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Year: 2017
In Washington (The Hill), the power of the political elite has created a place where every perversion you can think of happens. Our herione discovers this one night at a party when she’s forced to fuck a dog by a Senator. Power corrupts absolutely.
Moe Lester
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“I don’t think I’m gonna like this, Morgan,” Lisa Shorten said nervously as she moves slowly down the eighth-floor hotel hall.  The twenty-four-year-old, big-breasted young blonde can’t believe that she’s accepted her best girl friend’s suggestion to come to the downtown Washington, D.C. Hilton to a party.

“C’mon, Lisa, for the past couple of weeks, all I’ve heard from you is how you need to meet a man,” Morgan said softly as she glances first at the small sheet of paper in her hand, then at the numbers on the doors.

“Yeah, but I don’t know these people.  Are you sure it’s all right?” Lisa asks in a little girl’s voice.  Lisa’s so horny and excited she could cum if a man just looked at her.  However, Lisa feels she had to put up some kind of resistance to keep a sense of respectability.

“Honey, it’s gonna be more than all right.  It’s gonna be fantastic,” Morgan said with a lewd wink.  “The room is down the other end of the hall.”

“But you’ve been doing that fat old Senator Olsen.  How can you, Morgan?  Fuck me, just looking at him gives me the creeps,” Lisa said as Morgan stops at the door and indicates with her eyes it’s the place.

Morgan shrugs.  “It isn’t easy, sure,” she said as she smoothes her shiny long black hair.  “If he wheezes any harder when we fuck, he’ll have a coronary,” Winking at Lisa again, Morgan breaks into a soft giggle.  “But how else do you think I make seventy grand a year in a clerical job?”

Morgan knocks at the door.

“But I didn’t come here for that,” Lisa said, not liking what her girl friend is suggesting.

“That’s what they all say,” Morgan said, rolling her eyes.

“I mean, I came here to meet people, not to whore myself out,” Lisa whispers quickly to her friend as she hears someone moving behind the door.

“Gee, thanks,” Morgan said and grimaces.

“I didn’t mean you, of course.”

“Don’t knock it until you try it, honey,” Morgan said with a haughty smile.  “You can have your cake and eat the whole fuckin’ thing in this town.”

Lisa sighs softly, feeling a little sorry she accepted Morgan’s invitation; it had come so suddenly she didn’t have enough time to think about it.  Most of the clerical staff at the Treasury Department had left at five o’clock.  Lisa stayed behind to catch up on some work.  The woman’s trying for a higher position in the office and wants to impress her superiors by her hard work and dedication.

Although this seems to be a losing battle, what they noticed the most about Lisa didn’t have anything to do with her work.  Before the second day had ended, the attractive blonde had received more propositions than were on the Washington ballot.  The girl wasn’t surprised it happened; she’s about five foot six, and the kind of woman that turns a man’s eye.  Her tits are big, firm, and perfectly pear-shaped and jut from Lisa like a theatre marquee.

The blonde’s waist tapers and her hips flare in proportion to her lithe body, while her legs are long and succulent looking.  However, Lisa has a good mind and a lot of ambition.  She graduated from Washington State in political science and has every intention of breaking into national politics.  Lisa got a job at the Treasury Department in the clerical pool hoping it might lead to better things.  The work is far below her capabilities.  However, Lisa wants to see how the Washington scene operates from a distance before she gets involved in that arena.

“Now, don’t be surprised at anything tonight, these parties get wild,” Morgan said.

Lisa isn’t paying attention, she’s contemplating going to some kind of swinger’s party in a hotel room with some of Washington’s elites.  The party is one of those situations where what happens behind closed doors stays that way.

“What?” Lisa asks absently.

“I said don’t be surprised at what you see here.  These people play as hard as they work,” Morgan said mysteriously as she knocks loudly at the door again.

“Oh,” Lisa said, snapping to reality.

She hears loud music and laughing coming from behind the door, it sounds a lively party, and it’s only ten o’clock.

“Morgan, glad you could come,” Senator Joe Olsen said as he invites both the women in.

“Hi, Senator Olsen, this is Lisa Shorten, the friend I was telling you about,” Morgan said in a pleasant voice.

“Mmmmmmm,” the old man moans in appreciation as the two women inch by his fat belly and enter the large motel suite.  “If I were thirty years younger, I’d take care of both of your cunts in a second.”

“C’mon, Senator,” Morgan said, giggling at first, then turning and making a sour face at Lisa while the fat old man chuckles at his sick joke.  Lisa smiles a little vacantly as she looks around the room at the chatting people dressed in semi-formal attire.

