Her Mom’s Secret Life

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Her Mom's Secret Life
Her Mom’s Secret Life
Year: 2019
Erin wonders why her parents always want her out of the house a few nights a month and decides to spy on them to find out. Then she sees her parents swinging with some friends and then her mom fucks a dog.
Moe Lester
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Erin Weaver is a barely eighteen, chubby blonde girl with thick glasses.  She’s about to spy on her parents, and she isn’t sure whether she’s more scared of how angry they’d be if they discover her, or of what she might find out about them.  Something somewhat odd goes on every time they suggest the teen spend the night at some friend’s house, and at last, Erin’s decided she just has to know why they seem so insistent on getting rid of her one or two nights a month.

So tonight, Erin has told her best friend Alexa she’ll be over later than initially planned.  After telling her parents good-bye and leaving the house, Erin creeps back in through the cellar.  Now she’s in her bedroom, listening and waiting.  She doesn’t have too long to wait.  The doorbell rings and her parents let some people in, a man and a woman, judging from the voices.  Erin opens her door a crack so she can eavesdrop better.

“What a fine boy he is,” she hears her father say.

Then Erin hears the sharp bark of what is obviously a big dog.  ‘Why on earth would my parents be having guests, who are bringing a dog with them,’ she wonders?

There followed a few minutes of polite chitchat, and then her mother said, “Just looking at Buster is making my mouth water.  Do you think we might be able to get down to business?”

Everyone else agrees that would be a good thing to do, and Erin decides she just has to get a look at what this ‘business’ is.  She tiptoes out of the room and peers through the landing rail.  That way, the girl has a good view of the living room, and with the upstairs hall light out, there isn’t much chance of anyone noticing her as she lies on her belly.  Down in the living room are her mother and father, and another couple who are in their late thirties.  With them is a big Doberman.  Erin’s standard poodle Gatsby is there, too, wagging his tail.

Suddenly, Erin’s mother starts to undo her blouse, while her daughter stares in horrified fascination.  What’s even odder is that the strange man, whom Erin’s mom called John, goes over to her and starts to help her undo the buttons, while the teen’s father begins to unzip the dress of the strange woman, April.

What Erin’s finding out is her parents are secret swingers, and the reason they encourage her to visit with friends a couple of nights each month is that they wanted to have the house to themselves so they can indulge in their fun and games.  Evidently, the fun and games are most definitely going to include the two excellent dogs standing there expectantly.

“Mmmmm, you have lovely tits, Laura,” John said to Erin’s mother as the man rubs the full globes through the fabric of her bra.

Laura’s answer is to open her lips slightly, and John responds by giving them a gentle kiss.  Then he undoes the hooks of her bra.  Laura notices with an inward smile that he’s one of the few men who seem to be able to get a bra undone without any difficulty.  Her breasts are sensitive, and it’s a significant relief for her to have them out of the tight confinement of the bra and into the open.  There are temporary red marks where the bra had rubbed them, but John takes care of that with a gentle massage, which has as a side effect the swelling of Laura’ nipples to about twice their standard size.

Erin’s father Jerry is interested in a slightly different portion of his partner’s anatomy, namely John’s wife.  Having gotten her dress off, he then removes her panties and begins feeling up her tender pussy mound.  Somehow, there’s something about a woman having her pussy exposed while her breasts are still covered which really turns Jerry on.  Turned on is the word to describe his condition, all right.  He can feel his cock desperately jamming itself against his underpants and trousers as it struggles to get out into the open where it can expand to its full, massive size.  John’s cock feels about the same way, as a matter-of-fact, but both males are enjoying the feel of their women too much to want to spare their hands for undoing their pants.

The women sense this, and soon their delicate fingers are unzipping the pants.  Two cocks punch out hard against the underpants as the zippers come down.  Laura gives John’s cock a squeeze, while April reaches inside Jerry’s underpants to cup and tickle his balls.  All this led to even more intense efforts on the parts of the men to give the women as much pleasure as is humanly possible.

