The Perverted Housewife

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The Perverted Housewife
The Perverted Housewife
Year: 2017
Lucy has a deep, dark fantasy, a perverted dream—to watch another woman get raped by a dog.
Moe Lester
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Lucy is in her favorite position or one of them anyway, on her back.  It isn’t so much the angle of her body as the way she can see out through the open doors, out over the patio.  With her head propped up she can see their stretch of private beach and the big blue inflatable whale Josh bought her last weekend.  Josh is walking out of the surf toward the whale, and it looks as if he’s going to kick it.  Lucy makes a bet with herself he won’t.  Her husband’s a good hundred yards away, the sun doing nice things to his blond, shoulder-length hair.  She watches him advance on the inflatable beach toy, and he kicks it high in the air.

“Shit,” Lucy murmurs as she lets out a lungful of smoke.

She put the small, brass hash pipe to her lips and inhales again.  Getting stoned on her back is her definition of a lazy day.  She wants to take off her panties but is too comfortable to move a muscle.  The skimpy, almost transparent things are all she’s wearing.  Lucy lets out her second lungful of smoke and puts the pipe on the floor beside the chaise longue.  Josh is almost to the patio.  The stoned woman squints through the haze of blue smoke and sun at the tightness of his trunks.  He has such a beautiful cock, she thought.  However, sometimes she wonders what it’d be like if he weren’t circumcised.  Lucy waves at him.


“You’re getting high already?” he asks as he untangles his sunglasses from his hair and folds them carefully on the table.  “You haven’t even fed the goldfish yet.”

“Fuck the goldfish.  I’m bored.”

Josh laughs.  He gets a beer from the refrigerator and takes two big swallows.  Then the man smiles again.  He has a sweet smile.  It rather lopes along, filling the spaces until somebody thought of something to say.  Lucy wonders if she wants to play.  Eventually, she decides she doesn’t.


“Yeah, I heard ya.  You’re bored.”

He laughs again, drinks more of the beer.  Lucy can see how his nose is peeling.  It looks good peeling.  Josh had been born to tan.

“Aren’t you bored too—just a little?

Lucy lets a hand fall between her thighs; she can feel the heat radiating from under the narrow band of nylon.  The woman pressed three fingers against the band and left them there until they become slightly damp.  Then she pushes them under her nose, and the subtle musk makes her nostrils flare.  Her pink nipples fill with blood, and she watches one detachedly as it grows from the dark areola, poking up like a small finger.

“Well, aren’t you?” Lucy asks again.



Josh shrugs.  “Oh, I don’t know.  We could call Kate and have a threesome.”

Lucy shakes her head.  “The last time we did that you ended up in the BMW with her—remember?”  She touches her silken covered cunt again.  “There wasn’t room for me.”

Josh laughs.  “She said she gets off getting eaten in her car.”

“She likes you.”  Lucy pushes a finger under one edge of the crotch band.  “We start as a threesome, but she always manages to get you off alone somewhere.”

She moves her finger until the outer cunt lips part; they’re slick and wet.  The finger slips in easily, and Lucy works it deeper until she traces the bottom of her V to the place her clitoral hood blooms from the delicate flesh like an exotic jungle flower.  Lucy likes to get a mirror and look at herself when Josh is gone.  The way her skin is white, her labia and thighs and belly. However, inside the mysterious cut in the lower part of her body everything is wet and intensely colored—fleshy purples and reds with buttery folds of mauve—it’s pretty.  The wispy black hair framing her pussy is a perfect touch.  Now she can only feel the fresh, hot slick her cunt is dribbling.  Lucy rubs teasingly against the hood, and her clit becomes electric, and she can feel the pearl of pleasure swelling from its hiding place.

“Let me watch, OK?” Josh asks hotly.

Josh comes over and sits down cross-legged beside the chaise.


She pulls her hand from beneath the clinging silk.  Josh suddenly grabs her wrist and shoves the fingers under his nose.

Come on,” he whispers, his face flushing.

Lucy jerks her hand away.  “What about a video?” she suggests.  Lucy sits up; she’s a little short of breath.  “I’ve been saving one to surprise you.”

