Games of the Rich & Dirty!

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Games of the Rich & Dirty!
Games of the Rich & Dirty!
Year: 2017
Alex embarrasses his uber rich boss with a Twitter scandal and doesn’t know that payback involves his pretty blonde wife Lily fucking a dog.
Moe Lester
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Here, boy, here, Marmaduke,” the gray-haired naked man calls.

As the dog bounds on stage, there’s a smattering of applause from the lawn.

As Lily lies back on the blue velvet covered bed, she arches her hips and opens her legs when the Great Dane is only a few feet away from her upturned ass.  The dog stops and tilts his head to the side, waiting for the next command.

“Good boy, Marmaduke,” the naked man in his fifties shouts excitedly, moving his hand to expose her cunt lips and rubbing his fingers gently across the sensitive pink membranes.

The dog understands and leaps forward, pushing his snout against Lily’s crotch to sniff at her flowing cunt juices.

OOOO, God,” Lily moans as she feels her nipples tighten on her tits.

LILY—STOP—NO—NO,” a familiar voice shouts, but she ignores it.

The Great Dane sniffs, then whimpers as if he were hesitating.  The gray-haired man strokes the dog’s head, coaxing him forward while Lily grinds her cunt lips in the canine’s face.  Marmaduke pushes forward again, licking her pussy hungrily.

OOH FUCK—LICK ME—AH, LICK ME,” Lily moans as she feels the Great Dane’s tongue slide between her swollen pussy lips and touches her jerking clit.

He laps up her oozing juices as if he were dying of thirst.  Lily feels the dog’s tongue slide inch by inch further into her pussy until she thought it’ll touch her uterus.  Her body bucks with excitement as she feels his hot wet tongue slide over and over the tiny, twitching organ. “Oh, Marmaduke, do it again,” Lily moans, sliding her hands to her tits and squeezing them to relieve the tension and pain that racks her taut nipples.

The Great Dane understands her and drives his tongue harder and faster into her slit, scraping the tip of her sensitive clit with its rough, wet surface and sending her into spasms of pleasure.

“Oh, good, boy,” Lily groans, wrapping her thighs tightly around the dog’s head.

She wants to cum this way, to feel her body explode in climax as the dog’s tongue continues to lap away at her swollen, aching clit.

Marmaduke, oh, good dog, lick it.  Oh, yes,” Lily whispers, feeling her body surging toward an orgasm.

The Great Dane whines noisily, and she knows what he wants.

“Not yet, boy, you’re not gonna fuck me yet,” she begs.  “Lick my pussy first, lick my clit until I cum.”

Within minutes, Lily feels a hard knot growing deeply in her belly. She knows her pussy is about to explode.  The Great Dane seems to sense it, and he licks more furiously, slipping his tongue into her twitching cunt, sliding it across her trembling ass cheeks occasionally until it almost pokes into her anus.  When it slides back into her cunt, Lily knows she’s cumming.

OOOO—FUCK—AAAGGGHHH—OH SHIT,” Lily screams, driving her fingers deep into the dog’s side as she feels her belly explode into bolts of pleasure racking her cunt and asshole.

Lily bucks and thrashes on the bed as she throws her spasming pussy on the dog’s face, her smooth white ass bouncing frenziedly against the bed while the Great Dane growls with satisfaction at his accomplishment.  The audience cheers and claps loudly.  Lily drops her legs and extends her arms toward Marmaduke.  She wants to cuddle his massive head in her arms.

“Good dog,” she whispers softly, fondling his head between her legs, feeling his pointed ears brush against her belly.

He pants and barks several times. Lily knows what he wants.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you, Marmaduke? You want to jam your cock up my pussy, right?”

The Great Dane seems to understand.  He jumps and leans heavily against Lily’s upturned legs, his hot cock bouncing against her sweaty thighs.

“No, Marmaduke, not that way. I want to be a good bitch,” she said, pushing him gently away as she rolls into a crouching position.  “Now, baby, now,” she murmured, wriggling her ass in the dog’s face again.

