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Year: 2017
Jade is a pretty 18yo who’s just graduated High School and her mom gets her a job at the local PetMart. There she upsets an Latino man by refusing him a date and he decides to make her pay in the most depraved way possible.
Moe Lester
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Jade rubs her hands up and down her thighs, swallowing hard while trying not to look nervous.  She’s eighteen.  The young blonde is feeling something funny happening to her body—something that began to bother her the last few months.  A ticklish tingle between her legs growing worse, becoming a pulsing ache that makes her knees weak and wobbly.  Her flesh seems alive to every sensation against it while her thirty-six-inch titties tingle and her nipples look permanently hard.  Her mom startles her daydream of lurid urges driven by heat in her loins.

“Jade, I wish you’d stop laying around the house,” Jades mom said shaking her head.  “I think it’s time you get out and get a job.  Your father would have wanted that—that, or college.”

Jade opens her eyes and gazes listlessly at her mom standing in the kitchen doorway.  “Oh, I guess so.  I’ll start looking for a job.  I don’t think I wanna go to college yet, mom,” Jade said a little more brightly.

The teen shakes herself out of her reverie and stands, turning to her mom and smiling.  Since her father died a year ago, her mom has been trying to support the two of them on a small income and the insurance settlement.

“You don’t have to, honey,” her mom said, her face softening at the offer.  “Mrs. McCallum down the street works at PetMart.  She said they need stock girls.”

“Stock girls in a pet shop?” Jade said, thinking of the hard work and her soft hands.

“You won’t do the heavy lifting,” her mom reassures.  “You’ll be working out in back until they can see how good you are.”  Her mom comes around and put her arm around Jade’s waist, giving her a playful hug.  “Then they’ll see my daughter’s good enough for sales, and maybe even management.”

Jade almost cries.  Her mom thought so much of her, yet Jade isn’t so confident these people will see her the same way.  Still, she has nothing better to do with her time now High School is finished, and she’s undecided about going to college.  So working for a while might be something worth doing until she decides what she wants to do with her life.

“OK, mom,” Jade said.  “Do I need to call someone about the job?”


“Most of the heavy equipment the boys take care of,” Mrs. Norton said, moving slowly down the narrow aisle behind the showroom of the pet shop.  Jade follows the fat middle-aged woman, carefully looking around and trying to pay attention.  However, she can’t help noticing the leers she’s getting from the male employees.  Their eyes glue onto her firm ass, her big, jouncing titties even her modest white blouse and full skirt can’t hide.  Nervously the woman fluffs her blonde hair and moves closer behind Mrs. Norton.

“Hey baby, wanna date tonight?” a Latino Stockman whispers as Jade and her supervisor pass.  Jade makes a face and shrinks away.  “Chingate puta,” the tall, handsome Latino man mutters glaring at her.

“Don’t pay attention to him,” the frumpy Mrs. Norton said shaking her head.  “For someone as good-looking as you to be working here’s a new experience for them.  I’m sure you’ll fit right in.”  Mrs. Norton ends her tour of the storage area.  “We have three girls working the store and three stock boys.  You’ve met Alejandro,” Mrs.  Norton said, grimacing as she glances back.  “He’s a bit of an asshole, but a good worker.  I’d keep my distance if I were you.”

“Who else works back here?” Jade asks.

“Um, there’s Justin Doyle and Brian Lang.  They’re odd too, but we’re forced to take them on.”

Mrs. Norton sighs.  Jade is beginning to wonder if coming to work here is such a good idea.  The entire building smells of animals and pet food, something Jade doesn’t particularly enjoy.  The main sales area is littered with cages of various sorts—filled mostly with birds, hamsters and other small animals Jade is sure she’ll accidentally kill by stepping on one or getting another’s head caught in the cage bottom drawer.  The few puppies they have seem diseased, and the larger German Shepherd and Doberman are too vicious for anyone to buy.  Still, it’s a job and something to bring in some money while she works out what do with her life.

“Well, you can get to work.  Vicki here will show you the ropes.  Good luck,” Mrs. Norton said, taking off her glasses and shoving them in the right pocket of her smock.  A tall, unsmiling dark-haired woman of about thirty hands her a bill of loading and starts rapidly explaining the job.  Jade, it seems, has come at a good time for the rest of the help, it’s inventory time, and she’s to start counting all the bags of feed.  The teen gazes up from the stack of invoices at the rows of feed and feels her heart sink into her shoes.  There’ll be plenty to do for the next week.