“You’ve got one I haven’t seen?”


Josh is already up, walking swiftly to the coffee table in the living room where Lucy’s tablet is lying.  “Luke emailed it to me; it was shot this month at Malibu.”

Lucy lies back and again lets her hand stray down her belly.  She pats the tight dark curls while she watches Josh find the file on her tablet and focus the flashing numbers on the white wall opposite her. Then he comes out and sits beside her showing her the screen.

Lucy yawns. The hash makes her a sleepy, and she’s still bored.  She can’t even get excited about the video having seen so many of them.  The video is probably just another video of humble men and females wrestling around with each other.

“I bet you’ll like this one,” he said.

Lucy put her middle finger just inside the pinched muscles of her cunt’s beginning and left it there. The video begins.

Two skimpily clad girls talk to each other.  One looks young.  Eighteen, Lucy guesses.  However, they can do a lot with makeup nowadays.  Lucy wishes she can read their lips. Probably nothing exciting anyway, Lucy thought.  The door opens, and a man enters the room.  He’s old enough to be the father of the girls, and behind him, he leads a big dog on a chain leash.  Lucy sucks a quick breath.  Her cunt has spasms around her middle finger, and she lets it slide a little deeper.

“Wow.”  She licks her lips.  “A dog.”

“I said you’re gonna like this one.”

Josh laughs his easy laugh, swigged beer.  Lucy watches the screen.  The man smiles and points to the dog and said something that makes the two girls laugh.  The younger college coed kneels to pet the animal.  She scratches its head and neck and let her hands work along each leg.  The senior college coed kneels too and begins scratching the dog’s belly.   While this is happening, the man holds the chain and watches with a smile.  The younger college coed slips suddenly onto her back working her shorts down, they’re tight, and she has to wiggle a lot to get them over her hips.

The dog, a cross between a shepherd and a collie, looks interested.  When the college coed forces her panties down too, the dog strains forward against the keeper’s leash.  The bright chain glistens as it goes taut.  The dog’s front paws come off the ground as the man holds him back.  The teen is wearing only a t-shirt now and has her knees bent and apart as she continues to squirm on the rug.  The big dog sniffs her thigh, and the man gives him enough leash so he can reach the college coed’s cunt and he licks between her labia.  The teen closes her eyes and tosses her head along.  She has long hair, and it tangles across her neck as she wiggles.

Lucy is panting now, and she thrusts her middle finger deep into her cunt and holds it there. When she slips her finger out again, a fresh flood of hot butter surged over her knuckles.  Lucy isn’t bored anymore; she didn’t know a bestiality video could excite her so much.   She’d heard of them, of course,  but she’d always guessed they’re more contrived than usual porn.  However, this dog seems to be eager for the teenager’s pussy.  He’s going after it now. Lucy wishes she could hear the slurp sounds his mouth must’ve made as he devoured her cunt.  Lucy put her other hand beneath her panties, her clit throbs and when she presses it down with a forefinger, it makes a squishy noise.

Tendrils of fiery excitement course through her belly and she widens her legs and let her toes point.  On the screen, the people are getting it on.  The man has unhooked the chain around the dog’s neck, then helps the older college coed get her clothes off.  Soon he’s kissing her, and feeling her tits.

Lucy doesn’t care about this part of it; she watches the dog instead, watches the teenager gasping for breath.  If she’s acting, it looks pretty real, she thought. How could she be acting?  That dog is licking her pussy like a maniac!  He has her cream smears over the fur of his muzzle.

His tongue snakes out repeatedly.  Lucy can see the gloss of his saliva on the college coed’s thighs.  Then the camera zooms in for a close-up.  Lucy gasps.  Her fingers flutter the sloppy meat around her clitoris.  They had filmed this part in slow motion.  The teen’s hips move like syrup, liquid and graceful. Moreover, the wet tongue of the dog slops against the inner surfaces of her labia.