“Mix us a drink, and I’ll give you enough action for eight cunts,” Morgan said, pointing at the bar.

“You’ve gotta deal,” the senator said, his face brightening into deep red flush as his wheezing increases.

Lisa watches the two of them at the other end of the room, pawing at each other’s bodies as if two animals in-heat.  So this is the real Washington, Lisa thought sourly as she shyly observes the party.

Her friend has been trying to get her in one bed or another for the past month.  Morgan keeps telling her the only way for a girl to get anywhere in Washington is to fuck and suck her way to the top.  Lisa didn’t believe her completely, she knows using her pussy is a good shortcut to success, but the blonde didn’t think fucking is the only way to get ahead.  Still, Lisa has to admit Morgan’s propositions are getting more attractive.  The blonde hasn’t had a good fuck in over four months.  Lisa is an ordinary, flesh-and-blood woman with above- average sexual desires.  So when Morgan invites her tonight to the city crash pad of Senator Richard ‘Donkey Dick’ Clinton, Lisa couldn’t say no.

She feels her resistance breaking apart as if a dam overloaded with water.  Lisa doesn’t want a high position in the office.  The ambitious woman just wants a good, hard fuck to burn her cunt and blast her brains.  The fat, ugly Senator Olsen hands her a gin and tonic.

“Thanks,” she said, putting the glass to her lips and taking a gulp.

“Cheer up and smile,” Morgan whispers to her.  “You might meet Senator Donkey Dick later.  You never know at these parties.”

Lisa shrugs and takes a closer look at everyone in the room.  She’s a little surprised when she sees about fifteen men are sitting or standing and only three other women in the living room.  For a social gathering, the number of men sadly outweighs the number of women.  Then something struck her.  Maybe this isn’t just a pleasant little cocktail party, she thought.  Lisa studied the three women talking with a small group of men at the other end of the room, they appear a little cheap and loose.

“Morgan, what kind of party is this?” Lisa whispers as she eyed the group suspiciously.

“What kind do you think?” Morgan said winking slyly.

“Omigod, I’m not gonna be in a gangbang,” Lisa said, about to turn and leave.

STOP, Lisa,” Morgan said grabbing her arm.  “Please, you’ll ruin me if you go.  Besides, no one’s gonna make you do anything you don’t want to.”  Lisa hesitates.  “C’mon, be a sport.  All you have to do is flirt and look cute, I promise.”

“Oh, all right,” Lisa said, taking another long drink of her G&T.

“And if Donkey Dick shows I promise I’ll introduce you,” Morgan said giving her friend a playful pinch on the arm.  “His twelve-inch cock is legendary, and you need a good fuck.”

“We’ll see,” Lisa said with a shrug.

Morgan nods and goes toward a group of older men.  Lisa moves graciously around the party chatting with several Congressmen and Senators she knows through her job.  Joe keeps filling her glass with more alcohol, and Lisa drinks as if there’s no tomorrow trying to feel comfortable among these leering men.  Lisa feels herself growing drunker as the evening drags on. Around one a.m. in the morning, Lisa decides she wants to go home.  However, when Lisa looks around for Morgan, she can’t find her friend.

“Excuse me, Senator Olsen.  Have you seen Morgan?” Lisa asks.

Lisa hates to ask him for the time of day, but in this case, he’s the only one who can give her an answer.

“Morgan, eh?” he asks slyly.

Lisa doesn’t like the tone of voice he suddenly used; she’s drunk, but not completely blitzed.  Something strange is going on—something that probably started while she was talking in the other corner of the room.

“Yes, I’m tired, and I wanna go home,” Lisa said, straightening herself in front of the Senator.

Senator Olsen smiles a politician’s grin.  “Well, if you want to see her—she’s in there,” the old man slurs as he points at the first bedroom door.

Lisa glances in that direction then turn back to Senator Olsen.  He’s smiling a little cruelly at her, winking obscenely as he motions her to go and open the door.

“Well, I don’t care what she’s doing; I’ll just tell her I’m leaving.  She can stay here as long as she wants,” Lisa said calmly as she strode across the floor.

The blonde doesn’t look around but she can sense every eye in the room is on her.  Her body stiffens, and she takes a deep breath as her hand grasps the door handle.  Why do I feel so disturbed by this, she wonders?  Morgan’s probably just having sex with some old guy, what’s the problem?  Grasping the handle firmly she opens the door and steps inside.

“Morgan, listen, I’m going home and—” Lisa stops and gasps.  “WHAT THE FUCK,” Lisa suddenly shouts.