Erin is nearly in tears as she watches all this.  The idea her mom and dad would want to do things like this with other people is too horrible to process.  However, that doesn’t mean she can stop watching.  There’s something fascinating about the sight, and Erin knows the last thing she’ll be able to do is to leave before seeing where all these preliminaries lead.  Above all, Erin’s curious about why the two dogs are there.

What most bothers Erin is the increasingly large circle of dampness, which is spreading out on the crotch of her little aqua-blue panties.  The same thing happens in school when the captain of the football squad goes by.  Since she has a mad crush on him, Erin figured it has something to do with being sexually aroused, even though she’s too shy a girl to have asked her parents’ many questions about sex.  Nevertheless, how can the sight of these awful things her parents are doing arouse her?

The men are still feeling the women up, and Erin can see their now-exposed cocks are really huge and hard.  Erin tries to tell herself the only reason she’s getting aroused is she’s looking at a couple of real-life cocks for the first time.  She’s only seen male genitals in online porn.  However, since one of those cocks belongs to her father, the moment has lost some of its allure.

“Do you wanna fuck us now,” Laura asks, “or would you like to wait a bit while we have a go with the dogs?”

“I dunno…” Jerry said, “I kinda like watching and waiting, what about you, John?  I mean, I know it’s frustrating, but then when you get a chance to get into action, WOW.”

“I guess…” John said.  “It can be a pain waiting for the knotting to end though.”

“I don’t think we have much choice really,” Jerry said with a shrug.  “From the way the women have been looking at the dogs, I think if we fucked them right away, they’d have their minds elsewhere anyway.”

April suddenly said with a seductive smile, “Mmmmm, but imagine our soft cunts wrapped around your stiff cocks.”

“True,” John said, “but when I fuck a woman, I want her to have her mind on me and my cock.”

Laura said, “OK, I guess it’s settled, then.  April and I will start out with the dogs, and then you guys can have your fun after.”

Start out with the dogs, what does that mean?” Erin whispers wide-eyed.

What peeping teen doesn’t even notice is her right hand is now caressing her pussy through the crotch of her jeans.

Laura then said to April, “I think you’ll like Gatsby.  Many women I know don’t think much of poodles until they’ve tried them, even though a big poodle is the size of a German shepherd.  Nevertheless, he’s good and steady and doesn’t get his rocks off too soon.  What’s Buster like, a typical Doberman?”

“And how, Buster’s got a big cock and a wild, impetuous action,” April said with a big grin.  “Great if you go for that sort of thing.”

“Well, let’s get the ball rolling, then,” Laura said, and without more ado, she gets on her hands and knees.

It’s evident that although Buster, the big Doberman, has never met Laura before this evening, the dog knows exactly what a woman expects when she gets in that position.  As Erin watches from her hiding place, the dog’s cock comes sliding out of its furry sheath.  It’s quite a cock; it’s thick, red, long, and so very hard.

Laura waits expectantly for the big dog to shove its cock into her cunt.  One of the things she likes about the doggy position, even when doing it with a man, is the element of surprise involved.  The woman’s never quite sure when her partner will actually stick his cock in her cunt, and that gives Laura a feeling of feminine vulnerability.  Besides, Laura likes the way her breasts hang heavily away from her body when she’s in this position.

Using a hand to support her body, she moves the other up to her right breast and begins fondling the sensitive globe, mashing it against her chest, pulling gently on the nipple, and doing all the other things a woman likes to have done to her breasts.  Laura hears canine breathing-short, sharp puffs like the short, sharp strokes dogs give with their cocks when knotted, and then she feels the pressure of a couple of paws on her back.

Laura knows from experience a dog that’s never fucked a woman before sometimes gets a bit confused.  However, the Underhill’s, who answered their Tinder profile, have a dog used to bringing happiness to human bitches.  Buster rests his paws on Laura’s ass for a second, orientating himself to this new bitch before moving to her shoulder blades.  Clearly, the dog’s getting itself into position for the fuck.

