Julie & Romeo

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Julie & Romeo
Julie & Romeo
Year: 2016
Julie is a lesbian who’s dog is the neighborhood pussy hound. She comes to experience this for herself and shares it with her wife. However, a local husband is not happy that Romeo the dog is fucking his wife and tragedy ensues.
Moe Lester
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The sleek German shepherd stretched his long sinewy body on the cool of the kitchen’s rubber-tiled flooring to watch the red-haired young wife move about her household duties with an air of feminine efficiency.  He chose a corner, his favorite vantage, and a spot he had come to consider since he arrived at this new place.  Though, at first, it had been strange to him, he has sadly longed to be with his former mistress.  However, the warm affection shown to him by the newly married young couple soon won his emotional attachment.

What’s even more exciting and new to him is the freedom he has here.  Before, he was only allowed outside leashed and with his mistress.  However, here he can come and go as he feels the urge, freely exploring the alleys and neighboring yards where other young women gave him bones and sometimes even took him inside their homes.

Of them all, though, it’s this pretty, red-haired woman who answered to the sound of Julie he prefers to be with.  She feeds him well and pets him often, making soft little cooing sounds that pleased him and set his great heart beating faster.  However, the lack of such attention this morning makes the powerful animal uneasy, and he watches her with unflinching, devoted eyes, instinctively knowing not all is right with her.

I know I’m being childish about it,’ Julie thought as she rinsed the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher.  ‘Rosaline isn’t fully to blame this time.’

After all, they’d awakened later than usual, and she should know after eight months of marriage what a stickler Rosaline is for punctuality.  With only an hour for her to shower, dress, apply makeup, eat breakfast, then drive to the city, Julie was unreasonably enticing Rosaline to make love to her.  However, after last night’s big letdown, Julie popped her eyes open this morning with the same sensual embers still smoldering inside her.

Of course, Rosaline had too much to drink at the dinner party the night before, or maybe not enough.  Julie isn’t sure which.  Still, for some unusual reason, Rosaline scissored her as if he were a rabbit, fast and over too soon.  Leaving her in the middle of her passionate climb to orgasm and dropping immediately to sleep, Julie lay beside her in excited arousal for over an hour before she fitfully dozed off.

So, she woke in no less an erotic state than the lusty tingling she felt when sleep had temporarily stalled her for the night.  However, to endure a repeat fiasco within eight hours is almost more than she can bear.  Only that she knows her wife will be late for work if she made an issue of it keeps her from crying frustrated tears.  Like a young athlete trying for some Olympic record, Rosaline thrust her fingers into the heated, velvety sanctuary between Julie’s legs, quickly seeing to her needs, then hopping from the bed.  At the same time, Julie lay panting, still not having orgasmed.

“Sorry, Jules, but I got to make time now,” she weakly apologized, wiping off her fingers with her soiled panties as she moved toward the bathroom.  Then, at the doorway, Rosaline turns and says, “Look, I’ll make it up to you tonight, Jules.  We’ll go out for dinner, just the two of us, and after, we’ll come home and fuck the way you like it.  Okay?”

“OK,” Julie feebly answers, somehow managing a smile for her wife before she darted to the shower.

Well, at least she understands the what’s and whys of my frustration,’ Julie thought as she lay there, fighting the tremendous urge to finish the task with her finger before Rosaline emerged from the shower.  When she married Rosaline, she’d hopefully put the need for self-gratification behind her.  To this point, she hasn’t violated that optimism, for once it begins, it’ll be too easy a practice to continue.

Julie is aware and unashamed of her carnally amorous nature.  So far, her slender, lovable, comely young wife has shown her appreciation of it to the best of her limited ability.  There she went again, privately deriding Rosaline with that word, ‘limited,’ and after vowing to herself only several days before, she’d not let her mind think this way anymore.  What did the book she had read on marriage and sexual love say?  ‘Allowing this vein of thinking toward one’s mate to dwell in mind will only breed further discontent.  The new inexperienced bride needs to adopt a positive and patient view.  Either partner might well detain the event of harmony in the sex act by mentally unloading blame of inadequacy on the other.’

Well, inexperienced I’ve been and still am,’ she supposed, ‘if one is to measure by the time I’ve been at it.’  Rosaline is her first true love.  The great night was going back to four months before their wedding, and what a blissful performance on Rosaline’s part in the back seat of her car.  Julie’s climax was so dynamic she fainted, nearly frightening Rosaline to death.  ‘Poor, darling.’

Julie smiles to herself as she remembers, momentarily pausing in her dish rinsing.  Yet such infusing recollections aren’t doing much to soothe the immediate ardor, still glowing hotly in her soft belly and simmering young groin.  So, she forcefully sealed the memory back inside her mental archive.  The main points of importance, they’re rapturously in love, they’re sound and healthy, and her wife’s position at the bank is secure and progressing beyond expectations.

