In The Name Of Science

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In The Name Of Science
In The Name Of Science
Year: 2019
Toby’s home trying to write a paper for his psychology degree when the neighbors annoying dog wanders into the backyard.
Jack Morningwood
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When he returns from his bedroom a few minutes later, Toby sets up on the table and takes a seat to return to his studies.  The dog’s moving around the sunroom sniffing everything still.  The brown-haired teen occasionally glances over making sure the dog isn’t getting into trouble.  Suddenly, Toby notices Bandit has a massive set of balls.

God, they’re even bigger than mine,’ Toby thought and grimaces.

The furry balls hang down in a sack and swing back and forth, as Bandit moves.  The dog’s balls are like two large oranges in a furry bag.  He starts admiring them because they are attractive in their own way.

Jesus, what’s wrong with me,’ he thought.  Toby tries to go back to studying, but before long, he’s staring at those giant balls again.  ‘I wonder what they feel like.’

The urge to touch them becomes overwhelming, so the teen calls the dog over.  Bandit quickly comes with tail wagging and bright eyes.  Toby’s sitting in a chair, and he starts petting the dog on the head with his left hand.  Then with his right hand, Toby slowly slides it down the German shepherd’s back to the tail.  The teen then slowly moves his hand under the dog’s tail and gently touches its balls.  The dog doesn’t seem to mind, so Toby cups Bandit’s balls in the palm of his hand.

The teen starts feeling them, as he does the dog enjoyed the sensation because Bandit turned its butt toward Toby to give him better access.  Toby fondles Bandit’s balls for a good ten minutes until he notices the tip of the German shepherd’s cock sticking out.  It appears like a little red lipstick.  The boy finds it gross and revolting but continues to fondle the dog’s balls.

I wonder what it’d be like to let a dog fuck me,’ Toby suddenly thought.  ‘I’ve been reading about all these deviant sexual behaviors and bestiality is certainly up there in the top ten.  Maybe this is my chance to get some practical experience.  No one will be home for hours.’  As the teen continues to fondle those big furry canine balls, he seems to come to a decision.  ‘OK, let’s do it,’ he thought.

He gets up and locks the wooden sliding doors to the sunroom.  Then he kicks off his runners.

“God, this is gonna be so gross,” Toby said watching Bandit who sits staring at him wondering why the teen isn’t fondling his balls anymore.

Toby pulls his shorts and underwear down in the same motion and slips them off, throwing them on the floor nearby.  His five-inch flaccid cock bounces free.  Unlike the dog, there’s no fur on Toby’s genitals.  Like many males his age, he likes the smooth look and only last night used the hair removal cream, so they’re notably hairless this morning.  He slowly goes over to where the dog is waiting and watching, the panting tongue lolling in out of its canine muzzle.  Toby gets on his knees on the carpet and stares at the dog for a moment.

“I never thought in a million years I’d be offering myself to you, Bandit.  But I want you to know I’m only doing this for science,” Toby explained to the clueless dog.  “I should have you know that I’ve had a cock in my asshole before, several times actually, so don’t get any grand notions you’re taking my cherry.”

He slips down to his hands and knees and crawls slowly to Bandit.  Every inch closer only increased his curiosity.  Toby comes face to face with Bandit, who gives him a friendly lick and turns to the side, revealing his now half-exposed red cock.  Toby leans in, smelling the dog’s sex, its stench overpowering and enticing.

“Phase one, the blowjob,” Toby said trying to be empirical

Toby starts slow, flicking his tongue on the tip, licking the entrance to Bandit’s cock, the dog loves this, and the teen knows it.  The teen licks up and down the shaft, taking in the strange scent and taste as he does, lightly scratching at the dog’s large ball sack.

“You like this, don’t you, Bandit,” Toby said hotly.  “Well, I’m considered quite the cocksucker on campus, but don’t tell my parents.”

The dirty talk with Bandit makes Toby feel nasty and downright slutty.  He makes a mental note of those feelings, wondering if this is the clue to sexual deviancy, how it makes the participant feel.  Not just the sexual release, but also the feelings generated that lead to it.

“Interesting,” Toby said.  “I can’t wait to see where this goes.”

The teen’s cock twitches hard, and his balls tighten.

Focus, Toby,’ he thought. ‘You’re doing this for science, not for pleasure.’

He quits with the foreplay and gets to it, Bandit’s cock is now almost entirely out of the sheath, and Toby is nearly a professional cocksucker.  He spits a big wad of saliva onto Bandit’s cock a few times, making it beautiful and slimy, then wrapping his hands around the thick canine cock, the teen works his spit all over the big red, tapered shaft.  As Toby jerks Bandit’s shiny cock, he swallows the head and half the shaft in one quick gulp.  Bandit doesn’t even flinch.

Toby takes the fat cock into his mouth as deep as he can, working his tongue along the veiny red shaft as he jerks the rest of the cock and rubs the dog’s balls.  Toby has to admit the feeling of Bandit’s big cock stuffed in his mouth is fantastic.  He loves every minute of it.  Toby goes into slut mode, furiously working Bandit’s shaft and balls with his wet mouth and hands.  He can feel the knot growing to the size of a baseball. The dog’s ready, and so is Toby.

With a final deep suck, Bandit erupts as if a cannon in Toby’s mouth firing stream after stream of tangy, slimy, watery dog semen down the teen’s throat.  The brown-haired teen loves it.  Bandit’s hips are fucking Toby’s mouth as the dog erupts, and makes the man choke/gag several times.  Toby likes the sensation, and pushes his head deeper, making himself gag, and forcing tears from the effort he’s exerting to keep pace with Bandit’s furious humping.  Some relief comes as Bandit withdraws the mighty cock from the teen’s greedy mouth, and stands panting and licking his doggy chops with satisfaction.  The teen notices Bandit’s cock is still spurting small jets of semen and decides not to be wasteful, so he lightly grabs Bandit’s cock and directs the final sprays into his mouth.

Eventually, Bandit pulls away and sits in a corner to lick its slowly shrinking red cock.  Toby sits on his knees wiping his face with the sleeve of his shirt.  Then he sees his own eight-inch boner jutting from his loins, the head wet with pre-cum.

“Wow, I enjoyed that,” Toby said with eyes that glow.  “Doing something so taboo, so outrageous like that was wild, I feel light-headed, drunk with lustful urges now.”  He wipes his mouth.  “Dog semen tastes so different from a human male.  It’s kinda coppery and watery.  I wonder if I can get him to fuck me now.  Maybe I shouldn’t have sucked him off until he came.”

Toby pauses for a moment and takes a deep breath, then said to the dog, “Hey, Bandit, you want some ass.  Come and get it.”


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