Laura feels a short, quick jab of something hard against her labia and knows it’s the dog’s tapered cock poking at her pussy as it searches for her cunt.  Even experienced dogs have to make a couple of tries sometimes before actually sliding their cocks into the waiting, hungry cunts of their bitches.  Then she feels the tip press against the entrance to her cunt and glides on inside, roughly pushing apart her cuntal walls as it penetrates the sacred recesses of her womanhood.

As Erin watches the dog stick its big red cock inside her mother’s shaved cunt, she keeps repeating, “Omigod…Omigod…Omigod.”

However, with time, a good deal of the shock wears off replaced by fascination and pure horniness.  Shy chubby Erin has never had a cock inside her cunt, yet she’s very eager to get one there soon.  Nearly all the girls her age lost their virginity years ago, but since Erin’s peers thought her unattractive, the boys never showed much interest in the budding teen.  Unconsciously, Erin cannot help envying her mother, and that explains why she’s now rubbing her pussy hard through her jeans.  Almost in a trance, Erin unzips her jeans and works her hand into her panties to cup her mound.  The soft wetness feels good, and Erin feels proud and happy to be a woman.

The chubby blonde virgin isn’t the only one who does right now.  As Laura feels the dog’s cock glide on into her cunt, she thought for the umpteenth time how lucky she is to be female and able to enjoy all of this.  After all, the poor men just get to watch the doggie-action, though they certainly seem to get a charge out it.  Buster is laying his cock into her with fast, steady strokes, his powerful body undulating with each shove, while Laura wiggles her hips slightly as sensual female moans of delight float from her mouth.  The thick, long cock just feels so good there inside Laura, rubbing its hardness back and forth on the moisture-coated surface of her cunt.  She can feel it getting even thicker as the dog’s mating instincts caused the knot to grow.  The bump near the base starts pushing her pussy lips wider and wider with each thrust making Laura grunt.  A slapping, wet noise dominates the room, the sound of dog cock and human cunt meeting in the torrid lust of mating.

Oh, I can feel his knot getting bigger,” Laura moans.  “God, I love it.”

Meanwhile, April certainly isn’t letting any moss grow on her cunt.  She starts by patting Gatsby on the head and letting the poodle lick her hand so it can feel comfortable with her.  Then April lies on her back with her legs spread and her trimmed pussy open and inviting.  The small patch of red pubic hair seems so sexy and inviting.

The dog accepts the invitation right away, too.  Gatsby has eaten Laura out scores of times, and besides, the smell of aroused pussy always drives the dog wild.  Laura had gotten into bestiality when Gatsby tried to nuzzle her pussy through her dress one time, and it got her aroused.  The sandy-blonde haired woman let the poodle sniff her naked pussy to see what might happen, and Gatsby didn’t let her down.  The dog attacked her pussy with an enthusiasm no human tongue could achieve.  The rest, as they say, is history.

The big black standard poodle jumps forward with a playful bark, and then plunges its muzzle between April’s legs.  The poodle’s cock comes sliding out, and its nose prods and pokes around the slick, sensitive labia.

Erin’s clit gives an extra little twinge as she sees her pet get a hard-on.  After all, since Gatsby is her dog, and she spends a lot of time with him, it’s easy for her to imagine what it’d be like if she asked the dog to lick her pussy one day.  From the look of things, the poodle would be more than willing to take the blonde teen up on an offer of that sort.

Gatsby’s big tongue sloshes across April’s tender pussy while she uses her hands to give all sorts of pleasant stimulation to her breasts.  Gatsby’s tongue is really getting to the redhead.  April’s head tosses back and forth, and the breast teasing becomes more and more frantic as the dog works her to a higher state of tension.

Good dog,” April whispers feverishly, “outstanding job.”

