Nora Unleashed

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Nora Unleashed
Nora Unleashed
Year: 2017
In a boring, sexless marriage, Nora falls in lust for the neighborhood gigolo, a big dog called Rudy.
Moe Lester
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Dylan and Nora’s sex life is going to hell, although they have regular sex, to them, it seems things are always the same.  Oh sure, the positions change, yet little else.  Each fantasizes about other partners.  Neither of them considers their thoughts anything more than a fantasy though.

In counseling sessions to save their marriage, they cannot concur on whose idea it was initially.  They blame each other.  The trigger to the events that resulted in their failed union is as depraved as can be.  A natural sighting sparked kindling, which led to smoldering coals, which grows to a raging inferno.  A real domino effect as their marriage counselor makes many attempts to point out.

They were driving home from work one summer evening. Off the freeway onto the boulevard leading to their home, speaking little as this is their routine.  Dylan turns onto a street ending in a cul-de-sac.  Canals border the back of the houses on each side.  A typical moneymaker, waterfront allotments created from nothing, all done at the expense of the natural environment.

A dog trots into the street in front of them and Dylan brakes swiftly.  Following the dog is another, and a small pack follows the leader.

Omigod,” Nora shouts in a high-pitched voice.

Dylan, startled, gazes at his wife.  Nora has one hand over her mouth and the other pointing toward the direction of the dogs in the street.  Dylan stared and didn’t grasp or see what’s causing Nora’s dismay.

“What is it?” he asks with a frown.  “I stopped in time, so I didn’t hit either dog.”

Nora nods, and with a thick voice, whispers, “Look at his cock.  The blond mixed breed dog’s cock, it’s huge.  The animal has the face and ears of a Boxer dog, yet his fur, body shape and the color are more like a Golden Labrador.  “Surely, he can’t put that inside the little bitch’s pussy?”  Dylan laughs lewdly.  Nora turns to glare at him.  “It’d border on cruelty to animals for the huge dog to fuck the smaller one,” she said with a sneer while shaking her head.

“Honey, I love you, but you don’t know a thing about animals.”

“What do you mean?”

“Watch,” he said pointing at the dogs.  “Notice the bitch’s tale is lifted and slightly moves aside, the bitch dogs’ more than ready for him.”

As though on cue, the dog, his massive red cock throbbing and spewing precum goes to the bitch and licks her swollen pussy lips.  Nora gasps at the overt carnality occurring in the street in broad daylight.  Without thought, she spread her legs as if the dog is going to lick her.  Nora’s mouth gapes open slightly, and her breathing becomes ragged.  Her tummy flutters as she sees the long drooling tongue of the dog lick at the bitch’s pussy.  Nora’s nipples become long and as hard as rocks, she can’t believe what she’s witnessing.  The tip of the dog’s red cock seems to be dragging along the concrete of the street; it’s so big.

The dog ceases licking and swiftly mounts the bitch.  Rudy’s tapered red cock prods at the bitch’s backside.  A stroke or three, and the cock finds the molten solace it seeks.  Three, then five then seven, the nine inches of cock slide into the bitch in several rapid strokes.  The power and savagery of the act push Nora to the brink of orgasm.  Dylan didn’t notice as Nora pinches her nipples hard.

Dylan slowly steers the car around the dogs.  He smirks at the sight not realizing the effect the scene is having on Nora.  “Well, there goes our PG-rated neighborhood.  We had better get our house on the market before word gets out,” he jokes and laughs.

Dylan glances at Nora and realizes she’s aroused, so he snakes his hand to her lap and pulls her skirt up.  Dylan can smell the heat and aroma of his wife’s secreting pussy.  Reaching to her crotch, he feels her swollen pussy lips.  Nora gasps as Dylan pinches her clit.

“Seeing those dogs go has got your motor running, eh baby?” he asks her.

“Uh-huh,” is the limit of her response.

Laughing Dylan pinches her clit again and removes his hand.  Soon, the couple arrives in their garage.  They exit the car and Nora secretly wish Dylan would ravage her here in the garage.  Push her over the hood of the car and fuck her until she screams with reckless abandonment.  Dylan knows Nora’s aroused, yet his built-in sense of routine overcomes his lustful desire to take his wife’s pussy immediately.  In the end, this proves to be a mistake.