The college coed rolls onto her belly, then gets on hands and knees.  Lucy sees the man’s hands enter the frame, holding the dog, urging him.  The big animal sniffs at the college coed’s asshole and licks her pert, white ass.  The man calls the dog to mount.  The other college coed is there too, touching her friend, kissing the man while he fools with the dog.  The younger college coed moves her ass around in circles, and her mouth lolls open.

Josh touches Lucy’s belly.  “You like it?”

Fuck, yes,” Lucy moans.  She bites her lip, tries to get more air.  “He really wants to do something—you can tell.”

A long shot shows the dog’s underbelly, and Lucy can make out the furred sheath and the glistening cock extending a few inches from inside.  It’s the first time Lucy’s paid much attention to a dog’s cock, and she finds it keenly titillating.

The video is moving along quickly.  The dog leaps onto the younger college coed’s back.  The other college coed is helping the dog stay on as she massages the sheath under his belly.  The glistening cock slips quickly out, and it smears slickness across the college coed’s ass.  The dog is jumping around a lot, and it looks as if the college coed helping is having a hard time.  Maybe it’s the bright lights and the commotion of making a video.

Lucy swallows and oozes two fingers into her body.  She works them in and out a few times, and the friction makes her clitoris tingle.  Poor doggy, she thought.  He probably wants to do it outside behind a bush. Just him and the college coed.  The thought makes Lucy shiver.  What would it feel like to fucked by a dog, she wonders.  She realizes the subject is foreign to her. She’s never even considered letting an animal lick her, much less fuck her.  She’s always thought such stuff a bit perverse and let it go at that.  However, to see it happening, she sighs and digs against her clitoral hood.

The dog is moving his haunches wildly.  The teen has her knees apart, and her back arched sharply downward to present her swollen cunt lips to the animal’s glossy cock.  Lucy can see the dog’s cock looks dark, probably red.  She can’t remember ever having paid this much attention to dogs before. However, it’s getting longer all the time, and when the dog lunges, it brushes over the teen’s pubes.  She’s wet too—very wet!

The college coed who’s helping pushes a finger into her friend’s pussy and smears the juice around over her ass.  The college coed on hands and knees breathes hard and works her pelvis.  The camera moves close.  Lucy finds herself panting with fervid excitement.  The man and the college coed are holding the dog’s rear legs, moving him closer.  Then they guide the barbed, slender cock between the teenager’s labia.

Lucy gives a little gasp as the thing sinks into the velvety, sloppy slick flesh.  The dog lurches and twitches.  He’s too excites to handle it.  However, the trainer and the other college coed moves him firmly forward. The dog’s raw cock disappears inch-by-inch into the teenager’s cunt.  Lucy claws at herself now, smearing her hot butter against the insides of her parted thighs.  She wishes she’d taken the panties off, but she can’t bother with it now.  Josh seems too intent on the video to notice she’s moving closer to a climax.

The man and the senior college coed jump out of frame, the big dog’s cock is entirely inside the teen surrounded by her clasping cunt, and he seems to know what it’s all about.  He lunges, jabs, and presses forward with his hind legs.  The college coed reaches back to pet his side and squirms her bottom around wildly.   The camera angle changed, so it’s shooting almost from floor level.  Lucy can see the slick, hard cock slide into the college coed’s cunt, then the dog holds it there and bumps hard, it’s as if he wants it to be deep when he shoots.

Lucy feels dizzy.  God, yes, they will let him cum, won’t they, she wonders? The aroused woman rolls her ass against her tickling fingers. The dog is going to cum; they quickly orgasm when they’re fucking, she knows this much about them. Moreover, this dog looks like he isn’t going to fool around much longer with fucking.

The longhaired college coed looks hotly at the camera; it’s understandable to Lucy she isn’t acting.  The teen’s too inexperienced to affect the expression of frenzy she radiates, and her body isn’t moving like an actor feigning intercourse.  She’s twitching and jerking in a wild, unpracticed way.  The dog cock inside her is rubbing, stabbing, and filling her.  Lucy thought she’s going to cum, so she slows her fingers to make it last.  The woman hasn’t been this excites in a long time, and she feels a kinship with the college coed—she can identify with her.  Lucy wants to cum when the college coed does.