Gatsby is a good pussy lapper too; there can be no question going by the performance Erin’s watching.  The thing about the poodle that really surprises the chubby teen is how her dog seems to enjoy the task so much.  The dog’s pom-pom tail is wagging furiously as its canine tongue slurps over its bitch’s pussy, and every now and then it’ll interrupt the lapping to give a couple of happy barks showing just how excited it is.  April especially enjoys how the poodle slides its tongue up her cunt; she can feel it touch her cervix.  The dog’s reward for this is more tasty pussy juice for it to enjoy leaking directly into its mouth.

Meanwhile, Buster’s really pistoning Laura with his doggie-cock and knot and she loves every moment.  As the Doberman’s cock pounds back and forth in her cunt, the knot causes her pussy lips to stretch and pull stimulating her stiff little clit in the most wonderful, tantalizing manner possible.

Omigod, his knot is so big…I love it,” Laura moans as she feels the dog ride her for a super blastoff.

All the while, her daughter, her husband, and a stranger watch with tense faces and bright eyes.  The two men’s cocks are so hard it seems they might just spontaneously shoot, while the daughter’s pussy is so wet her fingers made a slight squishing sound as they play with her tender teen pussy lips.

Buster’s excitement shows itself in the glazed look his eyes have, in the way in which his tongue lolls out of his mouth, in the staccato breaths he’s taking, and most of all, in the rapid thrusts that his dog cock is giving Laura’s roiling cunt.  Laura hangs right on the brink of her orgasm; her mind spinning with desire at the knot stretches and presses her g-spot.

Gotta cum…Gotta cum…Just…gotta,” she sobs.

It feels like the Doberman’s cock is slicing all the way through her abdomen.  Her cunts stretched wide around the meaty girth exposing her clit and leaving it bare to rub along the length of his hot cock.  Laura’s mind wipes as she feels herself building to an incredible orgasm.  She pushes back into the dog’s thrusts, trying to get more of that cock inside her, and she can feel the knot swelling bigger and bigger.

The speed and power of Buster’s thrusts built as he relentlessly fucks Laura’s cunt until she eventually feels the massive knot force its way inside for the last time.  The feeling is incredible, there’s a mixture of pain and pleasure, yet simultaneously, the size overwhelms the woman.  Her whole body convulses as if a large earthquake has taken her to the greatest orgasm of her life.  Her cuntal walls clamp tightly around Buster’s cock, and with this, the Doberman’s knot swells to a size she hadn’t thought possible.  Suddenly, the dog spews its semen deep into her belly, and her orgasm continues for what seems forever as she feels Buster’s hot sperm jetting against her cervix.  Dog semen shoots into Laura’s cunt in spurt after hot spurt, while she moans, shudders, and trembles in ecstasy.

Laura isn’t the only one climaxing too.  Her daughter Erin is also orgasming, quite to her own surprise.  The handjob Erin has given herself has been something unconscious, but it succeeds in providing the teen one hell of a lot of pleasure to her sweet, virginal eighteen-year-old pussy.  The excitement of seeing her mother climax has caused her to press her thumb and forefinger against her already tingling clit, and that was more than enough to do the trick.  Erin’s orgasm rips through her like a sudden burst of a machinegun, and she moans and pants as shudder after shudder hits her.  Fortunately, for Erin, everyone in the living rooms too preoccupied with the action going on there to notice the sounds coming from the landing.

In the midst of all this, Gatsby’s still licking away at April’s pussy.  The redhead MILF is half out of her mind with horniness by now.  She’s always a very sexually responsive woman, but when she’s with a good dog, it’s better than any other sex she has.  Gatsby’s tongue is so soft, smooth, wide, and it runs wetly over every tender bit of April’s pussy.

Gatsby…Lick me…Lick my pussy…Ooh, good dog…GOOD DOG.”

Erin watches transfixed, subconsciously licking her lips as she sees the older woman’s urgently spreading pussy lips grow wider.  Through the moisture, and the bright quivering pussy lips, Erin can see the erected tip of the April’s clit glistening with succulent desire.  Gatsby raised his head, and his tongue flicks to flutter lightly over the trembling bud in the raw wetness of her open pink slit.  April’s body jerks spasmodically at the sensational shocks of pleasure through her flesh, and she automatically rolls her hips back and forth in an obscene rhythm to match the animal’s tonguing.  Her tightly clenched teeth cannot suppress the agonizingly delicious moans of passion rumbling from the redhead’s throat, making her sound even more sensuous and abandoned with each undulation of her writhing thighs.