Nora’s panties are sodden with her fluids.  As Dylan misses his moment for a super fuck, Nora half trots to the bathroom.  She closes the door, locks it, and hoists her skirt over her waist pushing her panties to her ankles.  The aroused woman pinches and twists her clit, viciously shoving three fingers into her pussy.  Nora’s hot wet pussy swallows her fingers as if they’re little stirring straws.  She finger fucks herself with one hand while alternating between pinching her nipples and her clit with the other.  A massive orgasm washes over Nora within minutes.

Her toes curl in her shoes, and she arches her back.  The cumming woman’s legs spread before her.  The single thought in her head is the huge red doggy cock fucking her as hard, fast, and as primitively the way it fucked the bitch.  Nora’s hot pussy clamps onto her fingers, and her brain thinks of her pussy cumming on the dog’s cock after he knots her.  These depraved thoughts only heighten the intensity of her orgasms.

Dylan, oblivious to his pretty wife’s sexual needs, occupied himself with a beer and preparing to grill a couple of pork chops.  Eventually, Nora enters the kitchen her face still flushed from her masturbation session.  Dylan’s out on the deck tinkering with the grill.  Nora hasn’t washed her hands yet, and the smell of pussy juice on her fingers thrill her all the more.   Nora prepares a salad.  They have some summer squash, and she quarters it lengthways and coats the spears with oil and balsamic vinegar, lightly covering them with salt and cracked pepper.  Nora brought the squash spears to Dylan to grill with the chops.

“I can’t stop thinking about that dog,” Nora said as she places the squash on the grill sidebar.

“Yeah,” Dylan said then belches.  “That big cock nailed the small bitch.”  He chuckles lewdly.  “Reminded me of how I take your pussy. Right, babe?”

Turning toward the house, Nora murmurs, “You wish.”

“What do you say, babe?’

Nora shouts over her shoulder, “I said, I feel like fish.  I’m over chops.”

Dylan nods and resumes his interest in grilling the food.  Small mind, small cock, idiot, Nora thought with a sigh.


A few days later, on Saturday, Dylan is off playing golf as usual, and Nora sleeps in on those days.  When she rises about ten am, she performs her morning ablutions.  Sauntering to the kitchen, Nora pours herself a cup of coffee; it’s a gorgeous day outside, so she goes out to sit at an outdoor table beneath an umbrella.  She gives no thought to her appearance and wears her mid-thigh length shoulder strap nightie and nothing more.

As she sits at the table with her coffee contemplating her day and activities, a tan object catches the corner of her eye.  She turns her head to the right and sees a huge dog digging in her yard.

Nora rises and calls, “STOP, you’re digging my yard.”


The dog turns to stare at the source of the noise.  Without fear or regard for the voice or the human, the dog resumes digging.  Nora goes to the animal.  The dog has a collar around its neck.  Nora squats to read the tag.  The dog tag indicates the dog’s name is Rudy with a phone number etched on it.

In her squat, Nora’s knees slightly open.  The dog turns to her and due to the proximity of Nora to the animal; his big head nudges her, toppling Nora backward onto her ass.  Her legs go up, and her nightie slides to her waist.  Before she can even think to recover, the dog’s long hot slobbering red tongue shoots out and licks Nora from her tailbone through her ass crack, pussy slit, and over her clit.  The dog makes two full licks and a partial third before Nora can squeal and close her legs.

Nonetheless, in her pussy, ass, tummy, and tits, Nora feels a surge of pleasure that makes her legs go weak and her breathing ragged.  Her legs straighten and spring open as if on a hidden spring.  Rudy lowers his head and lavishes three more long licks over and through Nora’s ass crack and pussy slit.  As Rudy licks Nora, his red cock begins emerging slightly from his furry sheath.  From her position on her back, Nora can see Rudy’s cock as it peeks forth with its pointy-head.  Nora’s mouth waters and she shakes her head as if it would toss the thoughts forming in her brain out of her. However, Nora can no more rid herself of her thoughts than she can rid herself of her head.

Pushing the large canine away with her knees and legs, Nora gets to a sitting position.  She clutches Rudy’s collar in one hand urging the dog to walk.  Using the huge animal, Nora allows the strength of Rudy to pull her to her feet.  Bent from the waist, she leads the well-behaved dog to her porch, and into her home.