The hours go quickly, and soon Jade finds herself getting into the groove.  Occasionally Vicki would call to Jade from the front of the shop to help with customers, giving the innocent teen an opportunity to try her fledgling sales skills.  The day speeds by quickly, and by quitting time at five pm, Jade is already beginning to feel a part of the staff.


The next three days go by just as quick.  The itchy, tight tingle in her pussy continues and is getting worse as time passes.  The sexual heat starts along the insides of her thighs like tiny electric shocks, growing more intense until her pussy lips, ass cheeks, and belly become heavy and flushed.  Jades fingers are busy during the night as she tries to rub out the heat in loins, yet nothing seems to make it go away.  Not even her skilled fingers can help for long.  Jade knows she needs a good stiff thick cock to take care of her achy tingle.  However, what can she do?  The thought of looking for a man, any man, terrifies her.  No, she isn’t going to let herself become a slut, a whore.  No, Jade will wait until she meets a nice guy she can date.  Her last boyfriend was over six months ago, and they broke up when he got accepted to Cal Tech.  Jade didn’t want to break up; he did because he wanted to play the field.

It’s with these feelings and thoughts Jade goes to work the fourth day.  Mrs. Norton is home sick, leaving Vicki in charge of the entire store.  Vicki works them to death, yelling at the men, snipping at Jade until she makes some cutting remarks directed at the three stock boys out of bad temper.  At lunch, Jade sees the three of them sitting huddled in one corner, eating their sandwiches and talking, the teen’s sure, about her.  They’re serious-faced, ceasing their conversation the minute she comes close.


An hour before closing time Vicki announces she’s going home, complaining of a headache.  It isn’t a surprise to Jade considering the amount of yelling and swearing Vicki had done today.  The other woman, Alison, had left earlier, unable to take Vicki’s shrewish temper a second longer.

Jade receives the news cheerfully, telling Vicki she’ll be sure to lock up before leaving.  The three boys, she’s certain, had left at their usual time of four-thirty.  Several customers come in buying small items until finally at six Jade sighs with relief and lock the doors.  Turning off all except the rear fluorescent lights over the register Jade walks through the doorway to the rear stockroom to make a quick check before leaving for home—it’s then she knows she isn’t alone in the shop.

“Who’s there?” she shouts nervously, her right hand going instinctively to her throat.

Jade leans against the door molding, pricking her ears forward and listening for the scraping sounds she’d heard an instant before.  Behind her, the animals suddenly quieten, listening as she is for a strange sound for this time of night.

“Hey babe, what about that date I asked you about?”

Jade’s blood freezes—it’s Alejandro.  What’s he doing here this late?  “You’re not supposed to—”

Jade stops in mid-sentence, she sees Alejandro step out, his hands rubbing his groin.  He’s taken off his t-shirt, exposing his trim, brown skin pulled tightly over a small but compact frame.  Justin and Brian are behind him, their torsos also bare.  Jade’s wide-eyes shoot down to their groins and see they all have boners.  Oh God, they’re gonna rape me, she thought horrified.  With a gasp, the blonde wheels around and runs into the shop front.  Jade’s breathing heavily, her heart’s in her throat as the three men shout something and come running after her.  Jade knocks several cages of birds and small mice to the floor, hoping the mess will slow the men.

“Get her,” Alejandro shouts, slipping after stumbling over an open cage and crashing into an aquarium.

Justin and Brian jump over the tangle of animals, cages, and grabs Jade just as her fingers reach the doorknob.  “STOP IT—Oh God, what are you doing?” Jade screams as Justin wraps his fingers around the woman’s wrist and jerks her back.

Jade flies around, crashing into the counter, and she feels the wind blow out of her lungs.  A sharp pain shoots through her right side.  Somewhere in the background, she can hear the men taunting her while Alejandro swears and kicks the overturned cages aside.  All around are the sounds of barking dogs and screeching birds.

“The puta thinks she’s too fucking good for us,” Alejandro growls.  “Let’s see how she feels after we get through with her.”

He comes up to her, pulling her roughly away from the counter.  Justin and Brian grin behind the terrified blonde-haired woman.  Alejandro twists Jade’s hair in his fingers, pulling back hard and making her scream.

“It sounds like she’s got a little life in her, Al,” Justin said, stroking a noticeable bulge between his legs.

The foul, garlic-smelling breath of Alejandro makes her want to retch, and the way he’s pulling at her hair Jade thought he would rip it from her scalp in a second.  There’s something strange happening inside her pussy.  The realization these men are going to do rape her, and there’s nothing she can do to stop them seems deliciously exciting too.

“Here, let’s see you get down and kiss this, baby, if you won’t kiss me,” Alejandro said, letting go of her for a moment and reaching between his legs.