What Lisa sees makes her mind reeling with shock.  Morgan is crouching on the bed, her big thunderous titties scraping across the bedspread.  In front of her is a Congressman of about thirty, well built, and with a thick seven-inch dick buried in her mouth.  This doesn’t surprise Lisa—in fact, she halfway expected to find something like this when she stormed into the bedroom.

However, what shocks her and takes away her speech is a dog is on top of Morgan’s back, it’s a full-grown, black Doberman.  Its big front paws tightly wrapped around the moaning brunette’s body, while his hind legs splayed wide apart.  Lisa watches in horrified disbelief as the animal’s hindquarters pump rapidly, heaving his red, knobby dick into Morgan’s squishy cunt.  Lisa has to shake her head and blink her eyes to make sure she isn’t dreaming or having some alcoholically induced illusion.

No, its Morgan all right getting fucked by a Doberman.

“What the hell,” she whispers, raising her hands and cupping them over her mouth.

Lisa wants to vomit, but she can’t help staring with sick fascination.  The shocked woman didn’t know Morgan that well, but she never thought the girl would go this far in her admittedly wild sexual escapades.

“Fuck her, doggie. Fuck her.” Lisa hears somebody cry out.

The cheer didn’t come from the Congressman being blown by Morgan.  For the first time, Lisa realizes there are others in the room.  Four other men, in fact, are standing near the wall next to the shocked blonde woman.  All four are naked, stroking their cocks as they watch the big dog blast her friend’s cunt with his dick.  One of them has a German shepherd who is watching the fucking scene just as carefully as his master is.

“Ahhhhh,” Lisa groans, finally coming to her senses.

She turns and runs out of the room.  Everything is spinning in front of her.  Her mind buzzes with what she has just witnessed and with alcohol.  Lisa clutches at her arms and stomach, her chest hitches, and she clumsily bumps into others as she runs for the exit.

“Hey, stop her,” someone yells.

“Please no, I gotta go home,” Lisa groans as Senator Olsen body-blocks her and knocks her to the floor.

Normally, she would have been able to out maneuver the fat old Senator and get out.  However, she’s rotten drunk, and can barely even find her feet.

“Don’t worry, you’ll like it,” Joe said, pulling her roughly to her feet.

“Like what?” Lisa asks as they drag her across the living room floor.

The blonde looks around the room and sees everyone staring and smiling at her.  The three women laugh loudly, whispering something to one another as they raise their drink glasses to Lisa in some kind of obscene, meaningless toast.

“C’mon.  Morgan told you, right?” Senator Olsen asks as he continues to pull her across the living room.  “She must have, or else you wouldn’t have come here.”

Gradually, Lisa realizes he’s pulling her toward the bedroom where Morgan is having sex with a dog.

Don’t—NO—Omigod—RAPE,” Lisa screams as she suddenly starts twisting in the old man’s tight grip.

Lisa began to see what he had planned.  The Senator is going to make her fuck animals just like Morgan.

“Fuck me,” Lisa hears someone say as the senator digs his pudgy fingers into her arm. “Doesn’t this turn you on?  I mean, a woman forced to fuck a dog—it’s wild.”

Lisa wails as she continues to struggle.  “You’re tearing my dress,” she shouts.

BITCH,” Senator Olsen shouts as Lisa suddenly bends and bites him hard on the hand.

The Senator let go of her for a second, which is all Lisa needs.  She pushes him roughly away, sending the fat senator crashing to the floor.  As he struggles to his feet, Lisa stumbles toward the door again.  However, she’s too drunk and disoriented.  Two other men and a blonde woman grab her by the time Lisa gets near the door.  Lisa feels three sets of hands forcing her back toward the bedroom as she begs and whimpers for them to let her go.

“Don’t make me do something like this,” she wails as she feels them unzipping her dress and pulling it down to the floor.  “Oh please, it’s sick, sick.”

“Hey, she’s got a great body,” one of the men comments as they take off her dress.

“You want to drag her into the bedroom or keep her in here?” the blonde hooker asks Senator Olsen.

“Morgan’s busy.  Why bother her?  Have Doug bring in his mutt,” Senator Olsen said sneeringly as he rubs his hand and stares angrily at the half-dressed Lisa.

“Oh, fuck, you won’t get away with this,” Lisa said as she struggles with the two men who still hold her.

Lisa feels their powerful fingers digging mercilessly into her arms as she pleads softly with them to let her go.

“Sorry, bitch,” one of the men said harshly.  “You knew what you were getting into when you came here tonight.”

You don’t understand—I didn’t—I DIDN’T,” Lisa yells, twisting her body like a snake.

Nevertheless, it’s useless—their grip is too strong.