The dog’s balls slap under the nymph’s pubes.  The college coed tries to reach back and touch them, but the teen’s too weak, too excited to get a hold of the dark-furred orbs.  Eventually, her arms collapse and she sinks forward on her elbows, ass high.  The dog seems to be coming apart, it almost loses her at one point, and Lucy tensed, hoping the animal will keep his cock between the pretty teenager’s swollen petals.  Somehow he manages to, and the next moment, Lucy knows the college coed is cumming.  Her face is slack, lined with drool at the corner of her mouth.  The teen works her trim ass in tight circles as the dog plunges harder than ever.  He flops frantically, slips from her back. His cock exposed for an instant and Lucy sees a white fleck jump from the tip.  She moans and closes her thighs around her fingers as her clit pulses with the heat of orgasm.

The dog is on the college coed’s back again quickly.  In two lunges it finds the teen’s cunt and penetrates.  The dogs furred sheath presses inside the spread outer lips as it works deep to place his seed, the teen’s cunt swallowing the gig cock and knot entirely.  The animal’s instinctive drive excites Lucy as much as anything.  She sees the animal is following the mating patterns in his head, to impregnate the bitch with his puppies is of utmost importance.  She thrills at his power as he paws the teen’s back and fucks her repeatedly.  Smith semen is leaking from around the teenager’s cunt lips.

“Ooh, God.”  Lucy moans.

Josh leans down to kiss her belly, then watches the screen again.  The college coed rolls over onto her back, dislodging the dog’s cock and knot.  The dog lunges against one of her uplifted knees and licks her breasts.  The teen is smiling now, her face still stunned with sexual hunger.  Lucy sees a string of cum erupt from the dog’s cock and streak along the teenager’s belly.  She pats the dog and scratches his neck while he licks at her nipples.  The contrast of her almost hairless body and the dog’s thick fur makes Lucy convulse with savage lust.  She pushes a fingertip against her clit and grinds the first dazzling burst of star-flashing pleasure.  Her thighs cord as she tenses to feed new energy to her orgasm.

Josh kisses her, opening her lips with his tongue.  She feels he’s taken off his swimming trunks and masturbates his swollen cock with a hand as he tries to get between her thighs.

“Damned panties,” he said, yanking the crotch piece over to the side.

Lucy masturbates him rapidly; his cock head is huge, it always gets like this just before Josh cums.  The video ends and just stops on the tablet.

“Ooh, honey, you’re gonna cum all over me.” Lucy moans.  “Fuck.”

“Hurry—baby—now push—yesssss.”

Lucy tilts her curvy hips up for him, feels the smooth slide of his cock soaking up her juices.  Then he’s clutching her shoulders and back.  She tangles her fingers into his blond hair and moans against his ear.

“Cum, cum, darling—cum in me,” Lucy urges him.

“Lucy—baby—oh Goddamn—uhn—uhn.”

Lucy closes her eyes and enjoys the jolting shock of Josh’s fucking.  He rams her deeply, and though her climax is over, she feels warm and glowing inside.  When Josh stiffens in her arms, she pushes a hand over his buttocks.  He’s trembling as the semen shoots deep inside her belly.

“Honey,” he moans, “Baby.”

The tablet has fallen to the floor.  Lucy massages Josh’s prostate, milking him, loving him.  When they lie still together, she finds her thoughts returning to the video.  The college student, and the dog, it’s etched deeply into her mind.

“I wish it had sound,” she said after a while.

Josh stirs.  “Hmm?”

“Sound,” she said, “I would’ve liked to have heard what was going on.”

Josh moves his wilting cock inside her.  “How about 3D, popcorn, and bonbons, too?” he asks sarcastically.

He laughs against her neck.  Lucy doesn’t feel like answering, she’s thinking of the small college coed and the big animal raking her back with its paws.   Maybe they cut the claws short, she thought.

“How old do you really think she was?”

“The woman in the video,” Josh said smoothing her hair, “Twenty-five—probably.”