Hypnotized, Erin stares at the April twisting to the obscene licking between her legs, her clit tingling with renewed arousal.  Something in April is lost, there’s a glassy-stare, and this woman is aroused to an unheard-of pitch by a dog.

Oh yes, Gatsby, lick it…Lick it…Eat my cunt, ooh, fuck, yeah.”

The words burst forth broken, swallowed, and choked with passion, and Erin finds herself listening hard, still rubbing her pussy under her jeans.  April’s clutching the fur of the poodle’s neck and is desperately grinding her pussy against its snout.  Erin can see the dog working faster, its tongue-lashing out snakelike and disappearing into the soft, smooth pussy lips, the salacious sights and sounds rooting him breathless to the spot.

More, Gatsby, lick me faster,” April moans.  “Yes, yes, like that. Ooh.”

Gatsby’s tail is wagging joyously now, its head bobbing furiously and causing vile, wet sucking sounds between April’s widespread thighs.

Ah,” April moans deliriously, raising a rash of goosebumps across Erin’s flesh.

The teen can see the poodle’s tongue once more, working eagerly in slobbering subjugation at the wide-splayed tightness of April’s cunt, and the contortions of her face above the white jiggling mounds of her breasts.

Suddenly, April jerked her legs off the floor, bringing them high in the air and back until her knees touch her breasts.  The surface of her tender pussy is now open to the eager dog.  Gatsby flicks his tongue into the little-puckered rosette of her anus, and Erin stares, mesmerized by the sight, and a long low moan bubbled from April’s lips.

Ooh, don’t stop, don’t stop,” April whines, thrusting her buttocks furiously against the hot licking tongue spearing mercilessly between the open cheeks of her upraised buttocks.  “Fuck, Gatsby, you’re driving me wild.”

Erin barely dares to breathe now; the rasping sound from his throat had become loud.  Her hand glides over her clit faster, as an orgasm builds again.

I’m cumming…Fuck me, I’m gonna cum,” April half-screamed, crooning off into a weird little wail as she chokes, and splutters, arching her hips off the floor agitatedly.

April feels her pussy really let go in a series of frantic convulsions, while she arches her back and thrusts her pussy against the dog’s muzzle.  That’s where Gatsby likes it too, and even as her pussy continues to spasm, he pushed his cold nose against her sensitive slit.

There’s a tense, sexually charged silence apart from the sounds of licking, as the women bask in their coital situations.  Laura’s still knotted to the Doberman, rubbing her clit and grinding against her impalement.  April seems to be having multiple orgasms as Gatsby devours a wellspring of tasty juice from her spasming cunt.  The two-sidelined husbands watch every moment with boners raging in their laps.

April eventually reaches a place where she cannot go on with the furiously licking dog; she pushes the animal away and sits up to deny it access to her pussy.  Glancing around, April sees the two men and their boners.

“Aw, look at you poor guys.  I think your cocks are simply going to explode if they don’t get some relief soon.”

It’s true; John and Jerry’s cocks appear anything but relaxed.  The two men watched the dog/woman action from the sofa, and as they sat there, their cocks pointed straight up into the air.  Each man has a big cock, and it’s obvious each is anxious to use it.  However, they know the women will enjoy the coming fuck more if they have a chance to catch their breath a bit first, and besides, Laura is going to be knotted for a little while yet.

Jerry said, “Laura is gonna be busy for a while yet.  Therefore, John and I don’t mind waiting.  Why don’t we all have a drink?”

“Are you sure you don’t mind waiting?” April asks.

“I’m used to it,” Jerry said, going over to the bar.  “It’s the price of being married to a dog slut.  What’ll you have?”


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