The Mating Game

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The Mating Game
The Mating Game
Year: 2017
Emily finds sex with men boring and too much hard work. That’s why she does it with dogs. Dogs are so much better and there are so many types to choose from. Emily also develops a liking for lesbian sex with a few of her horny, sexy neighbors. The only problem is she needs to find one canine lover she can settle down with and there are so many breeds to try. How will she solve this problem?
Moe Lester
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Emily Martin doesn’t fuck dogs because she can’t get a man.  She can have just about any man she wants for she’s a gorgeous woman.  She’s twenty-four years old with dark hair she wears short and curly, flashing brown eyes and full, sensual mouth.  Her body is slender and willowy, with long, shapely legs and a nice ass.  Her tits are not large, yet they’re pert and thrusting.  Her hips are not wide, yet they’re shapely.  The woman’s waist is narrow, her belly flat and her pussy mound has a trimmed patch of dark pubic hair, while her bikini line is smooth.  Emily’s vagina is pretty too; she has plump labia with a sexy dangling of curly flesh between culminating at her clitoral hood.

When she’s horny, as she often is, her cunt juice flows from her like a sluggish river.  However, Emily doesn’t much like men, she prefers fucking dogs, and although she’s fond of eating the odd cunt sometimes, she’s not a lesbian just bisexual.  When she’s in the mood for a hard fucking, she only wants it done by a dog.

The woman had developed a liking for canine cock a few years ago before she had ever had sex with a man.  She had been playing with her pet Bixby Bixby one day, and Bixby had gotten a hard-on.  The sight intrigued and fascinated the woman.  She knew what a hard-on is, yet she had never seen one before.  She gazes at his cock for a while, then on impulse, folds her fist around it.  The stroking motion just seems to come naturally to her, and she finds herself jacking the affectionate dog off.  When he shoots his load, it thrills her enormously.

Something is exciting about seeing hot semen spurt out of a cock and knowing it’s her hand that caused it.  The dog is so grateful it makes the woman feel charitable.  A woman has a particular obligation to her pet, after all.  After the first time, she falls into the habit of jacking her dog off two or three times a week.

It never occurs to her to go any further than giving him a hand-job.  She hadn’t even been sure if it’s possible for a dog to fuck a woman and Emily had no burning desire to try. In her mind, she was only satisfying her pet dog and getting a bit of a naughty thrill out of it too.

However, from the time she lost her virginity to guy in the back seat of his car to now, Emily finds doesn’t enjoy sex with men much.  The poor woman just never orgasms with a guy, and it’s something that’s always puzzled her.  She’s tried fucking a few guys now, yet it never turns out to be as good as she hopes.  Some men have made her feel horny, yet none have made her orgasm.

One day one such sexual partner persuaded her to suck him off.  Emily was curious and decides to try it, she enjoys it, especially when he fills her mouth with a delicious load of semen.  Still, there seems to be something lacking in her sex life, and she can’t explain it.  The men never seem as horny as her dog.  They never whimper and whine as much, and they orgasm too soon for her.  There’s always some emotional entanglement that seems to take something away from the physical pleasure.  Emily doesn’t want flattery, and she doesn’t think a man loving her is all that matters.

She only wants a good, thorough fucking.  Going to bed with men is too complex for her, and she yearns for a purely physical affair.  Emily has sex toys as most modern women do, yet these can only satisfy her so much.  She craves a big, hard cock pounding her until her brains are mush and her orgasms are endless.

One day it occurs to her, she’s been sadly neglecting her faithful Bixby and hasn’t jacked him off for weeks.  She summons the sturdy little dog to her room.  He comes in wagging his stubby tail and giving her a hopeful look.  How different this is from getting with a man, she thought. A man is all sweet talk and bullshit, while a dog just wants to get his rocks off the same as me.  She sits on the bed and pats the mattress, and the Bixby leaps up, his cock already beginning to stiffen.  Although he’s a small dog, his cock is larger in proportion to any man she has fucked.  Emily folds her fist around his cock and begins stroking him slowly and steadily, while she fingers his cockhead with her other hand.  She leans close to Bixby, staring at the pointy cock head, eager to see his cum shoot.

Suddenly she recalls how nice it has been when one of her boyfriends ejaculated in her mouth.  Naturally, she wonders if it’ll be fun if her dog feeds her a load of doggy cum.  Oh, no, she thought. I mustn’t even think such a naughty thing.  It’s too, too wicked.  Nevertheless, her mouth is watering.  Jerking a dog off is just harmless fun, yet giving a dog a blowjob is too depraved, she thought.  She’s drooling because Bixby’s cock does look delicious.

