What Sarah Wants!

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What Sarah Wants!
What Sarah Wants!
Year: 2019
Sarah is in a rut working at the county library feeling very unhappy with her life until she finds a bestiality porn book that changes her life.
Moe Lester
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“Oh, I didn’t come by to talk, Miss Walker.” His severe dark eyes survey her slowly.  “Wow, you look pretty today.”

Sarah’s wearing a long, pink robe over her nightgown.  Her pale blonde hair falls softly over her shoulders.  It’s seldom anyone ever sees her without her severe bun and her glasses.  The woman feels slightly embarrassed by the boy’s appraising look.

“Why thank you, Jacob.”

It takes a moment before the teen remembers his mission.  “I wanted to ask you a big favor, Miss Walker.  My family is all going to my grandma’s for a couple of weeks, and Grandma hates dogs.  So King needs somebody to look after him.”

Sarah appears skeptical as she glances from the teen to the dog, whose tail is wagging furiously.  “Well, I don’t know, Jacob.”

For some reason, she feels fearful, as though there’s something she ought to be wary.  Sarah shakes off the feeling, she has always loved dogs, and it might be fun to have one around for a while.

“Please, Miss Walker?”

“OK, sure, why not?  King is good company.  I’d love to mind him for you.”

“That’s great, Miss Walker.  Thanks a lot.  I’ll just go and get his dish and his food and stuff.  Be right back.”

It’s only after Jacob has left the second time, after dropping off the animal’s supplies, that Sarah again frets.  She knows now what’s bothering her.  It’s those awful thoughts she has been having about women and dogs.  King is a dog.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she scolds herself.  “King is a good boy, aren’t you, King?”

She’s sitting on the edge of her bed.  The dog is lying forlornly in a corner, but at the sound of her voice, it rushes to her side and rests its head in her lap.  She strokes the massive head.

“We’re gonna have a good time together, boy.  You’ll see.”

Feeling reassured, she fetches herself a second glass of wine and again turns her attention to the TV.  Sarah doesn’t object when the dog sprawls comfortably on the big bed next to her.  Her old dog had always slept on the end of her bed when she was a girl.  The next trip Sarah makes to refill her wine glass, she brings the bottle back with her.  She hopes she’ll slip quietly and thoughtlessly into sleep with enough wine.  The last thing Sarah wants to do right now is remember.  Gradually, the effects of the wine increase on the frustrated librarian; they’re not what she expected, however.

She’s beginning to become aware of the long-denied tingles in her pussy.  Though she masturbated just last week, Sarah’s horny again.  It seems the more her body gets, the more it wants.  Her pussy is pulsating hotly, aching for attention.  The alcohol has made Sarah woozy enough that it’s challenging to follow the plot of the Netflix show she’s watching.  The woman lies back comfortably against the pillow, letting her mind wander.  Her mind doesn’t get far before her body takes over.  She’s thinking about her full aching breasts under her nightgown, the way they long for gentle caresses.  The blonde-haired woman’s thinking about her wet pussy, lubricated just at the thought of a long thick cock.

Sarah has enjoyed the few times she allowed men to fuck her.  However, two things frightened her.  The power of the men themselves, the way they seem to dominate her by their very presence.  She doesn’t know how to handle men.  Her aunt was in charge of her family, and Sarah is much more comfortable relating to women.  Sarah is used to weak men, like her uncle.  The others remind her of the crude ‘animals’ her aunt warned her against.

The second thing that frightens Sarah about fucking men is her reactions.  She feels the incredible surge of energy lurking somewhere deep inside, and it scares her.  The woman doesn’t want the men to think she’s nothing but a slut.  Therefore, she’s withdrawn from them before they can lay bare the crude side of her nature, so carefully suppressed.  Sarah doesn’t even want men to notice her.  That’s why she makes herself look as inconspicuous as possible, with her bun and her ugly glasses.

However, her careful precautions against such things had not taken care of the blonde-haired woman’s underlying problem.  She has a young voluptuous body crying out for the attention she’s not getting.  Her being aches for sexual gratification.  Sarah hates to give in to the perversion of satisfying her needs with her fingers, but she has to do something, sometimes.  Her aunt was good at telling Sarah why to resist the base urges of her body so she’ll be a good girl, respected by the community and particularly by men.  They’ll never call her a slut if she doesn’t give in to them.

