The Boiler Room!

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The Boiler Room!
The Boiler Room!
Year: 2017
When Simone needs some money to score drugs, she heads down to the boiler room. The middle-aged black custodian is more than happy to help her out, and so his his Doberman Rocky. They only require some sexual services in return.
Moe Lester
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The Doberman’s so close, it looms large as if some beast out of a horror movie.  Simone stands and backs away.  The dog growls low in his throat and approaches steadily.

“Omigod, don’t hurt me,” she whispers.

Simone can almost feel those sharp fangs sinking into her young flesh.  The dog’s a killer; the frightened teen just knows it.  The large black doberman is standing directly in front of her now, and Simone realizes she’s in the corner of the small room without thinking.  The animal isn’t growling anymore; it’s sniffing.  The dog can smell her musk, it’s just curious.

“Nice doggy,” she said, smiling.

The dog brushes its nose at the hem of her short skirt.  Simone doesn’t dare move a muscle.  Even the scrape of her shoe on the cement floor makes the dog rumble again.

“Please, go away,” she whispers.

The dog ignores her plea.  The beast noses beneath her skirt again, tossing it up with a quick flick of his head.  The dog appears as if it could eat a boa constrictor if it wanted to.

“Nice doggy, let me by, now, please?”

The dog growls and bites her skirt.  Simone feels him tug it once, twice and then the button pops at the waist.  The thought she’s standing naked before a mad dog almost makes Simone faint.  The teen starts crying, instead.  Her skirt is around her feet, and the Doberman noses the dark thatch of her cunt.  It’s wet from the way Rick had touched her, warm and musky.  The dog seems to like the smell and its pink tongue curves beneath the plumpness of her cuntal mound, and Simone chokes on a sob.  A hot tear lines her cheek.

“Don’t—don’t do that, doggy.”

What is the damned thing’s name, she tries to remember.  Rocky?

“No, Rocky, NO!

Rocky growls, the vibrations making her pussy tingle.  The dog licks her again, harder.  Then it’s licking her steadily, lapping with the hot surface of its tongue, lapping against her blossoming pussy lips, pressing between the excited folds.

Uhhh—uhh—God,” Simone moans, sagging back against the corner.

The bell rings again, signaling the start of the next class period.  Simone’s supposed to be in History now.  Why doesn’t Rick come back?  Where in the hell is he?  The dog licks faster, his slobber making hot lines down her thighs.

“Ohhhh, my clit!  He’s licking my clit!”

Simone is frantic.  However, there is no way she can get around the black hulk of the Doberman.  The dog’s mouth is pressing harder against her mound, opening it, drinking from her cunt.  The teen watches wide-eyed and mouth agape, nevertheless, she can feel the tendrils of excitement making their way through her flesh again.  Simone is breathing raggedly, a luster of sweat forms on her face.  The teen’s tits ache beneath the thin blouse covering them.  Simone’s belly heaves wildly as the dog’s hot mouth did things that even Rick’s kissing and licking hadn’t done.

Ooooo—GOD—what are you doing to me?

Simone slips her hands down her tummy.  The dog doesn’t seem to notice.  She pushes them to her pussy and tries to cover her hot pubes.  Rocky doesn’t react; the dog just licks the girl’s fingers apart to get to the velvety meat beneath them.  Simone knows she’s too weak with passion for stopping the persistent beast.  The wet rubbing of her cunt is making pleasure spread through every nerve, every muscle.  The teen’s legs tremble from the tension, which makes her calves knot and thighs tighten.

More dog saliva trickles down, and she feels it reaching the tight hug of her socks.  The girls pussy mound is a mess, it’s swollen and red with excitement.  The Doberman is feasting on her pussy as it would a T-bone steak.  Simone can even feel the dog’s teeth, its fangs needling the plumpness of her outer pussy lips.

“Fucking hell,” she groans, sliding her trembling fingers up her tummy again.

Simone cups her tits beneath her thin blouse.  The dog whines and licks steadily.  It has braced his front feet, one big paw pressing down on the toe of her Nikes.

Simone feels so strange.

The hum of machinery drones on, yet Simone can hear only the wet licking of her cunt.  The dog tilts its head this way, and that getting into all the little hollows, lapping her musky juice, it apparently likes her taste.  This realization sends a sharp shiver of pleasure through Simone’s body.  However, the teen’s still very frightened.

“Oh, stop it, Rocky, stop it! It’s driving me crazy!”