The cock tip is already starting to bubble with precum, all slimy, frothy, and yummy.  A dark thrill sweeps through the woman’s loins.  Her tongue feels as hot as her clit.  Maybe if I just give his cockhead a lick, she wonders, just a single lick, to satisfy my curiosityThat’s not too naughty.  It won’t be as if I have given him a blow-job or swallows his cumNo one will ever know. She giggles at her depraved thoughts.  The dog sure as hell isn’t going to tell anyone, she thought.

Unable to resist the impulse any longer, Emily licks the moist tip of the Bixby’s cock.  It’s delicious; she felt amazed.   She licks his cock again.  Precum bubbles onto her tongue, causing her taste buds to tingle, driving her wild with lust.  The texture is slimy, and the taste is salty with a metallic aftertaste.

She begins to lick Bixby’s cockhead with long, slurping strokes, curling her hot tongue over the meaty nugget while her hand continues to pump his cock.  She feels depraved, and even alone with the animal, she’s blushing furiously, ashamed of what she’s doing.  She can’t seem to stop.  She just keeps tonguing away.  Occasionally, she draws back, telling herself it’s time to stop, yet then she ducks back and licks his cock some more.

His precum is flowing freely by this time, and Emily is swallowing plenty of the delicious juice, and these first tastes are increasing her appetite for more.  Maybe I oughtta blow Bixby, after all, she decides.  Since I’ve already licked the head, it can’t be any worse to take his whole cock in my mouth.  The prospect causes her to shiver and tremble.  The Bixby is whining, whimpering, and humping his ass, evidently thrilled at getting his first oral sex.  His horniness makes her desire his cock more.

Emily fits her lips to the tip of his cock.  Then she lets her lips part as she slowly feeds Bixby’s cock into her hungry mouth.  She sucks on his pointy head, her cheeks hollowing and her lips pulling on the hot cock.

Omigod, What am I doing, she wonders?  I’m sucking a dog’s cock.  She feels dirty, deliciously dirty.  The fact he thought it wrong to blow a dog only makes it more thrilling.  It makes the woman yearn for his semen.  His cock is hotter than the man’s she had sucked, and harder too, and Bixby is starting to yelp with joy.

Emily’s eyes narrow.  Her face becomes a mask of pure lust, and her head begins to bob on Bixby’s cock while her hand pumps him faster, frigging his cock into her mouth.  Her fist pushes to the root of his cock, causing his cock to bulge in her compressed lips.  Then she draws her fist up, bumping against her mouth.  Longing for his cum, she strokes faster, and faster, and sucks with gusto.  The knot is swelling in her hand.  The Bixby is becoming frantic.

Suddenly, her mouth fills with dog semen.

Great creamy ribbons of the stuff loop over her tongue, skim inside her cheeks and pours into her gullet.  Half crazed by her dark desires, Emily swallows as much as she can and sucks for more.  The dog’s balls hold a lot more semen than men do.  He spurts squirt after squirt of cum into her greedy mouth, and she drinks it as fast as she can.  However, there’s more than even the cum-hungry woman can manage.  Dog semen overflows her pursed lips and runs down her chin.  Her fist flies, milking Bixby’s cock and balls.  Her lips pull, and her tongue flutters beneath his cockhead, and her throat works as she gulps his cum-load.

Eventually, Bixby’s balls empty, and he lies panting and spent.  Emily continues to jerk off and suck the animal’s cock until she’s certain she has pumped every succulent drop of his cum from him.  She pulls her lips away and uses her tongue to gather the errant drops of semen escaping her lips.  Then she sits back, looking at Bixby, frowning slightly.

“I only did this cos I was curious,” she said to Bixby softly.  “So don’t go expecting this again.”

An hour later, she sucks the Bixby off again.


Emily falls into a set routine for a while.  She continues to date men, getting fucked more often than not, yet never blowing them and never managing an orgasm with them.  Then, after they take her home, she usually sucks Bixby off while she finger-fucks herself to a climax.  It’s not a particularly satisfying arrangement for her, although it suits the men and the Bixby admirably.  However, Emily is longing to get fucked to a climax.

She despairs of never meeting a man who can make her orgasm, and gradually she speculates about fucking Bixby.   She thought about it for a long time, weighing the pros and cons, torn between the unholy urge and her inhibitions about the ultimate degradation of bestiality.  However, she knows she’ll love fucking a dog.  The idea of having a dog’s cock fucking her cunt is enough to make her pussy burn and ooze.  The thought of how Bixby will whimper and tremble as he fucks his cock into her cunt drives her to wild heights of desire, and she reinforces this by masturbating to the fantasy frequently.

One night after a particularly bad fuck from a man who came in less than a minute.