However, her aunt never explained how to quell the insistent pangs of desire deep in her belly.  Sarah feels frustrated all the time.  She feels tense and irritable, knowing there must be a better way to live.  Nevertheless, Sarah doesn’t know how to go about finding it.  Sarah suffered the agonies of guilt the few times she let men fuck her.  It’s been more than a year since the last, and the woman’s holding out desperately against the floodwaters of raging passion she knows lurked somewhere deep inside.

What she fears most is inevitable; Sarah knows one day that the dam will burst.  As the alcohol gradually erases her inhibitions, Sarah lets her hand begin to roam over her shapely body.  Her nightgown is thin, and she can feel her nipples standing firm and proud under the material.  Sarah loves the firm swell of her voluptuous belly and the trim curves of her thighs.  She’s proud of the way she’s kept her body in shape.  At twenty-nine, she seems younger, and trimmer than many women do five years younger.

However, what does it matter?  Her shapeless skirts always hide the swelling roundness of her ass cheeks.  Tailored shirts do little justice to her high jutting breasts that stand so firmly even now when she is lying flat on her back.  Sarah is a princess who has turned herself into a pumpkin, and yet she does not understand precisely why.

As her hands roam inquiringly over her body, her nightgown gradually creeps over her curves until exposed to view her pussy becomes.  Sarah can feel her pussy tingling with the sudden exposure to the air.  It seems delightfully wicked now she’s drunk enough to bare herself like this.  To relish the tantalizing tingles in the pit of her belly, Sarah’s still sufficiently prudish, though, to cast a glance over at the dog.  The German shepherd appears to be sleeping, and she’s glad.  Sarah doesn’t want anyone, not even a dumb animal, to know about her perverse, solitary games.

Gently she inserts a finger along the little indentation of her gash.  She cannot suppress a groan as her fingertip prods the sensitive tip of her clit.

Ooooooh feels good.  It’s so hard.

It amazes her that the tiny organ can become so assertively erect when she’s excited.  It always feels so incredibly good just to touch it, far better, even, than she can ever remember a cock feeling inside her cunt.  Still, it’s been a long time since she’s felt a cock inside her hot vagina.


The finger moves below her clit until it reaches the spongy softness of her vaginal entrance.  Sarah pushes on it lightly, feeling it yielding before the pressure.  The urgency with which her cuntal walls dilate in expectation of the probe is almost an ache.  She needs it so bad.


Gently, sensuously, she slides her finger up and down along her petal-like pussy lips, relishing the satisfying touch of her slippery, hair-fringed flesh.

Ooh, it’s wet,” she moans aloud.

Sarah knows what that means, inexperienced though she is.  She knows she’s ready for cock.  However, there’s no cock at hand.  Once again, she’ll have to settle for fingers.

While her thumb teases her clit, she slides a finger deep inside her cunt.  The walls clench convulsively at her probe.  They’re wet and rubbery, hungry for a hard thick presence to spread them wide.  Sarah sluices her finger back and forth, massaging her cunt, exciting it to greater wetness.  Already she’s so wet the movement of her finger creates an obscene sloshing sound as it stirs her juice.  Reckless now about the nature and the consequences of her act, Sarah spreads her legs wide and sends a second finger to join the first deep in her cunt.


Sarah rocks her head from side to side on the pillow, totally absorbed in the tantalizing sensations assaulting her shamelessly splayed crotch.  Her eyes close while those full lips part sensuously.  She does not even notice the slight movement on the bed next to her.  Nor does Sarah notice the long wet swipe of the German shepherd’s tongue over her greedy pussy-slit.

Aaaagggghhhh,” she moans, oblivious of the source of that delectable pressure on her pussy.

Half-delirious with lust, the blonde-haired woman gazes toward her crotch and sees the big dog’s been attracted to the aroma and wetness of her womanhood.  King is nosing her pussy curiously.  Dimly, Sarah is aware her worst fears are coming true.  This is what she worried about, her preoccupation with the idea of sex with a dog.  Now it’s happening, the wine has sufficiently anesthetized her, and it feels fantastic.  Sarah isn’t going to worry about it, not now.  She wants more of that wonderful tongue.

Yes, King…Do it again, please…Oooooo.”

The feel of the dog’s cold nose against her rigid clit is pure pleasure.  It’s almost like a mini-orgasm each time King’s nose brushes her sensitive clit.  Then, without warning, the dog’s tongue sweeps again along the sensitive slit of her pussy and then again.

Aaaiiieeee…Ooh, King…It’s lovely…It’s…AHHHHHHHHH.”