“Here’s the star attraction,” Senator Olsen said, smiling even more obscenely at Lisa.

Lisa turns her head toward the half-open bedroom door and sees the same young, dark- haired man with his dog she saw in the bedroom earlier.  Lisa glances first at him, then at the handsome gray-and-white German shepherd panting next to him.  Lisa cringes when Senator Olsen chuckles, giving her a crooked, lewd smile.

“C’mon, baby.  Let’s give my guests some action with that hot little pussy of yours,” Senator Olsen said, going behind her and grabbing a fistful of her long hair.

“Ohhhhh,” she moans in pain as the fat senator pulls her hair back suddenly.

Lisa feels her knees give way suddenly, and she crashes quickly to the floor.

“Hey, Senator, you’re scaring my dog,” the handler complains as Lisa continues to scream with pain.

“Sorry, but nobody fucks with me and gets away with it,” the fat man said as he glares at the kneeling Lisa.

“See, boy—See that—See that pussy?” the handler said as he bends and strokes the side of the German shepherd.  “You’re gonna get some real soon.”

Lisa stares at the dog with bulging eyes and rasping breaths, she doesn’t like what the handler is doing to the dog.  As he whispers in the pointed ears of the animal, he strokes the dog’s furry belly.  Lisa is no fool.  She knows he’s purposely working up the dog.  The blonde can see the animal’s big-sheathed cock start to jiggle, then throb steadily as the man’s big hands rhythmically stroke his sheath.  The German shepherd is developing an erection, thanks to the massage.

“C’mon, Lisa, you must be terribly uncomfortable in those,” Senator Olsen said hoarsely.

The blonde shudders with revulsion and fear when she feels Senator Olsen’s fat fingers slowly trail along her shoulders.  A dog seems better than the old Senator touching her crawling flesh.  Lisa continues to kneel and closes her eyes as she feels Joe’s hand inch down toward her big right tit.  In a second, she feels his fingers slipping into her bra, scraping against her nipple, then pinching it.

“Hey, come on, Senator.  This is supposed to be for all of us, not a private showing,” someone in the living room grumbled.

“Sorry,” he said, swallowing hard as he continues to pinch her nipple gently.

Lisa glances up and watches with disgust as the fat man’s face blushes dark red with lust.  Lisa turns away and looks at the dog.  She can just barely see the red, pointed tip of his dick poking out of the thick, furry sheath between his powerful hindquarters.

“OK, get her ready,” Senator Olsen said, backing away and rubbing his palms over the bulge between his thick legs.

Lisa screams when the two men yank her to her feet, and they drag her toward the animal.

“Shut her up.” Senator Olsen shouts with a sneer.

“I’ll just turn this up,” the blonde hooker who had hold of Lisa before chirped as she goes to the CD player and increases the volume.

NO—NO—NO,” Lisa screams as she feels someone pulling down on her panties.

“Fuck me, look at her cunt,” someone said admiringly.

For the first time, Lisa realizes she’s naked.  In the crowded rush, someone had torn off her panties.  Seconds later, she feels her bra slip away.

“Hey, old Duke’s gonna cum right here if you don’t give him a chance with her?” the handler complains.

“OK, folks, c’mon, Sam wants to try his pet on ours,” Senator Olsen said, gently pushing the crowd away from the trembling woman.

“You bastard,” Lisa shouts at Senator Olsen.

“Darling, I love you, too,” he said ironically, as he signals the two men to pull her to the floor.

“Ohhhhh,” Lisa groans as she feels the two men pull her by the arms.

“Hey, she’s fighting too much,” one of them complains as the blonde wriggles desperately on the carpeting.

“Tie her hands to the couch,” Senator Olsen orders.

In a few minutes, Lisa found her hands bound to the thick legs of the heavy living room couch.  Her feet are free to kick out in defense.  However, she knows it’s useless.  Eventually, she’ll have to submit to whatever Senator Olsen wants.  Lisa decides to give in and get it over with so she can leave.

“Ready?” the handler asks.

“Right, Sam,” Senator Olsen said, going back to the bar and leaning slightly against it.

Lisa’s ass is facing him, but she’s able to turn her head to stare at him.  She’s never hated anyone as much as she does this man right now.  The fat old Senator is forcing her to do this—forcing her to commit this sick, humiliating act in front of strangers.

A deep blush of shame flushes her face as she sees all the grinning faces staring at the exposed, narrow gash between her legs.  Lisa turns her head slightly and sees the dog look curiously at his master.  The man points at Lisa’s ass.  Lisa turns her head away in fear as she hears the big dog bark.

The show has just begun.


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