“I thought she looked young.”

“She had a caesarean scar on her abdomen,” Josh said.  “I could see lots of makeup too.  Some chicks have small tits.  They just made her look young to fool the punters.”

He cups one of her large tits and widens his eyes to tease her.

“You don’t like mine?”

“You know I do.”

He kisses her nipple out from its warmth.  She tickles her nails against the nape of his neck. She feels disappointed to learn the woman who’d been fucked by the dog wasn’t a teen.

“I wonder what it’d be like to see something like that—live,” she asks.

She’s a little surprised at her frankness. Maybe part of it is the hash as she’s still stoned and just thinking about the woman and the dog makes her imagination run wild.

“Wouldn’t that be amazing?” she asks Josh in a whisper.

“You find the woman, and I’ll locate a dog.”

Josh stares at her with the flat expression he always affected when he’s poking fun.  He lifts his body and slips his sagging cock out of her cunt.  Lucy feels her panty crotch slide back to cover her pubes, feels the flood of hot semen drench the nylon band as it drains from her cunt.

“What if I did?” Lucy asks pushing her chin out, challenging him.

“Did what?”

“Find a woman—”

Josh goes to the refrigerator and gets another beer.  She likes the way his ass looks.  Nice trim ass, she thought.

Josh glances at her over the top of his beer.  “So you’re gonna find a woman who’ll just be dying to fuck a dog for us to watch.  Is that it?”

Lucy swings her legs off the chaise lounge.  “Admit it; you’d like it as much as me.”

He shrugs and smiles.  “Sure.  But for fuck’s sake, Lucy—”  He peers at her with a raised eyebrow.  “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

Lucy stands; she can feel the fluids leaking from her pussy, soaking the nylon panties.  She’s trembling a little; she hasn’t gotten so worked up about something like this for a long time.

“It’d be easier if we just get the dog, then—” Josh stops and leers at her. “Wouldn’t you prefer that?”

“Oh, the dog and me?” She goes barefoot to the bedroom and gets a towel off the back of a chair.  Then she kicks her panties off and stands in the short hall with the towel pressed against her pussy.  “No, I didn’t say I wanted to have sex with a dog.”

“Afraid?”  Josh teases.

Lucy knows she’s afraid.  She said, “Of course not.”

Josh comes over to her and hugs her back against his belly.  She can feel his soft cock pushing lightly between the crack of her ass.

“Scott Smith has a malamute puppy he’s trying to get rid of,” he said.  “I saw it when I stopped by his place last week.”

Josh hugs her close. She twists from the embrace and keeps mopping at her seepy crack with the towel. When Lucy takes it away, the whitish globs of cum are apparent.  She sniffs the sharp odor and throws the towel next to the washing machine.

“How big is a malamute puppy?”

She doesn’t want Josh to think she’s considering letting a dog mess around with her.  She isn’t considering anything.  She’s just toying with a few ideas.

Josh chuckled, and said, “Big enough to take care of you.”

“That’s not what I mean,” Lucy said with a deep frown.  “Josh, be serious.  Just think of how much fun it’ll be to watch a dog fuck a woman for real, and we can have her do it again, and again, and again.”

“Talk about dreaming.”

Maybe it will be impossible to arrange, she thought, just as Josh said.  “I’m going for a swim,” she said, a little petulance in her voice.

“Hey, you want me to bring that dog over some time?”

She goes by him into the bedroom.  He leans in the doorway with his beer as she pulls on a bikini.  “Let’s forget it,” she said.

“Hey, you’re mad at me now.”

“Nope, I’m just going for a swim.”

She goes through the patio and onto the hot sand.  It feels good scratching between her toes as she walks, it’s a beautiful California day.  We have everything we need, she thought.  It’s just that fucking video that has got me all crazyWhy can’t I be happy with being a little bored?  However, before Lucy’s feet hit the water she’s puzzling just how she might go about finding a woman.  Maybe a runaway or some feral who wouldn’t mind doing anything for money, she thought.  She pushes aside a floating chunk of seaweed and dives into an oncoming breaker.


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