What young bride of six months could ask for more than a beautiful new home, a devoted partner, and love?  So, their sex life is sometimes a ‘hit-or-miss’ proposition, and when she isn’t in one of these fired-up states, she feels confident and happy about life.

A soft whine from the big German shepherd behind her interrupts the ponytailed redhead’s stream of thought.  She turns, smiling at the handsome animal her Aunt Grace asked her to look after while the vivacious older writer fulfilled a magazine assignment in London.

Though she would’ve done it out of gratitude for this fiftyish, vibrant woman who’d raised her after her parents’ accidental death when she was twelve, she welcomed the magnificent dog’s company.  Too many nights, Rosaline is obligated to meet with clients, the unfortunate plight of a successful financier’s life, so the dog’s company Julie appreciated, and the protection this powerful animal gave her.


“What is it, Romeo darling?” she softly said to him in a tone she somehow has adopted specially for him.  “Hungry, baby?”  She lovingly strokes the mighty dog’s big, glossy-furred head.  “You know, I think I understand why Aunt Grace gave you that devilish little name.  It’s the wicked, lovable gleam you often get in those big brown eyes.  It sometimes borders on salacity.”

The pleasing sound of her soft, crooning voice with the gentle pressure of her small, stroking hand on his head filled Romeo with warmhearted relish.  Instinctively, he raised his head, licking at her smooth hand to show his growing attachment to her.  Whatever has troubled her is of relative unimportance as her hand moved to his neck, and she hugs him against her soft, outer thigh.

“I’m not sure, but what you might be some reincarnated ‘Lothario’ from another time,” the curvy, doting young wife teased, happy that they exercised a six-month dog impounding law in England before their allowed entry.  Otherwise, she’d never have known the tying bond that can grow between a human and their faithful canine friends.  She has always loved dogs yet never owned one herself.   It wasn’t until Uncle Ted’s passing and her marriage to Rosaline that Aunt Grace discovered this wonderful animal.  Now, he has become one of the family after only a week, and already she’s dreading the day Aunt Grace will come home to claim him.

“Suppose we look into the fridge to see what we can find for you, handsome?  I think there might even be a nice big ham bone there.”

The noble animal whined as if he knew what she was saying, and she embraced him against her leg and stroked his head once more.  He whimpers, and she lightly laughs.  She hoped she was doing right by letting him roam around the neighborhood.  Aunt Grace had been in such a rush to leave she gave her little advice about him.  Because the neighbors have all taken to him, she can’t see any harm in letting him get out.  He seems to know where home is, and that’s the main thing.

Although she enjoys taking him on his leash grocery shopping with her, there’s been several times he’s been off gallivanting when she can’t.  Invariably, when he accompanied her, some women in the neighborhood made it a policy to come and pet him.  Such as the day before, when three women approached him, hardly looking at her as they almost blushingly made over him.  He has become quite the focus in the neighborhood, and though proud, she has some misgivings over the attention.  She’d read that there’s such a thing as dog-knapping, and how can she ever explain that to Aunt Grace?

“I don’t want to be strict with you, darling,” his new young mistress said with a final, loving pat.  “But I just might have to stop some of your wanderlust.  Aunt Grace will never forgive me if anything happens to you, and I wouldn’t forgive myself either.”

Romeo is aware only how her melodious, gentle voice bestowed kindness and love.  Yet beyond that, he has sensed in his closeness against her a poignant smell familiar to him, a heady scent that immediately inspired trained responses inside his big, muscular body.  The human mating aura he’s been skillfully educated to recognize, and he did, but perhaps with more eagerness than usual, for his new mistress made his animal-heart beat rapidly when she pets him.

Her mind is still a conglomeration of mixed thoughts.  Julie opens the refrigerator, identifies the ham bone on its plate, and bends to retrieve it from the back of the tray.

She said aloud, more to herself than the dog, “Ham shouldn’t be kept this long, anyway, even under refrigeration.”

Though it gave her a jolt, if rough start, the astonished young wife didn’t move, she’s still bent over but frozen immobile at the feel of the unmistakable cool wetness of Romeo’s nose high on the soft inner side of her left thigh.  Why she didn’t jerk upright in shock, fear, or at least a smattering of self-decorum, she can only blame the prurient incitement smoldering inside her since the night before.  Instead, she continued to stoop there, knowing the big dog’s colossal head was under her short-shift, from behind, sniffing.  The hot-pressured lap of his unmistakable tongue came against the moistened cotton gussets of her sheer, snug-fitting panties hugging her seeping pussy lips.

Good God.  He senses my erotic heat.’

His searing, long, thick tongue feels like a firebrand caressing the protected swollen lips of her still hotly fired pussy.  Again, he did it as she hung there in her stooped-over position, drawing the length of his feverish tongue undeniably between her partially spread thighs, along the length of her flushed, wet pussy crevice.