Simone bites her lip and lets her head fall back against the wall.  She’s panting out of control now, and her hips rock beneath the lusty friction of the animal’s hot tongue.

Why is Rocky eating me out, she wonders?  He isn’t getting anything out of it, is he? Does it excite the Doberman to smell and slurp at a human female’s pussy?  The girl’s mind spins with these unanswerable questions.  Her tummy is sucking in sharply beneath her ribs as she watches the beast.

The teen can’t let it go on, it’s shameful, perverse and, worse than that, it’s exciting her.  Exciting her as Rick’s mouth had done.  Simone doesn’t want to get excited, especially from a dog as it means she’s lost control of the situation and her emotions.

Stop, Rocky, STOP!

Simone pushes the Doberman’s head suddenly, twisting her body as she staggers forward.  She’s running, her Nikes clicking on the concrete floor, her skirt clenched in her fingers.  The dog comes after her, growling deep in his throat.  Simone panics and starts looking for a place to hide.  The girl can’t run out into the hall without her clothes.  However, if she stops, the Doberman will have her again.

The dog hit her in the back with his front paws as she rounds a corner by a boiler.  Simone goes down on all fours, sliding across the floor.  The dog is pressing its hot mouth against her ass and cunt in an instant.  The teen groans, her arms trembling as she tries to crawl forward.  The dog mounts her then, his big paws sliding down on each side of her body.  Rocky squeezes her, hunching its back powerfully as it tries to drive its cock into the plush, warm place it had discovered.  Simone screams and bucks her ass wildly.  The dog’s slickened cock slithers across an ass-cheek.  She feels the smear of the animal brute’s juices.  The girl feels the heat its cock, too, and another shiver of lust goes through her body.

Simone hates the emotion Rocky has forced her to experience.   Well, she likes it, yet she doesn’t like it.  The arousal makes her feel as silly and weak-willed as the other girls in college.  She knows what happens when a woman let her guard down; a man takes advantage of her softness and spears her with his cock.  Then the man wiggles around and shoots cum inside her and the girl’s left alone.  An unwanted pregnancy isn’t as easy to hide as a cum-smeared dress.

Rocky is just as bad, though, all it wants is Simone’s pussy.  The dog’s ramming at her from behind as if it wants to tear Simone a new asshole.  Nevertheless, the brush of his spongy, slick cock tip across her pubes brings shuddering moans from deep in Simone’s throat.

Whhhuuhhh,” she moans, crawling forward again.

Simone hit her head on a pipe and turns to move in a different direction.  The big dog keeps his front legs tightly clasped around her torso as his haunches work frantically to embed his rigid cock inside her young body.


She has to turn over because if she lets the dog keep lunging at her the way it is, Simone knows eventually his cock will bury itself deep inside her cunt.  The girl’s on her side now, whining and squirming on the cold concrete floor.  The dog sinks its teeth into the meat of her calf.  The beast doesn’t bite hard enough to break the skin, yet sends tremors of fear through her sweaty body.  Rusty drives its big paws against the fronts of her thighs then, forcing them apart.

Simone is helpless.  The teen watches him lower his mouth toward her dripping little cunt.  Then the dog’s eating her pussy again, watching her tits rise and fall as the animal slides its hot tongue across the swollen membranes.

Ooooo—I’m getting so hot,” Simone moans her tongue half out of her mouth.  “I’m getting very horny.”

She can see the big Doberman more easily, now that she’s sitting on the floor, her arms bracing her.  Simone can see beneath the dog’s belly.  She can see its swinging, bobbing cock and the slick shine of it.  The dog cock is raw, red, and steam is rising from it.  The canine phallus gives Simone a strange tingle as she watches it pulsing.  A droplet of precum clings to the pointy tip of Rocky’ cockhead for an instant, and then makes a wet circle on the concrete.

The teen bites her lip and whimpers.  Just to imagine such an alien looking thing sliding into her body makes her shake uncontrollably.  However, the strange cock gives her a hot flush and makes her clit tingle, too.  Simone wonders how deep it would go, how much the cock would stretch her tight cunt.  Would I be able to feel that swollen tip gouging way up in my belly, she wonders?  Simone whimpers again and shakes her head.

Nhhuuhh—ohhhh—I can’t stand it.  What are you doing to me, Rusty?

Simone falls back on the floor, her knees drawn up slightly.  The dog likes her this way.  Whenever she tries to straighten them and close her thighs, it growls and bites her again.