“Good, good,” the older man whispers, intently watching as she strokes his big dick.

The Great Dane takes a sniff of her cunt, then mounts her, wrapping his muscular forepaws around her heaving belly.  Marmaduke begins jabbing his stiff cock against Lily’s thigh, continually whining as she backs into the panting dog.  Lily bends her head, stares between her tits, and sees his cock.  Lily is amazed, and she gasps, startled by its size.  The dog’s dick is at least twelve inches long, as thick as her wrist, and streaked with large blue veins.  Lily excitedly watches as she sees the big cock jab in the air as he adjusts the position of his hind feet.

The Great Dane’s huge cock inches closer to Lily’s cunt, and though she’s just cum, she wants Marmaduke’s dick in her cunt just the same.  Then Lily feels the dog freeze behind her for a second, catch its breath, then lunge forward.  The tip of his jerking dick touches the edge of her cunt lips, and Lily braces herself for the penetration.  Her moans join with the dog’s growls and the audiences mewls as she feels his cock pass her smooth labia and slide easily up her cum-slicked pussy.

OOOOOO, YES—OH, FUCK ME,” Lily screams as the Great Dane’s cock slides into her cunt with an audible squishing sound.

“Good girl,” the gray-haired man whispers.  “Give my guests a good show my sweet little whore.”

The man’s words and noise of the dog’s cock fucking her fire her twitching clit.  She glances between her swinging tits again and sees his veined cock shaft each time he pulls it out of her clutching cunt.  The dog cock glistens with her cunt juice.  His leathery balls swing each time he thrusts his muscular thighs against her smooth ass cheeks.  Lily squeezes her cunt muscles together, trapping the Great Dane’s cock inside her for a few seconds.  She hears Marmaduke whine in protest, then tries harder to pull out his doggy dick.  Lily releases the pressure for a few seconds, then squeezes again, sucking and tugging at the animal’s raging hot cock with her pussy like the mouth of some hot bitch.

Now, Marmaduke—NOW,” Lily screams, feeling her pussy contract.

However, Marmaduke shows no sign of finishing as he keeps panting while his mammoth cock pistons into Lily’s hot, wet cunt.  Lily tries to hold herself back, but she feels her clit twitching uncontrollably, and she knows she is going to cum.  She wriggles her ass desperately beneath the dog’s belly, hoping he’ll take the hint she’s reaching her climax.  He does.  Marmaduke’s fucking increases speed.  Soon, he’s hammering at her cunt, jamming his cock into her pussy as the beast whimpers, whines and growls loudly.


Lily feels as if someone just rammed a bowling ball into her cunt.  Her body flushes red as she felt the massive thing moving inside her.  Without even realizing she starts pissing herself to rapturous applause from the audience.  However, the pain shooting through her body from her over stretched cunt makes her buck and convulse.  Her carnal urges not blunted at all by the sudden, brutal intrusion of the Great Dane’s knot into her cunt.

Lily still backs against him harder, squeezing her pussy muscles, then releasing them.  She presses the dog’s cock and knot against her trembling cunt walls, then lets it slide out, only squeezing more tightly when it thrusts back inside her with brutal force.  Lily feels Marmaduke’s cock vibrate furiously inside her cumming cunt.  His fucking becomes jerky, and he stops holding her tight with his legs, his huge cock, and knot buried in her belly.

Hot cum is spurting into her cunt, splattering against her contracting pussy as a series of violent spasms. Lily explodes in a tit-swelling climax, squealing and grunting with delight as she feels a hot sticky stream of dog cum leak from between her cunt lips and oozes down her leg to the bed.

Oooooo, good boy, good dog,” Lily whispers.

The gray-haired man grabs a microphone and shouts, “My guests, she’s knotted.”

Cheers and applause fill the night air, and the man strokes Lily’s blonde hair affectionately.  He then lifts her chin and pokes her mouth with the slimy, turgid head of his cock.  Obediently, she opens and takes him into her mouth and starts sucking, tasting his salty precum.


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