He had taken her to a motel, and when he undressed and saw his cock, Emily has high hopes.  He had by far the largest cock she had ever encountered, and his balls were big too apparently full of semen.  She spread her legs, trembling with hope as well as passion.  He mounts her and fucks his cock into her cunt.  His cock fills her cunt, at long last she has found a man who might make her cum.

He thrusts his big cock inside her.  Then he stiffens and grips her by the ass and thrusts again, growling as he does, and shoots his wad.

Oh, fuck, no, the poor woman thought

Sure enough, he had cum on the second thrust, and when he pulls his soaking cock out of her unsatisfied cunt, it’s already gone soft.   Smug and satisfied, the jerk takes her home to where her faithful dog is waiting.

The night is here when Emily will get her first dog fuck.  The terrier is not tall enough to mount her doggy style.  Emily sits on the edge of her bed and holds Bixby between her legs, his front paws straddling her hips.  She fits the head of his cock into her yearning, unfulfilled pussy.  Bixby begins fucking her cunt with vigor.

The instant she feels those vigorous thrusts slamming into her cunt, Emily moans with the joy, it’s much better than fucking a man.  She thrashes on the edge of the bed, arching her back and pumping her pelvis.  Her ass churns, and her hips roll from side to side.  The terrier fucks rapidly.  His sturdy body is like a buzz saw between her thighs.  Emily feels the thrill run her trembling legs and cascade across her heaving belly.

I’m gonna cum, she thought, amazed and aroused.  At last, I’m gonna cum while I have a cunt full of cock.  Her clit tingles.  Bixby whimpers and slams the crazed woman, so his peach-sized knot buries inside her.

Oooo—FUCK—Bixby,” she moans as she feels the knot stretch her and push against her g-spot.

The terrier fucks her some more, ramming his knot into her cunt in such a way she sees stars as she cums all over the ball of dog cock.

Aaaaaaaahhhrrrrr—ooooh,” she moans as the thick cock stretches her pussy. “Ah, what the fuck!

The squeezing of her cumming cunt seems to drive the terrier on, and he keeps going driving Emily into greater ecstasy.  Her hot pussy squirms, twists, and humps back on the plunging cock. Gasps and moans escape her throat, and her eyes roll as the terrier’s cock pounds her cervix.  Tears of joy come to her eyes.

Ung—ung—ung—Oooooo—Ahhhhhrrrr, fuck me, fuck me, screw me!

She goes out of her head with orgasmic pleasure.  Her pussy creams wetly on the beast’s cock, and she shivers all over.  She clutches the sheets and grits her teeth as the terrier’s cock drills her pussy and fucks her with animalistic savagery.  A person might be concerned about the effects of her dog-induced orgasm on her mind.  The terrier fucks her pussy violently and rapidly.  Her clit stiffens with excitement during her orgasm, and his knot reams her cunt.

She even has the sensation of needing to pee, for some reason.  Emily can see a whitish fluid dripping from her.  CUM, she screams in her mind.

The terrier is cumming inside her, filling her with his seed and trying to breed her.  The steady drip of dog cum oozing from around its knot and out of her pussy mesmerizes Emily.  As Bixby fucks his animalist conceit into her body, the woman orgasms again, not as powerful like before, yet enough to make her close her eyes tight and clench her hands into fists in response.  The sudden convulsion of her pussy tightening around Bixby’s cock and knot sparks it to life again, and it begins to fuck her, this pushes her orgasm into another realm of earth-shattering proportions.


Now her body shakes as waves of pleasure bend her like a blade of grass in a high wind.  Her guttural moans echo around the room, and as it subsides, Bixby settles again and continues the deed of pumping endless streams of dog cum into her.  They remain connected by his purple-red, veiny knot.  She doesn’t have to wait long before the terrier pulls his still hard and spurting cock from her.  His cock and knot not so huge compared to bigger breeds of dogs, something she’ll learn later.

Now Emily’s discovers bestiality; she stops going out with men altogether.  Her boyfriends are puzzled and wonder why she’s suddenly turned from wanton slut to frigid bitch.  However, Emily hasn’t turned frosty at all.  Emily’s still sexually active; she’s just doing it with Bixby instead.  Then something awful happens, Bixby’s run over by a car when he gets out of the yard, he’s killed instantly.  Emily is heartbroken, and for a while, her bestial desires curtailed for the time being.

As her grief wanes, she starts wondering what a bigger dog might be like to fuck.  A larger dog with a massive dick.  Bixby was a good fuck, but his dick was only the size of a man’s, it was his knot and his stamina that made him a better fuck than any man.  One night after pleasuring herself with a vibrating dildo, imagining it’s a big dog cock, she decides to fuck the largest animals she can find.

Therefore, the next day Emily fucks the neighbor’s German shepherd.


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