Repeatedly the dog’s tongue sweeps over her craving pussy slit.  It’s a hundred times more pleasurable than Sarah imagined.  The dog’s tongue is velvety soft and slippery.  It strokes her clit like a thousand tiny water-jets, exciting her, arousing her.  Sarah realizes she’s quite tipsy.  It would’ve been trying for her to rise to her feet right now, even if she has wanted to.  Her drunken state makes it easy for her to lie back and enjoy what her body will anyway, if not for the interference of her mind.  Now her mind tunes out too.  It’s abdicated power to the erotic call of the senses.

Sarah spreads her legs wide, making room for the big animal between her thighs.  There’s little doubt the dog is thoroughly absorbed in what it’s doing.  King arranged himself between the woman’s legs without even missing one of those long savoring licks.  The dog’s relishing the flavor of her pussy juice, licking it as it would the juice from a good thick steak.  Sarah stares down at the shepherd’s massive tawny-and-black head buried against her pussy.  She feels a perverted thrill in the depths of her belly and imagines she’s the poor girl raped by all those Dobermans in the story she read in the library.

King’s licking and slavering over her pussy, exciting her clit to tense erection, stimulating her labia to fluttering arousal.  She’s a bestial bride of the senses, relishing every lick and nuzzles of her animal lover’s tongue.  Her whole being concentrating on her mission to lie back and enjoy, to let her dog lover bring her to rousing orgasm with that talented tonguing.

Ooooooo, lick me, King darling…Lick my pussy…Make me feel good…Aaaiiieeee.”

Feverishly, Sarah jerks her pussy toward the dog’s muzzle, urging it to stick its tongue deeper, to penetrate the depths of her cunt.  The woman tries to trap the slick tongue in her cunt, but it’s no use, and she’ll have to be content with the licks.  Suddenly, a lewd idea seems to appear from nowhere.

King is a male, with a cock,’ she thought.  ‘Why not fulfill my fantasy and let him fuck me?

Shakily, Sarah rises and turns over onto hands and knees.  She reaches back and hikes her nightgown far over her back.  Then the woman slaps her ass invitingly.

“Come on, King.  Come on, boy.  Up, boy, up…”

The animal obeys her at once.  The German shepherd wraps its forepaws lewdly around her hips and automatically hunches its haunches forward.  Sarah stares back under her body and can see the long tapered shaft of the dog’s cock sticking out red and ready.  The sight of the big cock almost makes Sarah change her mind.  It’s bigger than she expected.  However, the thought of how much pleasure that swollen cock can bring her needy cunt makes her remain as she is, quivering, waiting for King to find her cunt.

Do it, King,” she moans slavishly.  “Fuck me; darling…Please…I need it so bad.”

With the help of the alcohol, the young librarian is losing herself in the erotic depths of her depravity.  She groans lustily as the tip of his cock bangs against her ass repeatedly.  However, each time, it slips down between her legs.  Sarah realizes her pussy is not in the same place as a bitch dog’s cunt.  She’ll have to help the dog if it’s going to find its goal.  Her raging desire leaves her little choice.  Sarah wants that cock in her cunt.  She wants it bad.

Oh, King, darling, I wanna feel your cock in me.”

Reaching back, she searches for the canine cock protruding from its furry sheath.  She grasps the tapered, rock-hard shaft and guides it toward her quaking cuntal opening.  At the first pressure against the mouth of her cunt, her very being trembled.

Aaaahhhh, that feels soooo nice.”

Sarah lets go of King’s cock and enables the dog to take it from there.  It’s only an instant before the dog lurches hard forward, slamming its swollen cock deep into her needy cunt.  The first sensation that Sarah experiences is pain.

AAAAAAGGGHHH…Oh, King, it’s soooo hard…Your cock is so hard.”

The animal immediately establishes a harsh staccato fuck-rhythm into her defenseless cunt.  Sarah makes a few feeble attempts at breaking away from King’s ruthless skewering.  After a year’s neglect, her cunt is almost as tight as a virgin is, and it’s hard to get used to the unnatural presence.  Nevertheless, gradually, the pain dies in a mounting euphoria of pure unadulterated pleasure.  It’s feeling good, better than she can believe.

Ooooooo, King, darling…That’s the way…Fuck meeeee…Oh, fuck meeeeee…

It’s exciting Sarah to use the same depraved language the hero used in the story about the girl and the Dobermans.  She feels very open and receptive to the dog’s dirty fucking.  The young librarian firmly believes she has never felt so good in her entire life.  She’s forgotten what treasures of pleasure are stored inside her cunt.  Sarah has never let herself go with a man the way she’s letting go with this big dog.

