vibrators, they’re not where she keeps them and she whines in frustration before remembering pushing them further so her mom wouldn’t find them while cleaning.  Dropping to her stomach on the floor, she wiggles under the bed, the rough rug rubbing against her soft breasts and throbbing diamond-hard nipples makes her moan in delight.  With her head under the bed, the sound of her panting moans drown the sound of the box sliding as the door pushes open.  Finding what she’s looking for, Mandy moans in satisfaction and, flicking the vibrators on, applies the big one to her aching tits as she wiggles back.  When she can, she raises her ass and reaches beneath herself to touch the little one to her steaming pussy.  The intense feeling makes her gasp, and the hot wet tongue that slaps up her tight slit doesn’t register on her overheated senses, though it almost makes her cum.

Pushing herself a little further back, she’s shocked when something hot and furry grabs her around the waist, she pushes back to get out from under the bed, and something hot, slick and wet jabs hard at her soaking crotch. She gasps in shock.

“Oh no, one of the dogs wants to fuck me.”

Mandy slams back in panic, she can’t let a dog pop her cherry.  Her head comes out from under the bed just as the dog humps again and the collision drives her head into the bedframe, stunning her.  She’s lying motionless with her ass hiked up in the air and her head and shoulders laying on the floor next to the bed.  Her head’s turned to the side and she can see the black forepaws of the dog covering her.  In her dreamlike stunned state, she calmly thinks, Rex. Rex’s not as big as Buster, so it won’t hurt as much.  I can’t believe this. I’m about to be fucked by a dog.  She bucks frantically in a vain effort to escape her imminent deflowering, too late, though.  As she bucks back, Rex shoves forward, his alignment’s perfect and Mandy screeches in agony as his thick red prick bursts into her tight virgin slit so hard she can hear her cherry pop.

Driving into the tight little ex-virgin, Rex holds his prick in as deep as he can for a long moment, Mandy moans as her helpless body tries to adjust to this massive invader stretching her in ways she’s never imagined.  Seconds later, the big black Lab slowly pulls his hard cock out of the lovely woman’s slippery, clasping heat, she sighs in relief, then grunts as he slams back into her with all his might.  He starts fucking full speed, and her hanging white breasts bounce as he pounds her softly presented ass.  She whines as he rams her, now that the shock’s over and she’s stretched a little, the steel-hard dog-cock is starting to feel better as it races in and out of her stuffed little pussy.


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