Jade staggers backward, clutching her throat as Alejandro opens the top of his Levi’s, then pulls down the zipper tab.  The halves of his pants fall open, revealing a seven-inch brown, semi-stiff prick with two coconut-sized balls hanging behind it.

“Take it, baby, take this dick in your fucking hands,” Alejandro orders.

“Yeah, bitch, go on and take it,” Justin and Brian echo.

Jade’s eyes are bulging, and she can’t blink, her skin is clammy.  She’s always thought Latino’s are only a half step above Blacks.  To think she’s going to have perverted sex with one—makes her heart race and she can hear the sound thrashing in her ears.

Jade’s pussy grows damp as she takes the monster cock in her hands.  The hot weight warms her palms.  Slowly sinking to her knees, Jade puckers her lips and bends to the fat dick, her long blonde hair spilling across her face.  Alejandro stares with bright eyes, his hands on his hips.  His pants have already fallen to the floor, draped around his work shoes.  Sucking in a deep breath, he fights back the desire to cum as he feels Jade’s warm breath blowing quickly through his stiff, black wiry pubic hair.

The teen opens her mouth wide and lets the fat bulbous head slip over her lower lip.  Further and further, she bends forward, the cock straining her jaws and forcing her mouth wider.  The pulsating cock lies like a rock on her lower teeth and tongue; it chokes her as a spasm goes through the Latino and sends a rush of slimy precum to dribble into Jade’s mouth.

“Whew,” Alejandro moans, inhaling sharply and closing his eyes.  “The puta’s got a lot of savvy about giving head.”

Jade blushes at the remark as they’re making her out to be a whore when she isn’t.  No, she’s being forced to commit this horrible act because she doesn’t have a choice.  Oh, what will mom say, she thought.

“Easy, babe, just calm down, or I’m gonna shoot down your throat too soon,” Alejandro moans.  “I don’t wanna do that.  I’ve got other plans.”

Alejandro squeezes his smooth muscular ass cheeks together and feeding the teen more inches of his big cock.

Jade greases his cock with spit, moving her head back and forth, supporting the weight of his dick on her tongue.  She feels his thighs tense, and his cock grows even larger and hotter.  The teen brushes her fingertips along the underside of his nuts, instinctively knowing this will give him pleasure.  Maybe if she excites him and pleases him, he won’t hurt her.  After all, this is different from getting fucked.  Even though the thought of what she’s doing excited and sickens her simultaneously, Jade knows no one will blame her for what’s happening.

Alejandro gulps.  His nuts are tight in the wrinkly sacks, and his hands drop and are back in Jade’s silky blonde hair.  However, this time he isn’t pulling her hair, he only twists the blonde strands caressingly while he let out choked, strangled moans.  Jade feels her heat rise.  Her clit ached, and her pussy is a riot of needle-sharp sensations.  The teen wishes she can have something inside her pussy.  She thinks of her last boyfriend and his wonderfully big, long cock.  With that image in her mind, Jade feels her pussy open, then wink shut.  Oh God, thinking about what her ex-boyfriend had done to her, and now squatting in the middle of the pet shop with all these squawking birds and barking dogs blowing Alejandro is driving her crazy with a wild, perverted sexual lust.

Jade imagines her last boyfriend’s cock drilling and filling her pussy as she sucks off this man.  Squeezing her thighs together as best she can, Jade works her tongue over Alejandro’s fat dick.

“Ooh, babe, easy—easy,” Alejandro grunts.

Sweat pours down his face, trickling into the corners of his wide mouth.  Jade is grunting too, wheezing in short bursts, raking his cock with her tongue and lightly chewing the veined shaft.  The teen feels a kind of jerky movement going on in his dick and can sense Alejandro is getting ready to dump his load of semen down her throat.  She keeps on sucking, sliding her sharp fingernails teasingly over his balls, tapping the soft skin of his nuts.

“Hey, man, easy, you don’t wanna spoil her,” Justin said, leering at what’s going on.

Jade’s golden head is bobbing wildly.  The room echoes with the wet slurps of her mouth sliding over Alejandro’s twitching brown cock.  The Latino’s trembling, bucking, hunching.  In another second, he’ll be shooting his load.  Jade slows, then finally stops as Alejandro pulls her lips off his cock.

“Whoa, I coulda cut loose in her mouth just doing that,” Alejandro said thickly, staggering back and clamping his fingers tightly around his throbbing rod.

Jade remains kneeling, she twists her head around and spits a mixture of saliva and precum onto the floor.  Looking up, she sees Brian, Justin and Alejandro have only begun, and her face turns ashen as she wonders what’ll be next.


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