She remembered the dog with the bitch on the street last night.  Her nipples swell as does her pussy lips and her clit.  Her pussy wetness leaks as if an underground spring.  Huge drops of pussy cream dribble to her asshole and onto the floor.  Rudy tilts his huge head, and his round eyes closed to slits. He can smell pussy, and he knows this bitch is going to give him some.  Holding to the collar, Nora leads Rudy to the spare bedroom.  She perches herself on the edge of a chair spreading her long, lithe legs.  Her nightie gathers at her waist as she glances at the huge dog.  Rudy needs no instruction or encouragement.  He goes between Nora’s legs forcing them wider.  Nora leans back in the chair and squeals again as the first swipe of its long, hot, wet, doggy tongue spreads her pussy lips quickly.

Rudy is driving Nora wild with his licking.  Sweet juice from her pussy pours out, as Rudy’s tongue greedily catches every drop.  Nora has surrendered to Rudy’s tongue-lashing.  Rudy’s tongue is so long and fast that to Nora it seems to be unrelenting.  She wiggles her hips and pumps her pelvis to get Rudy’s tongue to different places.

Suddenly, Rudy drives his long slick tongue inside Nora’s soaking wet and wide-open cunt.  Rudy twists the tip of his tongue around and pulls it out.  Nora screams with sheer delight.  She has never felt anything like it, and before she has a chance to calm, Rudy shoves his tongue inside her cunt and does it again.

Rudy is busy licking Nora’s pussy, and the huge dog is driving her crazy.  Nora squirms on the chair thrusting her ass and cunt.  She rocks her hips and shakes her head from side to side, as Rudy brings her from orgasm to orgasm.  With total hedonism, Nora screams as Rudy drives his long tongue through her dripping slit.

Oh, yes, lick my pussy until I faint,” she moans.  “Come on Rudy, make me your bitch.  Make me your hot pussy bitch.  I wanna be your bitch.”

Rudy keeps licking Nora’s cunt, and she keeps cumming on Rudy’s tongue.  Like all males, though, Rudy’s cock controls his actions.  The more Nora’s pussy cums, squirts pussy cream, and juices, the more Rudy’s cock emerges.  The dog has a huge hard on, and he wants a cunt to stick it in.  Rudy’s cock is spurting precum over the chair and the floor.  Nora is overwhelmed with desire.

From her seated laid-back position in the chair, Nora tilts her head and can see Rudy’s massive cock.  The cock throbs and jerks as Rudy shoot spurts of precum from his cock.  Nora is torn, mentally and physically between sucking Rudy’s cock and flopping onto her hands and knees on the floor to take the throbbing meat in her cunt.  Wavering between suck and fuck, her pussy showering juices on the floor, fuck eventually wins over suck.  Nora drops her legs to the floor and pushes herself to stand.  Rudy glances at her and slightly growls.  Nora has to smile at the dog.

“Oh, you’re gonna get some pussy, big boy.  Don’t get all crazy on me now,” she said with a grin. ” You’re gonna get the best pussy in the neighborhood, and I want you to fuck me the same hard, brutal, way you fucked the bitch last night on the road.”

Nora drops to her knees. She turns and braces her stomach against the seat of the chair. She backs from the chair so she can bend from the waist and rest her head there.  When Nora leans, Rudy, sensing he’s going to get some pussy, tries to mount her.  Nora giggles nervously.

“Oh, wow, you want this pussy, don’t ya boy?” she asks gazing back at him.  “Well, believe me.  I want your big doggy cock as much as you want this hot, wet pussy.”

Nora turns to crouch beside Rudy.  She slips her hand beneath his ribs and rubs his chest.  Rudy spread his legs to provide better access to his cock.  Nora easily grabs Rudy’s big cock and gives it a slow jerk, though, she doubts he needs it.

“Yes, Rudy, you like it when I play with your big cock, don’t you?” she asks in a baby voice.  “What a lovely cock you have, big boy.  I know it’ll feel good when you fuck me with it. Are you all set now, lover?”

Nora knows it time for her to be Rudy’s bitch.  Turning again, she places her hands, forearms, and breasts on the floor with her head in her hands.  With her ass and pussy raised high, Nora presents herself to Rudy for him to fuck.

Nora turns her head and notices she can watch their reflection in the full-length mirror.  Rudy hops and mounts his new bitch.  His jerking hips jab his huge cock toward Nora’s dripping cunt.  The pointy-head of his cock glances off of her ass cheeks and slices through her slit and over her clit.  The heat of his cock on her clit nearly makes Nora cum and her body shudders.