With the help of a bottle of wine, a woman who a few hours ago could never have imagined herself fucking a man anytime soon is giving herself to a dog.  Sarah’s totally unthinking, uncaring of the questionable moral repercussions of such an obscene act.  Without consciously planning it out, Sarah finds herself in a position that thoroughly satisfied her inner lust.  She’s able to respond to the dog’s animal sexuality in a way she’s never been able to respond to the same instincts in human males.  This time Sarah’s in control and King will never think badly of her.  The dog likes her.  King can never talk about her.  She’s perfectly safe.

AAIIIEEEEE…Oh, God…its sooooo good…Aaaagggghhhh…What’s happening…OOH SHITI’M CUMMING.

It‘s been such a long time, Sarah may have never been this high before in her life.  It’s an easy matter for her to climb to the heights of excitation and peak right over the top.  Her body has been waiting for it for a lifetime.


Sarah’s experiencing pure erotic ecstasy.  It’s sheer nirvana to be able to enjoy this kind of emotional release and at the same time have new pangs of darting pleasure hurl at her.  King does not slow his pace for a moment, even when her whole body tenses with her cataclysmic explosion.  Its several minutes before Sarah recovered from the pleasurable assault.  From this time on, her response to the dog’s fucking is pure bestial passion.  She thrusts her shapely white butt lustfully back at the animal’s tapered cock like any bitch in-heat.  Her entire world centers on that pleasure-bringing cock.

Oooooo, King, that’s the way, you darling creature.  Keep doing it to me.  It’s wonderful.  I love it.”

From the middle of her alcoholic euphoria, Sarah imagines how she must look, kneeling on her bed like a perverted bitch, taking a dog’s long cock deep into her drooling cunt.  It’s so incredibly perverse, and she loves it.  Sarah knows now why the story of the Dobermans raping that woman intrigued her.  It pointed her the way to pleasure.  From nowhere, memories of herself as a girl with her pet Labrador, Buddy flood her mind.  She remembers how she loved Buddy, how she s sometimes let the dog lick her pussy.  In her confused shame and guilt, Sarah forced herself to suppress those memories, bury them somewhere deep in her subconscious.  Now they’re there, vivid and unavoidable.  She enjoyed her times with Buddy better than with any man.  Now there’s King.

Yes, King…Ooooooo, yes…Oh, darling, I’m cumming again.”

It seems there’s no end to her intense pleasure.  Once again, the floodwater assault is burying her senses in a euphoric release.  She humps her ass happily back against the dog’s loins.  At last, it’s all coming out of her.  The long months and years of frustrated energy stockpiled deep inside, turning her into a nervous wreck.  Already Sarah’s feeling a new woman, freer, more open and she owes it all to King.

Sarah feels the big knot banging and battering her pussy lips, trying to force its way inside her already over-stretched cuntal walls.  The woman is just too tight, and King’s cock too large.  The knot cannot break through her pussy lips.  King lets out a deep whine as if it’s in pain.  In a sense, the dog is.  Sarah’s tight cunt sucks the semen out of the German shepherd’s aching balls.  The dog drools and pants hotly as its cock throbs and twitches between the impenetrable walls of her spasming cunt. Then King shoots a hot load of dog semen into her, and Sarah’s cunt takes it all.  The dog’s cock spits and sperm gushes into her twisting, humping pussy and Sarah moans with pleasure and orgasms all over the semen-spitting canine cock.  The student shudders ecstatically as her cunt creams for King, and Sarah laughs wildly to feel herself cumming on a dog’s gushing cock.  The sensation is entirely new to her, and she loves it.

Sarah grasps her arching breasts and mauls the hell out of them as King finishes shooting into her screwing, humping cunt.  She smiles and closes her eyes in rapture during her last spasms of pleasure.  Humming softly, half-dazed with fuck-joy, Sarah churns her hot pussy on the dog’s huge cock.  The German shepherd pumps all its semen into her hungry cunt and eventually jumps off her writhing body.  The dog licks her dripping pussy a few times and then lies on the floor to tend to its spent dick.  The animal licks its cock clean, panting for breath as if it’s just run a mile.

“Oh, King.  King, you’re so wonderful.”

Sarah falls asleep within moments, wraps in a security blanket of release.  She sleeps like a baby.  For the first time in as long as she can remember, Sarah does not wake in the middle of the night, filled with anxiety.


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