Julie raised slowly, straightening, only because she couldn’t spend the day in that position.  She holds the bone in her hand and gazes at her animal paramour, staring at her with almost sparkling brown eyes, erect ears, an open mouth, and a wagging tail.

“You lovable devil, I was right.  Your name is Romeo because you’re a lover,” she tremulously whispered.

All the sensations she had managed to keep from overwhelming her the past ten hours crashed suddenly with passionate intensity over her voluptuous, young feminine curves.

“You’re a passionate male lover, a Don Juan, a Casanova, a Hugh Heffner in a dog’s body, but so help me, more handsome than any.  What’s Aunt Grace been teaching you, Romeo, oh Romeo?”

The massive German shepherd whimpers.  However, the aroused bride isn’t sure whether it’s for the bone she holds or the now-inflamed secret between her trembling thighs.  She shivers outright as she steps toward the laundry as if satanically driven.  Inside, she holds the bone high in a mind-spinning, teasing gesture, so he’ll see and follow, lascivious things she has never conceived permeating her brain.

“Come in here with me,” she whispers as if someone might overhear.  “Come on, baby, that’s my darling, and after, you can have the bone.  Come on, look what I have for you.”

It’s too late to stop now,’ the breathless, wildly infused Julie insanely reasoned with herself, realizing the depravity of the act and knowing she intends to do it anyway.  The eager animal whimpers before her as she stands there spread-legged.  Her short skirt luridly raised, the fingers of her same hand pulling seductively to one side the thin gussets of her dampened nylon panties, hotly exposing her lightly hair-fringed wet pussy before him.

Romeo, oh Romeo.  Do it, lick it, baby.  Lick my hot little pussy for me,” she lewdly whispers.

The obscene thought of what she’s doing inspired almost frantic jolts of raging excitement to charge through her.  Eagerly she watched the sight as the big dog moved closer, enough to jell her knees.  Then, unimaginable sensations of frenetic lust stab within her when she realizes the German shepherd will lick her between her thighs.  ‘Oh, this act is beyond obscenity,’ she thrillingly thought, pulling even further to one side the elastic leg band and the sheer strip of her wet panties to better expose her fire-filled pussy to him.  ‘He is, isn’t he?  God, he has to.’

Romeo does.

The beautiful darling’s long and thick animal tongue wetly snakes out, curling at its tip as it hotly splays open the fervid, sensitive lips of her pouting pussy.  The tongue licks the seeping, inflamed mouth of her cunt, separating the soft, red-hair fringed folds, drawing with a scorching heat up between them, bending and twisting at the delicate bud of her already quivering little clitoris., and he isn’t about to stop there.

Again and again, without the slightest urging on Julie’s part, the handsome brute repeats his fiery lingual caresses.  The dog’s raising gasps of lurid intoxication from the young redhead woman as she stands there with shapely naked legs spread wide.  Julie’s exposed groin thrust obscenely forward.  Her hand-holding the narrow wisp of her cotton panties aside for Romeo’s lustfully delicious licking of her erotically steaming pussy.

The bone she holds in her tiny hand had lost its interest for the big German shepherd when his beautiful redhead mistress raised her skirt and made her wet pussy lips available for him.  He knew from experience the racing blood pounding through his animal arteries filled him with ardent sexual desire.  The delicate scent of her aroused heat filled his keen sensitive nostrils as he ardently stroked his thick tongue through the moistened pink flesh between her sensuously spread thighs.  His strong animal heart beating faster as her exciting feminine sexual odor, the intense fever of her desire, contagiously charges his powerful groin.

Oh, oh god, yes, darling, like that.  Lick it good,” Julie hissed, still holding the bone high in one hand and her tiny panties lewdly pulled away from her burning, red-haired pussy with the other.  “Oh, lover, you are sweet, sweet beauty.  Lick.  Lick.  I’ll cum in a minute, darling.  Then you can have your bone.”

Suddenly, an unwelcomed sound penetrates, a knocking at the backdoor, persistent yet not demanding.  For a long moment, the lustfully captivated Julie didn’t move.  She cannot move in the throes of her forbidden enchantment.  Yet the knocking continues until the huge dog finally stops his obscene caress, growling reflexively in his husky throat.

Oh God, just a minute more, and I would’ve cum,’ she almost frantically screamed within her wildly excited brain.

She thrusts her seething wet cunt obscenely forward, trying to tempt the big animal back to finish his lewd tonguing.  Instead, he noses his way through the opening of the door she hasn’t closed to move toward the kitchen entrance.

Fuck.  Fuck.” Julie curses under her breath, quickly pulling her gussets back over her saliva-moistened pussy.

She shivers maddeningly from the emotional sensations electrifying her hotly inflamed young groin in their almost reached orgasmic moment.  ‘Who the devil can it be,’ she raged inwardly.

Then she heard the throaty voice, but she had been expecting to speak to Romeo through the screen door.


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