Rudy hops down and Nora groans. He takes a sniff, and long lick at her scorching hot pussy then mounts his human bitch again.  This time, as if a heat seeking missile, his big cock with the pointed-head sinks about three inches in Nora’s cuntal passage.  She screams at the heat and the girth of his cock.  Rudy wraps his big paws around her waist pulling Nora to him.  He begins jabbing his cock in her pussy, sinking it another two inches or so with each thrust.  In a few strokes, the bulge of his knot is slamming against Nora’s clit.  As he flexes and pumps his powerful hips, Rudy’s cock grows alarmingly larger.

Looking in the mirror, a profile view, Nora sees the big cock retreat yet an inch or so, then plow back into her cunt.  The sight of and the thrill of her and Rudy’s image in the mirror, seeing Rudy fuck her pussy drives her to multiple orgasms.  Rudy slows and makes short hard, powerful thrusts.  Nora senses he’s trying to bury his large knot in her.  She flinches, and as she does, the knot opens her hot, wet, pussy lips and pushes inside her cunt.


The massive invasion of doggy cock into her pussy is like nothing she’s felt in her life.  Rudy pauses.  Nora hears him panting and whining.  He thrusts short and hard, pushing his knot deeper into her body.  The initial pain has eased to an ache.  Rudy’s big cock scratches her pussy itch in places Dylan never could.  His doggy cock and knot pushes and pulls over her G-Spot.  She can feel the earthquake shaking orgasm building in her tummy,  the pressure in her cunt as though she wants to pee.  Nora knows she’s going to have a massive squirting orgasm all over Rudy’s big red cock.

Oh yes—YES—GOD—Fuck me hard—Take my pussy—It’s your pussy, Rudy—Take my pussy and make me your bitch.”

Nora gulps as the big dog fucks her.  His knotted cock in her pussy makes her squeal as Rudy takes her as no man ever has.  As Rudy thrusts into her pussy, fitting his torso over Nora’s beautiful curved ass, she allows her mind to drift.  She has no concept of time.  Her sole concept centers around the hard-driving cock in her cunt and the mighty beast mounted on her back.  His rampant cock plowing her soaking wet cunt as she kneels sobbing and moaning as her body shakes in a constant state of orgasmic fury.

Suddenly, her glazed blue eyes open wide and unseeing.  A choked scream starts from deep in her throat, and her head twists from side to side wildly.  Her long hair whips across her back.  In the beginning throes of the biggest orgasm she’s known, she screws her ass cheeks greedily back against Rudy and his cock.  The giant dog’s tongue hangs from his mouth as he fucks even harder into her from behind.  Rudy’s hot saliva drips from his mouth onto Nora’s sweat streaked, flushed back.

Ahhhh, Rudy, I’m cumming—Keep fucking—I’m cumming,” Nora moans and thrusts back frantically just as Rudy jerks forward.

His thick animal cock pierces her cervix and into her womb.  His big cock begins jetting its sperm in hard hot sprays deep into her wildly clasping cunt.  Nora starts contracting uncontrollably as her orgasmic upheaval tears through her quivering belly.  A stream of thin white liquid suddenly gushes from her convulsing pussy lips to soak the dog’s balls, then runs down her thighs.  Her back view is a glistening display of fuck juices soaked onto bare plump pussy lips as she pitches forward on her face.  Nora is exhausted.  The long, scarlet dog, cock locked and buried in her pussy.  Rudy has indeed made Nora his bitch.

Rudy stays over the prostrate form of his raggedly breathing bitch.  His cock continues to shoot hot cum deep into Nora.  Repeatedly, her young pussy clenches and convulses, causing further orgasms to ripple through her.  After what seems hours, yet is only forty minutes, Rudy edges back.  His cock pulls free of Nora making a plopping sound as a waterfall of mostly semen drains to the floor from her gaping cunt.The dog’s long tongue shoots out and licks hungrily at the white liquid oozing from Nora’s still quivering pussy.  He licks until there’s no more, then cleans the floor.  The woman stirs beneath his tongue probing; then she rolls slowly as the dog moves forward to lick her beautiful face.

“Oh, Rudy,” she said and sighs.  Nora throws her arms around his large neck.  “That was wonderful, the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

The faithful animal lays his head on her still passion-hardened breasts as she lovingly strokes his furry body.  Nora feels fulfilled, complete, a real woman.  She feels a warm aura of love and trust glowing around her and knows life will never be the same again.


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