Now Rusty has total access to her smoldering pussy, it’s bringing her to a white-hot sexual fever.  The teen can’t keep her ass from dancing, moving, and plunging gently from the steady lick of the dog’s tongue.  A soft shudder makes her nipples harden on her tits.  She pants, half-sighing, half-moaning as her toes curl.  One Nike slips from her foot, yet Simone doesn’t care; she’s past caring.  That heart-pounding pleasure is beginning.  The teen knows what it is and hates to have it happen with this dog’s mouth on her.  However, as much as she tries to resist, the thrill surge up her limbs.  The glow spreads from her dripping cunt and throbbing clit.

Omigod, he’s gonna make me cum.—It’s too late—ohhhh—Ohhhh, damn—Ohhhhhh, I’m cumming.”

Simone gives a tight squeal, and her hips plunge in a frenzy as the shooting ecstasy goes through her.  The Doberman whines and comes forward as if trying to get his cock in her cunt.  However, with her on her back on the floor, the dog can’t do it.  Rusty slaps his tongue across her tits, his haunches still pumping.  The dog’s slick cock makes glistening smears on the inside of a thigh and then slides across her belly.

Without the animal’s hot-tongue, and drooling mouth at her cunt, Simone feels as if she’s dangling in limbo.  The teen’s stuck between two shores, moaning for release, for freedom from the intense hunger eating at her senses.

Shit—I’ve gotta cum—If I don’t—

The dog bears down, trying to shove its cock into her cunt again.  The angle and height are all wrong.  The hot, fleshy red cock bounces across her abdomen.  Rocky seems to sense her soft belly is the next best thing to her cunt.  The beast let his weight down, thrusting his hot cock wildly.

Simone is squirming frantically; trying to recapture the hot pleasure the dog had previously given the aroused girl.  She’s on the edge of climax, and shuddering breaths of frustration are making her tits jiggle.  The dog licks her tits, pumping harder along her belly.  The dog’s furry hot balls rub against her pussy lips, and it’s an intensely pleasurable sensation, Simone can’t help yet wriggle violently against the spongy eggs in their sack.

Suddenly, Simone orgasms hard much to her great relief.

Ooooooh,” she moans as an orgasm rocks her body.  “Ah—oh yeah—YES—Ooooo—WOW!

The teen’s slim hips make jerky circles on the floor as the surging ecstasy takes her, she feels something hot spurt up across her heaving tummy.  The teen’s navel fills with semen and overflows.  Dribbling strings of the stuff dribble down her sides.  Simone feels hot spatters against the undersides of her tits.  She’s half-crying, half-moaning, and still rubbing out her pleasure against the beast’s body, not caring where she is.

In the confusion of her mind, the wriggling animal became a man—became Rick.  Simone whimpers louder, ashamed of how her thoughts had got away from her.  The girl feels helpless on her back with the weight of the huge Doberman pressing her down.  Such sexual vulnerability isn’t the kind of thing she wants to feel.  Now she is feeling it, though, it gives her a perverse thrill.

Uhhh—uhhhh—uhhhhhhhhh,” she moans, pumping her swollen vagina against the dog’s balls.  Rusty’s rigid cock throbs against her belly, still shooting streams of doggie semen over her skin.

“Get off me—Ohhh, fucking dog,—OFF!

Now the beasts lust is sated, Rocky seems milder.  The dog backs up slowly and sits on his haunches to lick his still extended cock.  Wrinkling her nose, Simone wipes the sticky semen off her tits and belly.  She wobbles back to the place where Rick has his cot and finds a rag to finish the job.  The girl quickly steps into her skirt, fastens it as best she can and buttons her blouse again.

Simone’s going to be late to her next lecture, and she hopes no one will notice if she slips into the back.  The teen’s still throbbing between her thighs and knows she hasn’t really gotten the dog’s semen off her properly.  It is drying on her tummy and tits.  She feels sullied and wishes she could have a shower.

I wanna kill that fucking dog for doing that to me, she thought.

Nevertheless, as she hurries to the door of the boiler room, Rocky is at her side, his big eyes mournfully glancing at her.  Against her better judgment, she pets its head.  Touching Rocky makes her remember the size of its cock, the redness of it, and the way it slid so easily along her soft tummy.

“I’ve gotta get outta here.  I think I’m losing my mind or something.”

No one saw her leaving the corridor to the basement.


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